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A big hat - how to knitting, from start to finish

Hats for Sale:

Boat hats - outdoor hats and protection marine hats

Amazon Fishing Hats-shop

Hats and Other Fun Stuff

A long brim hat and a good pair of Polaroid glasses are essential. You will spend hours trying to look beneath the water for structure and fish, and you can't do it with the sun burning into your eyes and the glare reflecting back into your red, ruddy face.

Other necessities include a vest, fanny pack or chest pack to help carry flies, line clippers, hemostats for removing hooks, and spare tippets. Start small and build asneeded. As for those classy baggy waders - leave them on the shelf in the summer. But if you plan on trout fishing in cold water, you'll definitely need to pick up a pair.

Take ten seconds to check that Amazon is REALLY cheapest spot for fishing Caps & Hats. Get free shipping and low prices in Amazing choices of Hats, no matter Men or Women.

Fishing Hats from Different makers
Key features, styles and models

Fishing Equipment

Boat Accessories - Fishing Equipment

Fishing Hats & Caps - But how can we define our fishing style when it's so specific to us?

Take this quiz and find out what type of styles and hat brands you're most drawn to. Note that fishing hats play a main role in keeping warm and dry, and will protected you from biting insects, many features are available that can make one hat better then the other.

Hats for successful fisherman

Fishing Hats & Caps

Patagonia - US fishing company, leader manufacturer of the Highest quality fishing products, accessories and clothing include Sportswear, Vests, Hats for mens, kids and womens with Special-Fishing care

Patagonia Fishing Hats

Bucket Fishing Hat

This Patagonia Lightweight hat made from fast-drying, soft,treated with DWR nylon and feels as airy and light as a sea breeze has a water shedding finish to repel ocean spray or rain when fishing or cruise.In add. 360-degree brim, ventilation holes, linear crown and cool design.

Bucket Beach Hat

This Patagonia Beach Hat is Tough, easy care made from stretch-woven nylon and has semi-rigid and durable foam that floats. HAT provides water-shedding, fast-drying performance and perfect for fishing

Big Bucket Hat

This Patagonia Unisex Beach Hat is Tough, easy care made from stretch-woven nylon(durable water repellent fabricfinish) and has semi-rigid and durable foam that floats. Hat provides water-shedding, fast-drying performance and perfect for fishing, you feel like you're in the shadow when travel or fishing on a hot sunny day.

All Hats Made in China


Wide Brimmed Bush Hat

The Wide Brimmed Bush Hat is windproof and waterproof, and breathable. It has a breathable membrane and mesh lining which offers top protection and also comfort from all the Elements - including sun and bad rain. The supple brim makes it flexible enough to put in your pocket, while maintaining its shape when worn. A wide brim offers extra protection and an adjustable, detachable chin strap provides a secure fit. Available in black.
web/source: www.sealskinz. com

Orvis - fly fishing - offer quality men's, women's fly fishing clothing, Performance and lighter fly fishing vest , and hunting gear, clothing, Hats and accessories

Felt Hat (Packable)

Roll it, or crush in a pocket or Bag. Special wool felt treated for water resistance also for fishing . Stitched and Rolled and stitched 2½" brim, cotton sweatband. In loden, brown, stone and charcoal.

Cape Flattery Waxed Hat

Water repellency ORVIS Cotton Hat with Leather hatband and stretch interior HeadBand ensures a perfect fit on head. COLORS: In dark khaki, wipe clean or Waxed cotton.

Balzer Fishing Hat

Balzer Sun Protection Fishing Hat in Olive Color

FjalRafen Fishing Hats & Caps

FjalRafen Fishing Hat

FjalRafen Sun Protection Fishing Hat made of 'G-1000®'-Material in dark Olive Color

PinTail Fishing Hat

FjalRafen windproof and Water fishing cap with ear flaps and peak.

This Hat made of 100 percent nylon-non-rustling fabric and safety behind Colored in orange for the neck.

Style Flat Hat

FjalRafen Stylish Olive Flat cap with short peak and Nubuck lining. Less exclusive than the sports cap but just as more functional.

Tur Hat

FjalRafen Water resistant, windproof, comfortable and warm Cap provide perfect protection from both the cold winds and blinding sun rays . Made of that releases sweat durable "G-1000" Vinylon and folded fleece to keep your ears warm. Perfect for cold winter fishing.


"FaustMann" Hats

Forest Fishing Hat

Loden hunting and fishing hat made of real material. Wheeled and waterproof. Hatband can be folded up and becomes orange-colored safety tape. Color: olive green / orange.

Montana leather Fishing Hat

Faustmann fishing, Hhunting and leisure time hat Montana
Loden hat from fine quality. With a braided brown leather hat accessories.

source: FausMann Germany

Atelier Columbina Fishing Hats

Fisher - Fishing Hat

A lightweight fabric hat with mesh lining, chin strap. An optimal sun protection, which is equipped with QUICK DRY and very fast drying. The excellent BreathaBility of this 'hi-tech' material supports the high wearing comfort. The fabric is impregnated with Teflon fabric protection and therefore water-repellent. The fabric has the Oko-Tex Standard 100 to use. For Transportation you can roll up his soft hat of course. HAT Material: Polycotton with Quickdry-Please note: In contrast to the khaki-clad figure with the available band hello livem hat is light olive with lighter volume.

Outdoor Bigali Hat

The Outdoor Bigali delivers what it promises: For all outdoor activities, the best companion. It is rugged, water resistant for several hours and, if necessary, roll up. The skull-shaped rather straight, with typical "duck pond", the brim with a 6.5 cm moderately. The wool felt is mottled black-olive, black and brown decorative Band is sewn from natural leather and punctually. With sturdy cloth interior band.

Material: Wool-Made in Ecuador

Henschel Camouflage Hat

This 'Unisex' hunting or fishing hat and leisure time can be explained by the side-mounted push button to change in form. The continuous padded strap provides comfort, the chin strap for a secure fit.

Material: Polycotton

"Henschel" Mesh Hat

The perfect hat for summer outdoor activities or for fishing! The extra wide rim and closed the upper head protected from UV radiation, the mesh insert prevents heat build-up and provides a cool head! Cloth interior with full band and lanyard. The hat can be folded flat for transport.

Hat Materials: cotton, mesh insert: Polyester

Stetson Hat

A lightweight HAT, rollable hat from the "Vitafelt" collection by Stetson. These wool hats are water resistant and dimensionally stable and therefore ideal leisure companion. But even with blazer or sport jacket fits a little higher this worked Traveller. The conclusion forms a selectively sewn brown leather band. The typical small Stetson spring is inserted, can be also removed. By the soft touch and the Extra-thick inner band fits hat this immediately to their head shape and wears vry Comfortably.


Simms Hats

Sunhood™ Fishing hood

Yoy can Increase your fight damaging and armor sun exposure with the full coverage designed from UPF50 Solarflex™ of Simms’ hardworking Sun-Hood™. During blustery conditions, SUNHOOD can fits over the crown of a hat or can be worn around your neck as gaiter as well.

Even in winter time Sunhood features up to UPF of 50 stands for Ultraviolet sun Protection.

Wool Seems SCOTCH Cap

The Ideal Cap for the cooldest days fishing. Simms wool knit flaps to thaw exposed ears, into emerald green waters they are glare-cutting glimpses. The "Scot" Wool Cap (photo above on right) is from the same team that from years ago gives anglers a huge selections of hats.

Down-Undeer Hat

Overall new great hat. It's All-season 100% Oiled Cotton Canvas hat. It features an elastic snug-fitting sweatband. DownUndeer fits well, and you can use time and time again the worst rainstorms imaginable, as well . Available only in brown in S/M, L/XL Men's sizes.

Sombrero "Gore-Tex" Fishing Hat

Waterproof and breathable Full-coverage Sombrero style hat featuring GORE-TEXwaterproof/breathable protection with Adjustable circumference with back cord lock and Inner hat sweatband and Removable chin strap made of 3-layer GORE-TEX '® fabric.

Sombrero "No Fly Zone™" Hat

Unicaly Hat made with 100% Nylon fabric and features a wide brim,Longest bill-hat available provides max sun protection, Loop and Hook adjustable closure.

fishing "Gore-Tex" " EXSTREAM" Hat

Extreme Waterproof, breathable protection hat specially designed from 3-layer GORE-TEX'® fabric for hardcore / in extreme conditions/ fishing with Ear flaps and Fleece-lined interior to provide best insulation for inter cold weather.A quality fishing hat will keep the sun out of your eyes, while fishing.

Sunshield "No Fly Zone™" Hat

Unisex Hat made if 100% Nylon fabric with The longest bill and mesh lined sun removable sheet, specialy designed to keep you comfortable and dry while fishing. See more here


Cabela's Fishing Hats

Cabela's - Find the one of largest selection of fishing Hats,Bass fishing Hats and Caps on sale Today, for sun or warm weather.

Boonie Caps - GoreTex

One size style Cabela's GORE TEX fishing Hat - Breathable, windproof and waterproof protection with cord-locked chin strap.
Available in Steel Blue, Forest, Black and Khaki

Yellowstone "Breezer" Cabela's Fishing Hat

Sun working hat with elastic soft - band, Polyester(open-weave) mesh, for head cooling and Adjustable wind cord for wind protection and keep your hat in place, On Your Head.
HAT Available in Natural and Sage Colors

Cabela's Flats Cap Cap

Guidewear® GX - II Flats sun protection (UPF- 40) Cap from Cabela's made of 100% nylon includes neck CAŠE Available in Beechwood and Foliage


ThinsulateTM 3M Hats

Flex-Hat: Black with gray thread winter knitted cap, lined with soft and pleasant to touch material Fleece dark. Contains within very easy Thinsulate Flex insulation with a density of 40 g/m2. Slim and lightweight, this material retains heat well and is not blown. The upper is made of knitted material 88% acrylic and 12% wool. Recommended for any kind of activity, including hunting, fishing, tourism, as well as for use in relatively Cool conditions.
Diameter of base: 54cm Height: 21cm

Ultra-Hat: Knitted hat for winter fishing or hunting. It is much easier to hats made of other materials, not blown by the wind and cold winter, which is especially important - being in the cold for hours, you almost do not notice it. From outside the cap has a layer of dark gray knit material, which is made of acrylic and wool, lined with soft and pleasant to touch a cream colored fleece. Inside is a lightweight insulation Thinsulate Ultra, distributed with density of 100 g/m2.
Diameter of base: 56 cm Height: 22 cm

Warm Ultra-Hat: This model is designed for ice fishing in almost "any weather conditions" - from the cool autumn frosts of winter storms before. From outside the cap is made of light gray knitted material (85% acrylic and 15% wool), lined with soft and pleasant to touch a cream colored fleece. Thinsulate Ultra Insulation in uniformly distributed with density of 100 g/m2. These materials are well drawn, so the size of the cap can be characterized as universal - for adults.
Diameter of base: 56 cm Height: 22 cm

Warm Ultra-Hat by Thinsulate 3M:Beautiful item, supplementary clothing for hunting and fishing. The mother's Thinsulate Ultra, evenly distributed between the two layers of fleece fabric with a density of 100 g/m2, effectively retain heat and is not purged, optimally implemented in the model hats. Important feature of the material Tinsuleyt is that it retains its insulating properties even when wet, since the fibers Have a hollow structure. Since the materials used have the ability to stretch in all directions, the cap has a universal dimension.
Diameter of base: 58 cm Height: 21 cm

"DuPont" extreme-winter Fishing Hat: Is an optimal complement winter suit anglers, and can also be used to travel by snowmobile or ATV. Balaclava is made of breathable membrane, insulated material DuPont Active Layer, which retains heat well and is not blown. Leaving open only the eyes, the mask effectively protects the face from frostbite, and nasal grill while offering unobstructed breathing.
Diameter of base: 52 cm Height: 33 cm

More Hats manufacturers: Adidas, BC Hats, Akubra Barmah, Borsalino,Betmar, bruno banani, Codello, Gebeana, ThinsulateTM, Hutshopping, Levi´s, Keyone, BUFF ,Bugatti, Chillouts, Kangol, Dolli von Doell, Earbags, Passigatti, Mayser, McBURN,NEW ERA, NIKE, Scippis,Seeberger,Stetson

Hats for Fishing

A quality hat for fishing will keep the sun out of your eyes, while fitting your head comfortably.

Open mesh hats or mesh side panels help with ventilationare and good idea for head keeping cold in the heat summer days.Offshore, fishermen realy need shade across their faces and necks for protection against sweltering summer sun and sunburn.A good fishing hat plays a major role in keeping you dry and "white" , and protected from the weather and pesky Bugs.

When you're on the water for fish, sunlight gets you 2 times, when it when it reflects off the water surfaces and when it comes down. Sun Fishing Hatis a must. A serious sun burn is NO joke. Covering exposed skin with hat and clothing and a good UPF rating over 50 HAT really helps, too. Price, source or Brand Fishing Names are often good indications of quality today in fishing products: gear, clothing and tackle. New treatments fabrics for "water and sun" and rain gear are lighter and much stronger and in some cases windproof, waterproof and porous so sweat doesn't build up into a hot bath inside. Finally, don't forget a hat.

How it can be more useful - You can well carry the most Favorite and Popular fish lures in your hat, no matter it is Summer or Winter. They're don't tangle and easy to reach. Many Company makes this hat, ventilated with open mesh head section is also a natural for holding small or Bigger hook lures or other usable accessories.

Avana Men Hats

Super sport sun Man hat

New  Avana SUNTECT Hat

Quick-drying and Breathable crafted from SUNTECT® polyester fabric this hat
allows you to customize your coverage thanks to removable neck flap. Comes
Packable with dark underbrim absorbs reflected sun light. Perfect for the warmer sunny fishing trip and exploring. One Size in navy and white color.

Avana Coolibar fedora-inspired Man hat

New Coolibar Hat, fedora inspired

Travel-friendly and packable iwith natural polyester/cotton ca nvas hat for great UV protection. Even in windy conditions when fishing adjustable chin cord holds fedora hat in place. We men need a special hat, so they will not burn while doing their hobby of fishing, hunting, birdwatching or beach bumming.

Size: Max circumference: S/M-22 1/2"; L/XL-23 5/8"; XXL-24 3/8", Khaki color.

Teflon coated tweed classic cap

New 2016 classic men's natural cap

Maintaining breath-ability whatever your outdoor country pursuit, be it fishing, shooting or walking , Avana classically styled traditional men's flat cap will help you stay comfortable, warm and dry. Tweed classic men's natural look cap is made in UK to a high quality(100% Wool) and designed to fit comfortably, with a crown and deep back. Unleash your inner adventurer with Avana Hats. Perfect for camping, fishing or gardening these hats are rugged and ready for action.

Size: 6 ? – 7 ¾ , green color.

You can pick one up at:

Columbia Hats

The Columbia Modular Fishing Hat

New 2016 Hat,  The flaps of this hat are removablenatural color fishing hat

Breathable and Waterproof Bucket Hat designed from Quick-Drying material with Removable protection screens.

This Modular Columbia Brand Hat Will Protect You Against the Sun and Bugs! They also notice they have changed their name. When I bought the hat they were "The Columbia Successful Fisherman" and you can wear this with pride right now.

Fishing caps, - and how to choose

Classic caps are the simplest of all the different fishing hats style they are popular and practical for fishing, but are not ventilated can sinks, do not keep the back of your neck from sun,(only part of the ears) some sun fishing is not bad for you, but too much sun ray can cause sunburns and blistering especially on your neck, and most models are uncomfortable to wear, they can will absorb sweat and stay on your head very well.

Thiese style hats usually not the best choice for a serious angler,Caps are also usually made of cotton which means doesn't dry quickly and they won't allow air circulation and will lead to your head overheating.

If you Looking for a Cap choose Hat with a protective neck flap, this Hat-configurations provide more shade (pic below)

There are removable, can choose from several models and styles with different features. Choose from these top rated fishing options in caps specially designed to protect fisherman's eyes, the neck, and face from harmful sunburn...or learn how to treat a sunburn!Most Hats style "Neck Flaps" are available in three main configurations: with completely removable Flaps, permanent or convertible-thiese can be folded up into a zippered HATŠouch. Especially when fishing offshore Don't be caught without sun screen and a cover on your neck and head, all around water reflections are extremely intense and and could cause harm especially on nose or neck.In add hats don't do good work of keeping the rain off your face either.

Any serious fisherman who spends a lot of hours on fishing should invest in a good working hat that is especially designed for fishing made of synthetic waterproof materials -also lightweight and breathable, stay on even in the strong winds and etc. like this below (at pic ) - "Columbia®" Schooner Bank™ II Cachalot Cap

Columbia Fishing Caps

- UPF rating of 50 for sun protection and dries quickly - made of 100% polyester with Adjustable drawcord and in invisible fish colors-"Sage". A fisherman caps can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes or in one - "One size fits most" but you want to be sure it will do the job that you need it to do "Make Shadow Fishing" .

Key features of a quality Fisherman Hat

Waterproof Cap - outer shell allow an airflow all the way to the top of your head and keep your head dry, Second is Cotton instep, thiese hat that is made of cotton instep makes the Cap more comfortable and keep sweat from getting into your eyes in hot fishing days.Next - Hat brim Cap oversized bill style to adequately keep the sun off your face,can choese a huge range size and type of brim.

A chin strap Cap: - is one of the most important features when selecting a fishing hat,most made of leather and it will keep the hat on your head on the windiest of days. Floatable are made of synthetic lightweight materials. Jhats are a smart choice for fishing and allow them to float should they end up in the water. There are several different styles of hatsfor fishing to choose from. Choose the style and size that has the features that will suit your needs - Open Mesh Crow ventilation system hat or Neck (hidden) Cape style to protect your face and neck, does not matter if you feel uncomfortable, strange or silly while fishing.

Best of all, Buy a working fishing hat is not really that much more expensive than your soft "baseball" cap.

Hats for Sale:

Boat hats - outdoor hats and protection marine hats

Where to wind more..

Adventure Hat stocks over 400 hat-styles and types for Men, Women, and Kids. All Amazing quality. Here You have many styles hats to choose from including Fiahinf Hats, Outback hats, waterproof Wool Hats and much more.

for more info & customer service

Cov-ver Fishing Hats

Water Resistant "Bounty Hunter"

Style and water Resistant Cotton Hat by Cov-ver.This fishing and hunting hat Features a shapable brim so you can create your own style and a chin cord for windy river or lake days.
Rain Proof and look like leather, but feel like Cotton is always appropriate on a crisp day fishing.

180 Degrees Boating & Fishing hat

This Cov-ver all round Hat floats so don't worry about swimming to the bottom. Specifically designed Hat for fishing and boating made from lightweight Supplex Nylon Fabric,Brim size is 3.5'.

Extra Airflow Light Outdoor Hat

Hat by Cov-ver designed from Supplex,packable and super comfortable for hot days. Great all round hat for adventure travel and fishing and features a mesh crown to keep your head cool.

Canvas Mesh Hiker "Aussie Breeze " Hat

Hat designed from durable canvas and features a leather chin cord, wide brim with a mesh crown.
This Cov-ver Hat is equipped with a soft deluxe inner stretch band for more comfortable feeling. Brim Size 3".

Soakable Mesh Hat


Hat,Made from durable waterproof Australian canvas and features a mesh crown and adjustable band. This Cov-ver hat can also be soaked in fresh and salt water to keep you cool longer on hot days fishing or hunting. Super light weight Mesh hat, but perfect fit and helps keep your hat on in the windy days.

Bass Fisher hat

Bass Fisher Model, made super light weight with waterproof Askin technical material and features a chin cord. It's great to customize an outfit for fishing.

Boat Yard Outdoor "Fedora Hat"

The Boat Hat by Cov-ver is made with a light weight ripstop Fabric - a lightweight woven material that resists tearing and features an inner useful pocket with a floating device. Hat has mesh ventilation on crown. This Fedora hat is floatable and water repellant,so if it goes over board,or river or lake when you're fishing you can still retrieve your hat!

Organic Cotton Summer Boater hat

This mesh Summer Boater designed with a mesh crown,and made from friendly for the environment "Organic cotton fabrics" really floats.
Has a chin cord for Fishing on windy days on the river or on the boat.

for more info

BC Fishing Hats

Bac Pac Traveller hat

The Traveller Buffalo Hat is hand made leather hat in Australia. This BC Fishing hat is made with a high grade waterproof leather and reinforced with a flexible wire.
Also great shape hat is fitted with a soft, comfortable suede sweat band. Hat is available in 2 adorable colors.

for more info

Sun Day® Hats

Sun Protective Hats, for women, men and kids - designed for dynamic wind, rain and water performance.

Minimalists SunDay Hats

Perfect Lightweight and Rain "Minimalists" Hat provide excellent face and eye sun protection. Designed with Clamshell brim technology lets you fold the visor hat brim in half for extremely compact packing for storage.
If you are fishing in muddy, dark, or stained waters a Dark Green colored hat is best.

Ascent fishing CAP

100% waterproof Sleek-looking cap ideal for sunny days and fiashing trips. Constructed from H2OShield fabric and equiped with hideaway earflaps this cap is great for cold weather use.

Cadet perfect fit CAP

Waterproof ‘cadet’ Cap for all ages. Designed with the environment in mind with H2O-Shield technology and integrated ComfortStretch in polyester fabric for moisture management. This nice and stylish Cadet Hat ensures a perfect fit, for everyday cool and wet weather use or fishing.

Cascade Dark under-brim HAT

"SunDay" HAT from Diamond Grid nylon equiped with integrated mesh liner , Hidden internal sizing and elasticized sweatband to ensures a perfect fit. For glare protection Hat designed with Dark under-brim - Its nice for Anglers.

Oregon the Cloudburst Rain Hat

This versatile waterproof rain hat " Oregon the Cloudburst" Men and Women’s manufactured from waterproof breathable fabric offers exceptional coverage from hard rain. Also perfect for those misty - rain days. Hat Features 6” rear veil, 3.75” front brim and for custom fit - External sizing band and Chinstrap.

Offshore (Fishing & Boating) Water Hat

Withstands water and wind - Perfect for those light misty and windy days, in and out of water. Designed for dynamic wheather performance while offering maximum sun UV rays face and neck protection. Nice Fishing & Boating & Paddling Water ultra Lightweight Offshore hat.

Adventure Hat

Excellent UV shield, manufactured from 100% nylon Body and polyester Mesh The Adventure Hat it's the most recognizable hat on the Globe. This Hat is the ultimate choice for anglers and adventurers.

Outdoor SPORT-Fishing HAT

The Hat designed for Men and Women’s offers excellent UPF 50 protection while maintaining clear peripheral vision. Wide brim style,Water repellent and lightweight design make this nice Hat product the ideal Choice for the active anglers or outdoors person.

SunDay Charter Hat

The UPF 50+ certified breathable sun fabric rating, crown mesh UPF 40+ ventilation plus pocket attached to the inside of the front of the crown - this Charter Unisex Hat is Designed for anyone and everywhere in need of sun protection with a love of the Outdoors and Nature. Style and comfortable fit made in USA.

for more info

Hats in the Belfry

Italian cashmere Ivy cap

They do have a 100% Italian cashmere Ivy cap from Wigens on order this season. Unfortunately we did not have enough selling with the Barker to repeat it this yea.

Hand-woven panama straw

Imported straw from Ecuador, blocked & finished in the USA or Italy. They're offering instant gratification with purchase of these styles, you can shop their panama collection now. And they will keep you cool summer fishing season. The perfect summer accessory for every angler or man.

When our most swashbuckling president wore his jauntiest straw hat to oversee construction of the Panama Canal, every American male suddenly had to have one. But, like Teddy Roosevelt himselt these stylish fellows had to get their Panama Hats from Ecuador.

For the Panama got its name neither from its country of origin, nor from the canal that
J made it famous, its so-called because North American sailors first discovered the
Ecuadorian product on sale in Panama. Like all the finest hats, this one is hand-plaited in Ecuador of cashmere, others of fibers from the jipijapa plant.

Fall style doesn't get much more classic than patchwork, and quality doesn't get much better than with Wigens. Introducing the new fall collection from Wigens, a luxury cap brand known for high quality piece goods.

Soft Fedoras

If you plan to order several fedoras and found some to be very stiff and hard, always keeping their original shape and feeling much like the cover of a hardcover book (if said book was covered in felt); while others are soft and floppy.
If you prefer the soft ones.

The soft and floppier ones are more than likely considered "lite felt" or "crushable felt". The stiffer ones are 100% wool felt and you really can't make them less stiff. If you prefer the softier wools then look for the key words-light felt, lite felt, or crushable and packable felts.

Hats in the Belfry Shops

Hats in the Belfry do not have a store in Las Vegas. We were at a convention in Las Vegas. Our store locations are Annapolis and Baltimore MD as well as Philadephia, PA and of course you can always visit "Hats in the Belfry" on the web at

Greek fisherman hats

offered by "Hats in the Belfry"

If you’re going for that classic Sea look and no-nonsense Old style Man , you’ll love "Hats in the Belfry" large assortment of high-quality Greek fisherman hats.
Worn by Greek fishermen in the 1900s, and have become fashion now for many people interested in "nautical" and "fishing".They are designed from long-lasting yet comfortable materials like wool, cotton and canvas, as well as stylish black or beige styles these fisherman high-quality hats are appropriate for wear in any environment or climate arounf the world.

Wool Fisherman Cap Model "Aegean Captain"

Comfortable, Durable and Stylish Imported From Greece Peaked Cap. "Aegean Captain Hat is embroidered in fine gold toned thread, lined inside with a leather sweatband and red satin like nylon fabrics and the price was well worth it. Anglers are so proud to wear these beautiful Wool hats. Available in Black and white.

Ulyssian Duck Cap

"Must have classic Hat"- become the symbol of the yachting world. The one thing that can be changed about this Greek Fisherman Caps is fisherman.

The material used is Nautical cotton canvas and will not harden after sweating in it for a season. As popular as ever before in Greece the Ulyssian Duck Hat comes with a peaked crown & embroidered front bill, in recognizable design and shape can be seen atop the heads of women and men all around the world.

It is comfortable, excellent, stylish, relatively rugged and waterproof. It looks good and hides grime well.

Winter Fishing Hats from Different makers

Korum tackle

Korum Winer Fishing Hat

In left:Korum Company focused on all of the major tackle areas include ice fishing tackle, gear and accessories. Designed and made for extreme winter conditions angling the Korum winter hat offer complete neck and ear protection, if required the sides can be folded up. Manufactured with warm fleece lining...

Carhartt Hats

Since 1889 Carhartt Company has been building best-in-class apparel...

See Hats designed and made for extreme winter conditions angling!

Baseball cap or cowboy hat, What kind of hat do you wear for fishing trips? There has been a lot of discussion as to what hats are best and why, simply go with what's most comfortable during the different seasons. Here are a few examples and popular manufacturers.

Tilley Hats

Tilley Endurable Fishing Camo-hats. Tilley Hats

Great looking nice Hat made from 100% cordura nylon, in those colours though you feel a branch loop elastic hat band may be appropriate (maybe with velcro to cover the different sizes) . This Hat will cover the full Tilley size range: from 6 7/8" to 8 3/8".

A sunny day Tilley Shantung Hat

Shantung Hat whitout a compromise that you won't find hard to incorporate into fishing, and your wardrobe. The Hat is crushable (more than most on the market to be sure) if your aim is to roll it up and put it in a backpack or take it on the trail, this Shantung Hat may not be the right hat for you.
Shantung Hat can be called a sunny day hat. It's water resistant so, if you get caught at the start of a rain you won't be in trouble.....but a downpour, it's likely not going to hold up. That said it's UPF 50+ certified for sun protection. With the S, M, L, XL sizing sometimes the sizing is a bit more 'fluid' guarantees, but sometimes the size does work out.

Organic Cotton Htas - Tilley Endurables

Airflo Hats

Possessing a Tilley Hat is like owning a classic car or expensive watch it becomes a part of your identity that gains value and sentiment over time.

Tilley Hat Company is definitely the Rolex or Porsche of the hat world.

The Organic Cotton Airflo Hat comes with Tilly's lifetime guarantee and if you lose the hat, you can buy the replacement for halfprice!

In addition to the soft, eco-friendly and durable fabric and technological design, the hat is realy extremely lightweight, only 3.7 ounces!, breathable with
discreetly placed mesh vents and very comfortable.

All hats mentioned here have a UPF of at least 50, and block out at least 97.5% of UV rays.

Why Airflow Hat - it's best: If you need a hat that will survive the elements and price is no object, this is the prefect choice. The Tiiley Airflow Hats could be the only hat you ever need, since it's guaranteed for life against wearing out.

The organically grown cotton mat uses no synthetic fertilizers , toxic chemicals, or pesticides, so not only are you protecting your face and head from the sun, you're attracting good karma in general.

The favorite hat's feature is a secret pocket, but you (Especially if you're fishing along banks or boat) also like the fact that the hat is machine washable, and it floats.

Camo Print hat

Airflo Hats | more options

Whether you're going on an exotic vacation,fishing trip or just weeding your garden, your head needs protection from the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends wearing a hat with at least a 3" brim to shield face, ears and neck. To win their Seal of Recommendation, sun-protective fabrics must have a UPF of 30 or higher. A hat with a UPF of 50 allows only 1/50th of the sun's burning rays to get to your noggin, so thafs what you should be looking for.

Travel goodies by Tiiley

Tiiley Endurables. They make awesome travel and fishing hats, quick-dry travel underwear, and much more.
Tiiley hats last a lifetime and come in a wide variety of styles. Newsletter subscribers will get instructions there on how to enter. If you weren't on the list, you can still get in on it by following Tilly on Facebook ( There you'll find the contest details in the postings.
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T4MO Organic AIRFLO Hat

Tiiley Company is launching a new Organic Airflow hat, In fact, it's fishing hat made from organic cotton plus spandex and ¾” mesh in crown.

T4MO model hat

Guaranteed for life not to wear out , and insured against loss hat that does that too, the new Airflow hat also floats. More importantly - it has a
UPF rating of 50 +, and its full brim hat design is safe coverage for the sun-averse angler. Retail is $84.

Hats Brimming With Ideas

New fabrics include rainrepellent, modern waxed-cotton technology and Nylamtium, a strong water-and-mildew resistant form of nylon. New models feature hemp and organic cotton for every needs.

Although most tilley hats provide some level of protection from ultraviolet rays, this summer's new batch include high-tech materials to keep the wearer's head cool
and dry, more models built from sustainable fabrics and fun options for kids. Check out (www. some of the latest offerings.

Breathable Nylon Fishing LT5B Hat

high-tech hats:93% Nylon plus 7% Spandex

Not just any hat - a hat that offers protection against the sun, rain andv unfortunate pictures of your hair. Tiiley Endurables Company has been a leader in hats for hikers, sailors, travelers and fishermen, and the lightweight nylon version hat (about $77) is just about perfect for fishing activities. It's only three and a half ounces and can be smashed into your backpack without losing shape. It floats quite well (tested) and, coolest of all, has a secret pocket where you can stash your I.D. or a bit of money for cab fare in case you decide not to hoof it back to your starting point.

Tilley's Raffia Hat - WOMEN’S Hats

If you or your daughter are looking for something a little more sophisticated, then the Raffia Hat by Tilley, Natural R2 model(on photo below) will make a big splash this summer season. Tilley hats are known for their high craftsmanship, fashionable design, and are perfect for traveling the world, fishing or heading to your local beach.

50% deductible women's hat

The Raffia Hat is braided not by hand and made of premium raffia palm from Madagascar, made in Canada. This beautiful hat is lightweight and oh-so-chic. Mothers and daughters alike will love this hat as it both
protects from harmful UV rays (rated UPF 50+) and keeps your face cool.

They design of the Raffia hat is top-notch with a breathable-mesh-liner to keep your head cool and a pretty ribbon tic to well prevent it from blowing off during hot, and/or windy afternoons. Tilley's Raffia Hat is something that you and your daughter will love to wear and "be seen" in. The Tiiley Raffia hat may be purchased for $105.

Pulse Multi Hat from SCIERRA

50% deductible women's hat

Fly fishing during fall can be a bitterly cold affair – Don’t Freeze Your Ears Off - namely because of the combination of plummeting temperatures and heavy winds. Scierra Company’s new Pulse Multi Hat is designed to keep your ears from freezing and to keep you warm and comfortable.

The cut is designed to cover your ears and neck for maximum warmth and to keep the hat safely in place.

Hat is made out of 230g/m2 4-way stretch fabric with an airy and breathable inner surface to keep your head dry.

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Stormy Kromer Legend Hats

hunting and fishing Caps

 women's hat, Tip your hat to Stormy Kromer Mercantile, the 108-year-old Midwestern outfitter 100% cotton flannel lining Cap-hat made in USA

Legend has it that George "Stormy" Kromer, a train engineer from U.S. Kaukauna, Wisconsin, got so tired of losing his hat to gusts of wind, he asked his wife, Ida, to fashion one that would stay put. In 1904, she modified an old base ball cap, adding a slide-down band to keep the accessory snugly in place and warm her spouse's ears.

Stormy's coworkers soon clamored for their own versions, and the Kromers began selling the hats locally.

In 1919 - Production moves to a larger facility in Milwaukee.

In 1937 - In the movie Slim, Henry Fonda sports a Kromer cap.

In 1965 - Stormy and Ida's story inspires a Little Golden Book, Mr. Puffer-Bill, Train Engineer.

In 2001 - The Hat's business splits into Kromer Cap Co., devoted to professional railroaders' and weldors' hats, and Stormy Kromer Mercantile, which relocates to Ironwood, Michigan, and focuses on the tie-front design, as well as other apparel.

In 2011 - Long carried by fishing and hunting shops, Stormy Kromer's cap hits the mainstream when "Levi Strauss" Company stores stock it; sales increase to over 75,000 hats per year.

Currently, company offers Original design, new Caps and accessories (Free shipping over $75.) for anglers and hunting enthusiasts include Brimless Caps, Cabby For men,Flat Tops, Field Cap, Original With Hardware Caps and much more.

All they are Made in tAmerica with globally sourced materials.

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Guy Harvey Sportswear

Hats and caps, available in multiple colors and patterns, the embroidered art on the crown of this visor depicts a marlin surfacing, signaling it’s time to wrap the leader and grab the tag stick! Perfect for a casual look anywhere, fishing, camping or go beach, the adjustable Marlin Head Visor also features an extra long bill with a green glare-resistant underside for those sunny days on the water. Get a close up look at this intricate design and other Guy Harvey hats and apparel at

Customized Hats

Gold Hat (France)

Gold Hat soffer the possibility of creating customized hats and fishing caps to as many customers as possible. All Gold Hat's products are made from scratch. As hat manufacturing and cap, beanie and other hat customizing specialists, the French manufacturer are ready to prepare a quote for your customized hats and caps.

For each hat they have a standard shape and materials include 100% cotton, 100% acrylic and more. From a certain quantity, Gold Hat can also develop the shape of your choice.

Note: Gold Hat minimum order is 100 units per model.

Should you have any questions,visit:

Women's Hats

ETSIS Hats & Apparel Hats

Not too many wives inspect the fishing trip and gear, blood, bugs, sharp hooks, reels fish guts when you come home, and not too many wives want to go fishing. But if she come, she might have bought would be out of style.

women's hat for suny weekend fashionable on fishing trip

women's hats from ETSIS Hats & Apparel ome in a wide variety of styles, colors and seasonal patterns, all they offers fashionable, sun-protection, clinical-strength hats that protect the face as well. Particularly the cheek, nose, mouth, neck and lips,ETSIS Women's Hats hats protect delicate skin from Ultraviolet rays. By providing one of the the best sun protection hats for women "Etsis" pledges to help women to Escape the Sun in fashion and style, they are perfect for a decadent long suny weekend, camping or fishing.

Avana Women Hats

Wax Rouchet Hat

2016 hat collection: brown Avana Women  Hat

Avana hat fo ladies with tartan trim. Ready woman Hat for whatever the weather. Available in dark green or brown this ladies wax rouched cloche Avana hat. This ladies hat is water resistant and fashionable as well, perfect for the unpredictable weather on outdoor adventures and trips .

One size, manufactured in UK from 100% waxed cotton this creates a water resistant hat.

Tweed poacher woman hat

2016 hat collection: Avana Women wool blend Hat

This all wool hat is a true classic design, made in UK from high quality wool blend tweed with a synthetic comfortable lining.

Thanks to the unique nature of the fabric the colours can vary slightly from the natural colors, so is easily folded or put it in your vest or jacket pocket without ruining the Hat shape. Tweed poacher hat has very natural-look and it's very suitable for ladies who love fishing and the outdoors trips.

Tightly woven Shape-able travel woman hat

new Avana Women UVA & UVB sun protection fishing  Hat

Built for life, travel and active women,this breathable circumference 23" hat is crafted for excellent neck and face 98% protection from UVA & UVB sun rays.One size, biege, black or navy.

Super Sport sun protection woman hat

ultra UVB sun protection  Hat

As summer approaches, be sure to help increase your sun protection with an airbrush tan, use sunscreen and don those Avana UPF 50+ hats. T

his Breathable and quick-drying hat offers maximum comfort and coverage. Crafted from SUNTECT® polyester fabric this Avana sun hat is line dry, hand wash with extra-long drape shields. Either walking or fishing, be vigilant and protect your face every day with sun protection. Wear a hat, limit sun exposure between 10am and 3pm.

One size in beige, pink, and white color.

Wide brim hats

The epitome of current fashion and dominating the street style scene, wide brim hats are at the peak of their popularity and have penetrated both the mens and women's markets.

Previously worn for their high functionality, exaggerated or stylish headwear would have been met with a level of ridicule, labelled unnecessary and obnoxious. Things have changed, and the time for statement millinery is

Elyse Walker, owner of Los Angeles boutique and fashion director of e-commerce site Forward by Elyse Walker ( said Hats have taken over the scarf trend.

Wide brim hat sales have soared, for fishing or for street style with a 150% increase last year. International e-commerce giant "Net-A-Porter" reported millinery sales nearly doubled. And co-managing partner of New York based Rag & Bone, Marcus Wainwright, said the hat company could barely keep up with demand for its floppy-brimmed fedoras. Not everyone could wear hats.

There are so many different hats. You can find one that is flattering.
When wearing a hat, the key is attitude. Its the same concept that surrounds all other aspects of fashion. If you're uncomfortable, it shows. Take no prisoners. If you own it, you look cool in it. You can look like you're trying too hard quite quickly.

Lemon Squeezer's hats fashionable on both: street and fishing trip

A great starting point is beautiful wide brim the WORLD Lemon Squeezer(on left photo). Subtly stylish, the minimalistic hat makes up for its lack of detail with the range of vibrant colours. ( If colour is too much, UK based accessory label "Luminous" have released a range of neutral toned fedoras that span across black, grey and tan, all made in a lightweight wool.

The simplicity of a wide-brimmed hat will affect the accompanying pieces, but as a rule of thumb less is more, so stick to a simple silhouette that doesn't distract or emphasise the size of the hat.
An effortless feel is always desired and it doesn't mean you have to compromise style.

Stay Cool and dry when boating

DexShell waterproof gear for boating and outdoor activities

Panama stylish Hats

From Ecuador to US - get your classic style when fishing without having to worry about getting a telltale tan.