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There are many commercial ice-coolers in that marine&fishing plus range. They're look up nearly identical, however, when it comes to a quality marine cooler that can hold up to regular uses in a harsh environment a possibility of ice-retention should only be one deciding factor for boaters and anglers among many brands.

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This is a Coleman Esky 55 - best because of the size.

The RTIC 45 Cooler.

From durability and impact resistance this cooler is all about Boating or Fishing. This midsize RTIC ice cooler makes a perfect multi-purpose cooler. The RTIC 45 is the new favorite for boaters, is the 40 since it takes up less pace and is easily moveable, lighter and has straps.

In Fact, RTIC is made in China. |

RTIC 45 fits as a bench perfectly.

ORCA Coolers

A cooler that will last a lifetime and is guaranteed to do so used to be a myth Now. Outdoor Recreation Company of ORCA has dispelled the myth. They are an all American company and use American materials to build their cooler products.

Simply the best cooler you can buy at any price, anywhere - and, they are 100 percent "Made In the USA' ORCA coolers are roto-molded in America's heartland, are lockable.

It's a little on the heavy side, but completely worth it.

strong 20qt ORCA Cooler

Founded by outdoorsmen ORCA Company offers one of the most affordable Coolers on the market.

Thanks to their roto-molded building process and integrated insulation all they are sturdy and ice retention for up to 10 days. The coolers are so sturdy they come with a lifetime warranty.

Orca in test

After test the 75-quart model , and am not just satisfied, but amazed Putting ice and drinks in it on Monday morning, taking it fishing two days in the blazing heat and sunshine, it STILL has ice in it and I'm writing this on Thursday' It is heavier than comparable-sized ice coolers, but what else would you expect, as the dense insulating components weigh more than a cooler made of conventional material.

tested 75qt ORCA Cooler

Orca Cooler Performance

The lid seats by way of a rubber gasket and extremely strong rubber tie downs. There is no need to worry about the hinges breaking on this baby, as a stainless rod runs across the back of the cooler securely holding the lid to the body Extra strong rope handles have a cushion that makes it more comfortable to carry the loaded down cooler A "net" on the rear of the cooler was a great addition, as it sure was convenient to store the empty botties, cans and other trash on our tnps.

Orca coolers are not cheap by most standards; but when you think about the total picture, it becomes not only reasonable but maybe a bargain.

Be sure to tie this ice baby down in the boat, because you sure don't want it to somehow blow out onto the highway.

Take care of it and you will have a cooler for a lifetime and one that your friends will want to borrow - In advance of use is a great way to ensure maximum cold retention, no matter what type of cooler you have Bring it inside the night before and add drinks that have been chilled down block ice takes longer to melt, but doesn't always provide the ambient refngeration you need.

Using a combination of block ice and smaller cubes to fill the air gaps will maximize the time that your cooler retains the desired chill And finally, the less you open it and leave it open, the better it will retain coolness.

for more information and where to purchase one or order online go to Oft OA's website:

Coleman Xtreme Marine Pro-Coolers

All the versions of Marine Pro-Coolers comes equipped with ThermOZONE, No-crush box handles, insulation Antimicrobial protection and UV deterioration. This version provides incredible ice retention while remaining dependable on the water.

36 quart: External: 14.875"H x 27.625"W x 14.75"D. Internal: 9.75"H x 20.25"W x 8"D.

58 quart: External: 15.9"H x 31.3"W x 17.6"D. Internal: 8.8"H x 23"W x 11.8"D. Wt: 17.6 lbs.

100 quart: External: 16.6"H x 36.4"W x 17.3"D. Internal: 11.5"H x 31"W x 13"D. Wt: 21 lbs.

Coleman  Xtreme

It's a good size for the price and it holds ice very well.

You'll pay the upfront cost of 250+ tired of buying cheap ones that don't last and that don't hold ice long. May seem like a lot but the money You'll save over the years now will pay for itself. Even if you save a bag of ice every time you use it that's $4 You'll be saving. So using it around 65 times and it'll have payed for itself. Thise products are made in USA.

Coleman Wheeled-version Xtreme Marine Pro Coolers

These Coleman coolers are large enough to hold 70(for 50 quart)/120(for 82 quart) cans, while four built-in cup holders keep drinks close. 2-way side handles, large tow handle and large all-terrain wheels make pulling comfortable and easywhen it's time to move. Holds cold up to 90F a couple of cases of cans, plus room for ice.

Wheeled Coleman  Xtreme

Available in t models:

50 quart: Qt: 31.1"L x 15.9"W x 17"H.

82 quart: 36.1"L x 16.9"W x 18"H.


Coleman Esky 55 - marine version

Weight: only 29 lbs. the Esky Series 55 Quart/Marine Cooler is designed from UVGuard™ material to withstand the extra demands of a marine environment. Comes with 2 in. sidewall insulation and 2.5-in. lid and box floor insulation for reliable performance during extended fishing weekends on the boat.

Dry ice compatible, Rope handles, 6-year limited warranty, made in the USA comes in External: 27.4 x 19.6 x 19.6 in. / Internal dimensions: 17.1 x 10.5 x 13.4 in.

50 qt. Coleman Wheeled coole

Coolers for Fishing

a livewell / baitwell out of a coleman cooler

Get a 50qt Coleman cooler that you can use in bass tourneys. Rrigged with a 500gph bilge pump that draws water in from over the side, two bubbler boxes for aeration, and two overflow tubes routed to the scupper. This way you can have it on constant fill with fresh water, or you can just use the bubbler boxes depending on the needs of fish. You can keep 20lbs of bass alive in it during all day fishing. A little ice in the summer heat and some Rejuvenade also helps.

YETI Hopper Portable Coolers

Yeti is supposed to be the best It’s the first 100% leakproof portable cooler. We’ve engineered it the way we do everything - to keep ice for days and be cool on board without worrying or all-day fishing.

YETI Hopper Cooler

Interesting to note that we have5 sets of "Portable Coolers" from Amazon. (small, large and medium) and they are all tough with nearly indestructible straps and completely leakproof.

They're well built, no doubt, and if you only use a cooler for a day at a time, it's not worth the money, but if you are out in the field for a week straight or boating, camping or fishing , it's real nice for ice to last 3-5 days.

Note: It doesn't have a ton of room, it's kind of a pain to get in and out of, and there are no extra storage pouches (although you can buy one that straps on to the front). However, it functions extremely well and the build quality is top notch.

Still top quality construction. Keep in touch on their accessories. You can buy the Sidekick storage compartment, retractable bottle opener and Yeti ice. Adding the Yeti ice block provides about eight additional hours on the cubed ice and is easier to carry.

A Coleman iceless coolers

Different battery combination you can come up with

Usually it's a $160 reviews are very good, online says it will get down to 40 degrees and should only pull about 60 watts so a hundred amp hour battery and 100 watt solar panel should be pretty good.

They work really good but they pull a lot of juice I don't know if I would trust what they say in the book but keep in mind through they do not cool to 40° at all unless you are very careful. If you look deeper into the book it says that it will cool 40° below outside ambient temperature witch is ok as long as you keep them in the shade. But if it's 110° in the sunlight it's not gonna work very well at all mine doesn't.

This one States 40 degrees and reading the reviews on Amazon everybody says it gets between 40 and 42 degrees.

Since this one actually has a drain is to put ice in it and also wire in a 12 volt thermostat where the refrigeration will only kick on what's the temperature in the cooler has reached above 40 degrees.

One and they pull made juice. For example: "Mine will drain 2 group 27 heavy duty deep cycles in a 8 hr day of fishing. In fact, you have to jump up to 4 6v deep cycle marine batteries to get 24 hrs of use."

If you are going to go to the the hassle of adding a thermostat to it will probably also a day battery percentage meter to the top wired directly into the 12 volt plug.

Note: 6V batteries wired together into 12v will outlast any 12v battery on the market. You can get the same amount of power as 3 group 27's as you can out of 2 6v batteries and the 6 V batteries don't weigh as much.


What Really Matters When Choosing a cooler

Been happy with my YETI 20 and 65 also love my Colman Xtreme 5 145q 25Q 45Q. The thing is ICE is very Funing cheap. What matters is the time period you have to go WITHOUT a store selling ice. So the question is. How durable of a cooler do you need? What is the budget? And how long between ice purchases? If it is a day trip, carry your white transom to Walmart and buy a Colman Xtreme series cooler and call it a day. If you are doing 3day camp weekends on an island or the hook then spend some coin on a good thick cooler. Also noted that the ice packs and dry ice help extend the life of ice.

One more thing that people overlook is a hot cooler out of the garage or shed will yield a 30-40% ice loss just to cool the air inside of the cooler and walls to equalize the ice temperature.

If long remote multi day trip. If you can put the cooler in a walk in cooler or a cold room of a house or use a bunch of sacrificial ice to pre cool the cooler and air then you will maximize ice storage time line.

Multiple elements to look at.

If you are one day out then a yeti, rtic, icetec, grizzly, cabelas, top end are not worth the money! But a $45 Colman Xtreme. The marine series all suck get an Xtreme series and buy more beer and ice.

Rule: At the end of the day the entire point is BEER! And holding more BEER! That said, the BEER must be cold.

"I love my YETI coolers for long haul. That said I pre cool them and use large 4-6# ice blocks that last longer than the $1.99 ice that is wet and hot at your gas station. "

I also can keep beer cold for 3 days in August in South Carolina in my 145 Colman Xtreme. I put 100 ice in. And thru the day people come to the tailgate and toss in warm beer. By Wednesday from the Saturday start I have cold beer, so that said it is all about temp management.

Note lso a big difference in keeping your cooler in cockpit and down in cabin if you have one. In most case ice lasts 7 days in cabin and 1 day in cockpit .

Popular coolers in test

Coolers test with Thermal camera

A FLIR thermal imaging camera was used to evaluate cool spots of energy
transfer. Blue indicates the lowest represented and yellow&orange designates the highest temperature.

The number in the upper left hand corner indicates the temperature at the crosshairs. What we were looking for was the highest minimum temperature within the body of the cooler and even shading ,consistent wall thickness and uniform distribution of insulating foam.

tested Coolers test  with Thermal camera - part I
tested Coolers test  with Thermal camera - part II

Drain functions

Drain function varied greatly among the premium coolers reviewed. Though the
2-inch orifice on the Igloo Sportsman 40 vacated its contents in a matter of se
conds, removing the plug was a messy affair.

The Pelican Elite 35 cooler, which utilizes a unitized drain and thread-off cap, similar to the standard units, had no splash or dribble. The Canyon, Engel. Grizzly, and Yeti were somewhere in the middle.

tested Drain functions - part I
tested Drain functions - part II