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Minn Kota US Company is the top-leading manufacturer of transom and bow-mount trolling outboards, include electric E-Drive models. Minn Kota produces a full line of bow mounted , transom or engine-mounted trolling motors. It also offers the Talon family of shallow-water anchors, plus onboard and portable battery chargers, drift socks,accessories and more.

Minn Kota, Inc.

Minn Kota

Minn Kota Company began its life in 1934 USA ND. with the well-built trolling Outboard by O. G. Schmidt. Although it has been more than eight decades since the first Minn Kota trolling outboard motor hit the water, the company's passion for performance and innovation burns hotter than ever. Though Minn Kota's innovative leadership has resulted in a number of essential tools for anglers, few members of The Bass Federation know the full story behind Minn
Kota and how it developed into the fishing industry giant of today.

Since its founding, over 70 years of innovation, this Manufacturing Company has led the way in product innovation, design and technological devices. Minn Kota's list “firsts” supports this commitment to trolling outboard development and the fishing enthusiasts and community.


pontoon powered by a 2-HP Minn Kota E-drive

Minn Kota Electric Outboard

2HP E-Drive

- E-Drive Operates on 48 volts

Powerful MK Electric Outboard motor is perfect for lakes with gasoline and diesel restrictions.

This most - quiet Minn Kota’s E-Drive can run at 100% up to two hours on a single charge. The quiet 2-hp power 48 Volts motor will move a standart pontoon up to 5 mph with no emissions, without the engine sounds, no fumes and no messy other type outboards.

Electric Outboard features a special tilt-lock mechanism for secure and safe trailering. Has a 20'' shaft on an engine translate to a transom and large Stainless Steel prop.

Eguipped with "clamp-on mount ", this model utilizes Tilt Tiller control, while the "bolt-on transom model" connects to your boat’s standard cable linkage.

E-Drive comes equipped with efficient SS prop. To fight galvanic corrosion this stainless steel prop features a replaceable, hub-mounted zinc anode. Minn kota new E-Drive 2HP will push a fullsize pontoon boat at 5 mph.

Electric Outboard features

The Minn Kota E-Drive are designed to features:

- Minn Kota extra large commutators and windings dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, longer outboard life and extended battery power. Minn Kota runs more quietly & bearing system reduces noise. Realtime Battery gauge show you battery condition and Instantly how many hours you have left on battery.
- Minn Kota E-Drive outboards incorporate an ultra-tough and waterproof actuator dependably tilt the motor.

- A new "clamp-on" outboard bracket that allows an angler to quickly remove or attach the motor.

- Minn Kota control head includes flat panel LCD-display, in addition power-on and key switch for safety. LCD display shows Realtime-power level, state of battery charge of run time remaining at current level of power
- Built-In Digital Maximizer™ optimizes power to extend battery life
- Stainless Steel Prop with a special sheer protections pin
- Transom Bracket
- Standard 20" long shaft

Electric Outboards come with Minn Kota 2 Year Warranty

Minn Kota's® E-Drive Electric Outboard

Minn Kota®

The Minn Kota goal is to offer anglers a complete trolling system that matches their power management needs to their Outboard trolling engine.

Minn Kota is the world's leading manufacturer of bow- and transom-mount trolling motors and carries a complete line of battery chargers and marine accessories. Trolling motors in the Minn Kota line include Genesis™ , Vantage® , Maxxurn® , All Terrain®, PowerDrive™ , Endura™ , Riptide®', Turbo™ and E-Drive models. Minn Kota motors are manufactured and marketed by Johnson Outdoors, Inc.

With many waterways prohibiting the use of gasoline outboard motors due to emission, speed and noise restrictions, Minn Kota® offers the E-Drive Electric Outboard.

"The E-Drive Electric Outboard was designed primarily with the pontoon owner in mind," Minn Kota Brand Manager of New Product Development and Accessories Jeff Davison said.

Many pontoon owners are looking for a quiet, leisurely cruise with family and friends. They designed "E-Drive" with all the power and speed needed to move a pontoon in wind or heavy chop without engine noise or the plume of motor exhaust.

The Minn Kota E-Drive Electric Outboard has a TWO horsepower, 48-volt motor that propels pontoon boats up to 24 feet in length at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.

The built in Maximizer™ feature delivers up to 2 hours of continuous run time at 100 percent power on a fully-charged bank of batteries. The Realtime Battery Gauge indicates the power level, state of battery charge and hours of run time remaining at current power on a LCD display located on the throttle. A special bolt-on transom bracket includes power tilt mechanism and built-in breakaway that protects the motor from underwater collisions.

Other features of the E-Drive Outboard are a stainless steel prop, 20-inch shaft, cable-steer compatibility, electronic throttle control and 2-year Minn Kota warranty.

The Company research showed that there are a number of waterways in the country that have engine restrictions designed to cut down both noise and air pollution.

Minn Kota EO

The brand new "EO" motor provides for smaller boats up to 9 hours of primary propulsion.Minn kota EO is backed up with battery-boosting Digital Maximizer, a rocksolid bracket, and the reliability and strength of the trolling outboard Brand name.

EO motors comes equipped with fine quick-release 9-position with bill to continuously run Lever-Lock bracket and the Tilt/Extend tiller for maximum comfortable steering and control , which tilts up to 45° and extends up to 6”.

Minn Kota EO is available in two versions: EO - 1 HP and EO - 1/2 HP

Saltwater Outboards

The Minn Kota a special line of Outboards for use in saltwater.
The "Riptide" MK outbords have a number of saltwater-engineered and saltwater-painted enhancements, designed with stainless steel hardware, sealed electrical parts and connections for improved corrosion protection.

The Minn Kota Company also offers replacement parts for your electric trolling motor.US and Canada shipping options.

Minn Kota's® also knew they could deliver a quality outboard at roughly half the price of many of the electric outboard motors currently on the market.

The new chargers

Portable battery charger with LED display

The addition of new chargers, along with our two popular Smart Chargers and single bank charger, allows us to better meet the needs oil a wider range of fishermen, whether they be the hard-core tournament angler or the casual weekend angler. Minn Kota also offers both type:on-board battery maintainers, and a portable battery charger.

For more information, contact "Minn Kota" at www.minnkotamotors.com.

Minn Kota's improvement

Thanks to Minn Kota's never-ending penchant for improvement, its products are also flush with a long list of industry-leading features and technologies that let an angler fish harder and smarter for a longer period of time.
Indeed, today's bass fans can enjoy the benefits of more engine power, extended battery life, and integrated sonar and GPS systems in their boat-control strategies in ways never dreamed of just a few years ago.
Collectively, Minn Kota's strategies fuel the develop ment of products that help anglers catch more fish and have more fun, and help explain why the majority of bass boats competing in any given TBF event sport the company's iconic logo. They also offer assurance that serious bass anglers will reap the rewards of such dedication to excellence for many years to come.

Minn Kota I-Pilot

Minn Kota - a division of Johnson Outdoors Marine - is the world's largest and most trusted manufacturer of electric trolling motors for the sports fishing industry. Recently they introduced a new product that fishing enthusiasts are claiming "will change the way they fish, forever!" The I-Pilot is a wireless GPS system that allows you to concentrate on fishing while I-Pilot controls your pontoon or bass boat.

In order to catch fish you have to have your bait in the water. If you are constantly wrestling your bass boat, to fight the wind and current, you're wasting valuable time steering that could be better spent casting. The I-Pilot has three program modes - "spot-lock", "auto-pilot" and "record-a-track", - that controls your boat for you. Allowing you hands free fishing. to learn more about "I-Pilot" visit: www.minnkotamotors.com/i-Pilot/.

T-H Marine

Depending on your Minn-Kota's engine specs, T-H Marine may have a G-Force Eliminator that will work for you.

R2 Boat Innovations: Minn-Kota's engine

The T-H Marine G-Force Elminator is designed to lessen prop noise and bad vibration, helping your trolling motor perform better, quieter and longer.


Watersnake Trolling Motor

Watersnake 24-Pound Thrust ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor
12-Volt, 24-Inch Shaft

Saltwater Ready, fits into mirage drive, also is ultra lightweight at about 7lbs.

24-Pound Trolling Motor is pretty weak, even for a kayak - At some point more lb thrust won't equal more speed. Prop pitch design and kayak hull limit speed. That this 24lb thrust is about perfect size for kayaks while remaining efficient. Bigger motors require bigger heavier batteries. More weight will slow you down. This lightweight 24lb thrust motor pushed my Hobie PA14 quite well.

This is what can you see at: https://youtu.be/xHjteqNflS4

It is the perfect balance of power to weight. 24lb thrust will push a kayak easily and it is much more efficient. More power means more weight in not only the motor but the battery to keep it fed. Increasing lb thrust doesn't necessarily mean more speed. It might help a bit in choppy waters, but so will decreasing weight.

A Minn Kota C2 Endura 30 and have had 46lb thrust. Like this one better because of weight, it can stow in my hull, and propels my PA14 on average within 0.5mph of the other larger motors (based on GPS).

When it was mounted on the side, it threw my balance off while going straight and threw it WAY off while trying to turn.

R2 Boat Innovations: Minn-Kota's engine

Hobie drive

Watersnake's ASP series are the only ones that fit well in Hobie drive. The T18 and T24 have same outer dimensions.


Minn Kota motor mount on kayak

wiring configuration and controlling (trolling Minn Kota for a PA14)

trolling motor for a PA14

Below is the wiring diagram for that Minn Kota trolling motor. It is a Minn Kota C2 Endura 30lb. Has lightweight composite shaft.

Minn Kota, the wiring diagram

What do you need

Wireless Trolling Pro

WTP12-P models, cable and wireless mode, 30 and 40 lb thrust,
Pot-Switch Cable handheld controller with a PWM PD Module.

On PA14, Hobie and Sevylor

The Minn Kota C2 Endura 30 just barely fits in the space.

You must tip it into place. When first installing the prop fins they hit some and shaved off 1/16" thus allowing the unit to fit. Some people use 18lb thrust motors by Sevylor but for my PA14 I wanted more so I got this 30lb thrust.

Also the problem with the 18lb thrust motors like those made by sevylor is that they don't have replacement props available (you can't buy them anywhere). Also, oddly it cost less money new to get C2 Endura 30lb than the smaller poor quality 18lb Sevylor motors that you see used. Watersnake T18s is the only one consider in the 18lb thrust range because replacement props are available. Sevylor is disappointing in that it doesn't have props for replacement, you literally would have to buy a whole new unit.

The Hobie mirage drive space should be comparable on all models of mirage kayaks except possibly the inflatable's.

However, there might be slight differences that would prevent people from using the C2 Endura 30 so I am making a list of trolling units that will fit in easier. The build will be the same...just some people might opt for different motor. Also got in contact with a PWM maker which boasts that on a 75ah battery a 30lb thrust can expect 4-5x more hours of runtime while set to speed 5. Going to try to get a PWM unit and put it through its paces.

The 30lb thrust works better for a stern mount and you have a better mirage drive motor in mind.

trolling motor   works better for a stern mount

U bolts secured to the handle and cutting board mount

U-bolts to the handle and a track mount bolt & knob in the middle connected to a mighty mount for the purpose of light pole. I will now make a light pole mount on the trolling motor mount. It is rock solid. The mount is made from Walmart cutting board material.

Best battery for Minn Kota trolling motor

(It is a 30lbs thrust)

Note: And depending on how much you intend on using it throughout the day and how fast you want to go all day,eg top speed then that will determine how big a battery you will need. How many hours will depend on how much your motor draws in amps and what speed you use mostly..Also Battery weight will be a factor depending on the size of your Kayak.

To CALCULATING motor run time


It depends on your uses. Some get away with using a 35ah running at low speed, some need a larger one if they have to fight winds and current.

"Deep Cycles are heavy, originally I bought a 86AH AGM it worked but the thing was so heavy I felt it didn't work with the kayak well."

So you can spent the money on a 75ah Lithium which is lighter and has other things, I's like better so made it worth my spending the money on it.

For one the addition of a Pulse Width Modulator controller can add a lot of hrs to ones run time. So that puts things in another train of thought meaning one can run a smaller lighter battery longer than having a bigger heaver using a 5 speed. Using one with your current 75ah Lithium - getting 25-30+ runtime.

Whatever you get get something that is sealed, preferably agm or gel cell if your going the sla route.

You can buy from https://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/products/

Lithium Ion 75AH Battery

Keep in mind without a pwm you would get normal run time for the same AH as an sla. However you can run it to zero which isn't advisable for sla's.

Plus the life cycle is much greater.

PWM here: https://www.wirelesstrollingpro.com/index.html

They build them better then you could put it together.

Minn kota motor boat setup

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