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Tops & Covers - canvas and fabric -
AEP Industries, Inc. Manufacturer
AEP Industries, Inc. - South Hackensack, NJ, Outboard Motor Covers

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Film

Quality products and service .From the very beginning we have selected dedicated and talented people who cooperatively pull together toward the attainment of our goals. Our remarkable growth is due to always remaining focused on how to better serve our customers in the packaging needs. We will continue to provide customers with the quality, service and reliability they have come to expect over the last 35 years.


With our strategically positioned manufacturing facilities, AEP INC. can effectively service every major market area in the United States with the best on-time deliveries in the industry. We have 10 locations worldwide, with 9 in North America, and 1 in Europe. Together, these facilities produce over 800 million pounds of film per year.


SHRINK FILM: Available in .006 to .009, in all colors, with UVI (ultra violet inhibitor) protection and up to 40' wide.


-Boat Shrink Film
-Mobile Home/Transit Wrap



Employees: 1000+
Activity: Manufacturer

Covers: Outboard Motor Information

Low Density Polyethylene Film; Liners