Flexcell Solar Panels
Marine Solar Panels - 7 to 27 Watt

Light and Portable adaptable solar energy

For AM/FM radio Standard GPS, Nav, lughts or mobile telephone when needs to be charged in response Flexcell has developed an innovative range of solar products for the marine applications


Energie Alternative and marine solar panels & technology

Flexcell Solar Panels


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Flexible solar battery charger/panel has been specifically designed for marine & yachting applications. The charger can be mounted on curved surfaces such as boat decks,tops, or vehicle roofs. Marine Modules will continue to produce solar electricity even in cloudy and shadow conditions or sail shadow. Panel is made more flexible, robust, and shade(sail) resistant then it tends to lose efficiency and become larger and more expensive. This Flexcell Sunslick are heavy duty, waterproof and lightweight flexible solar is perfect for marine use, Models is available in 7, 14 and 27 Watt and can produced approximately over 20% of the energy needed on boat.

Flexcell flexible marine panels are about three times the size of semi-rigid panels in contrast a Flexcell panel is bonded onto a piece of fabric and so can be rolled up but not folded. Panels are easly storable light and "NO Glass"

A unique advantage of the Flexcell panels which derives from the way the silicon is arranged is that the panel can be partially shaded without losing all the power output. Quite a lot of shade can be cast onto a Flexcell panel and only a proportionate power loss will be experienced.

Available 3 Models - Flexcell panels

operating Voltage 15V, Thickness: 1,2 mm, Temperature range: -20 to +60

7Watt - Dimensions: 350 x 695 mm, Weight 480g

14 Watt - Dimensions: 350 x 1310mm , Weight 900g

27 Watt - Dimensions: 642 x 1310 mm , Weight 1,5kg

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