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Spinners can be divided into types by different categories.(Flicker Spinners, Feather Fly, Flicker Hook etc.) For example, the seasonality can be divided spinner baits in the summer and winter, to catch a minnow for perch and spinners for pike, on the principle of work for the flickering and spinners, etc. Often used in the gear train of the spinners (the so-called number assigned to each other spinners, or spoons and other fishing lures). In this case, the form get the bait can be determined. Such an arrangement spinners to tackle directly increases its catchability.
For example, a spinner whose shape is very similar to the body of this fish. They even resemble flat wobbler. This lures mounted rotary lobe, get something like a brand trolling Kastmaster. Such bait can be supplemented with spoon, which is a copy of the fry from the tee. There are flickering with tees, with lots of feathers. These hooks look like a completely independent bait.
First and foremost, all spinners better split by a seasonal for the summer and winter spinner baits. Between these types of spinners is a significant difference. Summer spoon created taking into account the fact that they are in the water to move horizontally. Winter is moving baits in the water vertically. For horizontal wiring can be used flickering and more complex, spinners. Therefore, varieties of summer spinners there is so much more. Types of Spinners movies.



Normal flickering is a plate made of metal, which mimics the goldfish. On the one hand jig attached to the fishing line through the winding ring and swivel, and on the other side to lure attached tee. During the motion in the water, this spoon makes oscillatory motion, it is clear from its title. Predatory fish are attracted to rhythmic movement.

Flickering enjoyed a very long time. They have always been widely used for fishing from a boat on track. Currently in the catalogs spinners can see a huge variety of species. But the flickering - a good artificial bait, and all of today's innovations do not displace it from the class of catchability spinners. Many eminent spinning enjoy flickering, and even give them preference. Although the bulk of spinnings uses spinners.

It is believed that catchability oscillating spinners due to the fact that the motion kolebalki not like the movement of live fish. Irregular movement of oscillating spinners may resemble predators movement of sick or injured fish. In nature, predators often turns out it was sick or injured fish.

There are complex structures oscillating spinners, for example, among the spinners Kuusamo(Kuusamon lures - spoon-bait factory in Finland) is a variety with extra petals wavering. Petal in the spinner is located in the plane of the main spinner.

Successful is the use of oscillating spinners on spinning in the fall. In the autumn, before winter, the fish are trying to work up as much fat and eat all the possible protein products, especially the smaller fish. Autumn kolebalku can be used with a small spinner to be put first on the distance of 100-150 mm. This train of bait mimics a predator chasing the small fish. In this situation, pike can not intervene and rushes after her and becomes prey to a fisherman.

The most effective known flickering are: spoons Kastmaster (Acme Tackle and Lures Company), spinner Kuusamo (Kuusamo), spinner/Bait Daiwa with 3D eyes (Daiwa Fishing).



Spinners often referred to as decks. A good spinner is easy to start working (spinning) with a place at the slowest posting. Start rotating spinner, you can easily feel the appearance of measurable resistance on the handle of the coil.

Spinner is a complex design. It consists of a rotating rod of a length not exceeding 50 mm, it can be manufactured from a wire thickness of 1-2 mm. One end of the rod through the swivel and catchy ring is attached to a leash. By itself the rod ring or shackle is attached plaque - petal. The location should be limited to stops, they are made of beads or other material. And then attached to the rod anchor tee or a few hooks.

Rods may not be smooth. They applied special bumpers and recess. This strongly accelerates the launch of the spinners and facilitates its rotation during the slow posting. The best-known effective spinners are: spoons Mepps (Mepps - world's lures ), spinner Myran(Myran). See more fishing Tools and Gadgets, Mepps Lures & Spinners - Catch more trout, bass and pike ! Be a successful angler, see what the fishermen have to say



Acoustic Lures appeared very long ago, which were made of two plates held together at the top of the ring. When lowering a spoon down the plate apart, and during the uplift played with ringing each other.

Acoustic spinners - it's spinners, who, during their motion produces a variety of noises, often attractive to fish. Such baits every day becoming more popular and are considered the most effective. The most famous here is the Blue fox vibrax spoon and spoon Konger.

Fish are not indifferent to the sounds. Ichthyologists argue that fish are not indifferent to even classical music! It is known that the eel is very fond of silver bells. You can choose to make a bait of a thin silver plate and the winding ring of silver. Hole in the plate is large in size, so that during games lure of the ring beating the plate.

Acoustic spinners are very diverse. And often combine the principles of different types of baits. For example, a spoon Crack firm Netts - rotating acoustic jig for linking with other types of spinners.



Devon appeared quite some time. When they appeared, all the spinning they could not get enough of the bait that mimics a fast fish. Devon is wholly made of metal and has no small weight. Devon should move quickly, it all leads to accurate automatic sweeps attracted fish.

Over time, the fish become more wary. Fishermen started to modernize the Devonian. Devon's steel acoustic, luminous, wags. The main drawback of the Devonian is its property to twist the line. Do not help even protivozakruchivateli different systems. The slightest failure of such a lure leads to much strain fishing line.

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