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Solar modules / panels

are made up of individual solar cells to convert sunlight into electrical energy. When light positive and negative charge is released, and there is an environmentally friendly energy. Over 80% of the solar modules are made of silicon. assembled, producing an electrical voltage when exposed to light. This process, called photovoltaics, based on a special material, are made from almost all the solar cells, silicon, a semiconductor with natural electrical conductivity.

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Solar panels

Silicon for oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth and thus a virtually inexhaustible and very cheap raw material. To make it usable for photovoltaic, a complicated, multi-step process is necessary. It is made from simple quartz sand of high purity crystalline silicon. Depending on the crystal structure and processes are distinguished:

Mono-crystalline solar cells
Polycrystalline solar cells
Thin-film solar cells


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Mono-crystalline solar cells can be recognized by their black or blue ink. They consist of a single crystal and, in comparison to other silicon cells have the highest efficiency. They are preferred where only a limited area to produce electricity is available. Mono-crystalline solar cells have a lifespan of 20 years.
Popular panels

Polycrystalline or multi-crystalline solar cells can be recognized by its blue surface. Their crystal structure is ordered only in part. Therefore, they have a lower cell voltage, which is reflected in a slightly lower efficiency. Polycrystalline cells are easier to manufacture, cheaper to buy and the most commonly used technology in photovoltaics.
For large areas

Thin-film modules/panels can be recognized by their dark brown to black color. They consist of a thin non-crystalline (amorphous) silicon layer. The low material requirement makes it a very inexpensive solution, but requires more area. In sunlight they have low efficiency, but offer advantages in scanty or low light conditions and high operating temperatures.
How do light and temperature performance.

The greater the exposure to sunlight, the more electricity is generated by the solar cells and the higher is the performance of the photovoltaic system. In the morning and evening hours, with clouds or fog, the performance is lower, but it is still producing electricity, for photovoltaic systems also work in diffuse light. Contrary to what you may think, solar panels work better at moderate temperatures than in the blazing heat. With good ventilation of solar panels can reduce their temperature and thus increase their performance.
As the power is measured by solar panels

The peak power of a solar module is the peak power (peak = peak engl.) called and marked with a small "p" after the energy in kilowatts: kWp. This value indicates the performance achieved by a solar panel in full sunlight under specified test conditions.
The peak power is often referred to as the "face value" or "nominal". It is based on measurements under optimal conditions.
Clean power generation through recycling

PV panels and modules contain materials that can be raised in new solar module or other products using again. This ensures that valuable raw materials such as glass, aluminum and semiconductor materials obtained. This contributes to a positive environmental impact by avoiding waste and saving both in the production of energy modules.

This reduces both costs and CO2 pollution of the environment. So as to produce the modules are not only renewable energy but also protect the end of its life or sustainable resources. To support the recycling of photovoltaic modules is the European association IBC SOLAR "PV CYCLE Association joined. Europe PV CYCLE is building collection points, where plumbers and individuals to deliver their worn-out solar modules and panels.

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