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SunMaxx Solar manufacturers line of solar collectors and solar flat glazing plates, collectors with best overall performance.

Our TitanPower Plus(SU2)Solar flat plate collector is actually one of the highest rated(OG-100) certified collectors.

SunMaxx Solar Products line include:

  • ThermoPower Series Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
  • TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors Series
  • StorMaxx Series Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks
  • Solar Pump & Control Series Stations
  • IntelliMaxx Series & Circulator Pumps and Differential Temperature
  • Controllers
  • GridMaxx Photovoltaic Panels
  • Solar Accessories and Balance Components

SOLAR Flat Plates

TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collector

(Ser. AL2) - Dimensions 74/45.3in.
The SunMaxx TitanPower-AL2 Series(of the highest quality materials with 77.6%% energy efficiency) was constructed for hot(residential domestic) water systems. This solar collector features a laser welded serpentine absorber and a sleek design, 10 Years Warranty.

Dry Weight:76lbs.

TitanPower Plate Solar Collector

(Ser. AL2DH)
Dimensions 74/45.3in.

The Solar Series -AL2DH(with 77.6%% energy efficiency) brings our customers the same advanced solar flat plate technology typically only available for many times its price. This advanced, high performing serpentine flat plate solar collector is ideal for parallel connections in large applications and projects, 10 Years Warranty.
Dry Weight: 80lbs.

TitanPower Plus Flat Plate Solar Collector(

Ser. SU2


- optimal performance and durability - Dimensions 79.4/38.8/3.0in.
The TitanPower Plus Solar Series -SU2 (with 82% energy efficiency) is the most technologically advanced & power and efficient flat plate - ultrasonic welded high-density copper absorber with selective coating(based on absorber area) enable it to deliver an astounding 81% efficiency. This double harp style collector's innovative mounting system also provides the versatility needed for residential and commercial applications with Warranty of 12 Years

Dry Weight: 75lbs.

For Installation Information visit:


P: 1.877.SUNMAXX, 1.877.786.6299
15 Catherwood Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850

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