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Natural Progression - Sailor's Knife: His steel is such an all-out cutter that it should be one of your first choices in a high-use boat knife. Lightweight,corrosion-free and with all that performance power, it's perfect for boating and survival.

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Boye Boat knives

Corrosion-free knifes, Exotic materials and minimal at acceptable prices.

Ever since cutting ability, light weight, and immunity to corrosion earned the David Boye Boat Knife a top rating in our evaluation of nautical knives. That same non-magnetic cobalt-blade lookback knife is now available with an optional titanium marlinspike of useful, and perhaps unique, design.

Also new knifes are an external lanyard ring, a greater selection of handle colors, a combination plain/serrated edge, and an optional nylon belt pouch. The clothing clip has also been upgraded to titanium.

The new marlinspike is mounted outside the handle and adds little to the thickness or weight of this product. Its flat design allows you to easily insert it between rope strands, then rotate it to part them. Near the tip is a sewing hole, and midway along the shaft isanl8x5x2 mm shackle-key opening. The price for the enhanced Boat Knife is $129; add $20 for titaniurn marlinspike/shacklekey/awl, and $5 for belt pouch.

Pointed-Tip Blade

An all-around utility shape, corrosion-free for everyday tasks, both on land and at sea now at $155. Not only passed the performance test but also presents a pleasing symmetry of curves to the eye.

Basic 3 Model Cobalt Knife

The blade's Boye Cobalt biggest advantage is the corrosion resistance of the cobalt and comes with an advanced brass-lined nylon sheath. For saltwater enthusiasts, this boat knife is the answer. It's perfect for fishing just wipe it clean and
throw it in the fishing tackle box.
While the cobalt suffers no spotting or edge knife weakening, remember: if you drop this non-magnetic knife in the drink, no magnet will retrieve it now at $355.

Boye knives

While David's main business is making high-end Kitchen knives, he has developed this new patterned steel for the general public. The Boye Basic comes in three sizes, and all of them place the edge below the fingers so that your hand does not interfere with the work of the cutting edge. Cast I beam handles aid in the knifes strength and sure grip. Right or left handed. The interior of these Boye knife handles have a special baked on finish 10 that they will never develop rust or spots. I think you'll enjoy owning one of these.

The wide curved blade is flat-ground to a tine .012 thickness at the top of the edge bevel for durability, cutting efficiency, and ease of sharpening. Weighs only 6 oz. Eeach Boye Basic knife comes with a durable brass lined ballistic cloth belt sheath, which can be worn vertical or horizontal, with velcro to secure the full flap which can also be folded behind for easy access.



Spyderco Endura in black and Atlantic-Salt in yellow

Spyderco Endura - It will impressed you with qualities similar to the original Boye Boat Knife, doing well in every performance category. The company has now added a companion model, the Pacific Salt. Except for small variations in size and weight, the two models are identical. The Pacific Salt's blade is about 3/4" longer, and its weight an ounce more than the Salt Ts.

Both models feature H1 blade material, a precipitation-hardening, low-carbon stainless steel which Spydercoclaims to be non-rusting and naturally hard without heat treatment We found that its fully-serrated blade cuts even better than the Salt I, due to its increased length. The cunent street price is $49.

2013 Knives & Product Guide Catalog


Mission knives

A new Mission marine model, the ultra-thin (0.2"), ultra-light (2.2 oz.) fixed-blade MPD is of obvious interest to serious boaters, and costs half what the MPK does.

MPD Boat knifes | The cunent street price is $204.

It's made entirely of Mission's high- strength titanium alloy that's non-magnetic and impervious to corro- sion. The skeletonized, 4" handle is ample in size, and is integral with a 3" serrated blade with blunt, non-puncturing tip. A versatile and well-fitting Tek-Lok Kydex sheath is provided, adding only an ounce to the overall weight.

Serrated knives

- one and double side

Some manufactures do make serrated knives with double side ground serrations. However you can have found that chisel ground serrations cut nearly twice as well as double sided grind. The reason is that you can create a much thinner and sharper edge with the grind from 1 side than you can with a double sided grind from both sides.

Fixed or folder blades

The folder is there as a back up for small cutting tasks. Hot dog packs etc. It's my "clean blade". A folder is for where and when you can't carry a fixed blade, either beacuse it isillegal or improper. Fixed as a primary and a folder as a back up. Outdoor stuff requires the strength of a fixed blade, whereas city EDC isnt as 'rough livin'. Fixed blades are mainly for back up if you need to defend myself. Anyone that says they're worried about their folders breaking have bought the wrong folders, a Zero Tolerance 300 folder and for good measure, a Leatherman Surge and Tora Blades Are The Leading Supplier of Quality Kukri, Japanese Swords, & Phillipino Blades. You can ALWAYS have a folder blade. But when you go fishing, camping or sailing add a fixed blade.

the company's MPS

The MPD cuts well in routine chores. An alternative drop-point design is available in the otherwise-similar MPU model, the company's MPS is a "big brother" to both. The handles of all three models can be braided with parachute cord or cotton line to enhance the grip. The current price for the MPD. $158-165.

One note regarding the sharpening of titanium and cobalt blades: our experience, validated by the makers, is that both materials are best sharpened with fairly coarse, abrasive material, e.g., diamond or aluminum oxide. Fine stones seem counterproductive and unnecessary here. Al-though these blades resist abrasion well, we've found that it's easier to restore their edges than on most steel blades. Of course sharpening serrated blades can be tricky, but not impossible.



for knife collectors - Lifetime Warranty

On Photo:420 Storm Auto Shackle Key Tool, 470 Hurricane Marlin Spike and T-3 Marlin Spike Knife

For the over-grown Boy Scout on your list, there's the high-quality reproduction Navy riggers knife from Colonial Knife Co., which has been making knives in Rhode Island since the 1920s. Today, the company manufactures cutlery for the U.S. government, the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and the civilian market. Available with a handle of molded-Delrin (military) or Cocobolo wood (civilian), the 3.4-inch blades are 440 stainless steel and weigh about 2.5 ounces total. The Navy riggers knife features a 3-inch marlin spike and comes with a lifetime warranty and a carrying case. Made in the USA. the knives retail for $25-$30 ( ). Although these knives don't meet our strict criteria for sailors' knives (marine), note that they cannot be opened one-handed at $19.99 - $69.99 - they make great gifts for the sailor who's nostalgic or a knife collector.


A sailor's folding knife?

Many people seriously dislike these knives and honestly the entire Myerchin line because they constantly break if you work hard with them. While they may work well for a weekender or a yacht, they don't last long on a tallship. They find the metal to be too brittle.

I mostly carry a folding these days n bc they don't make proper pockets in women's clothes (and bc I have small hands) I've been using a CRKT K.I.S.S design for the last several years...good sturdy blade, cheap enough that when I lose em overboard I don't cry, lanyard hole.EF

I have two fixed myerchins and haven't used them since my first year of sailing. I don't like them. My favorite knife is a fixed Kbar I found deep in the dirt next to the house my grandfather built. Must have been there for 30 years. That's my go-to knife, along with my jim rich spike, when working on big traditional vessels. Both of these will dent & scrape the hell out of everything I sit on or bump into. Working on more bristol boats got me out of the habit of wearing a rig all the time. Other than on tall ships, I wear a small benchmade, opinel or multitool.JTM

Japanese knives by Tosa Kajiyamura

Simply compliment the simplicity of their aesthetics, and think it's fairly interesting this has turned into a conversation about, essentially, speciesism, rather than craftsmanship and art. Japanese knives have a rich history of blade forging. These were apparently designed as letter openers and pencil sharpeners! I was hoping they weren't specially designed to remove small pieces of blubber from meat. I'd feel pretty damn guilty for glamorizing something like that. Unlike the local tribe that once used otter shaped clubs to systematically kill off otters up here, I don't think spirituality plays a big part in a modern commercial whale hunter's everyday activities.

Marine Dad Knife - the US Marine Corps's Knife

the Knife pictured here is a spring assisted opening Knife and is "legal" and licensed and approved by the USMC. However please note the US Marine Corps will not license any Automatic Blades to have their Trademarked symbols applied. Otherwise - yes, we do carry automatic knives, such as Pro-Tech Knives for sale to those who are authorized in accordance with federal law.

This is an awesome knife - completly stainless model

The ZT350 is an exceptional Heavy Duty Knife, with S30V steel, G10 handles, speed safe assisted opening and made to last a lifetime! Also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

if you want to see additional Marine Corps Knives or more info visit - A selection of Quality Made in the USA Marine Corps Knives.


Marine or Soldier Knives

CRKT with some very cool new items.

Only for US resident . At this time - only USA. CRKT are still a small, family owned company without an army of lawyers like those big corporate players.

We've all been asking for a larger version of the CRKT Drifter. That's the Large Drifter for anyone wondering. They now have a 3.2 inch version which I will totally buy... good gift knife. Classy looking, cheap, and yet better than anything my non-knife friends would be used to. They are working hard to knock Kershaw off as the moderate priced EDC King. You can find them at your local dealer, retail store, or online knife retailers.

Pocket Knife " Ikoma Fossil " - 4,5in

It eats other knives for breakfast. What more do you need to know? CRKT honestly think it's stellar. For the price, you're getting a wicked awesome design that is both beautiful and functional. You can debate what makes a knife "good" all day long, but if you like it, this knife rocks in the pricepoint and category.

CRKT make two with a regular blade. Large version: 5in and Smaller blade Version: 4in.

Mantis Knives

Mantis Vuja De

It's really not for flipping. It's just a pocket knife with a really good locking mechanism. A double edge would have been great though, because a karambit is really supposed to have a double edge and the balisong construction is a good solution to the problem of making a double edged knife that you can put in your pocket. Regular folders aren't so good for double edged blades, since you will put pressure on the locking mechanism while cutting with the back edge + the back edge will often be exposed when the knife is in the closed position.

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Shaving or sharp blade

There is a dif. between shaving and sharp. Just cuz it shaves doesnt mean its sharp, but when that blade is so sharp you cant see the blade or if you touch the blade its pealing skin then its sharp, and it will stay razor sharp for a long time and you can get a knife to shave and after 3 uses its dull again, but if you do it right it right you will be able to cut with it for a long time.

Serrated Knives and How To Sharpen - tips and vodeo

A few tips on how to Sharpen a Knife - a few tips on how to Sharpen a Knife

Warikomi knife

Warikomi blades

For home use, Mr. Hirota recommends Santoku featuring a Warikomi blade. It is a versatile knife with a six to seven inch sharp blade. For home cooking and fish filleting one Santoku knife is good enough, including seafood and Japanese cuisine.

In a good Warikomi knife, the type of steel should be engraved on the blade. You can find out what type of steel the knife is made of.

Blue steel and white steel are the best when it comes to sharpness, but these steels rust quickly. You can prevent this by constantly sharpening.

Stainless steel does not rust easily, but it slightly lacks in sharpness compared to the real steel. If you want to truly enjoy the beauty of Japanese cuisine, it is best to choose white or blue steel, which will offer the sharpest cutting edge.

Awase is the blade made by layering steel and another material. Since only one side is the steel, it can only cut one side. This type of blade is favored by artisans.

a Western-style knife with a blade made of whole steel.

If you ever find cheap knives with a whole steel blade, be cautious because it might be made with low quality steel.

Zenkou is a Western-style knife with a blade made of whole steel. Since steel is the material that offers the sharpest edge, Zenkou knives are quite valuable. But the facts are, only 0.04 inches of the edge is used in actual cutting, and the rest is used to separate the ingredient, so it is not necessary for the whole blade to be made with steel.


Gerber "Remix" Pocketknife

The new little pocket knives by Gerber guys. It's been put to good use since you received it. The Remix is small and unobtrusive and slips easily into either a pocket or an admin pooch on your fishing, sailing or other gear.

It's got a striking look, and the circular anodized aluminum Lightweight and comfort handle is the focus of the Remix's minimal idea. As lightweight as it K tough, this little folder has a corrosion resistant fine-edge Wade that opens wiih one hand. The handle's oring provides stability and grip while cutting.
as well as protecting your fingers. The Remix is a jack of all trades to put it simply and is a great addition to your kit that most certainly won't break the bank either!

Gill marine Personal knife

Never go to sea without a good sailing knife - is drummed into every sailor from an early age. This realy good knife is designed with boat safety in mind - hacking tangled rope from your propellor to cutting the anchor loose to escape a giant storm, slashing through the webbing of your harness before you are beaten unconscious against the boat hull - the usual boating mishaps.

The Rescue knife blade is 85 mm long with a blunt end to prevent accidental injuries but a seriously sharp serrated edge made of titanium coated.

402-pgrade stainless steel to cut through the toughest of strong ropes.

The Folding sailing knife's handle is made of anodised aluminium with a recessed siot at one end fitted with a razor blade for cutting webbing straps. At the same end there is also a small, metal spike for smashing your way through windows or breaking the safety glass on alarms.

There is a belt clip on one side of the knife but no lanyard attachment point.

It is supplied in a protective pouch which attaches to a belt with a loop.

Personal knife by Gill Marine

Nicely mace with an attractive gun metal grey finish and a chunky, engineered action. it looks and feels more expensive than it is. The Gill name is engraved into the handle for grip.

The blade unfolds smoothly and locks firmly into place to prevent it snapping shut accidentally. Closing it takes some practise - your thumb pushes a lever on the inside of the sailor knife and then the blade folds away.

There are no instructions with the rescue knife and in trying to fathom how to close it.

The serrated blade cuts through rope easily and the webbing cutter performed well. However, the knife lacks more everyday tools such as a bottle opener or a corkscrew

Gill marine. For Contact

KA-BAR Knifes - LEGEND USMC and Trout Knifes

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Cuda Knives and Tools

sailor's & angler's knifes

Having been a fixture on the East Coast for years now, Company Cuda, a new line of Fishing/Sailor Knives and tools ranging from pliers, line cutters and knives, to dehookers, harpoons and tag sticks, is branching out to the West Coast, and will be a first-time exhibitor at the Fred Hall Show in "Long Beach".

These knifes  feature titanium-bonded German 4116 full-tang stainless steel, known for its  incredible edge retention and superior
corrosion resistance


Cuda featuring titanium-bonded steels and alloys, the tools are built to provide strength, durability and superior corrosion-resistance under even the most rugged and marine conditions. From the unique handle design that facil itates water drainage, to the integrated wire cutters, precision ground blades and lifetime warranty, these tools are truly something very special for every angler and boater.

Cuda knows cutting.

While the brand is relatively new to the fishing market, the team at Cuda is certainly no stranger to cutting tools. Part of Acme United Corporation (Clauss professional tools and Camillus knives), Rick Constantine, V.P. of Marketing & General Manager, a licensed boat Captain and commercial angler, has combined his passion for fishing and sailing with his experience in materials and new cutting technologies to create a uniquely innovative line ot fishing & sailing tools.


Cuda is proud to partner with many of the fishermen featured on the NG National Geographic Channel's hit series, Tyler McLaughlin, Wicked Tuna. TJ Ott, Dave Marciano and Dave Carraro are all an important part of the Cuda team.

The sailing & fishing tools are not only rigorously tested by Captain Rick in both saltwater and fresh conditions, but they are also tested by their team of pros that includes Bob Izumi, host of Real Fishing television and radio programs, and Mariko Izumi, host of Hookin' Up on the World Fishing Network.

Titanium Bonded® Fillet Knife

Also in their,Cuda lineup are 8-inch Titanium Bonded® Snips with stainless steel blades ideal for cutting wire, braid, rope, netting and fins and a 6-inch "Titanium Bonded®" Fillet Knife (with sheath) constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless German 4116 - steel.

Titanium Dual Pliers

Cuda 7.5 Titanium Alloy Plier from Cuda Company

Today, Cuda, manufacturers of high quality medical tools, offer a huge selection of fishing tools and knives that make for real great gift ideas.

Their 7.5-inch Aluminum Alloy Dual Pliers feature Titanium Bonded® Aluminum Alloy body construction for increased corrosion resistance and rust , and dual cutting new technology consisting of integrated tungsten carbide wire cutters and high leverage mono, fluorocarbon and braid compound cutters. A ballistic nylon sheath and lanyard are included with the lifetime warranty. Offered for only $59.70.

Cuda Wire Cutters

Cuda boast a high-leverage fulcrum, which allows strength to the jaws while requiring less force. The titanium bonding provides maximum hardness, allowing for superior edge.

Cuda online

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At Cuda, it's not just about the tools; it's also about giving back. That's why Cuda Company is committed to donating a portion of its net sales to benefit families who might not otherwise be able to get together and fish. To learn more and to check out the rest of Cuda's online story and browse its complete line of fishing knives and tools, visit