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Choosing comfortable sailing gear whether you are racing or cruising, means starting with appropriate fabrics.

Effective fabrics help you stay focused mentally and physically while addressing environmental challenges; wet, cold and heat.

Sailing Angles - comfort sailing gear

Sailing Angles has discovered and designed new fabrics for its line of protective active wear, boat clothing & accessories. You'll love these fabrics, their hybrids and the garments created from them. So whether you are shooting for Beijing in 2008 or the Americas Cup in the Mediterranean or the Wednesday night races at the Club, we can help you win your gold.

For the active sailor, keeping warm without bulking up is as essential as keeping cool when its a blistering hot drifter. Our new fabrics, Hydroknit and Quadroflex , deliver breathability, flexibility and warmth for the many ups and downs of active sailing. Our rugged 10 oz. Lycra Spandex offers you coolness and sun protection for those midsummer days.

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420/FJ Cockpit Gear Bag

Battened Hiking Gear - Ajustable batten placements

Droop Hiking Suits

Farmer Johns

Finn Seat Covers

Gear & On-Deck Tool Bags

Hiking Tights and Lycra Hiking Shorts with pads

Knee Sleeves
Laser Perfect Aft Cockpit Gear Bag

Life Line Hiking Belts
Opti-perfect On-Deck Gear Bags

Over/underwear Gear

Padded Shorts & Longs

Quick-Dry Shorts
Right Track Designs

Rowing & Paddling Gear

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Skiff Pants
Weapons For Quindao - Warm weather Sailing Gear !


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