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Hella Marine offer high performance, reliability , designed for safety full range of marine lights and systems and light accessories include Bulb, Deck and Interior lights,Led Courtesy,Nav or Trailer,Xenon and Underwater lights.
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Marine SearchLights and Lighting systems by Hella Marine



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Marine SearchLights

Products by Hella

Cabin Control Searchlight

12-24V Fixed Mount Search Light



Hella Marine Serachlight designed for cabin roofs instalations. Vibration and shock resistant
high quality plastic material and zluminum-154mm reflector and Grommet sealed 350 mm long cable and come with H3 bulbs.
Available Versions 12 and 24V - 2x12v/55W,2x24/70W


Hand Held Control Searchlight

12-24V Hand night sailing Halogen Search Light



Hella Marine night Serachlight in esistant plastic designed for manoeuvres and night sailing with 2 bulbs-halogen and High-gloss 2 reflectors and 350mm Spiral cable. Extended front edge design for more protection of the glass lens.

Available Versions
12V - 2 x 55W or 100W bulbs,24V - 2 x 70W bulbs.