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Diving Lures


Most of crankbaits float when not being retrieved. They are called crankbait lures because they all have a lip of some sort metal or plastic which makes them dive and wiggle/wobble when retrieved. As you wind the reel handle, they dive, cranking the bait down! Well-known examples include the Bagley Crankbaits, Shakespeare Big S,Little John and the jointed Abu Hi-Lo.

Little John medium diver Crankbait

Creek Chub - Fishing Baits for Surf and Freshwater fishing

Creek Chub well-known baits made to stand up to the heavy weights, from floating poppers to trolling and crankbaits , these lures are sure to make for an exciting day on the beach or lake.

Minnow Plugs

These are basically the same as crankbaits , usually used for slender, long, lures that imitate baitfish.

Again most float, but there are quite a few minnow plugs that sink when not being
retrieved. Like crankbaits, minnow plugs have diving lips. Some models have a diving lip which is a continuation of the plug's plastic body mould, whereas on other models the diving blade may be glued or screwed in position. The basic difference between minnow plugs and crankbait plugs is that minnow plugs are slim in body and have more of a wobbling action.

Some good examples are the Daiwa Minnow Series lures , Bomber's Long 'A' and onof the e most versatile Rapala Original Floating Minnow series.(on photo below)

Rapala Floating Minnow

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There are thousands of different types and colours of spoons available. A spoon is a piece of sheet metal that is dished in a concave and convex manner to create an action.

Popular examples of propbait include spoons like the Kastmaster Series, Rapala

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Spinner Lures

A spinner can be light or heavy and can have one or more spinning blades mounted on it. A spinner lures has a weighted or non-weighted wire shaft, around which a blade revolves, usually by means of a clevis.

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Topwater Lures & Plugs

Crawler Fishing Lures

Crawlers lures can have wings on each side, or a nose plate on the front. Well-known examples are the winged Crazy Crawler

Heddon Crazy Crawler

and the nose plate - Jitterbug lures. Crawlers produce gurglingand plopping-type noises with their vigorous actions. The vibrations they emit are sometimes quite irresistible to big water wolves, especially on a summer's waters.

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Chuggers & Poppers

This lures have indented or concave faces and come in several different type and styles. Chugger lures s with faces that slope back from the 'forehead' will not dive, but just chug across the surface until jerked. Chuggers of this type are often referred to as 'poppers'.

Water pressure is created inside the concavity when these plugs are retrieved, and they when jerked make chugging or popping sounds. Some of them also have a
nice wiggling action when the face is cranked just below the water surface.

This type usually have faces which slope backwards from a projecting
chin, and dive because water pressure on that chin causes it to dig in. Examples of them are the Bomber's Bomber Popper and Heddon Lucky 13 (on photo below).

New Sashimi Poppers

Perfect shape (with oversized mouth design plus 3D eyes) and sized fishing popper that pops loudly while creating havoc on the water surface. Sashimi New Popper available in exclusive Metallic colors splits and pushes water imitating a school of baitfish

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Nothing new to US anglers, in body looks, propbaits are much the same as tickbaits. The difference is that a propbait lures has a propeller blade at one end, or one at each end. Some even have two props at the rear end such like the Brians Prop Bee(on photo). They are very effective and are classed as top-water lures, but they can also be very effective when worked just off bottom, or trolled beneath the water's surface behind a weight. Although neither of those methods are suggested by the fishing tackle manufacturers.

In Facts, in Japan propbaits become more popular and innovative, propbaits that flash and create turbulence underwater - they are gaining in popularity year by year.

Popular examples of propbait include Baits like the Boy Howdy, Devil's Horse, Dying Flutter , Ozark Mountain's Ripper and more.

Boy Howdy Propbaits

Example of them is the Brians Prop Bee (on photo below). All of them are handmade by Brian Huskins in US,North Carolina.

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A stickbait lure is a floating plug,witout diving blade propellers or action and usually
resembles a cigar fitted with hooks.

The action has to be created by the angler. In the USA, this method is called "walking the dog". Stickbaits are very easy to make yourself, of wood, cork, or anything else that floats. Discover the tricks and employ to help catch more big fish using a large stickbait by YouTube videos.

Example of them is the Heddon Zara Spook Stickbait , which casts like a bullet, so is perfect for long-range work.

Subsurface Lures - Plugs

Trolling Plugs

These Trolling plugs were designed mainly for just that - trolling fishing method. They usually float at rest and generally have a large flattened forehead which gives them a great wobbling & wiggling action when trolled. Some of them have metal diving blades. Examples of trolling fishing lures are Believer, the famous Swim Whizz, Kwikfish, Lazy Ike, .Canadian Wiggler and much more.

White-Bellied Perch Plugs N11 by Big Bear Products, Inc.

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The front of the jerkbait lure is shaped in such a way that it will dive when jerked.
A jerkbait lures does not usually have a metal diving blade. These atractive plugs
were designed for catching big pike and muskies. They usually, if weighted correctly, float at rest. When jerked they can be made to dive to about 4ft, if jerked many times in quick succession some will dive as deep as 12 to 15ft, if not more.

Most jerkbaits are hand-loaded by the user. After a jerkbait has been jerked down, it should start to rise up to the surface - fast or slowly , according to how it's

By making and loading your own jerkbaits, you will be able to achieve the correct diving action and weighting that suits a particular water.

9", 2 1/4 oz The Red Hot Suick Thriller

Where to Buy: - One of the best known example in this country, at the time of writing, is the Suick Thriller, catching trophy muskies for over 80 years : this has a metal tail which can be bent down to alter the plug's action and diving depth offers one the most lifelike presentations on the water.

Daiwa Jig Series

deep Jigging and tips

Vibrating Fishing Plugs

The vibrations come from the lure's very tight wobble action on retrieve. Vibrating plugs are quite thin in body, just like a bream, and the most common types tend to have very loud sound chambers.
Most vibrating plugs do not have a diving lip. The trace-attachment eye is located on the flattened head of the lure. Most sink, but in the last couple of years one or two new models have appeared. One is the 'floater Plugs ' which may have a diving
blade. The plug floats on the surface until retrieved, for example Bill Lewis's Floating Rat-L-Trap. The other new type to have appeared of late is the suspending vibrating plug, which doesn't in fact suspend when a wire trace is attached.

Buzzers & Spinnerbait Lures

Jigging Lures

Jigging Lures are all types of weird and wonderful things which are used to jig up and down at any given depth of water, including the bottom, for example, Leadheads, Pirks and Tail Spins and thousands of other types. Jigging lures are a great favourite for winter fishing - using through ice holes in cold countries, but they also work over here.

Buzzer Lures

Buzzers are similar to spinnerbaits, the difference being that they have a propeller-type blade that allows them to plane the surface water when retrieved. Again, rod-tip position helps these lures.

The props of the Buzzers can have anything between one and four wings. Some buzzer lures have counter-rotating twin blades. Buzzers were designed so that their blades would work half in and half out of the water, creating a gurgling noise.
Most of them have to be worked too fast, since they were designed for bass fishing.
One of the best one that could be worked slowly enough for pike was Bill Norman's V4 oz Triple Wing Buzz Bait. Another type of buzzer is the sputterbuzz type. This is a plug without a diving lip, having instead a buzz blade at the front end. These types can work the surface much more slowly than the wire-form types. However, they are still classed as buzzers.

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This is a vibratory high efective lure with a V-shaped wire form. The lower arm has a weighted single hook for balance, and it can have one, two or even three spinning blades on the upper arm. Some even have two arms with blades - Colorado or Willowleaf - mounted on. They are very effective when used in a sink and draw fashion.

Spinnerbaits can be worked high or low in the water, if the rod tip is held at the correct position, and if the speed of retrieve is just right.

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Streamers are like large flies, but, unlike a fly,they imitate bait-fish.


Bugs are top-water flies. They are supposed to imitate frogs, insects, mice and so on. Bugs can be made out of just about anything, including hair, cork, rubber, plastic, and lead.

Where to Buy: - The Lucky Bug Lure Company Ltd. The Company offers a range of lures include the new Bingo Bug - a cross between a lure and fly you can well troll, spin-cast or fly.

Soft Plastic lures

These are any types of lure made of soft rubbery plastics such as Worms, Crayfish, Lizards, and Grubs. more


These Skirts can be made of various materials, such as rubber, feathers, deer hide, marabou, bucktail, and are fixed to hooks to enhance a fishing lure. Although they are mainly intended for use on buzzers and spinnerbaits, you can use them on

Flies and Nymphs

Flies imitate aquatic or terrestrial winged insects, while nymphs imitate immature forms of insect.

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