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Daiwa Lures

Enter the World of Daiwa lures, include
Flat Flash Crank, FLOATING Pop N’ Skater lures, Wooden Dead or Alive Series, Peanut Classic models, Shad Master Series, fast rippin’ type jerk Dr. Minnow models and Game Vibe. more

Daiwa Saltwater Lures

Find slow sinking baits designed for shore & inshore reef fishing, models with Long Cast sliding Systems, Classic and realistic patterns, high-speed jerks and much more Saltiga series with optimum lure action, specially designed for saltwater. more


has been design engineering and manufacturing of lures for those anglers thrive on the challenge of conquering abd finding the world's largest offshore fish.

To see the latest 2013&2014 Catalog include "How to fish lures guide" click here.

Acme Tackle

An amazingly Kastmasters® and many other types , Kamlooper & Side Winder Series of finest metal spoons for catch all kinds of fish, in both salt and fresh water angling .


Moldcraft Lures

a wide range of innovative lures include squid, daisy cgains ,teasers ,mackere; and tuff hoo, castin and jigging, with literally thousands of finest combinations to choose from, all amde in the USA.

Asseri Lures

a wide range of winter fishing lures by Scandinavian Tackle,Company that focused on equipment for winter outdoor activities and angling.

Strike King Lures

Strike King is one of the world’s most respected and well-know lures companies, with one of the best and most well known Tour level pro staff in the world. These guys and ladies fish for a living, and simply cannot accept lures that offer less than consistent quality and performance. Strike King has answered that need with the “Series” concept in their hard crankbait line.

Strike King has chosen to identify their crankbaits, not by name or a style description, but rather with a “Series” number designation. From the surface-running 1XS to the deepest diving Series 6, Strike King has created an entire inventory of six distinct body and lip style lures that will effectively cover the surface to 15 foot levels of the water column. All of these depths are based on 10 pound line and a long cast with a 5:1 reel. (Writer’s note—these are my experiences with these lures, using 10 pound Sugoi fluorocarbon and a Shimano Conquest 200 reel. Minimum cast length was 80 feet.)

The lures in this Series include the topwater/subsurface 1 XS, which is a great lure for shallow fish when you would normally throw a spinnerbait or buzzbait.

Crankbaits Series - Strike King Lure Company

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Glowing Lures

Seems like good things - Radical Glow Lures, read about this lures and manufacturers

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Spinners, spoons, lures and giant units, technical details and heritage, tips and advantages.
All factors and a basic guide to choosing and presenting fishing lures.

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Flicker Spinner,Swivel Spinner, Acoustic Spinner, Devon Spinner,
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for Successful Fishing. Fans fishing knows how much depends on its success from the well chosen baits and lures. studying the properties of spinners, why change baits in winter and single hook baits. more

Pulling Lures

The best fishing lure to pull from the flat line is the off-centre lure. As this lure is being pulled from an off-centre point on the front of the lure, it has a very erratic action, vertically & laterally... more

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Trout Fishing Baits,Wobblers and Lures, Where and How to Fish, Innovative Jerkbait JIGGY lures for salmon and trout, Soft Plastic Baits for Trout, DVDs Resources and much more.

How to make Your Own Lures

Make Your Own: artificial baits, Wooden Fishing Lures. The best home-made jointed lures instructions, tips and details.

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Pike lures

When and where fishing for Pike, Wobblers, Plastics, light Devon, composite fish and a number of new lures, presenting baits, an interesting way to make lure.

What color is put the lure?

But the lack of bites may be due to a number of other reasons. And it turns out that this is not fishing, a process designed to "maybe", the loss of confidence and control over the situation. The same problem with the color choices haunt us every time when buying expensive in-Blair or spinners, and the same soft plastic lures.more

Vintage-Classic Lures

In order to conserve the future, people must respect and understand the past. Artificial lures from yesterday tell us a great deal about fishing lures that remain on the market today. Two old lures made in the early thirties influenced today's saltwater lure market - the Nichols Piggy Perch and Shrimp. Nichols Fishing Lures - Early Lures Overview, details and heritage

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Jigging Lures and "how to"

Deep Jigging angling- jig patterns connections Gelspun lines and knots. A good rig and lures. Advice from experienced anglers

Go fishing for carp

Carp Baits, tips and Tricks, Killer rigs presentations, comments

Publications: Lure makers, the old, proven lures, Spinner LURE KIT, Swimbait Categories etc.

old style
Lucky Lures

Summertime Lures - Favorite Lures for Bass. (are big worms, crankbaits, swimbaits, and that kind of stuff)

the pink lures

The most productive trolling lure colors

...what the color perception at certain depths - pink is always a good choice!

All colors get bit. Note : Did you know that Great Blue marlin don't have color receptacles on the upper half of their retina!

Krill are pink and a favorite for tons of different species, from trout and salmon to dolphin and sails. But besides that fish will eat anything you let them. People who caught blue marlin on flip flops. If you use it, that's what you'll catch them on. It's all in the wheel. You can't put whatever you want out there. A ballyhoo behind bright orange yellow and green skirt worries .. But pink is a top choice evry time

Blue marlin in NC it's blue and white hawiian eye over a horse Bally and in St Thomas it's green over black Even on dredges black and purple Hawaiin eyes over the ballyhoos

Seems that when fish are ill or dieing they take on a reddish pink look to there body. Maybe thats why they hit pink. Easy meal going through there head. It's gotta be a trigger mechanism, something in their brain trips when they see it. The same holds true with Salmon fishing, and look at one of the hottest colors in Bass fishing Roboworm's "Morning Dawn" lots of pink. "Funny that's the same way here on the west coast. I have a pink jet head that I have had for over 25 years and the dorados love it. It has caught fish when nothing else was getting bit " said Sanford G.