Marine Solar Panels/Modules
and Mobile solar station


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Any Naps solar panels and safe,operates noiselessly systems can be used on a powerboat or yacht, specially-designed solar modules for easy mounting and suitable for marine environments


solar technology and electricity

Solar panels and components ny Naps-Finland Manufacturer are most efficient, easy to use and completely pollution free.

Marine Solar Power

A solar electricity system for camping or a boat include solar module, a charge controller and cables to simple connect the solar components. We offer different Watt module to to meet your electrical needs, for lights and equipment on board (12 or 24-Watt) or refrigerator etc. larger and power and more energy safety versions.


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Specially-designed highest standards marine modules with fully sealed laminate(protected from dirt) and strong stainless steel construction for most harshest environments, all modules are with 4mm Edge thickness.

Fluoropolymer front film protect from dirt and moisture. Fast and easy installation. Modules are tested and designed for operating conditions -40°C to 85°C

Efficient conversion of both direct and diffuse light
Marine-design; moisture resistance, UV stability

Easy installation with integral mounting holes
Durable thanks to tough, fluoropolymer front surface for resistance to abrasion, tears and punctures
Wired-in bypass diodes reduce the change of damage from partial array shading

Series available in(mm)

Length: 592,592,700 and 735

Width:248,450,545 and 665

Weight(kg): 2.2,3.8,5.6 and 7.2

Mobile solar power station

Universal mobile power Naps Power Pack easily and quickly installed where needed include for marine environments . Electric power components are ready to work, are in assembled form, connections are made using cables.

Mobile power production Naps are a few differences:

Solar power plants run on solar energy
Types of universal Power Pack with different capacities of different photovoltaic cells and batteries
Multipurpose use for various needs, including for the MES as a mobile point of power critical facilities
Power Plant Equipment absolutely comfortable, easy to use - requires no technical skills, needs no maintenance;
Mobile Power Universal Power Pack quickly dismantled and convenient or transportation to a new location, fast installation;
Autonomous source of electrical energy, produces smooth power where it is needed;
Reliability, high quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer «Naps solar Systems Finland» Guaranteed lifetime solar panels 20 - 25 years.

Standard equipment mobile power

Equipment for mobile solar power station Power Pack 200 Wp (PP-200) includes:

System of solar modules - 4 modules x 50 watts, expandable up to 8 modules x 50 watts;
Circuit design for modules;
2 batteries x 115Ah/12V open, charge controller with automatic safety NCC77 placed in a small container;
All outlets are located on the front panel of the container, causing a complete willingness to use power at any moment;
Connection cables with connectors, cable 50 m x 6 mm2 for power plant
Weight: 172 kg;
Dimensions of the equipment during transportation (L x W x H) 158 x 71 x 54 (cm).
Technical data about the performance of power plant PP-200:

The nominal capacity of 12 volts;
Maximum current 45 A (1 sec), 30 A (5 minutes), 20 A (permanent);
Maximum Daily Load (4 modules x 50 watts, in a sunny spot) 40-60 A, 12 V;
Energy efficiency of solar modules 800 Wh / day.

64 Watt Photovoltaics Naps NP64GK
Naps solar batteries (modules) for autonomous power supply systems serve as an alternative source of electricity.
Solar Battery NP64GK working on a system with batteries and other equipment.

Dimensions: 775h670h and thickness: 34 mm,
Weight: 6,0 kg

65 Watt Photovoltaics NP65GK
Photovoltaic solar modules in this series are widely used on small farms.
Solar panel 65 Watt works in the system with battery (batteries) and other equipment.

Dimensions: 775h670h thickness: 34 mm,
Weight: 6,0 kg

87 Watt Photovoltaics NP87GKg
Models in this series of modules included in the complex system backup supply of electricity are used as a backup power source.
Solar Battery NP87GKg works with batteries and other electrical equipment.

Dimensions: 1030h670h thickness 34 mm,
Weight 8.2 kg

120Watt Photovoltaics NP120GKg
This type of solar battery power 120 W is characterized by high efficiency and good performance - 480-600 W / day. NP120GKg used in power supply systems at home as back-up and alternative energy sources. Converting natural energy (solar) into electricity, photovoltaic batteries are fully provide internal and exterior lighting Cottages.
Solar Battery NP120GKg works in conjunction with rechargeable battery and other electrical equipment.

Dimensions: 1480h670h thickness34 mm,
Weight 10.6 kg

130 Watt Photovoltaics NP130GK
PV modules for power houses serve as an alternative source of autonomous power.
Module NP130GK works, complete with batteries and other electrical equipment.

Dimensions: 1480h670h thickness34 mm,
Weight 10.6 kg

200 Watt Photovoltaics Power Series NP200GK
Modules in this series form a system of independent power supply, industrial buildings, businesses and much more. Ensure smooth operation in case of accidental disconnection of external power sources.
The modular battery NP200GK works in the system with a bank of batteries and other equipment.

Dimensions:1475h986h thickness 35 mm,
Weight: 19,5 kg