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kayak - what makes a good fishing kayak?

- Kayak and Canoe Anchors, Anchor Types Folding kayak anchor, ideal for kayak fishing is a durable, light weight anchor, thatcan fold this anchor and can carry easily wherever you go and offers enhanced stability.Foldup Grappling Anchor for canoe/kayak. holding power1,5lb...

- Kayaks for Kids and beginners Great fun to be had kayaking lakes,calm rivers, and ocean waters with kids.
It's true that rapids put much of the "extreme" in backcountry trips involving water travel is not for kids and teens. Together with your kids ...

- Types of PFDs Life Jackets, Models and Manufacturers Types of PFDs Life Jackets ...Reducing Risk Few pieces of boating gear (Personal flotation devices) PFDs have progressed more in safety and safety than the some of models simple life jacket.

- Whitewater Kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules- have more fun on your next kayak adventure.

- River Kayaks, still & whitewater kayaking

- whitewater River Classification US and Canada whitewater River Classification - Whitewater kayaking

EU River Classification

Kayak Adventure and Experience - A Story of Adventure and Experience on the Connecticut River

Canoeing and Kayaking - experiences in around the world

How to be safe on the water

Woman water adventure

Caring for Your Kayak

"Taking time to enjoy" story

Whitewater Rafts and Choosing

Inspirational Story of a Woman

Waters that go for the kayak - Tips and Advice

Columbia Kayak Adventure

Whiteeater River boating

Fishing kayaks for sale

New "Slayer" 13 Propel Kayak from Native Watercraft

formidable fishing boat -  It's New for 2015

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Comfortable Sun Dolphin Journey SS Fishing Kayak from "Sun Dolphin"

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New Outback Kayak Model:2015 from Hobie Mirage

Brand new model  with Glide Technology, equipe with 4 Molded-In Fishing Rod Holders

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Waters that go for the kayak

 Canoe and kayak resources

Waters and Rivers which are suitable for canoeing and kayaking

Tips and Advice

Waters that go for the kayak are If you try to go once a kayak? Do you like move with the force of your rowing and paddle movement? Then it is important that you not only the appropriate kayak, but also the appropriate water for your project choose. Because not all Waters are to go to the kayak.

Irn Essentially, it depends on whether you are a beginner or already advanced kayakers are. Then, the kayak should have chosen for Selected waters are ideal, and your success and fun is nothing more obstacles. Beginners learn the best kayaking on a flat, quiet and free flow of water or lake. For this purpose, is the most best a stable touring kayak or canoe sport. These boats,kayak are easily to have control, but still a very stable and safe Water situation. They forgive driving errors and are good for beginners to dominate. On a lake or a stream without slow-flowing river, there is the slightest danger that the kayak is aborted. Neither waves nor any problems arising from bringing the Paddler in a critical situation. Advanced kayakers may be the kayak for walking to. Explore Here quietly flowing rivers are particularly well suited to their soft Flow speed supported. But also on inland lakes or Lake District is the kayak hiking very quiet and pleasant. Experienced hikers carry their kayak tours out on the sea, there But always near the coast. For the special sea tours recommended sea kayaks, which are cut the way up or sliding down on the waves of relief. They are easy to turn and let the Control Advanced Paddler well suited, but less for the Beginners.

As the ultimate experience in canoeing is the rafting. Tearing Mountain streams with currents and eddies form an impressive here, but and dangerous setting. The white water was really only the experienced venture and experienced kayakers. Important it is to advance in any case to inquire about the regional situation. For the Whitewater kayaking is not only a special kayak, but also needed other protective equipment and boat accessories. A wetsuit protects from cooling down, the helmet before falling head injuries. Some Kayakers who have additional protections. The white water is very high demands on the skills, but also to the general physical Performance of the paddler.

Hydrologic river features - Tips to cross safely a River before Kayaking or Canoeing.

River Channel

: Cross at the widest possible point; water flows more slowly here than in a narrow channel. Avoid river bends, where the current picks up speed, especially on the outer edge, and any spot deeper than your knees in fast water,use a trekking pole or stick to measure depth. Remember that the safest place to cross isn't necessarily right where trail meets river.


:Calm pockets of water, called eddies, appear directly downstream of rocks and other obstacles, especially along river banks. Use them to take a break when crossing big swift rivers.


: This downstream-pointing feature marks swift water, usually formed when the river flows between two obstacles: Steer clear of it. If you're forced to cross a V. do it as far upstream as possible, where water is slower.


: Don't cross directly upstream of huge logs, boulders, brush, overhanging branches, or any other obstacles that could hurt or drown you if you were swept into them.

...and RipplesThese small,one to three inches high, waves indicate calm, shallow water - and a safe place to cross.

Contoocook River Canoe Co.

rentals & sales, special purchase programs for camps, clubs, colleges, schools and resorts

Contoocook River Canoe Co. LLC is a family owned and operated business since 1997 specializing in the boat sales and rentals, include instruction of canoes, kayaks, accessories and stand up paddle boards.We also carry a full line of accessories.

Along With retail we rent kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards on the Contoocook and Merrimack Rivers.

The Contoocook River Canoe carry a full line of kayaks from: Wilderness Systems, Old Town, Necky, Ocean, Perception, Feel Free, Current Design, Dagger, Eddyline, Valley and P and H and Canoes from: Wenonah, Old Town and Mad River. Stop by our booth or visit our shop. For more info please give the shop a simple call.

contacts: 9 Horse Hill Road Concord,

NH 03303 603-753-9804