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Brand New 100% waterproof and strong High-Stretch Waders. Thanks to Hotmelt technology Scierra waders are Designed with fewer seams for maximum waterproofness. They are comes as stocking boot or foot models. TC / high breathability over 6.000 Mvp / Waterproofness over 20.000 mm.

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Scierra's waders

Scierra Tundra Neoprene Wader

100% waterproof, strong 5mm High-Stretch neoprene. Designed with fewer seams for maximum waterproofness Available as stocking foot or boot foot.

Scierra W-Seam

Hotmelt technology to make all seams welded instead of stitched to avoid any unnecessary holes in the fabric. Waterproofness over 20.000mm and high breathability over 6.000mvp

The New Scierra "Tundra" Seal Neoprene Waders, which are made from 5mm neoprene, are perfect for this winterís fly fishing trips. They come fitted with printed knee pads for reinforcement, an innovative front pocket system with three pockets in one, superior adjustable suspenders with comfortable neoprene and strong buckles, as well as a low cut-design for perfect fit and better insulation. Lastly, they also feature built-in grave guards with lace and hook to avoid sand and gravel in your wading shoes

Scierra CC6

6-layer technology on exposed areas with great climate control. Breathabil - ity: 3500g/m 2 /24h. Waterproofness: over 20,000mm. Available as stocking foot or boot foot.

Scierra CC3 XP Waist

The CC3 XP 3-layer waist wader gives you total freedom and comfort. Worn like regular trousers. 100% waterproof with more than 20.000mm. Available as stocking foot or boot foot.


The brand new "Scierra" Seal Neoprene Waders ( are made for the toughest and most bitterly cold conditions imaginable. These great fishing waders, which are designed out of superior 5.0 mm high-stretch neoprene - have been glued, stitched, liquid sealed and taped inside to make them 100% waterproof. Other features include:
Durable and Tough: - Design with lower cut under arms for better fit.

- Printed knee pads for reinforcement
- Innovative front chest pocket design with one water-repellent zipper pocket, one magnetic-closed side pocket and one large top magnetic-closed pocket with flap.
- High quality 3mm neoprene-lined rubber fishing boots with dark grey felt sole for boot model.
- Built-in stretch gravel guard w/lace hook and superior 3.5 mm Neoprene sock construction on the stocking foot model.

Pulse body Overall


Especially when wading, warm layers are crucial, and this is where Scierra’s fishing Pulse Body Overall comes
into the picture.

Keeping warm when fishing during the winter and early spring months is essential. This comfortable and warm overall is the perfect mid layer for wading.

Warm all ove, It is made out of soft 4-way stretch polyester fabric, and it features an airy and breathable inner body surface that helps moist escape - thus keeping you dry and warm. With a perfect fit and easy access via a two-way front zipper, the Pulse Body Overall is a
great investment in comfort.

W-steam stocking Foot-waders


According to the company, this results in a pair of breathable waders that are more water proof and more wear-resistant than other waders on the market.

The new Scierra W-Seam Waders uses a special hotmelt technology to make all seams welded in stead of stithced.
Other features on the waders include welded front pockets, integrated wading strong belt, built-in gravel guards, and 4.0 mm socks with printing pattern for extra grip.

CC3 XP Wader

The Scierra’s Latest Lightweight Waders Scierra’s new CC3 XP Waders are a new upgraded version of the popular CC3 waders that have been on the market for years.

Scierra CC3 XP

CC3 feature 3-layer construction and breathability: 3,500g/m2/24h. Waterproofness: over 20,000mm. Available as stocking foot or boot foot.

The New XP version features a two-tone design with a strong 3-layer 20.000mm waterproof
construction, and a breathability index of around 4.000 Mvp. Further improvements include, deluxe hand warmer pockets with water-repellent two D-Rings and zippers, and an adjustable elastic waist belt.

CC6 Model Bootfoot WADERS

A Legend Puts on New Boots For many years, the CC6 breathable waders – with their strong 6-layer construction, waterproof Riri Aquazip front zippers, and realy great breathability - have been the top-waders from Danish fly tackle brand, Scierra.

They have really stood the test of time, and now these waders come in a bootfoot new model – a model which is great for fishing places that are easily waded - and not least for belly boat and pontoon boat fishing.

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You really want to take them off

When walking about as soon as possible - you can pick up bad things (oil, pesticides, bad bugs etc.) and spread them to water ways. Not good for anything but the water and soil - wear an older pair of boots or galoshes - tie laces of wader boots and hang 'em around neck if you have to walk a bit.

Felt bottom boots are being banned in the finest fishing spots around the globe. You might want to look at guide series rubber bottom boots.

For the money go frogg toggs all the way. To upgrade the neoprene foot part of waders of any brand, before use just take a spray can of (Performix: Plasti Dip Don't use any other brand) and spray the whole neoprene foot part of the wader while it is full of socks or something to hold it in form like your foot is in it. 4-5 wet coats. You will triple the life of your waders.

Simms waders

the Simms wader line

The use of the best technology in the industry with partners like GORE-TEX. Secondly, our GORE-TEX line is made here in Bozeman and tested here. Finally, the change in the last few years has centered around better features and an improved 5-layer GORE-TEX that is much more breathable and still durable.

Simms vets deserve the best. Anyone concerned about the price to a vet should consider donating to one of the several not-for-profit organizations that helps Simms Heroes get into waders to fly fish. BTW, Simms does more than its share of corporate social responsibility donations.

G3 waders

Get yourself a pair of Simms waders, they are so worth it, will last you forever. The g3's are perfect. The freestone boots are magic too. Depending on where you're fishing and the regulations in your area, vibram or felt. Some places outlaw felt because it spread invasive weeds and whatnot. In my rivers, I use felt soles, we don't have that problem in our systems (yet).

G4 waders

Name a difference between previous G3 Guide Stockingfoot wader and the new one that was launched for Spring. Freezing them will not harm the integrity of the materials of G4 waders however, zippers and accessories will be more fragile and brittle until brought back to a normal temperature. You will also want to make sure they are dry before freezing if possible though it is not a major concern.

Around a moisture accumulation in the waders

On the H/H baselayer, but anglers recommend mixing up your baselayer. Trout's has a great collection of our Waderwick, DownUnder and Guide series layering. And they can help you walk through the products. A good base layering should really help you out.

Simms Women's wader

Simms have some great sportswear pieces coming out in the new year. Simms do not have a G4 Women's wader, but if you haven't checked out the Women's G3 Guide wader, you really should. It is an awesome wader.

If anyone wants to check out those stormflaps and micro-fleece lining you can make the jump right here.

In Fact, Anglers should look at a few categories, the awesome advancement in our GORE-TEX wader line, the new Headwaters Pack line (head into Trout's and check this line out!) and the new Sportswear lineup filled with awesome new shirts, pants and shorts.

Simms Boa boots - the new design

The overlapping of the boot acts to hug the foot tighter and provide for a very comfortable and stable wading environment. The snugger fit doesn't pinch your foot, however.

Knowing more about what went into the design of the Simms G4 Boa Boot.

The Boa system holds up well in water. Simms do offer replacement kits should you need one in case your Boa system wears out, which can happen. However, with the improvements to the Boa system over the years, it is a great closure system.