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New "Slayer" 13 Propel Kayak from Native Watercraft

formidable fishing boat -  It's New for 2015

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Comfortable Sun Dolphin Journey SS Fishing Kayak from "Sun Dolphin"

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"Vapor" ten Angler polyethylene hull Fishing Kayak from Old Town Canoes & Kayaks

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Tahiti - model Hunt and Fish Inf-Kayak with Adjustable seat from Sevylor

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New Outback Kayak Model:2015 from Hobie Mirage

Brand new model  with Glide Technology, equipe with 4 Molded-In Fishing Rod Holders

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Canoe & Kayak Gear & Equipment Books

kayak - what makes a good fishing kayak?

- Kayak and Canoe Anchors, Anchor Types Folding kayak anchor, ideal for kayak fishing is a durable, light weight anchor, thatcan fold this anchor and can carry easily wherever you go and offers enhanced stability.Foldup Grappling Anchor for canoe/kayak. holding power1,5lb...

- Kayaks for Kids and beginners Great fun to be had kayaking lakes,calm rivers, and ocean waters with kids.
It's true that rapids put much of the "extreme" in backcountry trips involving water travel is not for kids and teens. Together with your kids ...

- Types of PFDs Life Jackets, Models and Manufacturers Types of PFDs Life Jackets ...Reducing Risk Few pieces of boating gear (Personal flotation devices) PFDs have progressed more in safety and safety than the some of models simple life jacket.

- Whitewater Kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules- have more fun on your next kayak adventure.

- River Kayaks, still & whitewater kayaking

- whitewater River Classification US and Canada whitewater River Classification - Whitewater kayaking

EU River Classification

Kayak Adventure and Experience - A Story of Adventure and Experience on the Connecticut River

Canoeing and Kayaking - experiences in around the world

How to be safe on the water

Woman water adventure

Caring for Your Kayak

"Taking time to enjoy" story

Whitewater Rafts and Choosing

Inspirational Story of a Woman

Waters that go for the kayak - Tips and Advice

Columbia Kayak Adventure

Whiteeater River boating

Review and Comment

kayak models - Public Review and comments. Check out what Public comment and Reviewers have to say

Kayaks Equipment and gear, Safety and Tips, Equipment and gear

XXL kayaks - high weight capacity and stability boats

Boats and Tips, - fishing kayaks

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Kayak Fishing

Stand Up "W-500" designed for fishing Kayak

Legendary and the best solution for Fishing, most stable Kayak, Rotational Molded olyethylene - 100% Recyclable Made in USA, length: 345 cm; width: 72 cm lightweight - 27 kg. without additional equipment design, provide extreme stability and balance, But easy to maneuver, most comfortable and driest! Maximum recommended load / weight: 163 kg, All kayaks W-500 Series comes pre-equipped with four ergonomically designed carrying handle. All models except the W500 is produced with cast PUskum in hull ends.

For more information visit "Walk on waves"

So ...what makes a good fishing kayak?

It should be something very stable and comfort with loads of space for storage and fishing boxes to put your equipment and a decent size tank-well to put your fish in. You don't want to put fish inside your boat as they will smell out your kayak. At sea il is not wise to open your boat wnh a flapping fish. You risk filling out and tipping your kayak with water which puts you in a very dangerous situation on water. And of-course your kayak needs length. So paddling doesn't take too-long or much effort to travel. A common-question boat retailers are asked is "Which kayaks do you sell most and the best for fishing?" Obviously il depends on the purpose for the boat. For fishing it is plainly the Cobra Fish 'n Dive. Why? It is a good quality fishing kayak specifically decked out for fishing and is incredibly and very very stable on water. OnceFwhen doing a demo, a client asked me "How easy Is It to get back on the kayak?" The trouble was he couldn't tip off the thing. I suggested "Stand on the boat and rock it. See if you can tip it". He was still unable to, so he jumped off. Because of its inilial stability it is great in very rough conditionsand also very easy todirnb back on, a very important feature on a kayak Make sure you can do it before you lake It out into the ocean. It also means plenty of room for a decent sized fishing bucket, fishing bag or live bait tank. We have fishing bags which fit perfectly inlo Ihe tank well and can be carried as a back pack when on shore. Other storage includes a 10 inch round bait bin or bucket inside 3 hatch, directly in front of your seat You can easily pull it out for cleaning. Lastly you can fit your two fishing rods into a large 23 by 13" hatch, so they are nicely lucked away before you hit that dreaded surf. Another feature on ihe Fish n Dive which makes it such a popular boat is the extra seat up front for your partner or kids. Our 5yars old boy loves this son and daddy good time. Alsolhere is plenty of deck-space for extra rod holders & a fish finder. Thehigh seal area makes it a dryer boat and lillle strain on your back. However, if you do have back problem you can fit a deluxe seat which feels like a boy. To lop H all off, this stable, 3.61 m kayak only weighs 25kgs and has a lifetime guarantee on the plastic! Pretty awesome ah! No wonder it is such a popular boal. Come and check it out at a Canoe & Kayak centre.

A Quick How-to From the Slow-Ride Guide

Five tips to help you reel in the big one

Paddler Magazine | July/August 2007

You don't get to hear his Texan drawl or watch the sun dissolve into the glimmering Gulf of Mexico. By reading these tips, however, you can cast your line into the

bountiful experience of one of the country's best kayak fishing guides.

Dean "Slow Ride" Thomas. And you don't even have to pay the $400 day rate.

1. Keep it simple. Anglers tend to be gear freaks, but that just doesn't equate well to kayaking. Limited space means oniy necessary gear. A couple of rods and a small box of lures should do for a day trip.

2. Do your homework. Know the terrain and get good maps of the area you will be paddling, There are lots of good resources available, and using a photomap is one of the best ways to understand what is going on under the water.

3. Good sunglasses are a must. Polarized shades will allow you to see into the water and pick up on some of the more subtle signs that will lead you to a monster.

4. Beware of hooks. Fighting fish from a kayak will put you up close and personal with the action, which means you wili be more likely to put a hook in yourself when the action gets hot.

5. Be realistic about your expectations when getting started. You can't expect to go out and score big every time on the water. Go with lures and tactics that axe known to work in your area and go fishing.

Sea eagle inflatable Kayaks and Packages,SE Overview of Models and comments

Two Fishing boats - The right points in this comparison: Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 VS Hobie Fishing Outback

Inside Native Watercraft

Native boats have the ultimate have either a bow or stern dry storage section.... for long day trips and longer weekend/overnight trips. You can fish the flats, the swamps, lakes and mud puddles big enough to put a kayak on.

Regarding Native boat design, Maybe you wish more storage options close to my seat in order to store fishing items during tournaments, and have them stored out of the way when they're not in use. Maybe a live bait well area for angler editions? If it meant a much heavier model though, I would go without it.

...more about speed and tracking then stability. Slap a propel in that to compete with the Hobie Revolution or Outback and you are literally golden.

1-Piedmont region of NC, guiding in streams and rivers. Also personally fish lakes and Coast, and enjoying camping out of Manta Rays.
2-Smallmouth Bass is what I target/guide for 90% of the time.
3-Would love to see some slight design changes in Manta Rays. Love the stable low seat, low center of gravity position for running rapids and fast moving waters. Would like to see a slight modification to the Manta Ray hull to add just a little more stability without losing much of the speed. Not enough to stand per se, just a little more stability to get through moving water/standing waves and perching on rocks to stop and fish. The sleek design is still important to hold lines in the moving water. A bad example is the Jackson Coosa, too little hull angle and roundness, it never stops turning and you cannot hold a line to keep a lure in the water, constantly paddling. Also keep the hatches and dry storage for securing items in the dry and full access to store items for overnight trips. The Manta Ray is a true adventure kayak outfit.
4-A river fishing machine built not for standing, but for stability with the low seating, low center of gravity of the Manta Ray, and stay fast enough to cover the often long stretches of river access points efficiently. - Kyle Hoover's comments

Useful features:

1.Partner with Big Agnes and have them make a ridiculously soft padded seat that fits directly on to your First Class seat so my GF can troll for walleyes longer then 3 hours.

2. Design a hard shell that snaps on the Ultimate bow and Stern instead of the skirt. Mainly cuz its super windy on the prairie and I'm not a fair weather fisheman and rarely does anything go in front of my feet on a 14.5 Ultimate.

3. Don't forget about the Ultimate boat. SOTs and pedal drives and omg motors have there place but the Ultimate with a good paddle is a work horse through and through.

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing - A Wonderful Fishing Experience

Kayak fishing which simply means fishing from a kayak. It has been popular for centuries and is becoming a popular. For some people the sport has become more than just a hobby. One factor contributing to the increasing popularity of this sport is its affordability. Kayak fishing equipment is very cheap as are the Kayaks themselves.

Kayak Fishing - Kayaks Vs Larger Boats

Another factor that has lead to the popularity of this type of fishing as opposed to fishing with other boats is that a kayak will always float as long as there is water present. It is also easier for the paddler to control and paddle a double blade paddle boat than it is with a single blade paddle boat. Kayaks are portable meaning that you can easily carry them around which is not so with most other fishing boats.

Depending on the size of your wallet you can purchase a new kayak, go for a used one or better still hire one. However, when you go kayaking there are several things you will need to take into consideration. These include, kayak fishing gear, the paddler's comfort, stability and safety of the kayak etc.

The following kayak fishing tips will come in handy for people who are looking for fun and excitement in their fishing adventures. Since the sport involves a lot of physical exertion, it is important that you seek medical advice before you begin kayaking.

Remember that is hard to deal with unexpected health issues when you are out there in the water.

To make your kayaking more interesting, you can consider catching specific fish types. One of the advantages of kayak fishing is that due to its design and low profile, the kayak cannot easily be blown away by the wind.

If you are a first timer, you need a few basic kayaking lessons. These will help you protect yourself from any injuries or discomfort during your kayaking adventures. However, to be on the safe side, always remember to bring with you the right kayak fishing supplies. Make a check list.

Kayak Fishing - Never Skimp On Quality Just To Save A Few $.

When buying your kayak and fishing equipment, never compromise quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. Kayaking is about you and your safety and you cannot afford to go wrong. Make sure that the kayak is a manageable size for you personally. If you are not an expert in this field consult other seasoned kayakers. They are more knowledgeable on the various brands and models out there in the market.

The other important tip is to always have with you flotation devices to ensure your safety. It is also very important that you have a paddle leash. This will stop your paddle accidentally floating away if you capsize.

before kayak fishing trips

Other essential kayak fishing supplies include; first aid kits, sunscreen, extra clothing etc. When you are in the deep waters, always stay at a close range of other paddlers. It is also important that you get accurate tide and weather forecasts before hand.

Be Close To Mother Nature - Kayaking Brings You Up Close & Personal With Mother Nature's Wonders During your kayak fishing adventures, you also have the opportunity to see and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature but try to not get too distracted and never lose sight of the shoreline. With the above tips, you will definitely have an enjoyable kayaking experience.

To choose a fishing kayak

It really depends on your style. Here's some stuff to consider.
Fresh or salt.
Do you want to stand?
Do you like a lot of gear and gadgets or minimal?
Rivers or lakes?
Old Town Predator MX or Predator 13. It's the one of best bang, you can buck on the market (arguably). Whatever you get be very certain to look at the seat. You want an actual seat, not just padding. Secondly, look at stability, quality & warranty. At least 33 inches wide. Thick plastic. And a company that will replace your kayak if it's defective.
All of these things play into the decision. Raptors are in that range, great boats. Nucanoe has a new one that's in your budget. The biggest thing is to test it first. Paddle first and read reviews.

For $1,000.00 you can do better than a Pelican. Throw a bit more with it & get an Old Town Predator MX or a Predator 13. You'll save money in the long run by buying a better quality kayak. If you buy a Pelican you'll just end up selling it & upgrading.

The Catch 120 is the new boat from Pelican, this the one debuted at Icast last year and you will be impressed with what they've done for under 750 bucks. Its wide, very stand-able, and has a great looking seat. Don't think you can get anything this nice for that price. Only by basically doubling the price, as indicted above. You can get the boat for under $750, and have cash left over for a premium paddle or fish finder or other rigging.

Great for a starter

A Pelican Angler 10. Its been a great starter yak to get me out last summer and this summer, but I'm fishing in it 3-4 days a week and I'm ready for something a little nicer. I will say that an elevated seat is a plus. That's what I'm going to be after. That and a little more stability. I'd like to stand and fish. Its been great for a starter though.

Best advice is try a bunch out some places have demo models they will let you test before you buy. There are alot of top notch kyaks out there it's just a preference and what your going to use it for. Spend the money up front and don't settle or you'll be buying another in a couple years.

Keep in mind when fishing the colder months

For flotation you still need a PFD. You can use a dry suit in the coldest conditions and even then I prefer more of a combination of Dry Bibs and a good paddle Jacket. It just gives you more versatility to lose some layers as it warms up. Take a look at what is available from Kokatat Watersports Wear, it is what many people wear and is top quality.

The jackson big rig kayaks