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Kasco Marine. Inc.

They are pioneers in ice control engineering and feature the very bestin de-icer energy, efficiency and durability.

KASCO de-icer (for preventing costly ice damage) water agitators are designed to prevent the formation of damaging ice in marinas and harbors. Compared to air compressors, water agitation is
simpler, more efficient, less costly and the superior system to use in any given situation.

Kasco Marine, Inc.
800 Deere Road
Prescott, WI 54021 USA
Phone: (715) 262-4488
Fax: (715) 262-4487



Raritan Engineering Company

Raritan Company specializes in manual and electric heads for boats, and now offers certified waste treatment systems. They also supply ice makers, water heaters and other galley equipment for boats which can be installed on any size vessel.

After 36 years of experience distributing private label icemakers to the marine industry, Raritan is now producing its own units. These units are
carefully crafted of only the finest materials and components. Unlike household icemakers they will stand up against sea conditions, heat and foul weather. They do not have protruding handles that can get in the way in a small galley.

Raritan also offers a raw water strainer, an important addition to sea water intake lines which helps protect engine cooling systems, generators, air conditioners and marine toilets. Three different size vertical-mount water heaters are available:for 120V AC or 240V AC-6, 12, and 20 gallons.


530 Orange Street
Millville, NJ 08332 USA

Phone: 856-825-4900


Trace Engineering Ltd.

Trace is a leading manufacturer of DC and AC static power inverters. The marine series inverters are enclosed in a rugged, powder coated aluminum chassis and feature conformal coated circuit boards for superior performance in harsh environments. All Trace inverters offer a built in, three stage, user adjustable, 110 amp battery charger.

Cummins Onan

Onan marine products and accessories include gasoline and diesel technically advanced generators, sound shields, gauge panels, wiring harnesses and starting batteries. They also have fuel additives and products to guard your engines and equipment against rust and corrosion.

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Cummins Power Generation
1400 73rd Ave. NE
Fridley, MN 55432



Xantrex offers a full line of advanced 12 Volt DC to 115 Volt AC
inverters include portable models. Now available are four models ranging from small hand held units, Freedom 458,Freedom HF New Generation PROsine 2.0 and Freedom SW New Generation (The numbers indicate power delivery of the inverter). The inverters' carefully regulated output allows for the operation of sensitive AC electronics and equipment in those areas where AC power is not available.

Ourinverter/chargers are available in different sizes and power ranges to suit just about any application, RV and Boat.


541 Roske Drive, Suite A
Elkhart, Indiana
USA 46516


Trans-Lite, Inc. since 1887

The world's smallest personal rescue light for marine and aviation use include LED solutions.
It activates upon contact in water and will last in excess of 12 hours. No plugs or wires, its bright light is powered by a lithium cell and can be easily tested. Other survival lighting systems are also made by Trans-Lite who will gladly mail you their catalogue. Products include :Marker Lights, Headlights, Ditch etc. We offer custom designs and manufactures a full spectrum of lighting products and (interior / exterior) systems for marine use.

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120 Wampus Lane

Milford, CT. 06460

tel: (203) 878-8567


koehler lighting

The Li 7000 Series waterproof (to 300 feet) flashlights are ideal for the marine
environment. Constructed of lexan Bulletproof plastic, equipped with super bright Halogen bulbs, these flashlights also have wide beam reflectors, colored lenses, and holsters.


380 Stewart Road
Hanover Township, PA 18706


Charles Marine Products

Manufacturers of C-chargers(r), C-cables(r), C-phone(r), Smart-Y(r), Buck Boost(r), Dytek(r) battery chargers, Dytek Seatemp(r) gages, Dytek(r) inverters, boost and isolation transformers, C-Center(r), Mini Center(r) and C-Locker(r). We offer the Perfect Connection from Ship to Shore(tm) with a complete line of marine communications and power related products. These include Intercom/Paging/Telephone systems, battery chargers, transformers, and modular dockside power centers, to handle all shore power problems.


503 NE 15th St Casey, IL 62420 US


is made of a team of six technicians managed by highly experienced Marcel Texier. The company located in Marseille, specialises in the design, maintenance and supply of all marine electrical / electronic equipment, accessories and monitoring systems. Services include wiring, service panel installations, custom design, automatic programming, supply of any specific electronic installations including fire alarm stations / sensors. Thanks to its reliability and the quality of its services M3E has become over the year a popular sub-contractor with local shipyards and businesses such as International Technic Marine. M3E can answer to you electrics and electronics needs wherever you are across the world.



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