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Fly Fishing Hats & Caps

A Good angler Wears many hats

Baseball cap or cowboy hat, What kind of hat do you wear for fishing trips? There has been a lot of discussion as to what hats are best and why, simply go with what's most comfortable during the different seasons. Below are a few examples and popular manufacturers:

Watership Hats

Rabbit Island SPORT Hats

Hats designed for action sports are made with high quality materials and attention to detail. The Watership Sports™ line of hats, internationally made, are a great value and an excellent choice for paddle sports,fishing and performance sailing. Ask about our embroidery program.

Available in
2 SIZES (S/M, L/X)

Vision fly fishing Hats

Newt Fishing Cap

100% cotton cap Comfortable and adjustable
with metal buckle in the back. Come in Navy blue,Khaki and Green

Polartec Mask/Hat

Durable Polartec Mask/Hat Water Treatment shedding the snow and rain and designed with the inner surface traps air providing warmth. With this quality Mask/Hat you can fish, no matter how bad or cold the conditions are.


Orvis Hats

Fleece Fishing Hat

Windproof Hat designed from two full layers of polyfleece and a laminate layer to block out the wind and keep ears warm without inhibiting your hearing. If you don't like being cold, that this hat is ideal for long days,hard work and cold water fishing trips.

Orvis Digi Camo Hat

One size fits most - Camo fishing hat constructed allow for maximum breathability

Bavarian style Hat

Original authentic style and detail. Tyrol hat in loden wool, is the topper for a distinctively styled angler.


Tilley Fishing Hats

Airflo fishing Hat

Packable and Completely crushable hat feature a special mesh crown and two-way wind cord for unbeatable ventilation and sun protection (UPF 50+).
This hat has a mesh section around the crown so it should cooler for summer days. Highly recommended if you do a lot of traveling, fishing and need a hat that works well in shine and rain.

Lightweight, washable and afloat, Hat come with non-absorbent foam in the crown in khaki and olive colors, sizes: from 6?, to 7¾.

Faustmann Hats

Faustmann are a medium sized company focused on field staff maintain contact with the stores and corporations. For three generations , Faustmann Company manufacture hats and caps include fishing hats. The Company are located in Berlin.

In 1999, Markus Faustmann , the son of the chief of his education , as reinforcing and successor to the company.
The aim of our work is to fully satisfy our customers needs. High quality workmanship is a matter of course for us . For this, the house FAUSTMANN guaranteed today and tomorrow.

Winter MUTZ - Hat

MUTZ - Hat from suede leather-faux, with ear flaps, equiped inside with teddy bear fabric 1:75% polyester, 25% acrylic, 100% Polyester

Alpiner hats - Wool Hats


Cotton Khaki - Safari Sports Fishing Hat

Designed soft and comfortable, made with a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The hat is a classic sports/fishing headwear with a floppy brim for protection from the sun,water and any other elements. Its perfect for any outdoor adventure and fishing. Safari Sports come in different styles and colors with two eyelets on each side, side buttons and chin string.

Mesh Lined Fishing Hat

100% cotton lightweight hat. All hats comes with adjustable chin strap for secure fit small ventilation holes on both sides of th hat. Mesh Lined - allows you to choose the perfect size for your head with 3 different sizes.


TB fishing hat

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Strand Hatters’ hand-crafted Hats

the headwear specialist (Australia)

If you want to get ahead ...

Get a hat. And Sydney's Strand Hatters, about to make its mark elsewhere in Australia, is just the place to find all kinds of titfer.

Be it from the mountains of Ecuador, or Panama , Strand Hatters travel the world to source culturally iconic styles and ethically-produced Brands for their unique umbrellas & hat shop. From French beret, Fly fishing hats and bow-ties to Greek fisherman’s cap they offers only amazing goods. There are cigars, cow
hides, weathered suitcases, books, golf clubs.

Strand Hatters shop & hats

The challenge for director Robert Carroll is always the same: acknowledging Strand Hatters past while paying homage to its modern collection of berets from France, panamas from Ecuador and tweed caps from Ireland.
"Necessity and the new popularity of men's hats and accessories," Carroll says .

It even has a bar at the back for "discerning gents who want a scotch while they shop". Strand Hatters offer the whole package - Strand Hatters've got hats, cuff-links, ties, belts, canes.

They wanted to create a masculine but comforting feel.

Tunes by famous hat-wearing crooners such as Fran Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr now serenade shoppers.Strand Hatters has also brought in some new hat brands such as Brixton and Truffaux.
These days, not only to protect their heads from the sun but because of fashion. The most popular styles are the trilby and the wider-brimmed fedora. Panama hats sales are also on the rise and Carroll travels to Ecuador each year to handpick the store's sought-after Panamas, which sell for up to $2.000.
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