Carp Fishing, The Magic of Boile Making & baiting tactics

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Carp Fishing

The Magic of Boile Making, effective tools & baiting tactics

Carp fishing has many great aspects, many of which taken by work experience and it could be interesting. Read the improvements below which may have been overlooked, but which can still make massive improvements to results.

Does it have any other form of attraction other than the smell and Does it contain another chemical which could be attractive to carp? Is the base it is on attractive in its own right and Does it need a colour also or does it come with a colour? What about in winter and river fishing? - the answers will make a difference to your final bait. The answers of these questions will make a difference to your final bait.

Baits are useful and effective tools:

When carp boilies came onto the fishing market, the versatility of having either a bottom or a floating bait to present to the Carp opened up so many more possibilities that big carp began to be caught in many more situations than with just plain bottom lying no useful baits.

Fishing with a very buoyant pop-up the pop-ups

make the baits more carp visible, but being buoyant they were far more easily sucked up by the fish, making it appear that they also improved the hook-up ratio as well.

Use ingredients that give you one or more effects when you are adding them to your bait - don't just go for a banana flavour because it smells like banana, but can you get one which adds more value to your final combination. when it comes to how flavours are actually made up, and also to those who perhaps are putting together a ground-feed. Obviously there are more options than just plain popped mealies!


: Firstly what type and what is it made from, with Natural, Artificial or Nature Identical properties and what base are they on - this means the carrier liquid the flavour is on, namely oil, solvent based or alcohol , or a simple combination, which could be attractive to carp.

Lightning white low oil carp pellets,it gives flavour is like a sweet evaporated cream- highly visible and it spreads out in the water column very quickly.

Powdered Attractants:

- These Attractants can come in the form of many different ingredients from plant extracts, herbs, nut meals, yeasts, spices, and sugars.

Does it have any other form of attraction other than the smell?

This next step in making your perfect bait is where you are going to be adding that you note to the bait, that special something which makes your bait more and more different than the others going into the water - it is your last chance to include the final specials mix into the actual bait mix prior to boiling.

A perfect tactic to pull the Carp:

By adding two types of carp attractants you can achieve different effects- an oil based onet sticking to the surface releaseing into the water over time, and a thinner more volotile liquid, disappearing quickly into the water.

Liquid foods:

Liquids are a fantastic way of boosting your fishing baits and introducing an alternative stimulus to trick the carp into making a mistake. Those used in big carp fishing come in many forms, with some used just as general flavour and glugs while others liquids are tailor made to provide a specific work.The addition of food-based liquids you will see the real growth in liquid attraction, with some combining the nutritional bonuses of these liquid carp foods together with flavour mix.

250ml bottle. -In-Juicers - thick liquids made from Nash Baits legendary feeding triggers and attractors to boost Carp bait appeal to a new dimension.

Before moving on let's look at what Liquids carp foods are out in the fishing market and if they have any real value.Note:liquids will all improve with the warmer conditions,especially during spring and summer.

After winter

As you know the rain brings back life again after winter has taken its toll, and it's great to see the trees and plants in full flourish. This also means something else, namely the fish in our lakes, ponds and rivers are starting to graze again, its time for good fishing!For those who prepare well and persevere, it can also be very rewarding.

A good example:

British Carp legend 'Snowman' This referred lo carp fishing a pop-up boilie in combination with a sinking boilie or larger bottom. A typical combination was a 18mm Bottom with 14 mm Pop-Up ,and the smaller ball of 'snow' rests on the larger body, hence the term 'Snowman'. What this presentation did was to still provide a degreeof lift to the bait, but was not sufficient to lift the bait off the bottom.


Being much lighter than the others, far better hooking potential it entered the carp mouth far easier, when the Carp feeding and sucking the bait in.

PVA-Bags & stick Carp Fishing

The impact of the bag and the resulting drag as the weight sinks to the bottom will cause it to flip the clip backwards, with the result being that the lead will neatly pull free of your lead-clip and plummet to the bottom, leaving your PVA0bag more often than not floating on the water surface.

Once dissolved the PVA will release its contents, disguising the hooklink material and in some cases also covering the weight and in this case it can never be a bad thing to ensure you have done all you can to hide your traps from the carp.

The choice of a stick or PVA bag is an often asked question, and while they may seem to achieve the same ends, they both stick or PVA bag react very differently in the water, both on impact with the water's surface and when on the lake-bottom.

Fishing any stretch of water at any time always leaves the angler with a few choices, different venues behave differently and thus require different approaches or different styles.

Feeder Carp fishing

Feeder fishing has now been around and most people have either heard .In fact that feeder fishing has a lot of tactical elements just like pole fishing. What I'm trying to explain is that whether you are a pole or a feeder carp angler, and you are fishing from a seat box, the setup of the whole box together with all its attachments should be second nature - the most important part of fishing your session - feed and feeding! To make it easy always keep to the golden fishing rule , namely 'keep it simple and simple!" There is no need to set up five or more rigs if you know you are not going to fish.

Rigs and the bottom:

For the pole its opted to fish only a top five swim, where the water was 2 m deep, which is a nice comfortable depth.

The sloping bottom didn't bother me much as I was feeding with a very fine textured ground bait that breaks-up before it reaches the bottom, so You did not run the risk of groundbait balls rolling.

watch the videos - Carp fishing around the world

Carp Floats

Matrix offers fishing floats in concise ranges designed for specific uses or specific fish species, include: The Carp Series, Poly Floats, Pencil shaped, Sight Tip and Silver Fish Float Series.

Carp Bait Guide - This is Darren's Guide to commonly used Carp baits today. Tips and findings about Boilies , Particles and Natural baits and Pellets to keep the Carp and non-Carp angler happy .

The skyliner spod from "Korda"


With this being Korda’s first step into the spod market they have produced a real stunner that will help you make carp spodding easier for beginners and more experienced anglers alike.

The Skyliner Spod certainly lives up to the billing of being able to cast very accurately and easily, as well as being very visible at distance.

It also seems to have very little spill out the back during flight, although that is with the sticky mixes, as the lighter mixes such as hemp and small pellets seem to come out alarmingly without a plug of some type.

Like it says on the pack of the Korda skyliner spod it is not effected by crosswinds and seems to fly quite accurately. The emptying has to seen to be believed, and it is very quick!

The retrieve is certainly very smooth too and the Skyliner is the extra long stiff nylon tails which help to make filling the spod very easy.

To find a downside

This would be the fact that lighter, looser particles do need a binder such as Sticky Mag for maggots or groundbait for hemp and casters.

The Korda Skyliner Spod can be brought from Korda. For more info visit: