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FOX Sport Fishing Lures

Fox Popper Bellyeye Lures

For higher strike rate all Lures are designed with a third eye on the belly.

The Bellyeye Series Lures are made from seasoned hardwood finished with Japanese paint with a tough epoxy resin

Bellyeye Stalker Series Lures

Fox Blue Mackerel 1/0 10ft

Blue sub surface fantastic Mackerel Style fishing float 8" size equipped with 2 x 1/0 XXX treble hooks. This Lure performs brilliantly on a downrigger set up and can be well worked down to about 10ft in depth and also performs brilliantly on a downrigger set up.

Firetiger Bellyeye Stalker

A perfect sub surface trolling fox fishing lure 8" for Mackerel, Wahoo, and Sailfish. This lure is very adept at retrieve and cast from the drifting boat or shore.
Firetiger equipped with XXX split rings
and XXX 1/0 Sharp hooks.

Redhead Bellyeye Stalker

Redhead style lure made from quality hardwood by Fox sport fishing worked down to about 10ft in depth.
Equipped with 2 x 1/0 XXX treble fishing hooks.

Bellyeye Henchman Series Lures

The adaptable Henchman 8" lures by Fox Sport Fishing available in 3 style (Firetiger, Redhead and Crawfish)for retrieve, cast and trolling Methods up to 8 knots of speed and diving depth in excess of 20ft.

Crawfish Bellyeye Henchman

Redhead Bellyeye Henchman

Firetiger Bellyeye Henchman

Deep Demon Series Lures

The adaptable Henchman 8" lures by Fox Sport Fishing available in 3 style (Firetiger, Redhead and Crawfish)for retrieve, cast and trolling Methods up to 8 knots of speed and diving depth in excess of 20ft.

The largest size 10" Deep Demon Fox Sport Fishing lures has the deepest dive in excess of 30ft. Ideally for trolling methods from medium to high speed up to 10 knots. All comes in 3 style options with third eye and equipped with two XXX 5/0 treble hooks attached to the seasoned hardwood body.

Redhead Bellyeye Deep Demon

Firetiger Bellyeye Deep Demon

Bonito Bellyeye Deep Demon

Doodle Bug Lures

Fox Sport Fishing Bellyeye Poppers Series

The perfect Doodle Bug Lures, a smallest (5 inch) trio of Fox Sport Fishing Poppers. A line up of lures for short to medium range water applications.

The completely different design provide totally unique water action. All Doodle Bug Fox Poppers can be used in any conditions, but it works best for anglers when fishing around shallower marks. Every lure made with meticulous precision by Fox Fishing are available in 3 styles and comes equipped with two of 2/0 XXX chemically sharpened treble hooks ,5 inches size, weighs in at 65g.

Redhead Bellyeye Doodle Bug

Pilchard Bellyeye Doodle Bug

Green Mackerel style Bellyeye Doodle Bug lures

Fat Boy Lures

Fox Sport Fishing Bellyeye Poppers Series

The Fx Fat Boy is 7" long fishing poppers that at an aggressive angle lie in the water. With casts like a bullet all poppers weight of 100g and are fitted with 2 x 4/0 XXX chemically sharpened treble hooks. Each of three style in most successful colours - Fat Boy Poppers creates a lot of water surface noise and works perfect in rough seas.

Redhead Bellyeye Fat Boy

Dorado Bellyeye Fat Boy

Blue Mackerel style Bellyeye Fat Boy Poppers

Top Stick Lures

Fox Sport Fishing Bellyeye Poppers Series

Top Stick Trio by Fos Sport Fishing best suited Bellyeye poppers with a casting weigh of 75g for calmer seas. Each of of three style lures worked at a much slower rate. Top Stick Poppers come equipped with two 2/0 XXX treble ultra sharp hooks attached to the body via a three XXX turn split ring.

Redhead Bellyeye Top Stick

Pilchard Bellyeye Top Stick

Green Mackerel style Bellyeye Top Stick Poppers

FOX Sport Fishing Trolling Lures

Fox Wave Runner Runt Lures

The smallest Wave Runner lure in Fox Sport Fishing Trolling range - 7 inches, it has an interchangeable sleeve that will allow you to use up to 400 lb. Designed with flat face it comes with twin hooks and 20 foot of 200 lb monofilament line

Fox Wave Runner Raider Lures

Like all the trolling lures in FOX SF range Raider comes with 20 feet of 400 lb monofilament. Raider will accept up to a amazing 900 lb breaking strain leader. Short head Designed to be most efective with an erratic water action.

WR Slayer Lures

The Fox WR Slayer perfect for multiple species trolling lures in concave style, and can be fished in just about any position for Sailfish.

WR Mad Max Lures

At 14 inches, the WR Mad-Max on of the best Marlin and other species lure and will accept to 900 lb leaders. Rigged WR Mad-Max comes equipped with our multi-position stopper

WR Gremlin Lures

Heavily weighted - WR Gremlin Lure is the 12 inches stable lure fitted with single hook

WR Trojan Lures

At 8 inches in length this is Ultra stable trolling Lure Designed with tapered head. The WR Trojan can be fished multiple species,Dorados and Marlin in any position.

WR Crusader Lures

At 14 inches in length this is perfect trolling lure come fitted with single hook and 20 ft of 400 lb monofilament

WR Rooter Lures

The 11 inch long WR Rooter is perfect Sailfish and Marlin. Depending on the speed of troll the Rooter make a fantastic noise and bubble trail . Come fitted with a double hook and can be used in virtually any conditions.

WR Chomper Lures

At 9 inches in length this lure is one of the lightest in Fos Sport Fishing range of trolling successful lures.