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Glow Lures - is the most unique and most effective fishing spoon you can use!


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Wobbler - perfect bait. Now there were glowing lures!
This new product on the market of fishing tovarov.Ee feature is that it glows in the dark.

Here's an example: Rather successfully at the lighted lure caught pike in shallow water at night or late evening.
Burbot also caught on the glowing lures.
Fishing is in daylight and at night. We will talk about fishing in the dark, EM night.
For each species of fish have a special lure, which she caught most effectively. We will not consider the technique of fishing.

We will analyze how to apply the glowing paint to make a glowing lures.
Ever since childhood I remember going to a fish fry on a beam of light directed into the water. And so must react almost all the fish. Hence, this property of fish can be used.
THEOREM our bait will glow in the dark. And fish, too, will see it.

The question arises, how to make the coloring of the bait and where to get setyaschuyusya paint? Then in order.
Colorize trolling or wobbler can be different. I must say that we should not paint your entire bait. At catching it can only scare the fish, tons of emission may be too bright. So the best option for coloring, a luminescent strips and luminous points marked on a decoy.

The duration of the glow glowing lures(painted with photo luminescent paint) can be different and depends on the luminous pigment (phosphor). The best effect is obtained by the glow on the white substrate. This means that the place of the expected paint needed to paint in white and luminous paint or varnish is best done in a transparent manner to cause the top.

The most optimal, or it can be said the best bite was seen at the lighted bait with green glow. This may be due to the fact that various aquatic organisms that feed on fish have a similar glow. But this does not mean that the other colors glow be deleted. There is no single otveta.Tolko practices and experiments can really show the conditions under which color is better ispolzovat.S coloring little understood.

Now let us try to deal with those where you can buy as luminous paint, and own phosphor. This can be done at various companies and individuals, has no big difference. It is important that the product quality, and honest traders.

Prices for dyes and pigments have a great razbeg.Dlitelnost emission fraction, the manufacturer, the base material can significantly change the price of the final product.
If you have any questions about the luminous paint or phosphor, we can advise you and try to answer them. In fact, the photo luminescent paint lures is only seen in lower light conditions. In the boat these Glowlures are not noticed, but under water they thrive because of the very-low light conditions.

Glow baits have been successfully used in fishing and "fly". Imitation white butterflies, white or light green grasshoppers, flies, cells of snails, shrimp, white wood-worms and other insects bright colors typical of the area season, tinted slightly luminous paint, give n the dark time of good catches of trout and grayling. This is a very cautious fish, and fishing them is complicated because of the difficulty camouflage fishing during daylight hours. Night fishing is the same in this respect, a significant advantage.

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