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New fishing Reels come in a number of types, shapes and sizes. Although most Brands are produced for commercial use, and it's estimated to meet the needs of most anglers in each group, based on fishing factors. While some Reels go through cycles of being "brand new" or "hot" and then are quickly forgotten, many others Good Old have enjoyed years or even decades of popularity among all anglers. Keep Your Opinion!

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New for 2015

Shimano Rarenium Ci4+

A dangling active Shimano have: the Shimano Rarenium Ci4+ available in four sizes from 1000 to 4000 for the 2015 season. Four plus is a concept material exclusive to Shimano, and is as hard and resilient as metal, but weigh significantly less. Shimano have developed this material from their advancements in competitive
bicycle design.

In addition Rarenium Ci4+ Magnum light further reduces weight, but this time at the rotor - where the additional advantage and is improved wind insensitivity. The smaller three sizes Reels have to 1 gear ratio.

The Rarenium Ci4+ is a 5.22 - what and through the range track ratings go from three to 11 kg. Except peering, combined six shielded AARP, Rarenium Ci4+ producing ultra smooth performance with a maximum wind in efficiency.

Ci4+ FB - 2015 - Front Drag Spinning Reel

New for 2015 - PENN Spinning Reel: Battle II

by Penn's brand manager

About an exciting new spinning reel. Not not exactly new, but I relaunch up the battle to so the original battle came out quite a few years ago and we've now made some improvements.

Penn've got a one thousand a 2008 new size a 2500, a three thousand a four thousand a five thousand 6,000 in our biggest size eight thousand, so one thousand eight thousand so think light inshore or really even like fresh water reels - all the way up to nearshore offshore think self-restraint often that other stuff are so let's talk a little bit about the real 1st name all on the sizing with the new 2500 Penn Reel.

The real is on the 2000 size body. It also it has a new rotor sorry better writer and a bigger spool, so it filled a gap that we have between 2000 - 3000 size.

I think really technical lightweight graphite rods, think 10 fifteen-pound braid, there was a little bit of a gap in our spinning reel lineup, that technical in short time with now thought it was a 2500 size really lightweight balances out really nice.

On on a nice graphite 74 rock arm in addition to the new size - a little bit about the features That set this new battle part, so we've had like pass the reins serviceable that something you seen on all Penn reels for the past few years, so it kind a help the angler understand how much money have left on the real.

A special attention from a dead bird big this - how much line do I have left do we need to go can we stay that type a conversation.

You have a better idea I how much money a lot on the real, because unlike past the Rings another thing we did is we keep the drag washers into the sport. So by key in the dry washes into the sport and I'm talking about it see 100 right washers were now able to use both sides of the dryer washer and I should mention that all Penn drag systems now are trees on the spinning reels.

We use our pan blue loop, which I'm sure you're familiar with it since I dollar rose, we also agree sorry it's the 100th that to infer are spinning rod racks arm back to the the Keno the drag washers.

What that does - by by using both sides in the dryer washer we're now able to get about 20 % more dragged in the previous battle. Not a lot of people max out the drug, but it's always nice to know you have it.

If you have to stop office heading for cover that's about this poor you another big upgrade - in my mind is that we're going to sealed bearings in the

So in the past reviews - stainless steel shielded ball bearings that shield protects the race from basically saltwater intrusion, but that sealed ball bearings have an added layer protection.

I mean it's actually a tight system that's prevents someone from getting into the parent.

Daiwa TD Zillion

- fastest Retrieve Hyper Speed with aluminum frame



lightweight4.9 to 1 retrieve

Check out this EXE100HA Exceller Bait Cast from Daiwa

TSH -Exceler

- New Spinning Reel, Ultra Fast and 6.2:1 retrieve, includes two different sized spools, solid aluminum Handle ensures winding power.

HA -Exceler

- New faster Spinning Reel, strong and lightweight 5.3:1 Right/Left retrieve,

DAIWa AccuDepth - Solar

- New Counter Solar Panel(for long battery life) & lithium-ion Battery Daiwa Reel with washable digital display, Anti-Reverse system, Line Stopper clip and carbon drag.

(click here to see it)


- New Series Spinning Reels from Daiwa Team(Gear Ratio 5-7-1), aluminum and Anti-Reverse, perfect for boat, surf or pier use.

Daiwa Opus (gold)



New Chronarch CI4+ Reel

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After many months a pre-production almost no time to fish it all and finally brand new shimano Chronarch CI4+ is ready for battles. It's perfect baitcasting fishing reel for serious predator or bass fishermen around the globe. Produced to be Ultra-lightweight with use of cold forged aluminium spools and CI4+ frames.

There are seven shielded A-RB & roller bearing/s for durability and smoothness. In tough fishing situations,with windy conditions X-ship ensures line smoothly across the spool.

As you can see - it's just got a a sexy reel. This beautiful little new Reel, but if you guys are familiar with the old model. there's there's a lot of changes, one of the first things you'll notice first things is the frame the frame is a CI four-plus carbon composite material - that basically is a brand new technology.

Brought to the fishing reel game and it comes from the white division you know - the the bike division from Shimano is

So the best bike stuff in the world and this count translates into the fishing world through that so what that does is makes it a lot lighter on then then a a metal material, as actually very strong and also prevents corrosion,so all those things are very good this real in total is 6.5 announces - so it's a pretty light.

The braking system is is different and this is the SPS affinity braking system if you guys are fans in the magnetic braking system will here you go a you've actually still have both of so far pop this, you could slide those to the side turning on/off spore your shin trickle breaks.

Your magnetic braking system, which is right here so close a backup,when you get a magnetic braking system and so it really lets you fine-tune your brakes how you want them and that just allows you to really casts more efficiently.

It gives you the ability to cast light early worse better and cast heavy lowers - an overall just better performance.

Gear ratio which is pretty high which many anglers really like comes in the traditional 6,2:1 for Chronarch CI4+ 151 and 7,6:1 for 151HG.

Another thing that it also comes with is the action - is is something introduced this last year from Shimano that really gives the relay very solid feel when you're under load and it basically gives you a better stability.


DC - New Baitcasting Series Reels with Gear Ratio 5.8:1 to 6.2:1 and Max Drag 9.3 to 11 with digital cast control.

Check out this Latest Shimano Calais

Calcutta DC

- New Performance Baitcasting Series by Shimano with DC Technology, Aluminum Spool and Digital Control

Check out this The Shimano Calcutta (Digital Control)




- HXJ5/2 MC New Reels, three primary colors, models Gear Ratio 5.4:1 and 2.4:1, Lever Drag and Cast Control systems, aluminum body and steel ball bearings and parts. (3 colors)

Check out this: HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Reel in Silver from Avet for $499.99



Bite Alert 33

- New, A low-cost fishing Reel BASC33, Specs electronic zebco reel with 3.3:1 Gear ratio.




- New, Lever Drag Reel with carbon Dual Force Drag system specifically engineered to be mounted in the right side of the spool, corrosion resistent gearing, aluminum body, gold anonized ant 2 speed gear shifer housing

Check out this amazing reels: MK-8II

, MK-10II


- New, lightweight spinning Reels, 2 models:standard gearing and high-speed with new design, revolutionary crossover Construction platform for all saltwater and freshwater fishing applications. Dual Force Drag system.

(click here to see it: Standard S)



Smoke - PT

- New "Quantum" metal PT Baitcast low profile Reels, ultra light(Weight: 6.2 oz to 6.8 oz) and new design with Gear Ratio 5.3:1 to 7.3:1.

The PT 9BB Reels come with one of the most accurate baitcast braking system ever designed for fishing reels reels. (Check out this)




- New Lightweight fantastic conventional Reels: SQL12 and SQL15. Stainless steel gear, ball bearings and reel stand and graphite frame. These Series replace the Penn S 525 Mag Reels

PENN bringing back the Icon "Z" Series spinning reels

Same interchangable parts and reel - design as they were made when PENN stopped years back. Now Company are bringing back the &quot;Z Series&quot; fishing reels due to interest demand.

(Ver: SQL30 Star Drag)



V2Premium Runner

- New fantastic with upgraded design Reels, Revised version 5+1 Bearings , aluminium Main spool and Reliable free runner system, Graphite spare spool, available 2 models with Double handle RUN V2 30 FR and RUN V2 50 FR and Reels Ratio: *5.1:1* and *4.9:1*, Weight of Models: 363g and 475g

Mitchell - New Series of Spinning Reels


2013 Reels

Racer fishing reels Series

This reel is a real gem.Suitable for match fishing.
The major aluminum fonstruction of RACER REEL makes them extremely strong and resistant to twisting. The features of Racer series: The 7 salt water resistant stainless steel ball bearings, the extra-thick stainless steel shaft and black aluminum coil. Models available with Aluminum construction and spool, 7 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings and Double ball-bearing drive pinion, absolute rolling bearing anti-reverse and reduced friction drive.

R-Force Reels

The Reel with finely adjustable rear drag which very clean and smooth reel working. as
IKON all reels, this one also has the reel Instant Stop important backstop -
a quality, particularly to this price. The R-FORCE can ever so slightly to the absolute
Looker make - optional there is an aluminum coil and two different quality cranks.

4 steel ball bearings,Absolute roller bearings Backstop,"Soft Touch" handle knob, lifetime bail spring and anti-twist

We want to offer the possibility of getting your own fishing reels even "build" to. Everyone knows this - a great reel in his hand, pity that there are not high quality with an aluminum coil and a light, are stable CNC machined aluminum handle with large knob. IKON solves exactly the problem - you have a choice! Therefore, you can give yourself, in addition good for basic equipment, put together the way you like your reel. For this purpose is available with a choice of different coils and cranks
different handles and shapes. Build your IKON dream fishing reels.


2013 Reels

The New 2013 Sparta Salt

The New high-tech Sparta fishing Reels suitable for salt water fishing with the Super-Slow lifting system, which permits the rotor to move down and up in slow motion.
The rotor in the SPARTA fishing reels take approximately 60 rotations,
With a normal spining reel it takes about 15 turns!

This Reel Provide excellent line winding, accurate to the millimetre. The Sparta corpus made from light-weight but very strong composite fibre materials surrounds this new frame and torsionproof frame from aluminium prevents pressure from being exerted on the reel gear. Even under heavy loads, this protects the mechanics to a very large extent and the Sparta continues to run smoothly throughout. Systems: Nine precision stainless-steel ball bearings plus 1 needle bearing, Quick-Stop-System, which enables you to place a hit fast and completely

For extremely close - Super Slow stroke system, Anti Swing-System, ensures that the fishinfg reels have optimum balanceand and prevents unwanted vibrations, Anti-Twist System originally designed to reduce line friction, include opportunity for manual operation, left or right.

Concept - 2013 Blueberry

True Big Game Reels

Fin-Nor Santiago


Features: These Fin-Nor Santiago reels feature a revolutionary water-resistant, multi-layered drag system that is strong enough to handle IGFA-rated mono lines and the heaviest braided fishing lines as well as long bouts with large fighting fish.

A solid one piece fully machined aluminum frame and a one piece aluminum spool is supported with a machined, stainless steel center-shaft turning on four ultra-strong ceramic/stainless hybrid ball bearings. These reels also feature two speeds for quick line pick-up and power on demand. An easy-to-use button pushes in for a powerful low-gear, and easily twists out for high-speed retrieves.

The New 2013 Blueberry Concept

The new Blueberry 5000 BR Concept Reel designed with big spools but Small corpus

The large D - of the spool with its thick core provides important advantage in
many fishing situations,the fishing line can be brought in very fast and the line slides without twisting during long casting.

Even when using thin braided fishing lines, the Blueberry s-stroke system guarantes optimal line lay, and new Blueberry Anti Swing System ensures that the reels run perfectly smoothly and have perfect balance.

All new Blueberry reels are equipped with an S-stroke gear, ergonomic crank handles and adjustable drag,four precision ball bearings plus one needle bearing, strong and lightweight Concept bail in aluminium.

The new Blueberry are available in 3 versions:
a front-drag, free-run in 3 sizes, tha smallest size 25 available from 2013, and rear-drag version that is perfect for medium distances.

Abu Garcia (Sweden manufacturing) - Fishing Reels Overview & Details

Baitcasting Reels Buyer's Guide & Tips. Daiwa, Bass Pro, Revo or Shimano - Have to make sure you get a good one for the money.

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