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The New Fly Fishing pattern / Caddis hatches


The New Electric Caddis Pupa



This is a fairly new pattern I came up with using the Ultrawire - Stretch Tubing combo, to give the fly a translucent effect. Ssizes and Colors can be changed to imitate various Caddis hatches here in North US.


This fairly realistic Caddis hatches - pattern plays upon the translucent characteristics of an emerging Grannom Caddis Pupa's color and abdomen, which is bright Green/Chartreuse when under water. It's an easy pattern to tie and very durable.

Way's to fish this fly are during a full blown Caddis hatch, as a dropper , as a searching pattern in a tandem nymph rig and use on the swing to imitate an emerging insect.


Directions and Materials


tying thread, which is covered with the wire/tubing combo Thorax - Natural Tan Dubbing or Tan Ice Dub.


Wing Bud- Black Raffia unfolded and burned with a Caddis wing burner. Antenna - Two fibers of Lemon Wood Duck or imitation Wood Duck Color combos can be changed to imitate Caddis that are prevalent on a particular stream or insects that are hatching at a certain time of the year.


Instructions for tying Video - JC's Electric Caddis Pupa


How to Tie: (seven step by step Detailed instructions)


Step One: Insert Small Hot Chartreuse Ultrawire inside of Chartreuse Micro Stretch Tubing.


Step Two: Attach tying thread just behind the eye and cover shank to about 1/3 around hook bend and return thread a little less than 1/8 of an inch from the eye.


Step Three: Attach tubing/wire combo at the point you stopped your thread in step two and cover completely, return your tying thread to the point just behind the eye and tie off. Tubing & wire combo should be at the farthest point to the rear of the hook which has been covered with thread.


Step Four: Take your tubing/wire combo and pull as tight as you can so the tubing constricts around the wire and wrap forward. At the midway point relax the tension you put on the tubing/wire combo midway up the bend of the hook. Doing this will give the abdomen a tapered look and make three or four more wraps and pull tight again until you reach the thread tie-off point and lash down the tubing/wire combo, cut off the excess material at that point.


Step Five: Unfold some Black Raffia and take your Caddis Wing Burner and make two wing buds. Attach one on the near side of the fly and another at the far side. The position should be at the tie off point in step four.


Step Six: Dub your thorax so the wing buds stick out and dub forward to where you want to ti.


Step Seven: Add two Wood Duck Fibers for your Antenna pointing towards the rear. Whip finish. Then color the Chartreuse head thread with a Brown Sharpie or similar permanent marker.



Fly Tying & fishing School

factors and valuable information


Fly fishing is an amazing sport - it is a challenge. Fly fishing is a big sport! Step outside your comfort area and enjoy fishing all of the possibilities that lie within.

On a good day, nothing is as satisfying as walking up to the river mid successfully examining the clues Nature has laid out. The riddle is solved and you can identify/mimic what the primary food source is, this is largely the factor that determines style of fly fishing and gear.


All of the accepted techniques in fly fishing work under the right set of circumstances and if these fly fishing techniques did not work, they would have not been accepted in to the lexicon of fly fishing.


Technique and fly Fishing Gear


When dealing specifically with cold water species in the northeast, you may employ a huge array of gear and techniques for fly fishing. A fly angler can throw streamers, swing braces of wets tight-line and indicator nymph tigs, , use a dry dropper, launch huge top water flies the size of cats, skate Stoneflies & Caddis, and thistle down dries upstream style as well as downstream Catskill style.

Gear choices are as varied as the techniques, sometimes it is a mix of two or three techniques. You may use fly rods as light as a 7 ft medium slow 3 wt to a fast action 9'6" 5 wt, all the way up to 14' spey rods. Employ fishing gear that is appropriate for the size of the river you are fishing and the type/size flies you are casting. more


Strike indicators


Most fly anglers will either say they will not use strike indicators or love them, rather than approaching the water using a logical tool for the right job. Strike indicators are best suited for moderate and slower currents where the water is 4,5 or more feet deep. This makes them indispensable on our east coast freestone streams and rivers in the winter because this is the exact type of water that the fish hold in when the water is closer to the freezing point in the late fall, and winter.

Strike indicators don't fit every situation. When using an indicator, it takes several seconds for the weight to grab the bottom and the slack between the indicator and weight to pull tight. If you are trying to use this rig in fast water, it is too far downstream river from you before this happens, rendering it less effective for a good hook set. When the water is above the 50 degree mark, fish are more likely to hold in faster currents. In this scenario you will see better results using a tight line approach coupled with a tuck cast,the weighted flies or split-shot and flies to the bottom much faster. You should use the most effective technique to address each situation. There are many different types of water and just as many different food sources exhibiting many behaviors.


Autumn trout fly fishing




At this time of year water temperatures within the steelhead's optimum range can be readily found. Fish that have been unmolested by other anglers will chase and move up to river intercept a fly. There is usually no need to scrape the fly along the river's floor. Aggressive strikes are the norm. Some are the notable type that keep you awake at night and are permanently burned into memory.



Autumn is also a good time to explore. The only thing nearly as good as fishing a great piece of steelhead water is hiking along its banks. With prime temperatures and steelhead on the move, fish can be found almost anywhere in the river. With good techniques and innovative fly lines, an astute angler can successfully swing a fly in a wide range of water, including small pockets and runs well away from the popular pools. This is an effective way to beat the pressure on some rivers.




Flies run the gambit. For prospecting big water its not a bad idea to use big flies. Marabou, Arctic fox rabbit strip, and long, flowing hackles with just a touch of flash are the key ingredients for Favorite Flies .


Color combinations


Black and purple is a hard color combination to beat. For low water conditions smaller, sparse flies tied in olives, tans and browns seem to coax reluctant fish better than oversized patterns.


Waters rich with aquatic life may require flies to mimic specific food sources. Streamers tied to represent smelt, alewife and sculpins can be just the ticket on some rives. You can use tube fly designs for their versatility and overall effectiveness in hooking and landing fish.


Most of development flies has occurred during the fall months. This has not always been easy, but the aggressive take and exciting battle of a fresh fall steelhead have consistently drawn to steelhead rivers.


While the runs on some of the rivers close to home will be in high gear by mid to late September, the runs on other rivers in the Great Lakes region may not find full stride until late fall. But water temperatures on rivers fed by a reservoir or a lake will maintain optimum range after the snow begins to fly by late November and early December. The weeks after Thanksgiving can be a great time to find solitude, as many anglers have had their fill or have moved on to other pursuits.




fly Tube Forrest Klott


Fly Tutorial:how to tie


Cut a length of 3mm and 1.8mm Euro Tubing. Cut the front end of the 3mm tube at an angle, and on the 1.8mm cut the rear end of the tube straight and melt a small shoulder with your lighter. Push the 1.8mm tube into the 3mm tube about half the length of the larger tube, adding a brush of super glue or Zap-a-Gap to make your fly even more durable Start your thread and wrap over the joint of the two sizes of tubing. Tie in a section of medium Estaz or Crystal chenille at the rear end of the joint. This will create a base to help prop the wing up and create a wider profile in the water. Wrap three or four turns of Estaz to create a small to medium sized ball that completely covers the joint of the tubing. Tie in a section of Polar Chenille. Make three or four wraps of Polar Chenille, this will add contrasting flash and further support for the wing. Tie in a medium sized clump of Arctic Fox for the first wing extending maybe a 1/4 of an inch past the end of the tube. Add a few strands of Rainbow Holographic Flashabou to the top and sides of the wing. Tie in a Schlappen feather and wrap the first collar. You may fold the hackle before wrapping, but that is up to your personal preference. Add a second, more sparse clump of Arctic Fox to form the second wing, and slightly longer than the first wing. Add another few strands of Flashabou, this time using Pink Holographic. Tie in on top and to the sides of the wing. Tie in a Hot Pink Schlappen feather and wrap the second collar. Add Jungle Cock eyes if desired. To finish the fly, just brush a bit of super glue or Zap-a-Gap onto your thread, make a few wraps of thread, let it dry for a couple of seconds or use a whip finish and trim the thread close to the head. Add a Tube Cone, leaving about 1/8 of an inch of tubing at the front of the cone and melt the tube back to complete the fly.


Wet Flies


Some years ago, the only methods were wet-fly and dry-fly fishing until then had been river based and adapting to stillwaters. If you want to learn more about Stillwater methods you can become an avid reader of nymph-fishing tactics by articles and books written on this fly fishing subject. One of the most influential book "My Way With Trout"- a book which thoroughly explored the subtleties of fishing nymphs. Fly Patterns such as the Montana Nymph, Stick Fly and Hare's Ear were catching lots of trout. Then Cat's Whiskers, Dog Nobblers and Tin Heads became all the flies fashion.


Stilwater wet flies


In Fact there are those who will try to convince you that traditional wet-fly fishing no longer works on stocked stillwaters, but don't believe a word of it. When it came to fishing on stillwaters, one extensive collection of traditional wet-flies may be very useful.


The favourite wet-flies


Investing time and Start to invest some time fishing the favourite wet-fly on stillwaters.

Hook: Kamasan B 175 size 10-12
Ibread: Green
Tail: Golden pheasant tippets
Butt: Orange seal's fur
Body: Dark olive green seal's fur
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Hackle: Orange cock
Wing: Speckled grouse tail feather
Cheeks: Jungle cock

Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10-12
Thread: Black
Tail: Golden pheasant crest
Body: Black UV Straggle
Body hackle: Orange cock
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Throat hackle: Blue jay
Wing: Bronze mallard
Cheeks: Jungle cock

Hook: Sedge size 10-12
[bread: Red
Butt: Red holographic tinsel
Body: Red seal's fur
Body hackle: Natural red cock
Rib: Fine flat gold tinsel
Wing: Deer hair dyed, golden brown
Head hackle: Natural red cock hackle


Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10-14
Tail: Pheasant tail fibres dyed, golden olive
with strands of Mirror Flash underneath
Body: Lime green Mosaic dubbing
Body hackle: Yellow cock
Thorax: Orange Mosaic dubbing
Rib: Oval gold tinsel
Shoulder hackle: Bronze mallard
Cheeks: Jungle cock, dyed yellow


Hook: Kamasan B 175 size 10-12
Thread: Red
Tail: Golden pheasant crest
Body: Golden olive seal fur
Body hackle: Golden olive cock
Rib: Fine flat gold tinsel
Shoulder hackle: Blue jay


Hook: Kamasan B 175 size 10-12
Thread: Fire red
Butt: Green holographic tinsel
Tag: Glo-Brite floss No 11
Body: Golden olive seal's fur
Body hackles: No 1 - Golden olive
No 2 - Medium olive
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Shoulder hackle: Golden pheasant rump feather

Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10-12
I bread: Black or claret
Tail: Golden pheasant tippets
Body: Claret Mosaic dubbing
Rib: Fine flat gold tinsel
Hackle: Natural red cock
Wing: Bronze Mallard
Cheeks: Jungle cock

Hook: Kamasan B 175 size 10-12
Ibread: Black
Tag: Glo-Brite floss No 12
Body: Black seal's fur
Body hackle: Black cock
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Head hackle: Brown cock hackle
Head & wing: Deer hair


Hook: Kamasan B 175 size 10-12
Thread: Black or claret
Tail: Golden pheasant tippets
Body: Medium claret seal's fur
Body hackle: Claret cock
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Wing: Two strands of Mirror Flash
Shoulder hackle: Blue jay
Cheeks: Jungle cock


Dry Flies


Once the trout reached the turbulent waters under the river, they would submerge and, minutes later, reappear downstream to start the process all over again.

Experienced anglers carry no more than a dozen dry-fly patterns, and these would suffice. Any more fly patterns would have been deemed unnecessary.


This was not an attempt by the anglers to keep things simple but a reflection ot the incredible stock of trout the river held, all competing with one another to reach the next meal.


The key to success, then as now, is identifying the hatch and adapting the fly and method accordingly. The number of dry-fly patterns used on the Suir today is far too extensive. Some are specific to the Suir, while many of the others are internationally-recognised.


Eight favourite dry flies


The Greenwell's Glory, Ginger Quill, Sherry Spinner, Yellow Spider Olive, Red Quill, Badger Grey, Badger Quill, and the Blue Winged.


The Greenwell's Glory fly | Red Quill fly


These eight flies are versatile enough to cover most of your needs for daytime and early-evening fishing, and you can use special patterns for late evening dry-fly fishing.

The Cahir waters do not enjoy a significant hatch of mayfly, which is why I have not included any mayfly patterns. You will have to travel further upstream to the Cam is and Golden waters to encounter a good mayfly hatch. The usual selection of small Wulffs and up-winged dry-flies, along with some emergers and nymphs, will normally work here.




For fly fishing the River, the lighter the tackle you use, the better. The double-handed split-cane rod, which used to be the weapon of choice for the locals, has now been replaced by new single-handed carbon-fibre rods, in line ratings from 4 to 7.

The critical factor is to match rod and line. Accurate and delicate casting with the dry-fly is all about presentation, and mis-matches of line and rod will work against you. A good-quality floating line is also essential.

The trout snatch at flies and reject them in fractions of a second. If the tip of your fly line is prone to sinking, the brief delay the slack introduces into the line will mean a missed fish. Any pause will surely result in failure.


Silver Sedge wet fly



This is an old River Suir wet-fly, designed for late-evening fly fishing. When fly fished as part of a team of wet-flies, the Silver Sedge fly is an excellent top dropper pattern. By adding horns of stripped hackle stems and a cdc wing, the fly pattern became very buoyant and can now be fished dry and wet. The CDC wing creates awake in the water that definitely excites the trout fish. By addition of deer hair strands in the wing, provides that speckled look seen in the natural sedge.




Hook: Sedge hook size 10-12 I bread: Black or brown Rib: Fine, silver wire Body: Flat, silver tinsel Body hackle: Cree cock hackle Under wing: Natural deer hair Wing: Natural CDC and Mirror Flash Horns: Stripped grizzle hackle stems Collar hackle: Cree cock hackle


Silver Sedge Flies - how to tie


Fly Tying - how to tie:


Fix the hook in the vice and run the tying thread well round the bend. Catch in a length of fine silver wire and then one of flat, silver tinsel.

Take the thread back up the shank to a position close to the eye.

Wind the flat, silver tinsel in touching-turns, to form a slim, even body, with no gaps. Secure the loose end of the tinsel with thread and remove the excess. Next, prepare and catch in a well-marked Cree cock hackle where the body begins and take hold of the hackle, by its tip, using a pair of hackle pliers.

Wind the hackle along the body in open, evenly spaced turns. When the hackle-turns have reached the end of the body, wind the silver wire up through them. Use evenly spaced turns of wire to lock the hackle stem to the body.


Catch in two stripped grizzle hackle stems, to form the horns then select a second Cree cock hackle. Remove the fibres from the hackle's base and catch it in just behind the eye. Secure the end of the wire and remove the excess plus the hackle-tip.

Take a few fibres of deer hair and catch them in so their tips project past the bend. Take hold of the hackle by its tip, using a pair of hackle pliers.

Starting from the wing-base, apply fiver or six turns, working toward the eye. Secure the deer hair firmly then catch in a pair of natural, grey CdC plumes over the top to form the main wing. Add a couple of strands of Mirror Flash and tnm away the excess CDC. Secure the hackle-tip with tight thread-turns then remove the excess. Build a small head, then cast off the tying thread with a rhip finish.


Fishing Flies Manufacturers

Dry Fllies



Standard Dry Fllies (Spirit river Flies)

Black Gnat - BLKGNT
Sizes 14,16,18 & 20



Black Fur Ant- BLKANT
Sizes 14,16,18 & 20

Blue Dun - BLUDUN
Sizes 14,16,18, 20 & 22


Blue Winged Olive BLVVGOL
Sizes 14,16.18, 20 & 22

Griffith's Gnat - GRFGNT

Sizes 16,18, 20 & 22


Renegade - RENGAD Flies

Sizes 14,16 & 18

Mosquito - MOSQUI

Sizes 12,14,16,18 & 20


Goddard Caddis - GODARD

Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Pale Morning Dun - PLMNDN

Sizes 14,16,18 & 20


Quill Gordon - QUILLG
Sizes 12,14 & 16

Royal Coachman - RCOACH Flies
Sizes 12,14 & 16


Art Flick March Brown -

Sizes 12 & 14

Hendrickson Light LTHEND Flies
Hendrickson Dark - DKHEND
Sizes 12,14 & 16


Dark Cahill - DKCAHL
Light Cahill CAHILL
Sizes 12,14,16 &18

Adams - Standard - ADAMSS
Sizes 12,14,16,18,20 & 22


CDC Comparadun
Blue Winged Olive-COMPBW
Callibaetis - COMPCA
Mahogany Dun - COMPMD
Pale Morning Dun - COMPPM
Sizes 14,16 & 18

Aire-Flow™ Cut Wing

Sizes 14,16 & 18
Callibaetis Parachute - AFPCAL
Sizes 12,14,16 &18
Light Cahill Parachute AFPLTC
Sizes 14,16 & 18
Trico Parachute - AFPTRI
Sizes 18 & 20
Pale Morning Dun Parachute -

Sizes 14,16 & 18
March Brown/Grey Fox - AFPMAR
Sizes 12,14 & 16


Thorax Dries


Callibaetis Thorax - THXCAL
Sizes 12,14 & 16
Blue Winged Olive Thorax -

Sizes 16,18,20 & 22
Sulphur Thorax - THXSUL
Sizes 14,16 & 18


Bill Black, Master tier and fisherman has been in the business since the tender age of 12, and comes from a long line of Fisher people. Over the years he has personally tied many thousands dozen flies. In his formative years he, brother Dennis and friend Randall Kaufmann traveled, chased trout.. .tying flies along the way. Dennis and Bill were first to go offshore for quality flies.. .and it's been historic ever since. We know for a fact Bill has taught many of the original tiers overseas. All in all he has personally educated many of the original master tiers whom have gone on to train thousands of 3rd and 4th generation tiers. Spirit River Group recently bought the Old Feather Merchants buildings here in Glide, so the tradition of selling the best fly fishing products out of "old cow bams" continues on the banks of the North Umpqua.


Mayfly & Caddis Dry Flies


Caddis imitations are an excellent choice when you consider tliat 80% or more of aquatic biomass are some form of Caddis. Company offers a full line of Caddis and our dries have a silhouette that makes them rise.


Mayfly & Caddis Dry Flies


Overley's Headlight Caddis™
Black - OVHCBK
Olive - OVHCOL
Sizes 12,14 & 16


Wonder Wing Caddis
Brown - WWCDBR
Sizes 14 & 16

Elk Hair Caddis
Black - ELKBLK Brown - ELKBRN
Tan - ELKTAN Yellow - ELKYEL
Sizes 12,14,16,18 & 20


CDC Elk Hair Caddis
Peacock - CELKPE
Brown - CELKBR
Sizes 12,14 & 16
Sizes 14,16 & 18

Heckel's Tape Wing Caddis™
Black - HTCBLK
Hares Ear -HTCHEB
Grey Olive - HTCGOL
Sizes 14,16 & 18


Diamond Caddis™
Brown - DMCDBN
Peacock - DMCDPK
Yellow - DMCDYL
Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Irresistible Elk Caddis

Brown Irresistible - IRCBRN
Natural Irresistible - IRCNAT
Olive Irresistible - IRCOLV
Sizes 12,14,16 & 18 i i i


Mottled Goddard
Olive - GODOLV
Sizes 12,14 & 16

Hi-Vis Elk Hair Caddis Brown - HVECBN Olive - HVECOL Tan - HVECTN Sizes 12,14,16 & 18


Yoshi's Rubber Leg Elk Hair Caddis™ Brown - RLECBN Olive RLECOL Peacock - RLECPE Yellow RLECYL Sizes 14 & 16

Geezer™ Caddis Brown - GCADBN Olive -GCAD0L Tan - GCADTN Sizes 14,16 & 18


Overley's Spotlight Caddis™ Olive - OVSCOL Tan - OVSCTN Sizes 14,16 & 18

Heckel's Biot Duns™ Tan -HBDTAN Mahogany - HBDMGY Sizes 14,16 & 18


Foam Back Spinner Rust - FBSRUS Sizes 14,16 & 18 Trico - FBSTRI Sizes 20 & 22

Yellow Sally flies


Sizes 12 & 14


Overley's Headlight Sally™


Sizes 12 &14

Lip-Stik™ Dun
Western Green Drake - BLSWGD
Size 12
Blue Wing Olive - BLSBWO
Sizes 14,16,18 & 20
Pale Morning Dun - BLSPMD
Sizes 16 & 18


Lip-Stik™ Spinner
Blue Wing Olive - BLSSBW
Sizes 14,16 & 18
Eastern Green Drake - BLSSGD
Size 12

Lip-Stik™ Spinner
Blue Wing Olive - BLSSBW
Sizes 14,16 & 18
Eastern Green Drake - BLSSGD
Size 12

Lip-Stik™ Spinner
Blue Wing Olive flies- BLSSBW
Sizes 14,16 & 18
Eastern Green Drake - BLSSGD
Size 12

Midges & Parachutes flies


Midges. These tiny midges are lifelike and known to take very large fish. Company use die strongest hooks available and nothing hut die best hackle and hair.

Midges flies

Black - MIDGBK
Blue Dun - MIDGDN
Cream - MIDGCM
Blue Winged Olive - MIDGBW
Sizes 20, 22 & 24

Hi-Vis Midge flies

Black - HVMBLK
Olive - HVMOLV
Sizes 18 & 20

Overley's mini Midge Cripple™

Black - OVMCBK
Olive - OVMCOL
Sizes 16,18 & 20
Sizes 14,16,18 & 20

No Wunder™ Fly


Blue Wing Olive - NWUNBW
Pale Morning Dun - NWUNPM
Sizes 18, 20 & 22


Standard Parachutes



Adams Parachute Flies

Adams - ADSPAR
Sizes 12,14,16,18, 20&22

Baetis Parachute flies

Baetis - BTSPAR
Sizes 16,18, 20 & 22

Trico Parachute

Trico - TRIPAR
Sizes 18, 20 & 22

Alphenaar Adult Midge

Sizes 16,18, 20 & 22

Parachute Red Quill

Sizes 14,16 & 18
Spirit river pride ourselves on the quality of our parachutes; with stacked posts and tight, small Fine & Dry™ bodies and plenty of hackle.

Hi-Vis Parachute Flies

Adams - HVPADS
Sizes 12,14,16,18,20 8122
Blue Winged Olive - HVPBWO
Pale Morning Dun - HVPPMD
Sizes 14,16,18, 20 & 22

Parachute Pink Albert

Pink Albert - PNKALB
Sizes 16 & 18

Green Paradrake

Size 12

Light Cahill Parachute flies

Light Cahill - LTCPAR
Sizes 14,16,18&20

Hare's Ear Parachute

Hares Ear - PARHER
Hares Ear Olive - PARHOL
Sizes 16,18 & 20

BWO/PMD Parachute


Blue Winged Olive-BWOPAR
Pale Morning Dun - PMDPAR
Sizes 14,16,18, 20 & 22

Parachute Ants


Black - ANTPRB
Cinnamon - ANTPRC
Sizes 14,16 & 18


Hairwings & Dry flies


Spirit river classic hairwings reflect tradition and the ait of tying at it's best. Eacli beautiful pattern Ls dressed full and floats like a cork. The Crystal Wings offer excellent visibility we sometimes need. All said we have a knockout selection.


Hairwing Dry Flies

Adams Irresistible - ADSIRR


Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

H & L Variant - HNLVAR


Size 12,14 & 16

Green Drake - GREEND


Sizes 12 & 14

Colorado Green Drake -


Size 12

Fluor Green Humpy HUMGRN


Red Humpy - HUMRED
Sizes 12,14,16 & 18
Yellow Humpy - HUMYEL
Size 10,12,14,16,18 & 20

Royal Yellow Humpy HUMRYL


Royal Fluor. Green Humpy - HUMRGR
Sizes 12,14,16 & 18
Royal Red Humpy - HUMRRD
Size 10,12,14,16,18 &20

Royal Wulff - RYLWLF


Sizes 10,12,14,16,18 &20
White Wulff - WHTWLF NEW
Sizes 12,14 & 16

Hexagenia Dun flies HEXIGE


Size 6

Gabetta's Jimmy Z™


Original - JIMMYZ Sizes 12 & 14
Red - JIMZRD NEW Sizes 12 & 14 Yellow- JIMZYL NEW
Sizes 12 & 14

Hi-Vis Dries


Adams - HVDADS Sizes 12,14,16,18,20&22
Blue Winged Olive - HVDBWO Pale Morning Dun - HVDPMD Sizes 14,16,18,20&22

Royal Coachman Trude flies- RYLTRD


Sizes 10,12,14,16 & 18

Tennessee Wulff-TENWLF


Sizes 14,16 & 18

Bill Meckel is one of the timeless tiers of our era and remains a legend in our business. He has won countless awards including die acclaimed Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award. Besides being a great tier he is also a fantastic person. Check out his Tape Wing Caddis and Biot Duns.


Crystal Wing™ Dry Flies


Adult Damsel


Blue - ADDMBL Olive - ADDMOL
Size 10

Royal Wulff - FLRWLF


Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Grey Wulff flies- FLGWLF


Sizes 12,14 & 16

Para Adams - CWPADS


Sizes 12,14,16 &18

Para Pheasant Tail - CWPPHT


Sizes 14,16 & 18

Para Irres. Ant Black - CWPABK


Sizes 12,14 & 16

Eastern Patterns


We are a West Coast company hut we have produced many of the essential patterns anglers East of die Mississippi use to make their fishing trip rewarding. All are specially designed to match hatches in size and color.

CDC Caddis

Grannom ESGCBK
Sizes 12,14 & 16
Sizes 14,16 & 18
Slate Drake Nymph

Sizes 10,12 & 14

Slate Drake Dun

Sizes 10,12 & 14

Peeking Caddis flies


Cream - ESPCCM
Sizes 12 & 14

Sulphur Dun

ESSUDN Sizes 16 & 18

Quill Gordon

ESQGDN Size 14

March Brown

ESMBDN Sizes 12 & 14

Rusty Spinner

ESSPRU Sizes 14,16,18, 20&22


ESBWOD Sizes 14 8t 16

BWO Spinner

ESBWSP Sizes 14 & 16

Green Drake Dun flies


Green Drake Spinner



Sulphur Nymph

Sizes 14 & 16

Sulphur Soft Hackles


Sizes 14 & 16

Stone flies



Stoneflies and Attractors

ever changing line up of stones and attractors are simply fun to fish. There is nothing like seeing a wily trout rise to your offering and slurp one in. Most sit flush in the film for a great profile yet are easy to see.

Carnazzo's Adult Skwala

BCASKW Sizes 6,8& 10

Yakima Stone

YKSTON Sizes 6,8 & 10

Extendo Stone™

Golden Stone - DFXS6S Skwala - DFXSKW Sizes 6 & 10 Salmon Fly - DFXSSF Sizes 2 & 6



Black - STIMBK, Royal - STIMRL Yellow - STIMYL, Olive - STIMOL Sizes 8,10,12,14,16 & 18 Orange - STIMOR Sizes 6,8,10,12,14 & 16 Improved Sofa Pillow PILLOW Sizes 4 & 6

Rubber Leg Stimulators

Sizes 8,10,12 & 14
Yellow - RSTMYL
Orange - RSTMOR
Sizes 6, 8,10,12 & 14

Carnazzo Drowned Stone™

Brown - BCDSBN
Sizes 6 & 10

Irresistible Stimulator

Orange - ISTIMOR
Sizes 6,8,10,12 & 14
Golden - ISTIMGD
Sizes 8,10,12 & 14

Unsinkable Irresistible Temptation™


Golden - IRSGLD
Sizes 8 & 10
Orange - IRSORG
Sizes 4,6 & 8

CDC Yellow Sally

Yellow - BOWCYS Sizes 14,16 & 18

Sharin Stone™


Orange - SHAROR Sizes 6 & 8 Golden - SHARGD Sizes 8 & 10

Norm Woods Special

Original - NWSPEC Sizes 6,8& 10 Rubber Leg Norm - RLNORM NEW Sizes 6,8& 10

Dornan's Water Walker Stonefly™

Salmonfly - SRSFOR Sizes 4 & 6 Golden Stone - SRGSTN Sizes 6 & 8 September Stone - SRSSST Sizes 6,8 & 10

Will Dornan; We can tell you a lot of stories about Will, but suffice to say he is renown in the Jackson, WY arena where his shop. Snake River Anglers sells thousands of dozen of flies each year. Will has tied since childhood and always has the trick new pattern all the guides want.

Terrestrials flies

Land born critters are an essential ottering to fish all over the planet. Predacious fish are known for exploding strikes on Hoppers, Spiders, Ants and Beetles flies so make sure you have plenty.

Foam Fire Beetle™

Black/Red - FIRBBK
Sizes 10 & 14
Sparkle-Bak™ Beetle

Black - PFSBBB
Green - PFSBBG
Size 12

Foam Spiders

White - FOAMWH
Size 10

CDC Terrestrials


Black Foam Ant - CVSANT
Sizes 14 & 16
Red Foam Ant - CVRANT
Sizes 14 & 16
Foam Beetle - CVSBTL
12,14 & 16

Lady Bugs


Red -LADYRD Orange - LADYOR Size 14

Fishy's Epoxy Ant™

Black - FIEPAN Size 12

Fishy's Creepy Crawly Spider™

Brown - FISPBN Sizes 10 & 14

Fishy's Epoxy-Backed Beetle™

Black - FISEPB Size 10

Fishy's Early Hopper™

FEAHOP Size 12

Fishy's Foam Hopper™

Yellow - FIFHOP Tan - FIFTAN Sizes 6 & 8

Black X Cricket™

Black - SRXCRK Sizes 8 & 10

Thunder Hopper™


Tan - SRTHTN Sizes 6 & 8

Dornan's Chernobyl Bug™

Gold Stone SRCBGS Golden Olive - SRCBGO Tan SRCBTN Sizes 6,8& 10

Black Beetle

Black - IBEETB Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Green Back Beetle

Green Backed - IBEETG Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Black Cicada


CICADA Sizes 8 & 10

Hoppers & Emergers Flies

Bullet Foam Hoppers

Yellow - BFHOPP
Sizes 8,10 & 12

Hopped-Up Hopper™

Size 10

Indi-Dropper Hopper

Sizes 6,8 & 10

Blockhead Hopper

Yellow -BHHOPY
Sizes 8 & 10

Jay-Dave's Hopper

Jay-Dave's Hopper - LEGHOP
Sizes 6, 8,10,12,14 & 16

Parachute Hoppers

Pale Yellow - PHOPYL
Olive -PH0P0L, Tan - PHOPTN
Sizes 8,10,12 & 14

Parachute Madam X


Yellow - PMADXY
Sizes 12,14 & 16

Mr. Bill's Flying Ant


Black - MRBILL
Sizes 14,16 & 18
Sizes 14 & 16

Emerger Patterns

Phillips' Mosquito Hawk™

BPACNT Size 10

Phillips' Tunghead Mosquito Hawk™

BPHAWK Size 10

Foam Biot Sparkle E merger

Trico - BIOTRI Sizes 20 & 22 P.M.D. - BIOPMD B.W.O. - BIOBWO Sizes 18 & 20

CDC Emerger

Blue Dun - CEMBLD Sizes 16,18 & 20 Trico - CEMTRI Sizes 18,20 & 22 P.M.D. - CEMPMD Sulphur-CEMSUL Sizes 14,16 & 18 Slate Olive - CEMSOL Sizes 18 & 20

Emerger Flies
Thread Nymph

Brown - SRTNBN Olive - SRTNOL Sizes 16,18 & 20
Swiss Straw Emerger

SRSSEM Sizes 16 & 18
Drowned Green Drake

SRDGRD Sizes 10 & 12
Green Drake Paratilt Flies

Green Drake - SRGDPT Sizes 12 & 14

Eastern Emergers

Brown Drake -DSEMBD Size 10 March Brown - DSEMMB Isonychia - DSEMIS Sizes 10 & 12

Ken's Soft Hackle Emerger

Pheasant Tail - PBMPHT Dun - PBMDUN Sizes 12,14 & 16

Pheasant Tail - HPMPHT Blue Wing Olive - HPMBWO Callibaetis - HPMCAL Sizes 14,16 & 18

Spin-Dry™ Emergers


Blue Wing Olive - BSDEBW Sulphur -BSDESU Sizes 16 & 18 Rust - BSDERD Sizes 12 & 14

Snowshoe CDC Emergers

Sizes 12,14 & 16
Blue Wing Olive - BSEBWO
Mahogany - BSEMOH
Sizes 14,16 & 18
Callibaetis - BSECAL
Sizes 10,12 & 14
Green Drake - BSEGDK
March Brown - BSEMBN
Sizes 10 & 12

Overley's Spotlight Emerger™

Blue Winged Olive - OVSEBW
Sizes 18 & 20
Callibaetis - OVSECA
Sizes 12,14 & 16
Green Drake - OVSEGD
Sizes 10 & 12
Light Hendrickson - OVSELH
Sizes 12,14 & 16
Pale Morning Dun - OVSEPM
Sizes 14,16, & 18 Sulphur - OVSESU Sizes 16 & 18

CDC Puff Emergers

Blue Wing Olive - BPEBWO
Sizes 16,18 & 20
Callibaetis - BPECAL
Sizes 14 & 16
Green Drake - BPEGDK
Size 10


Sizes 16,18, 20&22
Sizes 16,18 & 20
Trico - CRPTRI
Sizes 20 & 22
Green Drake - CRPGRD
Size 12
Callibaetis - CRPCAL
Sizes 12 & 14

Micro Nymphs

Quicksilver™ Series

These beautifully tied little emergers and nymphs utilize our bright Quicksilver lined beads and imitate the gas bubble on all sorts of emerging aquatic life which makes them so critical in most stream fishing situations. It also makes the fish go wild.

Blood Midge - QSLBLD


Sizes 18,20 & 22

Brassie - QSILBR


Sizes 16,18 & 20

Sparkle Back Midge - QSLSBM


Sizes 18,20 & 22



Sizes 18, 20 & 22

Bubble-Bak™ Midge
Black - QSBBBK

Midge Brown - QSMMBN
Midge Olive - QSMMOL
Midge White - QSMMID
Midge Black - QSMMBK

Sizes 20 & 22

Baetis - QSILBT


Sizes 18 & 20

P.T. Natural - QSPTNT
P.T. Black - QSPTBK
P.T. Olive - QSPTOL


Sizes 18, 20 & 22

Micro patterns



Spirit river beautifully crafted line of Micro patterns imitate more precisely what are in most trout diets. These are all EZ to hang off an indicator or any floating pattern.


Micro Nymps Flies

BH Black Beauty PDPBHB


Sizes 18, 20 & 22

Blood Midge - BLOODM


Sizes 18, 20 & 22

Overley's Water Boatman" -


OVBOAT Sizes 12 & 14

Brassie - BRASSI


Sizes 14,16,18 & 20

Skinny Mini


Light - SKMNLT
Sizes 14,16 & 18

CDC Micro Flash-Bak™


Black - MFBBLK Olive - MFBOLV
Bloodworm - MFBBWM
Sizes 18 & 20

BH Micro Caddis


Rockworm - MICROR
Brown - MICROB
Sizes 18 & 20

WD-40 Grey - WDGREY
WD-40 Olive - WDOLIV

WD-40 Chocolate - WDCHOC


Sizes 18, 20 & 22

Micro Nymphs
Pale Morning Dun - PDYPMD


Sizes 16,18 & 20
Trico - PDYTRI
Baetis Light -PDYBTS
Baetis Dark - PDYBTD
Sizes 18,20 & 22

ice Cream Cone Midge


Black - ICCMBK
Sizes 10,12,14&16

Cadion's Midge Pupa™


Blue Dun - BCMPBD
Green - BCMPGB
Sizes 16,18 & 20

BH WD-40 Olive - BWDOLV
BH WD-40 Grey - BWDGRY
BH WD-40 Chocolate - BWDCHO


Sizes 18, 20 & 22

Stillwater Patterns


Absolutely the best designs for lake fishing anywhere on the planet. These patterns cover every conceivable nitch when lake fishing. All the designs are subtle & exacting in both color/size to mimic exact insect stages. Drift one of the many styles of Chironomid's under the wave action of an indicator or strip in a Caddis.

Clearwater Pupa

Black - SWCPBK Crimson - SWCPCM Sizes 12,14 & 16

Green & Red Midge Larva

SWGRML Sizes 8,10 & 12

Summer Duck Chironomid Pupa


SWSDCP Sizes 10,12 & 14

Red-Brown Chironomid Pupa

SWRBCP Sizes 10,12 & 14

Pheasant Pupa

Red Back Pheasant SWRBPH Green Back Pheasant - SWGBPH Sizes 10,12 & 14

Maroon Chironomid Bomber

SWMRNC Sizes 10,12 & 14

Black Sally

SWBKSL Sizes 10,12 & 14

Collaborator flies


SWCOLL Sizes 10,12 & 14

Wim Alphenaar from the Netherlands has tied flies since 1965. He is widely known for his illustrations and articles which have been published by most every fly fishing magazine in Europe and America. His books include 'Flyfishing & Fly-tying', 'Emergers & Floating Patterns', 'Fly Tying with Synthetics', 'Fly Fishing in Practice, 'Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Tricks', and has also been featured in Darrel Martins Micro Patterns. HLs 34 years of experience show his passion for our great sport.


Nymphs, Worms & Scuds Flies


There is nothing standard about our nymphs except die name. Each and even' one Is masterfully tied and weighted. All are long proven GO-TO flies and deserve a spot in any serious angler's arsenal.


Standard Nymphs


Prince Nymph - PRINCE

Sizes 10,12,14,16 & 18


Sizes 10,12,14,16 & 18

Beaded San Juan Worm


Brown - SRBSJB Red - SRBSJR Wine - SRBSJW Size 10

Girdle Bugs

GIRBLK Brown - GIRBRN Olive -GIROLV Sizes 6,8 & 10

San Juan Worm

Brown - SJWBRN
Cream - SJWCRM
Orange - SJW0R6
Sizes 10,12,14,16 & 18
Maroon - SJWMAR
Sizes 10 & 14

Pearlback Scud

Olive - SCUDOL
Orange - SCUDOR
Sizes 14,16 & 18

Beadhead Nymphs flies

You can get standard old beadheads from most anyone...assuming they have them in stock. Company use our own Brite Beads™ and not only do our jewel-like beads outlast and outshine, but with the lead wire we insert into every fly, they SINK. Try ours and settle for no less than the best.


Prince - CBHDPN Pheasant Tail - CBHDPT Flashback PT -CBFBPT Sizes 12,14,16,18 & 20

Champagne Caddis™

Olive -CHCD0L Tan -CHCDTN Sizes 12,14 & 16

B.W. Steelie Bug™

October Caddis - DFWOCT Black/Green - DFSWBG Black/Purple - DFSWBP Purple/Chartreuse - DFSWPC Purple/Pink - DFSWPP Size 6

B.W. Trout Bug™


Brown/Ginger - DFBWBN Brown/Olive - DFBWOL Gold/Silver - DFBWGS Olive/Chartreuse DFBWCH Olive/Ginger - DFBWOG Red/Amber DFBWRA Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Epoxy-Back™ Nymphs

Blue Wing Olive - BEBBWO
Pale Morning Dun - BEBPMD
Sulphur - BEBSUL
Sizes 16 & 18

Russian River Special™

Sizes 8,10,12, & 14

Beadhead Lite-Brite™ Prince

Purple/Black - LBBPBK
Dark Olive - LBBPOL
Sizes 12,14 & 16

Phillips' Peekaboo Nymph™


Sizes 14 & 16

Beadhead Nymphs

Standard Beadhead Nymphs

Ken's Jelly Cord Caddis Lime - KJCCHL Sizes 10,12,14 & 16

Water Boatman - BOATMN Size 12

Lightning Bug Gold - LIGHTG

Silver - LIGHTS Sizes 14,16 & 18

earl Cased Caddis - GBDPRL jreen Cased Caddis - GBDGRN

NEW Sizes 12,14 & 16

Beadhead & Tungsten
Prince of Diamonds™

Dark Olive - BHDPDO
Golden Stone - BHDPGS
Peacock BHDPPH
Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

RL Prince of Diamonds™

Black - RLDPBK
Dark Olive - RLDPDO
Golden Stone - RLDPGS
Peacock RLDPPC
Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Copper Johns


Chartreuse -CPJCHR
Copper - CPJCOP
Green CPJGRN Sizes 12,14,16,18 & 20

RL Copper Johns

Chartreuse RLCJCH
Copper - RLCJCP
Green - RLCJGN
Sizes 12,14,16 & 18

Beadhead Rubber Leg Nymphs

Hare's Ear - BHHENT
Prince - PRINCR
Pheasant Tail - BHPTRB Sizes 12,14 & 16
Bi-Color Princes

Black/Copper BCPNBC
Black/Green - BCPNBG
Blue/Red - BCPNBR Red/Green - BCPNRG
Sizes 12,14,16.18 & 20

Tunghead™ Lip-Stik™ Damsel


Original -THLSDM
Size 10
Beadless - BLLSDM Size 10

Bead Thorax Swimming Damsel

Size 12

Stone Flies


If you want to really get down our stonefly line up here does die job. A TON of useful patterns that match die bugs or attract fish. Check out die popular Micro Stones or our Beldar Family of Stones. They 'ROCK'.


Bill Carnazzo fishes and guides on the McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Rubicon, and North Yuba rivers. He is a master fly tver who ties at many fly fishing shows. Bill also works part time at Kiene's fly Shop, and teaches fly fishing and fly tying at Sierra Community College.


MOAB Stone™

Black - DFMSBK Brown - DFMSBN Sizes 2,4 & 6 Skwala - DFMSSA Golden - DFMSGD Sizes 6, 8 & 10

Egg-Sucking MOAB Stone™

Black - DFESBK Brown - DFESBN Purple - DFESPP Sizes 2,4 & 6 Golden - DFESGD Sizes 6, 8 & 10

Beadhead Drifting Stone™

Black BHDSBK Sizes 4,6 & 8 Brown BHDSBR Golden - BHDSGD Sizes 6,8 & 10

Woven Stone™

Dark Stone - DFWODS Sizes 4, 6 & 8 Golden - DFWOGS Skwala - DFWOSK Sizes 6,8 & 10


Dark Stone - MSNDRK
Golden - MSNGLD
Sizes 12,14 & 16

Beadhead Rubber Leg Stones

Black - BRLSBK
Brown - BRLSBN
Sizes 4, 6 & 8
Sizes 6,8& 10

Carnazzo's Stepping Stone

Golden - BCSSGD
Sizes 6,8 & 10

Beldar's Double Bead Stone™


Black - CHDBBK, Brown - CHDBBR
Sizes 4, 6,8 & 10
Golden - CHDBGS, Skwala - CHDBSK
Sizes 6, 8& 10
Hot Head Black - CHDBHB
Hot Head Brown - CHDBHN
Sizes 4, 6 & 8

Buggers & Leeches Flies


Actions speak louder than words and these Buggers-leeches are awesomely effective in lakes and streams. Some have die movement of legs like the Jailhouse Buggers and some have die subtle flash like the Lightin™ Buggers. All are indispensable & have die smoodi enticing rear wiggle.


Wooly Buggers

Brown - WOOLBR
White - WOOLWH
Sizes 6,8,10 & 12


Black - FLBGBK
Brown - FLBGBN
Olive - FLB60L
Sizes 6,8,10 & 12

Beadhead Flashbuggers™


Black - BHWBBK
Olive - BHWBOL
Sizes 6, 8,10 & 12

Jailhouse Buggers™

Barred Brown - JHBBBN
Barred Olive - JHBBOL
Barred Baitfish- JHBBBF
Size 6,8 & 10

Prince of Buggers™

Grizzly - POBGRZ
Olive - POBOLV
Black - POBBLK
Brown - POBBRN
Sizes 4,6 & 8
Baby Buggers™

Black - BMWBBK
Brown - BMWBBN
Dark Olive - BMWBOL
Chartreuse - BMWBCH NEW
Sizes 10,12,14 & 16

Lightnin'™ Buggers


Flameout - CHLBFO
Nitemare - CHLBNM
Purple - CHLBPB
Sizes 4, 6 & 8

Beadhead Lite-Brite™
Wooly Buggers

Copper/Pearl - LBWBCP
Black/Grizzly - LBWBLK
Black/Blue - LBWBLU
Brown/Brown - LBWBRN
Black/Cerise - LBWCER Olive/Dark Olive - LBWOLV



a lot to offer any serious angler that knows how deadly a property fished streamer is. Our original Conehead ZuddlerTM has been copied far and wide just like our Lite Brite™ Zonkers. Simply put we know how to make streamers...and we know how to make them effective.


Luke's Rattle Bunnies™

All Black - JLRBAB Chartreuse/White - JLRBCW Olive/White - JLRBOW Red/Yellow-JLRBRY Size 2

Conehead Marabou Zuddler™


Black CHMZBK Sculpin - CHMZSP White - CHMZWH Size 4 & 6

Overley's Bass Grabbits™


Black/Chartreuse 0VB6BC Baitfish/Nickel - 0VBGBN Chartreuse/Black - 0VB6CB Olive/Gold - 0VBG0G Size 2

Double Bunnies™

Black/Chartreuse DBUNBC Black/White - DBUNBW Natural/Tan DBUNNT Olive/White - DBUNOW Sizes 2 & 6

Deadhead Lite Brite™ Zonker


White/Pearl LBZPRL Chartreuse - LBZCHR Black/Purple - LBZBLK Olive/Dark Olive - LBZOLV Brown/Copper - LBZBRN Sizes 4 & 6

Conehead Zuddlers™

Black-ZUDBLK Brown - ZUDBRN Olive - ZUDOLV Yellow - ZUDYEL Sculpin • ZUDSCU White - ZUDWHT Sizes 4,6,8& 10

Marabou Muddler Minnow

Marabou Muddler Black-MARMUD White - MARWHI Yellow - MARYEL

Sizes 6, 8 & 10

Muddler Minnow

Muddler Minnow MUDMIN Weighted - MUDW6T Sizes 4,6,8 8(10

Streamers & Eggs

Mike's Epoxy Zonkers™


Olive/Pearl - EXZOLV White/Pearl - EXZWHT Black/Silver - EXZBLK Sizes 4 & 6

Strung-Out in the Mud™ DFSMUD Size 6

Strung-Out with AL™


DFALEN Size 10

Alevins Orange Egg


- ALEORN Peach Egg - ALEPCH Size 8

Epoxy Mini Minnows Grey/White - EXMMGY Olive/White - EXMMOL Chartreuse/White - EXMMCH

Sizes 1/0, 2,6 & 8

Baitfish Minnows Gold- BAITGS Shad - BAITSH Silver Shiner -


BAITSS Sizes 6 &8

Lite Brite™ Minnows Silver Shiner - LBMSHN Gold Shiner LBMGLD Baby Bass - LBMBAS Rainbow LBMBOW Size 4,6 & 8

Bass Blastin' Moal™


Black/Chart - DFBMBC Olive/Orange - DFBMOO Brown/Orange - DFBMBO Size 2

Egg Patterns

Clown Egg BOZEGG Sizes 6, 8,10,12 & 14

Soft Gummy Eggs™ Chartreuse - YGECHR Orange - YGEORN Pink -YGEPNK Red - YGERED Size 6

Hot Egg Chartreuse GLEGCH Peach - GLEGPE Pink - GLEGPN Sizes 10 & 14

Fish Emission™ Oregon Cheese - FEMORE Transparent Pink - FEMPNK Salmon Egg FEMSAL Sizes 6 & 10

Glo Bugs Oregon Cheese/Flame - YEGGCS Steelhead Orange/Flame - YEGGOR Shrimp Pink/Cheese - YEGG PC Chartreuse/Flame - YEGGCF Flame/Steelhead Orange - YEGGFO Cream/Steelhead Orange - YEGGCO Sizes 6,8,10,12 & 14

Sucker Spawn Cream - JRSSCR Orange- JRSSOR Pink - JRSSPK Salmon - JRSSSM Sizes 12,14 & 16

Fat Albert™ Flame/Pink - DFFAFP Orange/Chartreuse - DFFAOC Orange/Salmon - DFFAOS Size 1/0

Un-Real™ Eggs Fluorescent Flame - UREFLM Fluorescent Orange - UREFOR Fluorescent Pink - UREPNK Sizes 6 & 10

Saltwater Flies

Pop's Bucktail Deceivers

Chartreuse/White - BPBDCW
Red/White - BPBDRW
Size 2/0

Pop's Big Poppy (Bangers)

Chartreuse - BPBNGC
Silver - BPBNGS
Size 2/0

Pop's Jiggies

Chartreuse/White - BPJIGC
Grey/White - BPJIGG
Olive/White - BPJIGO
Tan/White - BPJIGT
Size 1

Pop's Jiggy Shrimp

Size 2


Bob Popovics is an east coast legend. His exploits as an angler, tyer, and flyfishing instructor are well documented. His creative patterns are the results of years of countless hours testing and refining his flies. He has literally pushed the limits and expanded the scope of tying as we know it. Perhaps the biggest compliment to Bob can be seen in the remarkable number of tvers who have been influenced by his designs and techniques. Bob and his wife Alexis live in New Jersey where they own and operate The Shady Rest restaurant and rose garden in Bayville. Spirit River is thrilled to offer the flies that have been the gold standard for Stripers, Bluefish, Bonito, Tuna, and many others.


Steelhead & Salmon Flies

All Flies designed for big mean monster size fish found from Alaska to the Great lakes. Their reputation speaks volumes from Coast to Coast.


Steelhead Series


You know these come from the land of the Umpqua where steelhead flys are put to the test over and over. We take extra time insuring the latest patterns and updated materials. Our heads are small and look like they have been coated in glass.


Steelhead Flies


Freight Train - FTRAIN


Skunk - SKUNKK
Green Butt Skunk - SKUNKG
Sizes 2,4 & 6

Black Gordon - GORDON
Purple Peril - PPERIL

Skykomish Sunrise - SKYK0M
Sizes 2.4 & 6

Winters Hope - WINTER


Sizes 2 & 4

Pink Alaskabou - ALASPK
Purple Alaskabou - ALASPR


Sizes 2/0 & 4

Steelhead & Salmon

Otis Bug

Copper/Gold/Black - OTISCG Hot Head - OTISHH Size 6

Emission-Kissin'™ Otis Bugger™

Black Flame - ESOBKF Midnight Flame - ESOMNR Size 6

Tung Tickler™


Black Stone TTIKBS Hot Orange - TTIKHO Hot Pink - TTIKHP Peacock - TTIKPS Size 6

Great Lakes Caddis Larva

Chartreuse - GLCADC Green - GLCADG Size 6,8& 10


Nite-Mare - STBLNM
Pink Casino - STBLPC
Peppermint Twist - STBLTW Sizes 1/0 & 4

Articulated Ultra Wog™

Chartreuse - ULTWCH
Light Pink - ULTWLP White ULTWHT Size 2

Flesh Fly

Flesh Fly - FLESHF
Sizes 4 & 8

Kenai Candy™


Flesh - JHKCCS
Sizes 2,4 & 6

Bass/Warmwater Flies


Bass and Panfish patterns are rated aggressive because they agitate, antagonize and otherwise entice heart pounding strikes. Our properly engineered patterns are sturdy and will take the pounding.

Magnum Prince™

Copper - MAGCOP Peacock - MAGPEA Sizes 6,8 & 10

Tunghead™ Flash-Bak™ Steelhead P.T.


THFBPT Sizes 6, 8& 10


Hex Sparrow - GLHEXS Sizes 6,8 & 10 B.H. Sparrow/Olive - GLBSOL Sizes 6 & 8

Simple Stone Nymph

Beadhead - GLBSSB Sizes 8,10 & 12 Standard - GLSSFN Sizes 10 & 12


Chartreuse - FBABCH Olive - FBABOL Purple - FBABPU Size 2/0
Oscars Hex

Oscars Hex GLOHEX Sizes 6 & 8

Fox's Mudbugs™

Chocolate Brown FSMBBN Olive - FSMBOL Size 4

Luke's Bass Candy™


Black -JLBSBK Crawfish Orange - JLBSCO White - JLBSWH Size 1/0

Bass and Warmwater Flies


Carp are fast becoming the popular freshwater bonefish. We do know they are ugly, big and really fun to tie into. Jon Luke has mastered the patterns that now take hundreds of the biggest Carp anywhere in any type of situation. Bass have a place in most serious anglers hearts and are a hoot to catch on a popper.

Pro-Tec Poppers™

Black - POPBLK
Chartreuse - POPCHR
Pearl - POPPRL
Yellow - POPYEL
Sizes 6 & 10

Pro-Tec Sliders™

Chartreuse - SLICHR
Pearl - SLIPRL
Yellow - SLIYEL
Sizes 6 & 10

Performance Poppers™

Yellow/Black - PERPYL
Pearl White/Black - PERPWH
Black/Silver - PERPBK
Fire Tiger - PERPFT
Sizes 6 & 10

Performance Pencil Poppers™

Trout - PPPTRT
Red/White - PPPRED
Red/Yellow- PPPRYL
Silver Side Minnow - PPPSSM
Fire Tiger PPPFIR
Sizes 2/0 & 2

Small Fry™


Silver - SMFSIL Olive - SMFOLV Chartreuse - SMFCHR Size 6

'Ultra' Foam-Tec Poppers™

Black/Red - UFTPBR Fire Tiger - UFTPFT Frog Green - UFTPFC Purple/Red - UFTPPR Sizes 6 & 10

'Ultra' Foam-Tec Bubble Divers™


Black/Red - UFBDBR Frog - UFBDFR Fire Tiger - UFBDFT Sizes 6 & 10

Mini Ultra Popper™

Black - MNPOPB Green - MNPOPG Red - MNPOPR Yellow-MNP0PY Size 10

Warmwater/Saltwater flies


A guy once told us - If you and Crazy Charlie want to Snake a Small Fry around
hoping to Deceive some Half & Half EZ Prey™ then try Rattlin your Shrimp
or tickling your MOAL Rhoid™. The guys at the lodge will think your Numero Uno.
We are not so sure we believe him but the flies he mentions are sturdy and reliable.


Luke's Carp Candy™


Black- JLCCBK Olive -JLCCOL Crayfish Orange - JLCCOR Tan - JLCCTN Size 6

Luke's Carp Craw™

Orange- JLCROR Grey- JLCRGR Size 6

Luke's Carp Urchin™


Black- JLCUBK Olive/Black - JLCUOB Orange/Black - JLCUOR Size 6

Luke's Shellback Carp Bug™

Brown - JLSBCB Size 6

Quad Generation™

Anchovy - DHTGAN Dorado - DHTGDO Mackeral - DHTGMK Sardine - DHTGSD Squid - DHTGSQ Size 4/0

Rattlin' Bait™

Bleedin' Bluegill - DHRBBB Bluegill - DHRBGL Shad - DHRBSH Size 2/0

Saltwater Pearly Poppers

Red/White - PRLPRW Green/White - PRLPGW Blue/White - PRLPBW Peacock - PRLPPK Size 2/0 & 2



Cockroach - DECCOC Green/White - DECGWH Blue/White - DECWHB Chartreuse/White - DECCHR White - DECWHT Sizes 2/0 & 2

SaltWater flies


Fishy's Bonefishy™ Fly

Pink - FFBFPK Sizes 4 & 6

Crazy Charlies (Bead Chain Eyes)

Brown - CRAZBN Gold - CRAZGD Pink - CRAZPK White - CRAZWH Tan -CRAZTN Sizes 4,6 & 8

Calftail Deep Minnow™

Chartreuse/White - DHDMCH Olive/White DHDMOL Pink/White - DHDMPK Tan/White - DHDMTN Sizes 4 & 6

Bonefish Shrimp


Beadchain Pink - BCBSPK Beadchain Tan - BCBSTN Dazl-Eye Pink - DEBSPK Dazl-Eye Tan - DEBSTN Sizes 2,4 & 6


Del s Permit Crab - PERMIT Size 2 Raghead Crab Tan -RAGTAN Brown - RAGBRN Size 2,4& 6

Super Male Shrimp™

Pink - DFBSPK Sizes 4 & 6

Rattlin' Shrimp

Chartreuse - RTSHCH Gold - RTSHGD Tan -RTSHTN Size 2



Beadchain - GOTCHB Dazl-Eye - GOTCHD Sizes 2,4 & 6

Keel Head™ BC
Deep Minnow

Olive/Chartreuse- JMINOC
Grey/White-JMINGW Size 2/0
The Keel Head™minnows are tied on Spirit River's 60° keel hooks, which act as a keel to keep them straight and on line. However, give them a strip and watch the jig hook go to work, dancing up and down, side to side!
Surf Slashers
(Crease Flies)

Black/White - CFLYBK
Blue/White - CFLYBU
Olive/White - CFLYOL
Size 1/0

Keel Head™

Olive/White - JNHOLW
Grey/White-JNHGRW Size 2/0
The Keel Head™minnows are tied on Spirit River's 60° keel hooks, which
act as a keel to keep them straight and on line. However, give them a strip
and watch the jig hook go to work, dancing up and down, side to side!

Value Bug Packs

The word value is one we take seriously because that it is exactly what you get with these amazing assortments. Just look at the time and energy we
put into each and every pack. Then look at the price. Designed for counter top flash sales or they can be hung in key display areas. Each assortment is hand picked and made special from our excess inventory. So assortments &
patterns will vary. Of course this gives the customer the ability to pick and choose the selection thay they prefer. There is many times an angler will want
to try something neat and new and not pay a arm and a leg for it. These are just the ticket. In addition many of the flies are signature patterns. There is no bigger bang for your buck than right here.


Value Bug Packs

The word value is one we take seriously because that it is exactly what you get with these amazing assortments. Just look at the time and energy we
put into each and every pack. Then look at the price. Designed for counter top flash sales or they can be hung in key display areas.
Each assortment is hand picked and made special from our excess inventory. So assortments & patterns will vary. Of course this gives the customer the ability to pick and choose the selection thay they prefer. There is many times an angler will want to try something neat and new and not pay a arm and a leg for it. These are just the ticket. In addition many of the flies are signature patterns. There is no
bigger bang for your buck than right here.


for contacts/source:

17537 North Umpqua Highway

Roseburg, Oregon 97470

Toll Free Tel (800) 444-6916



Enrico Puglisi Flies



SuperFly TM


As internationally respected Superfly International Inc. Company based in of North
America started more than 25 years ago with a good idea and a passion for fly tying in a small basement hobby room. Today, Company is leading distributor and manufacturer of fly fishing,innovative and effective new and fly tying products include one of the largest selections of fly tying tools and materials, fly rods, fly reels tippet materials and lines.




Superfly International Inc.
11233 120 Street Edmonton, AB. CANADA T5G 2X9
Phone: 780-455-6265 Fax: 780.451.2846


Fulling Mill


PROBABLY One OF THE BEST FLIES IN THE WORLD, all come in total reliability and premium quality, and the widest possible flies choice. You get 100% of all that when you buy any Fulling Mill flies , and you get a 100% guarantee on every single fly this Company tie.


Ghillies Fly-shop




Why tie your own flies?
Learning to tie your own flies can be one of the most rewarding fly-fishing related
experiences you can have. Imagine opening your fly box and choosing the right fly
for the situation and having more than one to get you through the hatch. With the
ability to adjust to colors and sizes, the amount of flies you carry will be limited
only by your time at the vise and the size of your fly box. So come and get started
tying flies with the best core basics to help you get off to a smart start. All tools
and materials will be provided. All classes use HD video. Please call to sign up.




Fly fishing point


With longstanding passion for fly fishing Fly fishing point Company offers a quality One-stop resource to provide for your unique fly fishing and anglers needs. Company focused on quality over quantity, and as such it is our conscious decision to offer only those flies, products,acessories and services which we can confidently stand behind.


Company offers a huge range of flies include: Fulling Mill Tactical Series, Blobs
Bloodworms,Buzzers,Carp Flies,Dry Flies, Black Woolly Bugger, Tinsel Town,
Emergers & Suspenders, Lures, 1,84 CHFBuy,Black Hare’s Ear,Oliver Edwards Small Black Stonefly Nymph and much more.


Fly tying company



BigR Fly Shop
Farm Store Fly Fishing

Denver stays on the vise for this month's Creature Classis to tie the Goddard Caddis. For this version, he uses a darker orange coloration for autumn. This very productive dry fly pattern incorporates deer hair and saddle hackle which allows it to ride high on the water surface.

Size 14 Tiemco TMC100
Size 14 Whiting 100's Saddle Hackle
Schlappen Feather Stem
Black 70 Ultra Thread
Orange Deer Dody
Peacock Hurl


Salmon Fly


Many people tend to just sweep their problems away that these same issues can apply to situations on the river. Anglers sweep their fishing problems away on the river by moving to a different spot.


They never truly face the challenge of catching that rising trout fish just out of reach or trying something different to get that fish you know is there, but won't take your offering.


When we arrive at the river, we arrive with many tools to face these challenges: boxes of different fly flies, rods, longer rods, reels etc.

Most fly fishermen know how to overhead cast , but what about spey cast?



Spey casting


Spey casting story


Spey casting is essentially an advanced, aerialized roll cast developed on the Spey River in Scotland, where fly anglers were faced with wide, fast rivers that had trees and brush running all the way down to the river's edge. These obstacles left no room for back casts.


In spey casting, we learn a bunch of different casts and use them in certain situations: The Perry Poke, Single Spey, Snap-T, and the Snake Roll just to name a few, each of them was developed for a certain situation on the river.

If a certain technique works for us one time, we tend to stick with that technique. People are creatures of habit. River anglers are faced with endless obstacles including wind, deep water, back eddies, , last water and over hanging limbs. It is our duty as an angler to accept these challenges mid figure them out.

looking for a solution Spey casting on the river can be part of solution, especially if you incorpo- rate it into fishing with your singlehanded rod. Spey casting is not just for double handed rods. More and more anglers are beginning to see the value of spey casting with a singlehanded fishing rod.


"The river was about 60 feet wide, with steep banks, brush hanging over on both sides, and it dropped off very quickly about four feet from the bank. The river was running from right to left. Being one to never pass up an opportunity to a rising fish, and knowing that there were a lot of anglers on the water, I gladly accepted their invitation and stepped into the river. I waded out as far from the bank as I could, until the water was about six inches from the top of my waders. I turned around to see how far from the bank I'd gotten, and there I stood a mere seven to eight feet from the clearing between the bushes and trees. I thought to myself wow, this is going to be tough. If you were to attempt an overhand cast, these guys were right, the fish were out of reach.


Then it hit me. Then, I knew a little bit of spey casting. Why not try a spey cast? I thought about how I was going to go about this. So after a little pondering, I positioned myself slightly upstream and across from the rising trout, then quickly stripped out a bunch of line from my reel and let the current carry it down-stream until my line was taunt. I lifted my rod tip, swung it around and down at the water. That in turn, shot my fly back upriver and set my anchor point. I swept my rod around over my right shoulder to form my D-loop and then moved onto the forward stroke of my cast. The line and the fly shot out like a bullet, sending my gigantic salmon fly imitation right into the feeding lane.


Because I was still new at spey casting, I was completely amazed at what I accomplished I had just done a Snap-T with my 9 ft 6 weight! It took a few casts before I figured out the right drift but I finally managed to kind a decent brown out of the run. At that point, landing a big fish was not my main concern. What I just figured out with my casting was far more meaningful to me. I opened up a whole new world of fishing opportunities to myself and I began to clearly see more and more benefits of learning spey casts. There is no doubt about it, fly fishing is challenging. We take up that challenge every time we step into the river with our fly rod. At times it leaves us humbled and causes us to even spit out a few cuss words, yet we come back and do it again and again. Is it because we are obsessed? Maybe. Whatever the reason, it is something that brings joy and fulfillment to us. Learning to spey cast isn't going to solve all your problems on the river, however, it's a step in the right direction. It'll increase your arsenal of tools and tactics for solving some of these so called "quandaries" on the river, ultimately improving your odds of landing more fish!"


Mayfly patterns


Mayfly patterns drainage are used to catch trout around the world. Mayflies give fly fishing anglers the opportunity to imitate a number of different stages of an aquatic insect's life cycle, be it emerger,larva, spinner and adult.


The role that mayflies play in contemporary fly fishing is even more pronounced.

Pick up any magazine, book, magazine, or DVD dealing with trout fishing, and you will almost certainly find different type mayflies. Mayflies...


Dry fly fishing for Trout and mayflies

Dry fly fishing is both action and challenging ...To know more about: Dry fly fishing factors, Natural drift, How to make a better selection of the mayfly, Mayfly spinner pattern and the leader.

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