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Travellers have a right to insist upon dependable clothing that can withstand whatever the world has to offer. Function is important also, but not at the expense of comfort, and we've made sure all our Tilleys age ever so gracefully. Simple to clean, too.

Tilley Endurables - The Finest Hats and Clothing

We aim for clothing you can launder in a hotel sink in the evening, hang to dry, and wear neat and ready to go to breakfast. Not all Tilleys wash 'n' wear this well - but most do.

Everything with our name on it is made in Canada where we can keep a watchful eye. Some exceptions are the world's best socks, made to our UNHOLEY specifications in Iowa, and the water bottle created out west for us in Washington.


Tilley Endurable hats

Had mine for over twenty years and it travels everywhere with me and I've just changed my profile picture to one taken in 2008 at BOH Tea Malaysia's Visitor Centre at their plantation in the Cameron Highlands. I went on a tour of India and SE Asia and it was essential for protection from the sun and being able to see properly through dry spectacles in the downpour of the monsoons -said Gordon Fox

Tilley broadest brim Hats

in both khaki & natural with olive underbrim colours

Tilley ourselves (Tilley Endurable Family-owned stores, mail order service and websites) almost never have sales on the regular Tilley Hats.
However, they have many retail partners and you may see them occasionally put selected styles on sale.

Tilley also have a warehouse sale once a year in Toronto (all items must be purchased in person at the warehouse; they are not available in-store, mail order or on-line) and there are some selected discontinued and 'seconds' Hats there...but they do not carry the Lifetime Guarantee nor the 2-Year Insurance policy that regular Tilley Hats do. It fits so nice that I like to wear it all the time, but it does get hot. It's great for cool weather and rain.

Best Hats for those who find the weight of the Hat to be the deciding factor in comfort and those who find the material to be the deciding factor. It sounds like you might be a material person, as you find the LT5 hot (and it is quite a lightweight Hat).

There aren't any immediate plans for a Hemp version but we will definitely pass the suggestion along . One of the challenges of a Hemp version in this size brim would be the 'floppy' factor...but then again, we do like a good challenge!

For the cooler materials, Tilley recommend natural fibres such as the TH4 Hemp www.tilley.com/The-TH4-Hemp-Hat.aspx , the T4MO Organic Cotton www.tilley.com/The-T4MO-Organic-AIRFLO-Hat.aspx or the original T4 Cotton Duck www.tilley.com/The-T4-Cotton-Duck-Hat.aspx (they are all broad brimmed). However, if you prefer man-made fabrics, the LT6B Breathable Nylon www.tilley.com/LT6B-Breathable-Nylon-Hat.aspx is one of our lightest weight Hats and the LTM6 [email protected] Nylamtium www.tilley.com/LTM6-AIRFLO-Nylamtium-Hat.aspx is the most popular overall (also both broad brimmed). -Tilley Hats

Tilley camo

 the only thing to beat your  Tilley camo in a real heat wave would be the Tilley camo

This Hat will cover the full Tilley size range: from 6 7/8" to 8 3/8". As for pink camo. I guess theye'll have to see how popular this one is first before they expand. This Hat is made from 100% cordura nylon.

Tilley organic cotton Hats

a smaller one that fitted better hat -  Another great Tilley hat that you can  be add to the collection

This is a special sneak peek from Tilley Endurables. This Hat debut for Spring 2014.

Tilley do recommend the 2 finger rule when we size the Hat.

It gives your head room to expand in the heat and your hair to grow a bit too. However, some people do like their Hat to be more fitted. We're sorry that you are unhappy with the size fitted and am glad you have made it work for you. When you next wash it, if you do not stretch it after it is dry, you will also find it to be a tighter fit.

Tilley Ladies' Hats

a Red Ladies' Hats Perfect for Valentine's Day

It is a nice breathable fabric - a blend of hemp and organic cotton. It's also pretty lightweight at 4 oz. This is the only colour this particular Hat comes in, but Tilley have a hemp version called the TH9 and it comes in "Natural" and "Mocha brown" colours.

Customer service

Tilley customer service at our toll-free number: 1-800-363-8737. If it is possible to send spare buttons to you, they will do it.

"Well I LOVE Canadians, especially Tilley Hats. I lost my LTM8 (khaki colour) recently while flying back from St John USVI to CO. Bought it in Mongoose Junction and it was perfect for the humid days, letting air flow thru and ventilating my bald palate. After leaving the hat on the plane (close connection in Dallas), I spoke with Tilley customer service and they said "be sure to send the registration in and we'll replace it for 50%" so I did. And sure enough, as stated, they replaced my hat!! I wish ALL company ran as well and served their customers as well as the fine folks at Tilley Hats!!! I am truly a happy Traveller". said Denny H.


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