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Carp Fishing Bait by Marian Blake

If you fish for carp. To succeed in carp catching you can choice your own bait and answer for the questions.

What are your views on slack lines and do you think this is more of a trend than achieving true bite indication. Do carp need salt in there diet and if yes will they activly seek food sources with it present ?

Regarding winter weather if you had no shows of fish at a venue and a strong warm wind would you fish at the back of the wind or into the teeth of it. Wat would u says makes a good bait ? also Would you match your bait size to the fish you are targeting or to your hook and rig set up?

Wouldn't the carp be more inclined to feed in the weed and a bait correctly presented in the green stuff lead to more bites?

Do Carp fish get the full up feeling or can they just eat and eat? - also,do they get that hungry feeling that mammals get if they havent eaten for a while? Which boilie in the carp baits is best for fishing in silt? Why are there so many baits flavours available when it's possible to catch on a single piece of plastic? When It's Time to change the shape of baits as we see all these programmes now saying chop them up ect what shape is best? if you had 1 rig and 1 bait to use in winter what would it be and a lot more questions about carp fishing and baits.

How to Hook Bait - common hook placements and Double-hook rigs

Learn something new when it comes to fish safety .

Rigs and Tackle Tips - Your tackle must be up to the job

The Zig Rigs Carp Fishing - Best Times, Zig rig hooklinks, The depth and Hooks, How To Tie and Using zig rigs tips

Carp Bait Guide - This is Darren's Guide to commonly used Carp baits today. Tips and findings about Boilies , Particles and Natural baits and Pellets to keep the Carp and non-Carp angler happy .

Ways to Make Fish Bait - Tips That Work

Carp Fishing, Baits and pellets

Fishing for carp


carp attack

Gulp Carp Baits Benelux

12 x de mat nat. Bun spice en het zwarte goud.

DNA Baits - the latest installment of our winter carp series

Pure Barbel & Carp Baits - These baits have Crayfish

A very nice bait range if Carlsberg made bait it wood probably be like this.

The Advanced Carp Baits flagship bait "PRO B"


A good winter colour fella, love a bit of orange! They will do mate no probs give me a bell. Its a blend of fluro orange and standard yellow to get the tone, deffo a good choice for visual stimulation in the colder months.

Carp Baits by Fast Take Bait Services

Try these in 12mm and if you could do them in black if thats at all possible? do you do pellets to match? obviously doesn't matter about colour.

The DNA new flouro liquid booster range

These DNA Carp flouro boosters are family events unlike events of old. DNA will have them through the website and in the their retailers.

DNA Baits - using a mixture of Secret7 Freezer anf Nutta-S Baits

DNA Baits Is mixing baits just a Northern thing. There will not be any different flavoured baits around different colours. We will leave that to the soya/semo ebay merchants but you can always experiment using the ready to roll deals to make your own tweaked version of DNA baits. DNA baits

With mixing S7 and the NuttaS for a few months now and use a mixture of the two on the rigs topped off with half Milky Malts & have been having some great results. Mixing Baits - it's a lot more widely used than we previously thought and obviously very successfully too.

Went to France in April armed with S7 & OX. We fished beds of both flavours mixed together in sizes 16,18 & 20mm and had 38 fish between 3 of us so would recommend giving it a go! I would like to add We now have 100% confidence in both baits excellent quality, price and service would not look anywhere else for bolies now! said Rob T.

I have a coolbox full of different sizes and colors freezer air dried and shelf life boiles at the ready sweet and fishmeal and I save boilies i have left at the end of a session mix them all together till i have enough for a free session and they always catch me a few.Terry F. me thinking a bit, I don't really mix and match baits but i'll fish a fluoro over a bed of Nutta and catch. Without seeing what goes on underwater I'll never know what happens, do they eat the freebies first then the fluoro hook bait or home in straight away on the fluoro, guess ill never know.John B.

Or bags of the same flavour boilie but in different colours John Barker? I know nash already do then with pop ups but it would be a first with food baits etc. Richard M.

We mix different particles and pellets up which seems to br the norm to have them all different so no reason it should be different for boilies imo. The s7 will catch amongst anything tho! Great bait. Richard M.

DNA Candy Sticks

Cant beat candy sticks awsome addition to any anglers armoury, a thinner diameter would give people more options.

3 F T Carp and Barbel Fishing Baits

Baits: Smoked Sardine, Octopus and Squid

For UK - 7 a kilo mate, 11.00 delivered. Shelf or frozen is your choice and yeah the price does drop, first 10 kilo 7 the next 10 5.50

DNA New (flouro rang) Baits

These smell great i used the wafters for the first time on a lake i fish and caught from the off.The little little pop ups make great snowman set ups when used with a 14 or 16mm bottom bait. Mark D.

James Piggott For those lakes that people fish, I like to leave my baits for at least 48 hrs, I need the confidants that my bait is still popped up, is there any way of knowing m8 ? Very true m8, but obviously different depths have a different outcome due to extra water pressures at different depths m8.James P.

Check out DNA Baits prices and sizes at

DNA Winter Baits

What's your favourite colour flouro pop up for winter and what's your thoughts on why they work so well for you?

Yellow popups have been used for years and were the most popular, everyone seems to tip their hookbait with a piece of yellow plastic corn so for me, ringing the changes has got to be a good thing, especially on pressured waters. Pink works well due to the clarity of the waters and used as a single, attracts the attention of any passing carp, especially in colder conditions. Depends on the water im fishing and the conditions. Always take every colour and bait in the DNA range and chop and change until i catch.

Had massive success on yellow wafters while fishing lac du menhir in france over the summer. Had a a couple of 30's as well as a 40lb sturgeoun on a yellow wafter. Pinks and yellow wafters were doing the bizz - Matty B.

Never used flouros till i started using dna,i really rate the smell of the orange one,but i have had fis on them all,except yellow.never had any luck with pinapple or banana boilies at all.usually fish flouros over pellets. sdaid Barry B.

I've never been comfortable fishing yellow pop ups as carp shy away from the likes of corn in the clear waters I ususlly fish, but pink perils have certainly made the differance especially when bites are scarce, orange fruitilicious has done the business as well this year most likely because it's different to what fish usually see ! Stephen A.

Always prefered baits tipped with candystick rather than 14mmpops. That was until Jase started doing 10mm pops. Now go with a pink peril 10mm smowman as my no1 choice. To be honest i have no other reason to use pink other than that has always caught me more fish so it is purely down to confidence. Chris T.

The CB65-Essex Carp Baits

The New "Zing" Pursuit Bait

Looks great, very snail shell like

Nutrabaits carp baits

Nutrabaits are the UK's leading carp bait company - they have some exciting offerings available in the carp fishing bait industry across to the USA. Nutrabaits is one of the biggest and oldest companies in Europe. Nutrabaits range of carp bait including base mixes, readymade boilies , freezer baits and also readymade boilies - 3D, G-Force, Trigga and Trigga Ice and much more.

Trigga / ice baits

Trigga Works in any water conditions. You can using Trigga for my spring fishing. Don't think Trigga ice baits gets cold enough in most US areas for them to be productive.

The instant baits are not a good choice as they work well, but not my first choice when you are concentrating on a longer campaign on a water.

Nutrabaits are very open in what ingredients they use. They might not give the exact ratios but they do not hide what is in the baits. Take a look at the Nutrabaits product Guide to see the high quality ingredients.

Some of the carp baits do have a food element but not in the quantities that you get in Europe. Price wise it is not cost effective unless you can produce in large quantities. No one has produced a food based bait in the US as the ingredients are pricy and hard to source. Also, the average US angler wants high attract baits. You can use ready mades and also make my own food baits.

Semolina & soy and maize meal are considered ingredients that carry flavors well, most commonly used in instant type baits. There is a food value, but nowhere near what you will find in a quality fishmeal, birdfood or combined bait.

Nutrabaits Carp Baits

A vodka soaked boilie

favored winter soak

Use vodka before in home made boilies as part of recipes. hoping to get out on bank soon.

Vodka is one of the best bait soaks in winter.You can add some tangerine flavor (alcohol based) as well. The other favored winter soak is Bailey's which you can also added to the ground bait. Bailey's or Kaluha are both great soaks. Also you can use Irish Creme which is cheaper when adding to groundbait or pellets. As long as the alcohol content is high it will leak off in cold water.

K-1 baits

After a lot of effort K-1 baits offer to it's fisherman's the new range of fake corn,that is also an exact match to the color of our carp boilie range made by our friends at the leading company in plastic baits for carp fishing Enterprise Tackle Company.

If you choose to do these baits contain flavor (available in 9 flavors), so you have the chance to refresh the flavoring and are available in small pots. The K-1 fake carp corn can be used on their own or in specific conjuncture with boilies to get some monster carp.

123 Forest Lake Drive
Asheville, NC 28803
Tel: 828/333-4210

Little Carp Baits

how smaller baits can catch wary specimens

With the modern big-fish scene now dominated by boilies, it's not surprising to see how many anglers arrive at their chosen venue, get the throwing stick out and fire out 18mm baits.

With their aerodynamic shape anddifferent application methods, itmakes life easy to fish with largerbaits... but is it always the most effective way for carp fisherman.Most angler classification of a small baitwould be anything under 10mm indiameter. It's rare that you see anglersusing baits of this size unless they using maggots or hemp, or fishingsolid PVA Carp bags or sticks.

It's a common misconception,especially among new anglers, that inorder to catch big fish you need to usebig baits.

Having worked in a busytackle shop I often saw people buyingthe largest 'donkey-chokers' possibleas they thought these would catch thebigger fish. Yes, the fish needs to belarger to fit a big bait in its mouth, butthat doesn't mean it will actually wantto eat it. If it were that simple.

Anglers woulduse 50mm boilies and catch monstersevery session. Fishing effectively withsmaller baits does require morefinesse in order to be effective.Generally speaking, a small-baitapproach will need to be tightlygrouped and contained within asmall area. Spraying small pellets overan area the size of a tennis courtwouldn't be effective, so practice isrequired when applying smaller,lighter baits - especially if it's notsomething you do regularly.You only have to look at howeffective zig rigs are to realise that youdon't need big baits to catch big carp.I think large baits can be too blatant insome situations and hinder yourchances when targeting pressured fish.

In Fact, smaller baiting approach produces thebetter results.

Try begin fishing this day-ticketlake with 'standard' carp tactics of 15mm boiliesover each rod and, like most on the venue.

On your second session you can switch toa 10mm Mainline Cell boilie and pelletcombo and ended up slipping the netunder a 3ilb mirror. Continue experimenting and have found thatthe smaller my baiting approach, the better results.

With thelake only containingbetween 13-15 carp, ofwhich six are over30lb and threeover 40lb, it'snot an easyvenue.

Makingsure you get yourbaiting approachand application spoton will improve your chances.The lake is quite weedy and containsa lot of submerged vegetation, so it'sno surprise that tiny invertebratesmake up a major part of the fish's diet.This mix of low fish stocks and highlevels of natural food means the fishare not in a situation where they needto eat anglers' baits. As the natural dietof these big fish is made up of smalleritems, it's logical that they wouldprefer feeding on smaller fare.An 18mm boilie would lookunnatural in a lake that holds such anabundance of natural food. Fishingsmaller baits will also help keep thefish occupied for longer as there ismore food items. The longer you cankeep them munching on your spot, thegreater the chance one will pick upyour bait.

Baiting approach isbased around the use of mixed pellets

Use a variety of different sizes fromimm up to 8mm. Half of the mix isMainline Cell Response pellets andthe other 50 per cent comprisesHinders Mini Combo range. Add also frozen waters snails to give the mix anatural touch. An advantage of using amixture of pellets is that they breakdown at different speeds, giving offdifferent attraction signals at varyingpoints. This helps to continuously pullfish to your spot.

"It's a common misconception thatbig baits will catch bigger carp."

The boilie addition to my baitingapproach is always chopped MainlineCell, and 24 hours before every session

Add a healthy dose of Cell liquids andcondensed coconut milk over the topof the chops to give it more attractionand a better leakage rate.The application of small baits can bemore difficult than when fishing withboilies. Luckily, Kracking isn't amassive

It gives uncontestedpresentation and a tight bed of baitthat is unrivalled by any other baitingmethod. On larger venues, where fishing atrange is required, spodding is thebest option.Hookbait-wise, rotate between awhittled-down 14mm Cell or MilkyToffee pop-up soaked in HindersBetalin. Once trimmed down, thehookbait is about 10mm and looksgreat over the chopped boilies andpellets. Using a large hookbait over abed of smaller particles would standout like a sore thumb. If I want to beultra-discreet then drop hookbaitsize down to a 10mm bottom baittipped with a homemade 8mm pop-up,snowman-style.

Digestible baits

Carp in the cold water - keep the Carp coming back for more

The Carp become lethargic in the cold water and tend to shoal up more and dont move too far. So locate the fish normally warmest areas i.e reed beds and use more Digestible baits and your catch the carp.

If you can find open water try fishing places you frequent in the summer to start. Many times carp will hold near these areas out of habit, as long as the water allows..meaning they typically aren't in one foot of water all year, however they may remain int he swim of 5 to 15 feet all year round if it has features they can hold at.

Maybe knock down the bait size a bit. Soluble isn't always the perfect thing, sometimes visual is good as well. Some anglers to have luck fishing single say flouro 16mm pop ups in the winter, when other times of the year they fished double 20mm baits. This is just a basic reference. You can caught carp on a single kernal of corn and a size 14 hook for instance.

Feeding can also be a big factor.

The swims - hit in the winter are swims you can feed from the fall onward. I keep the fish interested, even in small amounts into the cold months. Food source tends to encourage movement which in turn encourages more feeding.

Oxygen also plays a major role. if you can find areas that water flows into, wind constantly turns etc it may prove useful in your hunt.


If your improvise and look around you can source most of your own ingredients for boilies and groundbaits over here, without breaking the bank. Plenty of products designed for other species over here that are awesome for carp. So simple, but so effective. But then all the best baits are. Acorn mix will be using to knock up some home-made boilies as the Acorn mix is pretty course and mixed with some soy should roll nicely and hold a flavor well. if you Love to experiment.

The Sweet Beets mix products has a nice color and is loaded with Acorn mix and Betaine and has a high protein and fat content. Using a mixture of both with a little oatmeal, creamed corn and some particles to bind and make a very attractive method mix. As an additive or used on their own you will found hunting and feed items generally to be very powerful bait options. The fact that one is made with ground sugar beets is just awesome. They are available from Walmart's and most Sport's Shops.

Learn more

Get into the stuff you love - Baits & Carp Strategies

Packbaits and mix

It is really at the discretion of the angler on how fast/slow the method or pack breaks and how many/little ingredients it should include.

The method and pack are basically the same thing serves the same function in different species but evolved independently rather than from the same structures in a common ancestor. Method you cast and let it soak. packbaits you recast every 20-40 minutes. Actually method is made to break down in 10-30 minutes while packbaits are made to break down in 2-5 minutes. method mix usually has a bunch of ingredients while packbaits are very simple.

The pack and method work on the same way. you wait for it to come apart and a fish to come along to suck it up. with your hook in it so that you can catch it that is the way that pack bait has work all the time.

You say that method has a lot of things in it and that is what makes it different well pack bait has a lot of stuff in it to. But what does it matter they broth get the fish right.

The ethod mixes designed to break down just as fast as a pack bait and pack bait mixes that break down just as slow as as method mix.

The same could be said for ingredients in method vs pack. There are some method mixes that have just a few ingredients like a pack bait and there are pack baits that have a ton of ingredients just like a method mix.

Your method has come a long way sects the pay-lakers came on the place, you started to add a lot of flavoring a lot of different ways to it making it more a pack bait then a method.

Method mixes were never intended to sit on the bottom for long periods of time, they were designed by match anglers who wanted fairly instant action.

Originally they used 2 totally different mixes, one that broke down almost as soon as it hit the bottom and the other which was a slightly heavier mix that you actually stuck you hook and bait onto. In essence there were two layers on the actual ball, the top one was usually attacked by fish as soon as it hit the bottom, the second, inner ball is the carrier of seeds, and the casting weight, whilst also laying down a bed of crumb.

The matchmans method and really effective it was to, the two layer system, my original mix was a single ingredient, wetted trout pellets , boiling water and the back of a wooden spoon. Original method users, always had a 2nd frame feeder made up in a bowl next to them, so that when you reeled in , you clipped on this 2nd balls and cast out, the time between casts was usually the length of time it took you to 'make' another ball.

Pre-baiting Tips for Carp

the Baiting Pyramid

The BAIT that catches carp, but the method in which the bait is presented to the fish.

The fish must see and recognize the bait as food. This is done by 'PRE BAITING' every day; in one spot; for weeks on end. The fish become aware that there is a REGULAR source of good food available to them. Believe - 'word soon gets around' and after a few weeks of work you will be 'Hauling'. The longer you feed the better. The BAITING PYRAMID takes over, and the big fish bully the smaller fish off, making for great sport. The only thing you MUST have is PATIENCE and more PATIENCE .

The local fishermen have been using Maize as a bait, both for use 'on the hook'; and as 'loose feed', for over 100 years. The methods they use, and the techniques they employ, have given them a 'mixed' welcome, from local anglers, wherever they fish.

As far as other baits go, PARTICLES are by far the most versatile. By particles like: Black eyed beans, Haricot beans, californian walnuts, peanuts, etc. They MUST first be cooked until soft BEFORE use, as some beans can be toxic to carp if not cooked.

Carp Bait

Boilie making guide

The aim of this guide is to provide a basic understanding of the routine involved in making your own bait. There are plenty of hints and tips which help make the job easier, some will be mentioned in this article, others may follow in future 'add-on' on craigmarine carp-fishing articles.

As a general rule all powdered or dry ingredients are added to each other. All liquid ingredients are also kept together. This makes it easier to get an even mix of flavour/colour.

Always weigh your eggs. An average egg weighs 2oz, so for a 4 eggs mix use 8oz egg and for a 6 egg mix 12oz.

Recipes usually quote flavour and additive levels for a 6 egg mix, - tend to stick to my own experience with Mainline and go for the 4 egg mixes.

For bigger mixes

To do bigger mixes you simply multiply the flavours by the number of mixes you are going to do at once. For these examples assume a basic recipe of 4 eggs, 2ml Sweetener, 4ml Flavour, 5ml additive.

Double Mix (8 eggs) simply times everything by 2! i.e. 4ml Sweetener, 8ml Flavour, 10ml additive.

Big Mix (40 eggs) Multiply everything by 10 i.e. 20ml Sweetener, 40ml Flavour, 50ml additive

The 'spare afternoon' Mix (80 eggs) Multiply everything by 20.i.e. 40ml Sweetener, 80ml Flavour, 100ml additive.

Also because it leaves you with plenty in the freezer it gives you spare time incase and do want to experiment and make a small batch of a new recipe.

Add a small amount of the dry mix and stir it in. Continue doing this until the mix becomes too stiff to stir. At this stage put in a little more dry and get ready to knead the paste.

Monster Squid by nashtackle - nothing short of devastating for carp fishing

This is something that only dawned on me recently. Many carp anglers mix baits with bare hands and then put up with the smell of Squid (or other tasty flavours) for days afterwards.

Hopefully you will soon end up with a ball of paste which is of a nice consistency. Only experience will tell you what is right for you. It differs depending on base mix, and also how fast you roll the bait (the paste dries slightly while you are rolling the first batch of sausages). Also, the dryer the paste the harder it is to get through the boilie gun.

"I tend to prefer the dryer paste because I have an Air Compressor, but if I am doing a small batch and using the normal boilie gun I will leave the paste slightly moister." said K.S

Here are 2 recipes to make carp bait.

Fishmeal recipe:

-8oz Fishmeal (I go to the local pet supply warehouse 14 for 25 kilos)
-2oz Soya (health food shop)
-4oz Semolina (health food shop)
-half oz Baby Milk Powder (sma)boots! (can also be replaced with equivite)
-half gram Cinnamon (Safeways)
-2g Betaine (health food shop)
-1g Brewers Yeast (health food shop)
-6 eggs although this can vary
-If you want to use a flavour try a shellfish one.

a 'Day Ticket Mix recipe' which goes as follows:

-8oz Soya
-8oz Semolina
-2g Betaine
-1g Cinnamon
-4mls Cranbery Nutrafruit(glycerol based)
-4mls Almond Oil - Super Cook Essence of Almond (Do not use a cheaper flavour. It should cost around 1. This is very important...) This has caught me a lot of fish.

There is also a meal made by spillers called supermeal i paid 6 for 25 kilos it makes a good groundbait and added at about 50% to soya and semo makes a good medium term bait.


be by Karl S.

You should now have a ball of paste, ready to be made into sausages for rolling. I prefer to approach each of the boilie making tasks individually and complete one before I start doing the next, so at this stage I chop the ball of paste up into lumps which will fit into the bait gun. This means that as soon as I empty the gun I can quickly stick the next block of paste in and keep going.

Because I tend to make bait quite a lot at a time I use a large worktop and blow all of the paste in to sausages in one go. I do not usually bother how long they are until I get to the next stage. If the sausages are being created by a hand powered gun then the paste will ideally be slightly softer than if it is being done with an air powered gun. Another thing to consider is that the smaller the bore of the bait gun the harder it is for the sausage to come out. I have bad memories of creating a 4 egg mix which I decided to do at 8mm. It took absolutely ages for me to create the sausages and resulted in bruised hands and a sweaty T-Shirt!

Now the sausages can be cut to the correct length. This length depends on your bait rolling table. Gardner make the most popular tables which come in 2 sizes. One is approx 6 inches wide and the other is approx. 2ft wide.

If you've got the hang on rolling the sausages then you may want to try putting 2, 3 or even 4 on the table at once. Although 3 or 4 sausages create more boilies in one go, I find it fastest to do 2 sausages at once usually. This also seems to create 'rounder' baits too.

Now they are rolled they need to be tipped off into a container. A rectangular washing-up boil is what I use. This is dusted with a little bit of base mix in order to try and stop the baits from sticking together while the next batch is rolled. If you put too many in the bowl then the weight of the top layer can cause the bottom layer to lose shape. This is where is helps to have a mate helping as they can start cooking for you at this stage.

Most people will use a saucepan. This is does the job fine. It can take a while though if you are doing a big mix. I managed to persuade my Mum that she deserved a new deep fat fryer and I nicked the old one! Everybody seems to think it's important that the water does not go off the boil when the boilies are added. Whenever I do it, the water does go off the boil for a second or three, but soons bubbles back up. (The deep fat fryer has two settings, 160 or 190 degrees Centigrade! If doing a lot of bait I will need to stop halfway through and top up the water level)

How long do you cook them for? The longer you cook the carp bait the harder and thicker the skin will become. When doing soft baits like Grange or Activ-8 I cook for 2 minutes. If doing S-Mix or other 'seedy' mixes I boil for up to 3 minutes.

Once the bell sounds on the deep fat fryer I lift out the baits and gently shake the wire cage for a second or so to get rid of excess water. Now they go straight into a Gardner Air-Dry tray.

Some people put them on a towel but thats not practical when making 5 or more kilos of bait, also the towel stays wet whereas the air dry trays let air circulate far better. You may notice that the baits are a lighter colour when they first come out, and they are swollen. The darkness and size returns to normal as they dry.

Perfection Ground Baits

Perfection Baits

Alan "Cooperman" Cooper is a bit of a legend round Yateley way, and has managed an impressive tally of carp over the years, so when he started up his own bait company, it caused quite a bit of interest. On first inspection, his range of carp groundbaits, pellets and additives is very interesting.

The nut mix

The nut mix, along with all the other groundbaits (available in standard, meaty and marine) comes in a 5kg bucket along with some free hookbaits, and a bottle of liquid attractant. It smells wonderful, with a sweet, nutty aroma (surprisingly!) and a course texture. It’s designed to be nutritionally beneficial to the fish, rather than just a carrier of a smell.

The nut mix has become a vital part of my angling since day one. Trials on easy waters produced plenty of fish.

Whilst using it mixed very wet as the bulk of my spod mix.

You can also try out some hemp oil, and matching pellets which, mixed in a little PVA bag with the Nut mix, give you the fabulous No Name at 33lb 4oz first time out, along with a 32lb common a week later.

It can be used in a variety of different ways; from spodding it wet, to balling it in, and makes an excellent bag, stick or method mix.

The Yellow Strawberry pop-ups also did the business at Gardner Thorpe Lea , fished cut down on zigs. They are very buoyant little sods, and will happily hold up a big hook overnight.

Lot’s of new bloodworm goodies are hitting the market now too, and they are more than a bit special, and certainly hold a lot of promise.

You will be hugely impressed with all the products , and will continue to make use of them over the coming year.

The range of Baits

The range is huge, with a variety of boilies, groundbaits, additives, pellets and some other hugely interesting bits and pieces, that you check them out; the thinking angler will find some big edges in the range.

for contacts: