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United States Solar Energy Manufacturers, - Roofing & Glazing or Boating Solar Technology

GreenBrilliance - USA
Vertically-integrated PV company Manufacturer. Manufacturing of top quality Solar PV Panels. The company distributes/provides solar power systems & services worldwide.

Blue Square Energy - USA
Manufacturer and developer of high-performance silicon solar panels and cells. Their proprietary Bright Point technology utilizes impurity-enriched silicon to efficiently convert the sun’s power into electricity.

Suniva - USA
Suniva develops, manufactures and markets high-efficiency polysilicon (PV) solar panels and cells. Suniva's focus is solely on silicon PV cell technology and manufacturing and does not engage in any of the downstream integration or manufacturing of modules or products which use its cells.

Suniva's high-powered modules consist of "ARTisun" series solar cells and contain over 85% U.S. content. Generate more power with fewer panels, resulting in lower costs.

2015 Suniva announced the expansion of its manufacturing capacity of solar cells and modules at its U.S.-based facility in Georgia headquarters to 400MW.

Sunovia - USA

Sunovia, Energy Technologies is tapping the most universally available renewable energy resource, solar power systems & services.
With their exclusive partner, EPIR Technologies, Sunovia is developing a solar cell that is a derivative of the most advanced infrared materials in the world and captures a much broader spectrum of light-sun power.

Advent Solar - USA

Advanced technology manufacturer and markets of performance solar panels, cells and modules. Innovative back-contact cell tech nology.

Innovalight - USA

Crystalline silicon solar panels and cells produce with higher conversion efficiencies.
Innovalight is dedicated to helping world class crystalline silicon cell manufacturers improve both the performance of their solar sun power panels, cells and their bottom line.

SunPower - USA
SunPower designs and manufactures high-performance most powerful silicon solar cells and panels.

Miasole - USA

Thin film photovoltaic products and low cost solar modules.
Conventional CIGS cell structure with a proven high-volume manufacturing technology, sets a new standard for cost efficiency and reliability for the solar industry.

Kyocera Solar - Japan/USA
Sophisticated electronics, solar electric systems to provide primary or backup power for your needs.

The largest producers and suppliers of vertically integrated, solar electric power products, that include flexible and rigid PV panels and solar, building integrated components and ultra light, low cost, weight space, PV solar-power cells.

Atlantis Energy Inc. - USA

Atlantis Energy Systems - manufacturer of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products - Power and beauty UNSLATES and custom PV glass laminates and services. The Company is Leader in Manufacturing Custom Solar B.I.P.V. Systems.

Energy Conversion Devices - USA
Manufactures and market thin film sunlight panels - laminates.

Solar Panels - lightweight, durable, flexible and low cost can be integrated directly with building materials, and generate more sun energy in real time.

Amerisolar - USA
Solar power company, a wide range of solar product line is developed and designed to deliver energy solutions that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well. Panels have a wide range of clients including business, governments, military and more, light and power solar panels, cost efficiency and reliability for various types of equipment and appliances.

SunWize - USA

Solar energy company producers and suppliers Solar Systems for Businesses and Homes and Industrial Solar Electric Systems.
A wide range of cost-effective and dependable solar-power best solutions for outdoor equipment anywhere where commercial power is unavailable and Homeowners and custom independent installers.

TerraSolar, Inc. - USA

Manufacturers of photovoltaic solar modules&panels and system components and install photovoltaic systems. We offer a range of lower manufacturing costs thin-film photovoltaics solar mudules and sells.

Terra Solar Company manufactures and developer out R&D on thin-film photovoltaic solar modules supported and encapsulated on glass sheets.

They have been involved in the manufacturing of amorphous-silicon (a-Si) PV modules for the past 20 years. Currently, they are working on solar power projects in the MENA region and producing commercial quantities of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) PV modules. Through Terra Solar affiliate and in-house, they are developing what we believe will be the most efficient and cost effective method for manufacturing CIGS modules.

Sunmodule - USA

Solar products Industry leading performance Designed to last more than 30 years.

Ultra Thin Solar Panels, 25-year warranty of performance and the capability of recycling.High performance solar modules and panels designed for a wide variety of applications include boat and yachts-sailyachts.

SunMax - NY,USA

Cost-efective solar solutions, photovoltic, prepackaged kits, solar accessories, flat plates, evacuated tubes and solar heating products.

SunMax Solar firm offers a full line of solar solutions: thermal-photovoltic colectors, evacuated tube colectors plate solar(TitanPower series) collectors and Mounting solar Hardware. This Solar solutions are perfect for commercial, residental and private customers, products are ideal for most-cost-effective applications.

Solaicx - USA
Top quality, lower manufacturing costs and a superior performancesolar ingots and wafers optimized for the solar industry.

Alps Technology - USA

Solar Technology Inc designs, manufacturers of photovoltaic technologies: solar cell and solar panels/modules products for commercial, industrial and custom i installers worldwide. A wide range of of modules, High Efficiency 14 % from 70 to 230 W and 5 and 6-inch, high-output cells with more 14 % energy efficiency.

ShadePlex - USA
Thin film solar energy Company

Manufacturers of Eye-Catching, in Shade or Sun glass and metal framed solar panels in a variety of colors for every need.

PV-FlexMount Solar panels, Generate more 10% clean electricity allows for commercial customers, versatility, unlike other panels, PV-FlexMount solar power panels is not dependent on orientation to the sun.

Solartech Power, Inc. - USA
Manufacture a wide range of polycrystalline solar PV panels from 5 watts to 30 watts (30 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar panel) - very light and power for various types of appliances. Solartech Power distributes high efficiency solar panels include custom designed, solar PV and wind power turbines.

Thompson Technology Industries, TTI . - USA

Sells ,designs & solar PV system design and manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) solar products.

A range of Solar Series, sleek and efficient Flat Jack roof mount solar product to commercial-grade high-performance up to 432kWp of solar PV SunSeeker Series.

Silicon Solar, Inc. NY - USA

NY manufactures and distributes a large selection of solar panels, solar cells and systems for enthusiasts and commercial users.

We stock solar modules ranging from 0.5W-200W in addition to our own line of mid-sized solar amorphous and mono-crystalline cells - the most competitive prices!

PowerFilm Solar, Inc. IOWA - USA

PowerFilm, Inc. 65 years of experience in solar technology research , is manufacturer and developer of solar power low-cost products for portable and remote solar applications. We offer thin, flexible solap panels on a high volume based on a proprietary low cost production proces and film solar technology for next generation. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and power output configurations panels have been developed to battery based(match existing) electrical systems for wide variety of potential applications.

Aurinco Inc. WA - USA

US Manufacturer of Ultrathin step-on sealed, rugged, heavy-duty solar panels ranged from about 10 W to over 1000 W with nothing protruding modular approach fits spaces and power needs superior performance in full sun and partial shadow add esthetic appeal to your boat or sailboat. Solar panels are flexible, Ultrathin and most efficient with new monocrystalline silicon cells with a over 17% conversion rate, Light-weight and thick perfect for racing boats, or for mounting on a bimini or other structure.

Plastimo - USA

40 years of experience in Boating Equipment include marine grade 12/24V - 12/95W Solar Panels & Systems and Battery chargers 12/24V R 6 to 25 Amps.

MiaSole - USA

A leading thin-film manufacturer based in Santa Clara, California, announced in December 2010 that it had achieved 15.7% efficiency in commercial-scale thin-film PV cells. MiaSole's technology is based on copper iridium gallium selenide (known as CIGS). This may be a major breakthrough in terms of cost.

Nanosolar, Inc. - USA

leading company in the thin-film field. It has received hundreds of millions of dollars in financing sector. The company's unique solar technology enables it to deposit a nanoparticle ink onto a thin-film surface in a high speed process similar to printing. High speed production lines should eventually enable the Nanosolar to achieve a very low solar cell cost per watt of electricity delivered. Instead of silicon, Nanosolar also relies on CIGS as a semiconducting material. A competitor, HelioVolt Corp., uses the same material. Nanosolar claims that its thin-film solar cells have converted sunlight into electricity at 15.3% efficiency in laboratory tests.

DayStar Solar Technologies - USA

The largest producers and suppliers of vertically integrated, solar electric sun-power products, that include flexible and rigid PV modules and panels, building integrated components and ultra light, weight space, low cost PV sun power cells.

Clean Energy Solar Systems (Wildomar, CA) - solar panel installation

Sunpower cares more about repaying the tarp than customer service $1.5 billion lost of taxpayers money would be a freaking disaster and he doesn't even want the press to catch wind of it.. the due diligence to qualify is taking forever and it may take until the end of the second qtr 2013." If I had a lease contract with sunpower I would cancel because there is no consideration and the contract is not valid without an exchange of consideration basic contract law...". if it is on your home and you were deceived not told about this and then told later about NTP (notice to proceed) after the install that you wouldn't be able to use the solar system for possibly 6 months I would get an attorney and have him write a letter stating that you are going to take the panels off your home and treat them as abandoned property if they don't come and get them with in 72 hours .. then you would call CESS to put a system on your home that you can actually use. Clean Energy Solar Systems can install in 60days or less 1-800-995-8708 Ben Gilano, - CESS.

Canada Solar Energy Manufacturers

Nano Canada - Canada

A range of Photo Voltaic Cells and Best Solar Modules/Panels, long service life and stability of these high output cells.
Manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules and cells. Mono PV module and Mono PV cell, poly PV cell, Crystalline Solar and 40 W thin film cell.

Day4Energy - Canada
Top Design and manufacture power density solar electric panels and modules based on our patented Electrode technology. Premium quality materials and workmanship Day4 solar electric panels and modules can be used in a variety of both - grid connected and off grid applications.

Sunsei - ICP Solar Technologies - Canada
Sunsei devision of ICP Solar Technologies Inc. Innovation-next-generation manufacturer and designer of solar technologies panels/plates, cells and Accessories for power cost-efective brand of the solar industry. Product range consists portable solar chargers, lights,battery mainers, vents, solar Accessorioes and monitoring system that energy efficient appliances are more effective.Our Products are constructed for RV, Marine and Boat, Camping and other. applications.

Australia Solar Energy Manufacturers

Origin Energy - Australia
Australia Origin Energy's innovative micromachining technique Sliver® Cells & technology developed by the Australian National University's Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems.

Orion (Australia) - Marine/Dock/Port Solar Lighting

Orion Company is focused on development and delivery of solar LED lighting technology for marine industry including port authorities and US and Canadian coast guards around the world.

Deployed by huge marine authorities Orion's cutting edge solar marine lanterns have proven to withstand submersion, impact, and challenging ocean conditions.
Reliable and rugged solar LED marine lanterns & Dock Lighting from Orion are free performance and cost savings that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

UK Solar Energy Manufacturers

BP Solar - UK

With over 35 years of experience and installations BP Solar design and manufacturers Solar & Cells technology for Home solutions, Business andc Builder solutions. The best quality soalr products and services.

Product range 140 watt solar modules - 230 watt .

Pilkington - UK

Design and manufacturers Photovoltaics solar panels for advanced buildings ,also makes solar thermal mirrors for sun power stations in sunny countries, and photovoltaic panels. Pilkington K Glass offers up to 20% better insulation than ordinary double-glazing. Which solar power stations can be used in any climate

Germany Solar Energy Manufacturers

Odersun - Germany

Germany manufactures & develops thin-film cells and solar panels & modules on copper tape. Odersun offer Sunlight Modules with a high degree of form factor flexibility with optical and technical design for our customer specific solutions.

Asola - Germany
Asola produces standard solar modules in various outputs from 50W to 250W. Germany manufacturer of quality standard and mobile-automotive solar panels and solar systems.

Conergy - Germany
Internationally the Stuttgart based group - active provider of photovoltaic systems and cells. We offers a full range of solar sector services , implementation and operation of solar parks and photovoltaic cells.

Sinosol - Germany
Germany The Sinosol Group is an internationally active provider of photovoltaic systems as well as planner and developer of turnkey solar parks. Full range of services in connection with planning and development, implementation and operation of solar parks and photovoltaic cells.

Schott Solar - Germany
51 years of experience, Fully-integrated Germany manufacturer of PV solar products. Very profitable, high quality over a long time photovoltaic systems and solar power modules. The right solar electricity module for every situation!

IBC Solar - Germany
Performance Germany solar panels and modules - spectrum between 50 Wp and 220 Wp. Extremely low energy return and highest standards solar electricity cells and solar panels that guarantee the production of electricity from sunrise to sunset.

Sunways - Germany
Development, service and production of silicon-based high-performance solar cells and solar inverters.

High performance solar cells – the decisive factor for top quality solar modules.

clearly an excellent Transparent designer cells.

designer solar cells for realy best design concepts.

highest standards cells and solar panels and a homogeneous design for the automotive and mobile industry.

SunWare - Germany

Extremely flat Quality made in Germany for the highest standards solar panels and modules. Top-efficiency crystalline solar cells, optimal care of your system island on the water and on the land.

Aleo Solar - Germany
Germany In addition to high-quality solar modules and Solar Systeme from in-house productionphotovoltaics, the generation of electricity from sunlight, is on its way to becoming a high-tech part of everyday life.

Q-Cells - Germany
Germany Q-Cells - high-quality solar cells with precisely defined product characteristics and crystalline and thin-film modules with optimum cell solutions for specific requirements. Quality assurance checks at every step in the solar cells and panels production sequence.

Bosch Solar - Germany

Bosch Solar Energy is a leading provider of silicon-based photovoltaic solar products with a consistent focus on product Germany top-quality. Bosch offers quality Solar Power Plants, Thin film modules and high-efficiency solar cells for photovoltaic power generation.

Solar World - Germany
Germany SolarWorld AG – The top experience of one of the biggest solar power companies. Highest levels of efficiency, reliability and stability Photovoltaic modules,complete in-roof system, ideal solution for new buildings and much more solar series for evry needs.

Solar-Fabrik - Germany
Germany Producer of installation ready solar modules. Premium black XM design module with more 14% efficiency.We Offer Private PV systems, large and International solar systems for different types of plants - roofs, flat roofs or facades, adequate solution for every size and sun power needs.

CleverSolar - Germany

20 years experience in solar technology, include marine solar panels and systems.

Sun Power solar Panels - ideally suited performance panels for all applications relating to the battery charge.

Marine Solar electricity Panels - Different types sea and salt water resistance solar panels.

Innovation and next-generation manufacturer of Germany solar technologies, long life and performance, thin and flexible solar panels and plates, salt-water resistant marine complete solar panels and systems(12 or 24V) and other applications.

Sovello - Germany
Germany the most modern solar panels/module producer. Sovello Pure Power X Series and Sovello Pure Power T Series the highest quality standards fully integrated solar factories in the world. Remarkably efficient, easy to operate solar modules, Sustainably profitable, Efficient and High-performing solar series.

SunPower panels - Germany

Best Solar technology, most experience and greatest returns, most powerful solar panels.

SunPower manufactures and designs high solar electric technology worldwide. Our high-effciency solar panels and cells generate up to 50% more power than conventional solar cells.

GermanSolar - Experience, Quality and expertise

GermanSolar AG is the biggest and professional trade fair in the solar industry: innovative mounting systems, inverters and quality PV panels.

Company ofer the most popular and High-Efficiency the polycrystalline panels/modules and has a shimmering surface of the cell structure, glass-film technology PV generator monocrystalline modules with IEC specification and high power and high voltage Thin-Film solar series. - GSS German Solar System - We supply the professionals in the solar industry of photovoltaic plants

GermanSolar AG is the biggest and professional trade fair in the solar industry: innovative mounting systems, inverters and quality PV panels.

We provide solar systems throughout EU with High-Efficiency and annual capacities up to 40 MW at present , Photovoltaic products and accessories for PV plants.

Switzerland Solar Energy Manufacturers

Solterra - Switzerland
Research and development Swiss Solar company in the field of photovoltaic energy.

We manufacture and assembly highest quality and reliability solar cells and photovoltaic modules and panels in polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon certified IEC/CEI 61215 ed.

Flexcell - Switzerland
EU/Switzerland Manufacturer of Flexible solar battery charger/panel designed for marine or other water applications, yachts ,boats.

Solar PowerPanel is made more flexible, robust, and shade(sail) resistant, easly storable light and "NO Glass" technology. Available models in 7, 14 and 27 Watt.

Sweden Solar Energy Manufacturers

PV Enterprise - Sweden
Sweden PV Enterprise supplies solar modules and complete solar systems solutions.

Developers and manufacturers of solar panels with outputs of between 190 and 235 W. Solar modules measure 1682 mm x 1041 mm with aluminium frame and are constructed from 6 solar cells.

Netherlands Solar Energy Manufacturers

Solland Solar - Netherlands
Netherlands Manufacturer, leader in solar energy technology and is changing the way we live by creating truly sustainable solar energy solutions. High performance Solar 6” multi-crystalline photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules/panels with More module power / m2.

Spain Solar Energy Manufacturers

Atersa - Spain

30 years experience within the solar photovoltaic power sector.We offer a wide range, the latest generation of materials, of solar moduls and mono- and poly-crystalline silicon cells. All of the panels series have a weather resistant connection box.

Solaria - Spain
Spain Design, manufacture, installation and sale of photovoltaic solar moduls, cells with long service life and stability , development of all kinds of photovoltaic parks and distribution of solar thermal collectors.

France Solar Energy Manufacturers

Photowatt - France
France Integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic wafers, the long service life and stability of solar cells and panels, and a world leader of photovoltaic solar products and solutions.

Multicrystalline Series Solar Modules manufactured from 4,5, and 6-inch cells some of the thinnest on the market (101.25mm x 101.25mm).

Tenesol - France
France Manufacture Leading solar energy operator, strong expertise in the field of solar energy. Tenesol offers a wide range of high efficiency solar photovoltaic modules/panels created from a set of photovoltaic cells any photovoltaic installations. Solar Tenesol modules have a tolerance of just 2% to 2.5% approximately and guaranteed for 5 years, modul's structures for 10 years.

Finland Solar Energy Manufacturers

Naps systems - Finland
Manufacturer of advanced technology ,solar electricity systems, solar modules, fully sealed tested (-40°C to 85°C) marine panels and universal replacement Energy efficiency solar stations for standard or custom-designed

Industrial Solutions,Integrated Home solar Systems and Consumers Electricity

Belgium Solar Energy Manufacturers

Issol - Belgium
Belgium High-quality building-integrated photovoltaic solar modules for large projects, the public sector projects, custom architects and installers. We Offer solar modules for Sustainable architecture & Design, Mobile homes, caravans & boats.

Photovoltech - Belgium

Belgium Manufacture in the field of solar photovoltaic energy through their respective subsidiaries: Tenesol and Soltech. We Offer solar Cells up to 16% sun power efficiency, Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells Series "MAXIS"with echnique of Isotropic texturization and "MAXIS BC+" which offer an added value no bus bars on the front side of solar Cell.

Italy Solar Energy Manufacturers

Istar Solar - Italy

Strong expertise Italy Company with manufacturing in Italy operating in the sun energy market. We offers a wide range of high efficiency the most innovative Photovoltaic Solar Modules from 60Wp to 285Wp ,systems BIPV for building installation and Solar thermal Panels available for the production of sanitary hot water and heating.

Solsonica - Italy
Italy Manufacturer for the photovoltaic industry. Manufacture and installation of solar panels with 156x156mm PV cells connected in series and Polycrystalline photovoltaic solar modules characterized by high efficiency, the most innovative technologies and grant long lasting performances. Modules are supplied with aluminum frame for easier installation, designed and tested to resist wind and hail.

Solarday - Italy
Italy Manufacturer of high efficiency photovoltaic soalr modules and panels.We manufacture multicrystalline photovoltaic modules with standard and high performance models:Extra large modules, Classic, Trend and Glamour Solar modules models /210 - 240Wp/

Silfab - Italy

International integrated company for high-purity and solar quality grade and best-of-breed technology PV solar farms.Solar Farms guarantee up to 25-30% higher energy performances for fixed PV solar modules.

Solbian - Italy

Manufacturer of High-efficiency Panels ranges from 13,16 to over 17,53% solar efficiency
EU leader in the Marine photovoltaic brand Since 2007 with several boat / sailingboats installations of photovoltaic flexibility and most lightness solar systems.

Russian Solar Energy Manufacturers

Ener-Electro - Russian Federation

manufacture and design, implementation and maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Systems and Solar Technology (solar panels, fans, charger, brackets) in Moscow and the region.

Solar Wind - Russian Federation

Solar Wind since 1992, the leading Russian PV Company, we manufacture solar products in the field of specifically Solar Energy Conversion devices and Renewable Energy Sources,PV photovoltic projects,a wide range of systems systems, bifacial sensitive and transparent (to IR spectrum) solar modules and monocrystalline cells(P-type and N-type).

Telecom-STV - Russian Federation

Telecom-STV Company manufacture a Wide range of silicon wafers(1 to 6")Wafers for other special applications and Silicon(include flexible) solar modules(10 to 210 Wp) any sizes. All dimensions of solar panels with a scatter: ± 5 mm in length, the width of ± 5 mm, the thickness of ± 3mm.

UAE & India Solar Energy Manufacturers

PTLSolar - Reliability Sustainability

PTL Solar Company(Certified with ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems & ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management )Provide energy renewable and efficient solar energy solutions, for solar lighting, reliable performance and long term Street Light Solar systems provide Excellent color rendering characteristics, solar farming,a full range solar residential power system, fully resistant solar lighting for landscape facilities, transportation, reliability marine and aviation use (available now with wireless and infrared capability functionality and self-contained, impact design "Carmanah") , Economic AC lights(true colour), solar marine lights, Solar Solar Battery backup systems and many other customized for industrial or commercial applications to ensure customer satisfaction through credible technical skills and best practices in PV market.

Crystalline Modules: We produce a highly efficient photovoltaic(crystalline) solar module.These cells reaches up to 15% and are encapsulated to provide max protection from the Different environmental conditions.

Solar batteries & inverters: using the latest recombinant technology maintenance free UPS batteries suitable for indoor use.

Australian Manufacturers

Orion Solar - pioneered the first LED lighting marine solar technology

Orion Solar are here at Avalon 2015, on the Queensland Defence Industries stand. Orion solar has been in business since 2004, selling to the aviation, marine and general public spaces lighting. They're mainly highlighting our aviation lights here for either strategic expedient air filled lighting for defence or tactical air filter lighting.

Orion Solar are working with Defence for lighting projects which are coming up in the near future. New Zealand defence are looking at lighting up some of their air bases, so hopefully we'll have some success with what we're providing here at Avalon 2015.

Solar power equipment manufacturers

USA manufacturers

Many American manufacturers of solar power equipment have recently failed. Casualties include Solyndra, a U.S. firm that received over $500 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy in 2009 as part of the US administration's economic stimulus package, but filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August 2011. New York-based SpectraWatt also declared bankruptcy in 2011 as did Evergreen Solar. Germany's Q-Cells and Solon SE took bankruptcy in recent months.The average cost of residential installations in the U.S.,including hardware, permits and labor, dropped from $9 per watt in 2006 to $5.46 in 2012. Factoring in commercial industrial installations, the average falls to $3.45 per watt, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The association also reported that 52,000 residential rooftop systems were installed in 2011, up 30% from 2010. Total rooftop installations (including on commercial buildings) were up 109% in 2011 compared to 2010.

Chinese manufacturers

Chinese manufacturers are taking increasingly large amounts of global market share for solar panels away from makers based in the U.S., or German. Almost half of the world's supply of solar panels in 2011 came from China, compared to about 3% of solar panels shipped globally which were made in the U.S.. according to Navigant Consulting. In 2008-09. U.S. global shipments made up 7-8% of the world market.Solar panel prices fell as much as 75% between 2007 and 2012 largely due to a glut of inexpensive Chinese panels. The average cost of residential installations.


Europe has been quick to install solar systems due to generous government subsidies, however, some governments arc cutting those subsidies as part of recent austerity programs. Germany leads the world in rooftop installations with more than 1 million as of 2012. The German government's subsidies that over the past several years amounted to $132.5 billion in 2011. Those subsidies were cut in late 2011.

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