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Favorite Summertime Lures for Bass

with Terry

“What are some great summer baits?” I think this is really one of those things that are really up to your preference. Some of the great summer baits across the country are big worms, crankbaits, swimbaits, and that kind of stuff.

I have preferences and I actually believe very strongly in certain things. One in particular is The Ol' Monster Worm by ZOOM.

Ol' Monster form for Bass -

It's a big worm, it's 10' long, its a worm you can take and throw through heavy cover such as rock, and you can catch big fish offshore with it.

That is one really good technique and it's a technique that you can pick up a lot of fish with. The second thing I like to throw is a swimbait. A lot of guys won't throw a swimbait. They're scared of it and don't know how to fish it.

A swimbait is typically just a big weighted lead head with a swimbait of some sort. This happens to be a Berkley Powerbait and it's a new one they've come out with and it's got a great boot tail on it. Basically what your going to do is you're going to make a long cast, let it sink to the bottom, and then work it much like you would a jig. Try to keep it as close to the bottom as you can because the fish are going to be low in the water column during the hot summer months and just wind it back. They think it's a shad and they're going not crunch it.

So that's another technique you can use in the summer. Another technique that is really a go to technique across the country is a jig and chunk.

It's kind of funny because we get a lot of questions about this but a football head jig in the summer a 1/2-ounce or heavier is really a good way to catch deep-water fish. I believe that during the post spawn right after they get off the bed you want as small of a profile bait as you can get.

Now as the summer progresses and they start looking for bigger baits you want to be able to make that bait so the chunk will ride different then it is today. I've got this chunk pushed up on the head of the jig because I want to be able to get that tight profile on that bait.

Basically what you're looking at is you're looking at a jig with only the small parts of the legs showing.

It gives it a real good kicking action and a real tight profile. A lot of times you'll see guys and hear them talk about catching fish offshore and they had a fish on and he came off. A lot of times the reason for that is the bait is too big and they've got the back end of it and you don't get a good hook set in them. This is another great technique for the summer.

Then of course one of the ones that is tried and true when they're really eating is a good Series 6XD from Strike King.

6XD Series -

A lot of tournaments are won on it. It's a bait that you can throw any where from 12 foot to about 18 foot. These fish will eat it. You want to sometimes change your cadence and let the fish tell you what they want them to do. So for summertime patterns there's four techniques for you and you can use those on the water to help you catch more fish.

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