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The main activities of the company Ener-Electro - design, implementation and maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Systems and Solar Technology in Moscow and the region. It is no secret that the most important factor in the normal functioning of any enterprise or business - it is power and power quality. After all, the reliability of all information and computing systems depends on the reliability of power supply system. We help you to work, setting a static uninterruptible power supplies, for over 4 years.

The work of the modern office directly depends on the power supply. Vsilu different circumstances the power supply can be increased or decreased stress, prevent dangerous interference and sometimes absent. All these factors could lead to dangerous changes and violations in computer systems - from a complete loss of data before the computer failure.

We operate and exist for our customers, which in turn confirmed by the large number of customers and long-term business relationship.



SOLAR PANELS and Systems

Power Solar Fan

Fan for smaller spaces. Built-in solar panel charges two NiMH-type batteries R6/AA, which provide the fan within 48 hours even without sunlight, which allows ventiyaltoru work all day without interruption. Exhaust and supply air mode can be interleaved. The valve can be closed to protect against water capacity: 34 m3 / h Battery: 2 R6/AA NiMH, 2200 mAh Dimensions: 265 T 125 mm valve opening: F 100 mm Weight: 800 g

Portable Solar charger

Charger powered for the wide application outside the home - recreation, hiking, tourism and so on. Durable, low-profile, lightweight and easy to use. Holes for the straps to attach to a backpack.
Solar I is designed to charge 2 - 4 batteries NiMH / NiCd and size R6/AA. Can be used for cameras, GPS, hiking head lamps, etc. cd-/md-pleyerov. The charging time of 5 to 10 hours. depends on the amount of battery capacity, the degree of discharge and solar activity.
Solar II is designed for charging devices with Power 12 V - cell phones, radios, laptop computers (PDA), GPS and so on. If the Solar II is used in conjunction with the car charger, the charging time may vary, but will also depend on solar activity.

Max. Power Output:
Solar I: 1.2 W (4 V, 300 mA)
Solar II: 4.75 W (13.6 V, 350 mA)
Cable Length 370-900 mm
Solar I: 136 122 9 mm (panel)
130 45 27 mm (battery holder)
Solar II: 180 270 8 mm (when mounted)
180 140 15 mm (in the open position)
Solar I: 200 g
Solar II: 400 g

Mounting brackets

for solar panels

Mounting brackets for mounting solar panels on the walls or roofs. Can be angled in three positions. Supplied in pairs.

Solar panels

Series- 25 / 60 / 85 W

Solar panel with 36 series mounted polycrystalline modules. Built-in bypass diode reduces the power loss in partial shade. Made of tempered glass in aluminum frame. Connecting via waterproof junction box.

The output voltage at rated power
CT25/CT60: 17.3 Vdc
CT85: 18.0 Vdc
Output voltage without load: ~ 22 Vdc
Battery Capacity:
CT25: to 60 Ah
CT60: up to 100 Ah
CT85: up to 100-150 Ah

Marine Solar panels

Series - 30 / 40 / 60 W

Solar panel for marine use adapted for use in marine environments. The panel is very thin, only 4 mm, and slightly bent. Highly resistant to various mechanical effects, maintains circulation. Designed specifically for mounting on palube.Vstroenny bypass diode reduces the losses at partial opacity. Is made of a fluoropolymer and is enclosed in a frame made of stainless steel.

The output voltage at rated power
CT30RF/CT40RF: 18.0 Vdc
CT60RF: 18.2 Vdc
Output voltage without load: ~ 21.6-22.0 Vdc

(polycrystalline cells) Solar panel - 75 Watt

Solar battery for use in solar electric systems with big power. Made from 36 polycrystalline cells connected in series and mounted in a sturdy aluminum frame. Cable connection. Fields of application:
- Supply portable measurement and telecommunications
- Lighting and power small electrical devices
- Washing of pumps in irrigation systems
- Portable warning signs
- Alarm and security systems
- For use on marine vessels such as sailboats
Typically, solar battery is used in conjunction with the stabilizer and perezzaryazhaemym charging lead-acid batteries.


Output Voltage: 17 V
Output voltage without load: 21.5
Cable length: ca. 1 m
All values aorre f the 1000 W / m 2 .