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Spring is probably the best time of year to carp fish.

Now Carp become much more active in spring and with constantly changing weather conditions they are often difficult to pin down to one particular area. so keeping mobile. You Will probably be better off using minimal bait and concentrating on fishing the right spots at the right times if your water is open to fishing throughout this time.

One day it may be hot and you might find the big carp making their first visits onto the shallows, then the next fishing day it could be cool and you might see them showing over deeper water.

You will taking a more mobile approach rather than committing yourself to one particular swim or area by prebaiting.

Note: Looking from high vantage points by climbing trees, it was possible to see the bottom for carp activity across the majority of the lake.

If you are not able to pin the fish down to one area, and in this situation it's certainly worth baiting up between trips. A good example of this when the water was exceptionally clear and because it was shallow and weed-free you are able to pretty much rule out vast areas of open, barren water.

In these circumstances the carp like to find somewhere that offers them little cover elsewhere around the lake.

You can baited it up with 4lb to 5lb of boilies at the end of the first trip and on your second you may be lucky enough to catch the biggest a carp known as Black Scale at 45lb 6oz. So, in that case the prebaiting certainly did the trick.

Type of Fishing Bait

As far as type of bait goes, in spring is for a good-quality carp fishmeal and bird-food-based boilie, especially from April onwards once the water temperatures are starting to pick up.

Crave carp boilies by Dynamite

Dynamite's -The Source or the new Crave boilies would be the best choice through the latter part of spring, summer and into autumn, but there are lots of good-quality fishmeal-based boilies out there, so it really comes down to personal choice.

Contrary to what a lot of anglers think, all pellets are not the same. These are totally different from other pellets on the market currently.

Green in colour, which according to Cliff who runs Dynamite Baits is the most natural colour for fish to feed in and causes less suspicion when feeding on green foodstuffs, the colour gives off a green cloud effect in the water after a few minutes which grabs the fishes attention.

These pellets are also very high in Betaine which most anglers know to be one of the best carp attractors available.

"Frenzied" Monster Tiger Nuts

Human grade super large Tiger Nuts that are prepared using the frenzied process also. These Tigers are kept in their natural sugary juices to add to the already potent attraction qualities of the bait. These are prepared like no other readily available Tiger Nut due to the fact that you can use a standard baiting needle to thread these on the hair, rather than fiddle around with a Nut Drill. A lot of venues that previously banned Tiger Nuts are allowing these to be used due to the perfect condition that they are supplied in.

The Dynamite Carp Baits Robin Red Hookbait Dip, Liquid and Fluro Pop Ups are all made with the original Haiths’ Robin Red. Haiths’ Robin Red is arguably one of the finest and most popular fish catching additives ever and Dynamite Baits have now made it available in this user friendly range. For more information or videos please click on the link:

The new Dynamite Baits Banana Nut Crunch Boilies , Hookbait Dip and Pop Ups were developed by Terry Hearn and feature a crunchy banana and chopped nut base with a creamy banana flavoured attractant. The base maximises the leakage of the natural sugars and attractants, making the Banana Nut Crunch range a perfect alternative to fishmeals.

Dynamite Frenzied HEMP

"I must confess when I first heard that Dynamite Baits were canning hemp I thought it would never take off. Hemp in a can, no, never. Why on earth would anyone want to buy canned hemp? After all, hemp is cheap to buy, easy to cook and, if required, can be stored frozen ready for use when required. Hemp in a can...leave it out! I am totally confident using them and as always in angling confidence is everything. "

But your thoughts begin to change when you first pick up a can of Frenzied Hemp and opened it..

Superbly cooked seeds with exposed white kernels, packed in their own juices and oh what juices....Freshly cooked hemp seed is packed with natural oils and the cooking and canning process used by Dynamite not just ensures this is retained but it is actually enhanced.

You can carry out a simple test with a handful of Frenzied seeds against a handful of seeds prepared yourself. Your own seeds will indeed give off oils but the frenzied version justs bursts with oil and gives off a far more substantial cloud of attraction in the water. This is not just hemp but hemp with attitude!

Home-cooked hemp can be kept frozen but it has to be said that the freezing process does the natural oils no favours at all. It also takes up a lot of freezer space and a considerable time in the kitchen with a Burco or pressure cooker getting it right in the first place, time better spent fishing of fish-spotting perhaps?


Cooking hemp the day before fishing is not always practical but having a couple of cans ready in the garage or back of the car is just so simple - pick them up and off you go. Convenience is a big seller in these times and this is exactly that - always ready to be used and always guaranteed quality.

The results on the Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hemp cannot easily be compared with my old home-cooked version from previous seasons.

Confidence and convenience in a can, what more can you ask for?

In addition to the can which holds 700g a 2.5litre jar is also available. Both products are available from all good tackle shops or check out the Dynamite Baits web site.

Dynamite Swim Stim "Method Mix" Baits

The Swimstim Method-Mix that is aimed at anglers fishing carp-filled commercial bagging pools, although it is clear from a first look that there are applications for bigger carp and indeed other species as well.

The mix is very finely ground with no large feed particles present and the aroma is a very strong fishmeal with the emphasis upon shrimp, very much upon shrimp and a close look at the mix shows it to be packed full of shrimp meal - a terrific fish puller and one of those natural flavours which most species will home in on.

The packet recommends that 700 to 800ml of water are added to a bag to give the perfect consistency and you will found this to be spot on. The result was a beautifully fluffy and light mix that did not really need to be put through a riddle prior to use - and this eliminates any residual lumps and helps add air to the mix.

The result balled up beautifully for catapulting on its own or moulding around a method feeder and there is no reason why it could not be used in a straightforward open ended feeder either.

Note: the mix was excellent and had good binding properties, prior to use I added a generous handful of 4mm Dynamite Marine Halibut Pellets, a sprinkling of Dynamite crushed hemp to help make the balls more "active" and explosive, a handful of dead maggots and half a small tin of corn.

Winter Baits

Basically,fish meals tend to be richer and oilier in their make-up, so in colder water temperatures in Winter they simply don't work so well when used in larger quantities on a long-term basis, but notice that largerquantities, though,because used in
small quantities they still work perfect.

The winter problems with oily baits start when they are used in large quantities because the fish seem to take longer to pass them through.

Peperami is one of the best winter carp hook baits, yet after reeling it in from cold water it looks more like a piece of lard.

Especially when scalded with hot water Oily pellets certainly still catchwell in winter.

more water-soluble food

Milk proteins and especially biscuit meal-based boilies and bird-food are much more water soluble so the winter carp find them easier to digest in colder water, and they'll still eat them but they quite often don't want to eat very much.

Nevertheless, with a good-quality, loose-textured and soluble, bird-food bait they seem more able to eat.

the best carp-foods

Two of the best foods for feeding carp in winter are groats and corn.

Not boilies , but when it comes to very cold winter water temperatures fish will carry
on eating these two particles, no matter how cold it is.

Sticky Vor-Tex Baits

Launched soon, following rigorous testing and development , Vor-tex baits has
been responsible for some phenomenal results. Luckily for you,this Company have eight great bait packages to be won.

Sticky offers the finest highly digestible protein sources (include Vor-Tex Paste,Bait Glug,Pop-Ups,Base Mix,v and Vor-Tex Shelf Life ) in the form of low-temperature (winter baits) and predigested fishmeals, refined milk proteins and krill meal, this maple and fenugreek flavoured bait emits a distinctive aroma with its instant attraction. Vor-tex Baits is not only instant but the complex mix of ingredients also makes this a superb long term and all year round bait.

Liquids are a great way to boost attraction in your swim and with Cloudy Bloodworm and Krill options incorporated in the prize, the possibilities are endless for spod
and stick mixes or even to coat your best boilies.

For the bright-pop-up anglers there is a pot of Sticky's popular Peach & Pepper and
matching glug and the pink Buchu Berry pop-ups, which are favoured by Sticky
consultant Jim Shelley, complete this fantastic prize.

As well as 5kg of carp boilies, we have loads more goodies for the eight competition

A 3kg bucket of pellets, 1 kg of Bag n'Stick mix, glug, wafters and pop-ups are
all included in the "Sticky" prize package.

Carp Bait, Boilies , Pellets and Pop-ups - see and comment

Attractive fish loose-feed combination by CC Moore

CC Moore range of carp products (

Naturals are a huge edge. Bloodworms (the actual worms, not flavors/synthetic versions) contain powerful natural feeding triggers that really stimulate fish to feed. Just check out how 'Carpy' the mix looks; it no wonder fish love it.

A staggeringly attractive loose-feed combination and just one of the many options open to those who use the CC Moore range of products.You can buy either dry or pre-cooked hemp (20kg dry ) and frozen bloodworm is £11.99 for a 1kg block. Just 5% frozen bloodworm in your hemp can make a big difference to the attarction of your loose feed. Another great option is to cook your hemp (or buy the pre-cooked seed) and mix in some of our Liquid Bloodworm Extract, which is made of pure blended bloodworms once it has cooled down.

THE Monster SQUID RANGE Nash purple Baits

All the Monster Squid Range carp baits are available as original Monster and Squid or as freezer baits. Also Nash have a liquid enhancer system too make them rock hard in every flavour.

"This monster squid by Nash is one of my top baits i use i stared on monster squid red then now on to black so i gotter try this one." said Michael Paolillo.

"Currently use a combo of Scopex, Scopex Squid and Scopex Squid Red turned all the fish in my local commercial Orange and Red over the last couple of years. Cant wait to turn them Purple!" said John Beaumont

The baits

Failure to do so will result in a dead fish, which is one less for us to admire, and pretty soon there will hardly any left at all!
"How important it is to prepare particles in the correct way"

Where do you start

Bait has to be "The biggest bone of contention" in the carp fishing world today. Everyone's got their own idea's of what a bait should do. Some want it to pull out any fish that happen's upon it, other's expect it to 'bag up' consistently and empty the lake they are fishing and of course there are those who want it to catch the select few better and bigger carp.

Many bait manufacturer's would have us believe differently though.

In the majority of the catch report's, all the carp have come out to the latest, greatest bait ever created. The simple fact is, the majority of angler's on these lake's are all using the same bait, truly believing that they are the only one's on it! In reality, the carp have accepted the bait as a normal source of food.

You can start with about ten kilo's of an liver based 'mid protien' attractor bait early in the season and thought this would be a good place to start, as no single bait was predominent on the water.

You can also use some kind of groundbait, to help introduce the 'regular bait'and hopefully get it accepted quicker. One thing. The 'sweetcorn' - this would be the perfect groundbait to get the boillie's going, hopefully it would keep the tench and rudd happy aswell.

The particle Baits

Learn how to prepare most of the popular particle baits.

Particle Preparation

It is to prepare particles in the correct way.


These are prepared the same way as the hemp.

TIP: using this in conjunction with hemp gives the bed of bait a size variation, which makes it look even more attractive for fish and may convince the fish to start a feeding frenzy.


The simplest Baits of the lot. All these require is a good soaking for about 24 hours.

Note: Pour a tin of condensed milk in with groats as they are soaking.

The groats will draw in the milk and when they are used, they will give the water a white milky, cloudy effect, which will give them that bit more of attraction. This is very good when fished in very clear waters.


To Prepare Hemp for Fishing

There are a couple of different ways to cook hemp, but the following is the best way to prepare Hemp for Fishing: Soak the grains of hemp for about 12 hours in normal tap water. Next pour them into a saucepan and bring them to the boil. As soon as they hit Boiling point, pour them straight into the bucket and seal it as quick as possible. This in a way acts like a pressure cooker. Leave them overnight. When you check them, you should find that little white shoots have come out which means they are ready to use. The other way is to boil the shoots out - this releases all of the oils which makes the hemp lose its effectiveness.

Below you can see the video guide on how to prepare Hempseed for fishing.

If you can see the carp you're fishing for sitting around the snags try not to just cast on top of them as this may ruin your chances for the session.

Sprinkle a few grains of hemp or broken boilies over the top of the carp. The carp will normally drift slowly out of sight giving you the opportunity to place your bait down with spooking the hell out of them.

If felt there was no risk of spooking carp or there were none in the area yet you would go about baiting the swim.

This is really at your discretion. You can use hemp, normally a pint, with some chopped baits over the top. In the winter months when the smaller fish like roach are not so active I like to crumble boilies up into tiny pieces and scatter them around the hook bait.


This mixture of many different seeds is to be tipped into a bucket, followed# by boiling water.

Note: Make sure that all of the seeds are Completely covered. Leave overnight and they are ready. By adding a couple of spoonfuls of sugar will give the seeds a sweeter taste, which may give you an edge over others.

Tiger Nuts

It's very important that tiger nuts are prepared in the correct way. They need to be soaked for about 24 hours. They then need to be boiled for between 20 - 30 minutes. After this is complete, the best way to let them 'ferment' is to leave them in an airing cupboard for 3 to 4 days. You will notice that the water will turn white and sticky.

Chick Peas

These need to be soaked for between 12 - 24 hours. You then need to boil them for about 20 minutes. TIP: These can easily be coloured or flavoured by introducing any colour or flavouring in the process of them being boiled.

Note: At the end of boiling them, add a little more of the colour/flavouring as some can get boiled out.


Soak for about 24 hours minimum, 36 hours is better. Bring to the boil and let them boil for around 30 minutes.

Note: It has been said that the longer you leave them in a bucket, the better they are because there is some sort of reaction as they are 'fermenting' which smells a bit like beer and the carp like them more.

Black Eyed Beans

Soak them for about 12 hours and boil them for about 20 minutes.

Note: If you soak them in a soup at the end, they will take in the flavour and also a bit of the colour.

Fishing the margins

Fishing the margins has to be one of the most exciting and productive forms of carp fishing.

Though overlooked by many anglers they are quite often the biggest features on most types of water. Normally the months that you will find most productive are those between May and September.

That this is down to the weed growth and the abundance of food that lives within it, although maybe you have caught fish occasionally in the margin during the winter.

This differs from water to water i.e.. snags and margin shelves can be good holding areas.

What's the first thing that you do when changing a bait? 99% of us will rip the old bait off and toss it down into the edge of the lake. On most lakes there will be at least ten to twelve anglers using three rods, all of whom will change their baits at least once on each rod in a 12 hour session. This means that on average there will be over 100 baits thrown into the margin during any 24 hour period. By the end of the season this adds up to alot of pre-baiting and an extremely regular and safe food source for the carp.

To do:

Use a lot of bait - use up a kilo or so of broken boilies and introduce a pint of hemp or trout pellet.

Learn more Bait Fishing Techniques, Pre-baiting and Cooking Tips to catch you more carp.

The correct ways to cook some of the most popular particles.


Specialist Carp Baits

The superb Nutrabaits range of products grew out of the carp angling market but it did not take long for the all-round specimen anglers to realise that there were products within the range that were irresistibly attractive to other species as well.

Giant barbel, tench, bream, chub, roach and more have all been caught on Nutrabaits products both by accident and increasingly by design and the new Nutrabaits guide to Specialist Angling Baits outlines some of the products that have given the top specimen anglers an undoubted edge over the past few seasons.

Whatever species you fish for "Nutrabaits Product Guide" and Nutrabaits carp articles and publications at is well worth a look you will see why Nutrabaits remains the choice of so many discerning anglers.

With features from Terry Lampard and Tim Norman, Matt Hayes, Kevin Clifford, Dave Green, Mick Dinnigan and Ian Welch the 16-page colour guide is informative as well as being just another product showcase. A lot of little secrets have been given away in this Nutrabaits Product Guide

Click to go to the Nutrabaits web site.

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