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ACME Tackle America's finest line of "jewelry-quality" in metal fishing lures!

All our lures in nickel, gold, chrome and copperare are extensively field tested and we strong-recommend a specific lure for trout, pike, bass or walleye, it will catch them, over 1000 different sizes, types and color combinations.


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Kastmaster's lures with aerodynamic design made in from solid brass so It won't corrode and bend or corrode even after repeated exposure to fresh or salt water. balance produces wild water action without line twist! Acme Kastmaster is a highly sought after fishing spoon with a fantastic reputation.

Available Kastmaster Models:

1/12 oz. 2-4 lb. test - for the light tackle fisherman and perfect choice for ice fishing

Ideal for trout, shad, panfish or shad

1/4 oz. 2-4 lb. test - light spinning lures and ultra-lite perfect for ice jigging

Ideal for pickerel, trout, panfish, smallmouth and snapper blues.

3/8 oz.,1/2 oz. 6-10 lb. test - medium spinning sizes

for large trout, white & black bass

3/4 oz.,1 oz. 10-15 lb. test - medium-heavy spinning lures, trolling or baitcasting, Perfect lures for steelhead, salmon and many salt water species.

1 1/2 oz.,2 oz.,
3 oz., 4 oz. 15-30 lb. test - heavy spinning, trolling in surf, surfcasting ,big lakes or sea

Ideal for blues, stripers, jacks, lake trou

Kastmaster Series with Tube tail

fishing lures

Combined fish catching action with the attraction of a surgical tubing fishing lure is irresistible to a variety of gamefish. Kastmaster's lures equally effective for trolling or casting fishing when vertically jigged with a Rosco Swivel and strong and durable latex rubber tube.

Kastmaster XL Series

fishing lures

Katsmaster Series XL is equally effective with and 4X-strong VMC treble hooks whether cast best for jigged or trolled this lures with stainless steel split rings and treble hooks deadly for bonito, seatrout, spanish, salmon or other gamefish.

Available XL Kastmaster Models/sizes :2 3/4 " , 3 1/2 ", 4 " and 4 1/2 " tested to 10-15lb.

Available Kastmaster Kits:
Ultra-lite Trout and Panfish Kit "Deluxe KT-25", spinning lures "KT 15", Great spinning lures "KT 20" for Snapper Bluefish,
spinning lures "Kt 10" including the Kastmaster 1/12,1/8 oz.

Kamlooper Series

fishing lures

Kamlooper Lures with high weight/profile ratio means that the lure gets down where the big ones live and virtually unaffected by strong winds perfect for catching gamefish.

Available Models/sizes :1/8 ,3/16 ,3/8 ,3/4 oz. 10-15 lb. tested to 10-15lb.

Side Winder Series

fishing lures

Side-Winder for your favorite fish, snapper blues to mackerel, Panfish to bass is deadly if fished deep or near the surface in fresh or salt water.

Available Models/sizes :1/8 oz. for light and ultra-lite spinning, 1/5 oz.,1/3 oz. - for spinning & trolling, 1/2 oz. perfect for big trout or salmon, 3/4 oz. with longer casts in strong winds and deeper jigging.

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