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The business of Mustang Survival is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of aerospace and marine safety and survival equipment. Mustang Survival is a proven product leader and continues to create innovative products through operational excellence and constant advances in technology.

Mustang - Survival marine safety and survival equipment

The nature of the business and the corporate philosophy are captured in our slogan "WE SAVE LIVES FOR A LIVING".

Why Mustang PFDs?

A PFD is probably the most important tool to have on your person when kayaking. But, the type of PFD that best fits your need is based on a lot of different factors. I would not wear my Mustang Inflatable on the rivers in Southern Missouri.

The first time I got knocked into the water, I would be out a PFD. But I also know that I am much more apt to wear my very very comfortable Mustang on calm lakes and waters, where accidents can happen and you go swimming unexpectedly. Personally, I have a couple PFDs. The Mustang is my primary for fishing lakes and ponds. I have not gotten wet in over a year and a half fishing lakes. But I know it only takes one stupid mistake to hit the water. I also have a couple of BassPro Kayak Fishing life jackets. If I am fishing a river that is fast moving, ALWAYS wear one of these. I know the chance of me going for a swim is much greater, and in a lot of case to be expected.

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