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Hella Marine offer high performance, reliability , designed for safety full range of marine lights and systems and light accessories include Bulb, Deck and Interior lights,Led Courtesy,Nav or Trailer,Xenon and Underwater lights.

Marine SearchLights and Lighting systems by Hella Marine



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Marine SearchLights

Products by Hella

Cabin Control Searchlight

12-24V Fixed Mount Search Light



Hella Marine Serachlight designed for cabin roofs instalations. Vibration and shock resistant
high quality plastic material and zluminum-154mm reflector and Grommet sealed 350 mm long cable and come with H3 bulbs.
Available Versions 12 and 24V - 2x12v/55W,2x24/70W


Hand Held Control Searchlight

12-24V Hand night sailing Halogen Search Light



Hella Marine night Serachlight in esistant plastic designed for manoeuvres and night sailing with 2 bulbs-halogen and High-gloss 2 reflectors and 350mm Spiral cable. Extended front edge design for more protection of the glass lens.

Available Versions
12V - 2 x 55W or 100W bulbs,24V - 2 x 70W bulbs.