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Kayak Care

Kayak is a commodity, but also a sports equipment. The high it is, the more sensitive it is. Therefore, it is especially important that your kayak after use not only carelessly in a corner, but that you maintain it well and . Wait Some simple tips to help you along we have this made.

Regardless of your kayak is made of softer material, should after use Clean it, dry it and store away from environmental influences. Especially if you have driven in salt water, it is important to the kayak good wash to remove salt and sand residues. Rub it then dry. Now and again, especially in winter You should also maintain the surface. Depending on the surface Are there different polishes that are easy to use. For the Paddle is the same way, they should also dry and with a Care products treat. If you take your kayak only briefly from the water to be back soon to ride it, then you should still make sure that no Backwater in the interior is. Turn your kayak simply so that Residual water can drain away. Although kayaks are for use in Water designed, but should not be longer than necessary but the Remain exposed to moisture. Quick else can also mold Form or the surface with time, become weakened and porous. Make your kayak to dry briefly in the sun, leave it there however, are not for hours. Direct sunlight can the Paint or attack the surface and make brittle. Many colors also fade in the sun, it not only looks unsightly, but is also a sign that the surface condition no longer completely intact. Put your kayak so that is not unnecessarily a such a severe test from.

To a professional care of the kayak is also a professional Storage, you store your kayak is not necessarily the way it on for you Space is the most efficient, for example, never place it upright in a Corner. Because of the weight can warp the kayak otherwise, A careful storage is always symmetrical, that is, you should have a Storage devices have, where you store the kayak so as in the water, is a position with the opening down is also conceivable, but no storage on the page.