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Over 30 years with our research and development to one goal, that being to improve the security of people on or near water. To this end we never compromise on top design, quality parts or workmanship. Our commitment to total quality has made us the largest manufacturer of lifejackets and buoyancy aids in EU.

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Baltic Lifejackets 2015

Dedicated to improving the Boating safety Baltic lifejackets from sweden provide the right lifejackets for everyone. Here is their Baltic Lifejackets 2015 Catalogue that includes: Floatation and inflatable lifejackets, suits, Buoyancy aids and All purpose aids for for active watersports, safety harnesses and lines and even Pet buoyancy(see photo below) aids.

Baltic's 4 Ergonomic lifejackets

inflatable lifejackets "Legend" Series equipped with a cylinder retainer

Baltic Lifejackets - . Modern interiors products.
Baltic's ergonomiec lifejacket.

The Legend ergonomiec lifejacket also include a large status window on the right hand chamber and a retainer that stops the gas cylinder working loose due to vibrate and temperature changes.

On Photo: "Legend" Series plus the new Legend - Camo edition lifejacket

The legend lifejacket is manufactured to fit snugly but comfortably, thanks to pliable material and a large neck opening and padded back, so it can be worn all day boating without any discomfort or intrusion.

This Brand New Baltic's unisex jacket has a removable crotch strap and it's one size design fits type more stable for crew weigtong from40kg to up 150kg. It Offers ISO Newtons of buoyancy and is available in 4 different colours.

Baltic Flipper vests

The new ISO Flipper vest from Baltic is a buoyant, reversible gilet. Available in very stylish white and hot pink or blue and navy color, so easy you can't decide which colour to wear. the Flipper vest has two zipped outside pockets which
are accessible whichever way it is worn.

The Flipper does not have a crotch strap. This unisex Flipper vest model is designed with multiple panels that are promised to ensure a good fit for both women and men.

Baltic's new, unisex Baltic Legend lifejacket is designed to fit without any sign of riding up or gaping. New features include pliable materia, a large neck opening, padded back and a larger inflator status window. A cylinder retainer is now fitted to all new inflatable lifejackets by Baltic, preventing the gas cylinder working loose even in extreme conditions. The Legend lifejacket comes with a removable crotch strap for more comfort.

Baltic Children and Newborns lifejackets

So the problem with life jackets for babies in the in the past was that they were made with a lot of padding in the front as well as padding in the back, a little bit behind the head and when you actually put a baby in the water with that kind of life jacket, they
flipped over onto their front which obviously is a useless life jacket.

Because you cannot drown a baby in this life jacket. We all think it's the best thing
in the world and recommend it to anybody's going to be either in a boat or even taking your baby swimming or even going to the pool. It's just a a fabulous quality product and could save your baby's life.

The problem is that babies, most to the weight in baby is in their head. They have these enormous heads and his little bodies. So "Baltic" created this, which is basically all head. The baby's head sits on this huge huge huge thing here. In the back there's no padding whatsoever. So what happens when you put a a baby in this and put them in the water, if you put them in face down even, they immediately flip over, and they're on their back. So essentially it's impossible to drown baby in this in this life jacket.

So that the airways are above the water, every kid lifejacket is manufactured to aid the cold wearer to turn onto the safe back position and support the head. You will be particularly impressed with how it supported his head and adjusted to fit him, despite being at the smaller end of the weight range. To ensure a perfect fit on all models for newborns up to and including 15 kg, the Baltic lifejacket is fitted with a wider size crotch strap and collar so designed that the airways of the baby are above the water.

It's been very very hard to find a life jacket for a baby and so many parents and boaters and kayakers and they really want to share the adventure with their little babies and they really haven't been able to until this was invented by this wonderful Sweden company.

The Bambi Supersoft personal flotation device, as it's officially called, or life jacket
as we tend to call it. This is one of the most brilliant products ever invented it's Sweden invented and Baltic made.

It fits beautifully on the baby so there's no scratchy seems anywhere.

All the Baltic life jackets have the same fabulous well-thought-out quality and they go all the way up to a 90-pound child. They come in a variety of colours and type includes Bambi(see photo above) , Print and Pirate lifejackets for 3–15 kg children weighs, pro Sailor Series for Size Baby 3-10 , 10-15 kg Child15-30 and 30-40 kg Junior weighs.


The Baltic Ultimate Series (newly developed)has the Argus valve that has visible coloured status indicators to show whether the lifejacket is ready for use or it requires reaming.The Ultimate features a redesigned fleece collar for greater comfort even when worn with foul weather clothing. The waistband has an easily adjustable quick release buckle. Other features are six retroreflective patches, whistle, lifting becket and toggles to fit to a sailing jacket and or sprayhood. For inspection and rearming see our info folder about inflatable lifejackets. CO2 cylinder: 33g.

All inflatable lifejackets are fitted with a integral crutch strap and have 5 years guarantee.

lifejackets Series:

Ultimate with safety harness


Argus with safety harness
Winner 150 ZIP
Winner 150 ZIP with safety harness

Delta 150 ZIP

Delta 150 ZIP with safety harness

Flyfisher 150 ZIP

Bluewater 150

Bluewater 150 with safety harness



Comfort and rapid lifejackets with excellent buoyancy properties

This Series of lifejacket with a zip front with top and bottom ties and a quick lock adjustable waistband. The large collar to protect the head is fitted with retro reflective patches and under the collar a whistle plus easy to reach lifting handle. Lifejackets with 5 years guarantee.

lifejackets Series:

Bambi Supersoft


Tuff Tuff
1254 Split Front

1256 with integrated safety harness

1244 Split Front


Floatation- clothing

The Baltic Hamble and Surf & Turf are examples of trendy garments that are just as safe as traditional buoyancy aids. The buoyant properties come from either an integrated inflatable lung or from floatation foam. Shell jacket, down vest or foul weather gear style - your choice.

The Stripe offers discreet practical safety(Tested and approved as a buoyancy, Comfort and safety) is our latest model in our extensive range of floatation clothing. At home on the sea or shore the Stripe is a pleasure to wear due to its construction of soft "Airex" -buoyant foam and water repellent outer cover. The Stripe has 2 outer pockets with repellent zips and one inside pocket for mobile phone or GPS, crutch strap, D-ring to attach emergency switch lanyard and retro-reflective on the outside of the collar.



Surf & Turf Trend

Surf & Turf T1

Surf & Turf Cup



Bib trousers

Chest high trousers


Floatation- boat suits

Our tested and approved suits have the ability to protect against the first shock of entering cold and salt water. It then traps water inside the floatation suit and the same principle as a wet suit applies with the body heating the trapped water.

The Polar Series(2 years guarantee) is ideal for every day boating suits, having the same characteristics as a modern sailing suit. The Multi Floatation System not only provides the added benefit of being waterproof but also gives extra buoyancy and protection from cold shock. The Polar has four fleece lined thermo pockets plus two cargo pockets and one inside pocket.

The legs are fitted with water locks and the PU-cuffs are adjustable. The blue/grey Polar is also available in junior size.

Three lifesaving features:
• Water proof suit

• The same properties as a buoyancy aid
• Protection against cold shock


Tundra -




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When purchasing a PFD you should consider the chest size and weight of the person it's being bought for and there are special PFD's for infants. But most important always check that it is U.S. Coast Guard Approved. With all the styles available today and in everyone's price range and comfort there is no reason anyone should be without a PFD. Wear it! Your life will depend on it.

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