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Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIPO) was invented in the United States. Over the past 10 years, LIPO battery cells were widely adopted by electric-car enthusiasts. They have a great safety record and can last 2,000 cycles at an 80 percent depth of discharge. The first advantage is the many different sizes and shapes of cells available.

Info box on the possible role of lithium butteries.

LIPO battery

Beta tester of this technology

A system to hold and compress the batteries using aluminum plates on boat.

You can could convert your boat to electric power, but only if we did the conversion with a higher density battery. The only room for batteries in most cases, is the inside the engine compartment and you couldn't squeeze enough AGM batteries in there to give him a respectable range.

Lithium is the third-lightest element that, when combined with iron, makes an lightweight, exceptionally powerful and small battery.

the Electroprop technology

Lithium Iron batteries on Boats, which are beginning to show their advantages such as safety and long life.

You can able to completely fill the space available around the Electroprop with 22 KWH's of batteries at 80 volts. The 300 amp hour cells that you can chose is a perfect fit inside the small boat engine compartment.

One way is to develop a system to hold and compress the batteries using aluminum plates bent to the shape of the cells.

Lithium batteries make possible the complete removal of a sailboat's diesel engine for the majority of sailors. This is definitely one very powerful source of on-board energy.

Electroprop batteries

Electroprop batteries are significantly smaller and lighter than lead acid batteries. There are many different LIPO cell sizes, which can be easily used to build a battery to the space available on a boat. Cells are 3.2 volts nominal and sized from 40 amp hours to 1,000 a.h.

The boat owner can design his own batteries to fit, including choosing the voltage.

The Electroprop 5 KW LIPO Battery holds 5.2 KWH's of energy at 12.8 volts nominal, measures 13 x 20 x 13 inches tall and weighs 125 lb. For larger boats, two of these batteries can be used in a boat at 25.6 volts nominal.

This combination can replace 4 x 8D AGM batteries. LIPO cells are safer than lead acid. A nail can be driven in the side of the batter)' without incident. All the batteries are in series so there are no parallel issues.

Each cell is monitored for both voltage and temperature, and the batteries are charged at the cell level. A computer controls the battery and the chargers in real time. Faults in the system are reported to the operator by a Bluetooth connection to a tablet or cell phone. Ground faults are monitored on two different levels, one with warning and one with a complete shutdown of the system. The boat owner can configure the warning levels and shut down parameters and bypass them if need be. These batteries have every feature monitored with a fail safe installed in them. They are protected from under or over discharge at all times.

Electroprop batteries are capable of higher currents for longer periods of time than lead acid.

Electroprop batteries do not have to be de-rated for load by Peukert's exponent. Electroprop Lithium Batteries are 98 percent efficient.

Almost all of the energy from charging is captured by the battery. This leads to very short charging times, no absorption time period, and 20 percent more energy for cycling applications.

Holes are provided in the Electroprop battery case for secure attachment to the boat. The cases of the batteries are made from structural aluminum and plexiglass material so they can be stepped on or stacked.

There are very few limitations for the placement of these batteries on boats. We have wanted a stronger, smarter, safer battery for boats for some time now.

Electroprop Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries solve the issues we have been having.

lithium on Boat - financial sense

If you plan to own your boat for more than five years, lithium makes financial sense, lasting up to 2,000 cycles or 12 years or more. Perhaps the safety features alone may sway some to purchase. And to some it will be the ability to recharge faster for minimal generator run time. Tugboats, ferries, container ships and now pleasure craft are switching to lithium technology. High power, high efficiency, lighter, smaller, smarter, safer batteries are now available for the discerning yacht owner.

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