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Mepps spinners and lures

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Mepps Lures from the 1950’s - ML

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20 plus years old but it look nice. The way the hook is laying and angle the pic was taken the upright hook is hiding the other hook laying on the surface.

You can just bought about 150 mepps lures from the 50 60 70s from this old guy if they are still in the packages.

Pike Fishing

They work great in southern michigan for northern pike its my go to lure when pike fishing or use them here in the waters of wisconsin and they always come through for you.

some oldies...collected through the years

Cool thing about running service calls for a well drilling company is you every once in a while encountered some customers that would want to talk hunting and fishing. Somehow that would always turn into showing lures or hunting equipment.

1985 Vintage Mepps Spiners "While the world has rushed by the dependable Mepps lures hasn't changed much"

Mepps spinners were my start in lure fishing. that is about 30 years ago. They are and still today, although i mostly use wobblers and soft lures, mepps spinners often catch the only fish of the day - for many nice fish and a lot of fun.

This is what you get for being on the lake while the game is on.

People need to start remembering if something isn't broke why fix it. Too many that think that things always need to be made better. Change is Not always a good thing for all anglers!

When I was a kid and my dad taught me fishing, he showed me a Mepps and said "This is the all-around best thing you can use!"..he was right.. "When they are not biting, throw a mepps"..I have caught all sorts of freshwater fish, even carp and a bullhead w/ them..Fond memories of catching dozens of Pickerel and LM Bass on Blac Furies in the ponds of Delaware. Even caught a Spotted Seatrout in Pamlico Sound, NC on JL

Mepps® Comet® Mino - Mepps Lures




Awesome fishing lures! They make even the most finicky fish take a run at them! - highly effective for muskies, too, and that's what led to the Giant Killer Sassy Shad. If you haven't tried it for muskies and big pike, you really need to.

These are one of the best different lures, they catch fish when everything else fails, these have become a large part of three of my tackle boxes. Great lure for so many different fish.

I don't have to read what they have to say! I've been using them for years and know first hand how good they are! I've caught more fish with Comets than I can count! I highly recommend them to everyone! said Bob Quickle