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Artistry meets fishing - you catch more!

Have you ever wondered why some anglers put their feet on such a complicated and thorny path, as a separate handwritten manufacturer of artificial baits?

Wooden Swim Baits

Wooden Crank baits

Baby Pike & Rock bass style, 5 1/4, 6,7,8 inches Crank Baits

Wooden Surface Lures

Surface lures baby Crapie & 'walk the dog' come in 56 1/4 and 6 1/4 inches long

NGC sets of handcarved, hand painted wooden lures are so stunning you may want to simply display them on your mantle rather than fish with them. It is not unusual for fishermen to do that. Wooden fishing lures are generally so expensive they just want to collect them.

more than plastic

Company offer ours at a price that allows you to show them off AND fish them. You will see quickly that wooden lures attract really more fish than plastic lures.

The NGC® Deluxe Wooden Lures are painted with such precision that you can actually see hundreds of tiny scales on the surface of each of the 21 NGC offer. These scales are woven into a brilliantly-colored pattern with a durable glossy finish. They also have high-grade, realistic eyes.

Wood is the most desirable and effective component available in lure making, it is not unusual to pay $20.00 to $50.00 and more or more for a single
wooden lure.

Why so much?
Because wooden lures deliver a significantly higher catch rate.
Their buoyancy and perfect density cannot be duplicated in plastic.

Perfect buoyancy and more realistic fish-catcher Perfect buoyancy in a lure is key. When a wooden lure is retrieved its action is far more realistic than a plastic lure. Its buoyancy and density perfectly match that of a baitfish. There is none of the awkward, jerky movements plastic gives off to warn fish that the bait is not real.

There is no risk fishing them. Every purchase comes with our 30-day,
money-back guarantee.

Work in salt and fresh water, more natural swimming action, Realistic scales & Perfect buoyancy in additions Natural sound and vibration in the water


Scientific Edge LLC


Make Wooden Lures

- Catch More with crankbaits and other wooden lures

Section below contains a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of wooden lure making.

Custom Crankbaits by Lure Making

Custom Crankbaits by Make wooden lures

Not a q and a guys this guy works hard and sells them for what they are worth lol yea mass produced are cheaper but he isn't making you buy his Nice lures mate good luck.

Triple hardened during construction, wet sanded between hardening, full stainless through wire, two internal rattles, hand made weight transfer system, case hardened exterior, sealed, primed, hand painted, 3 coats of Envirotex lite, wet sanded, cut and polished, fitted with hardware and shipped. The custom cranks aren't cheap Graham, thy're not for everyone. Triple hardened and triple polymer coast each lure they take more than 10 hrs each.

If you like a Bluegill color pattern. You can use these colors to do striper fishing in a Dam raceway here in Chattanooga. Greens, Gold, golden belly. With a red belly seem to work with baby bass as the body color and bluegill always seems to be a favorite, and for good reason.

A red-ish orange base really works - with a solid black stripe across the top and stripes that fade out down the sides, or blew yellow and green with black stripes. The strike king shad works well in the lakes and pumpkinseed is one of those colors that works lots of places.

The successful Paul Williams and Son Original Lures

Bangolure concept , but very different in design. Can uses them for Largemouth. They were shaped like a jerkbait and had the same lip as a jerkbait. It float like a devilshorse and use the rear propeller of one. The lure does the work for you.

"So far I have caught Large mouth bass, speckled trout, Redfish, Bluefish, Spanish mackerel and even Lady fish on it and plan to try it on some other species when I get a chance. I have caught many Large mouth Bass (some very large) and that's what I had in mind when I designed the plug. I am not in great health so I can't produce mass quantities only batches of around 10 to 20 at a time so it won't be on shelves unless I sell the design to a large lure company and don't plan to do that. There where originally 2 different styles, a surface and a subsurface design. the ones you see with a bill are subsurface but now just make the top water version in 6 colors. This plug works amazingly well in any color. They are for sale on Greg's page as well as mine and also on Ebay but are cheaper here and on my page. The new colors are Plum Crazy, Red Ghost, Yoda, Redhead, Rodeo Clown and silver streak and these will be listed soon. They are for sale now on ebay and will be listed on my store and Greg's store very soon. This lure has proven itself time and time again. Come check out my other Buzz-R series lures by clicking on my name and see what I'm working on. I have a prototype I'm working on now and there is a picture on my page of it, called the Buzz-R frog looks pretty cool but in order for it to become a lure it has to have good action and most important catch fish so it has to go through testing first." Williams & Sons Custom lures

Frustrating Thing About Making Woodens - Lure Making

Working methods & details: The best automotive clears for lure making are two pack urethanes, but they are far too toxic for recreational users. They contain isocyanates that absorb through skin eyes and lungs and shut down organs. Better to stick with safer options.

The epoxy is the way to go. Tough and durable plus very clear. LM also use moisture cure urethanes - still very toxic, but because they are one pack and can dip them, which is way safer than spraying them. Painting is definitely the most fun part but also the most delicate part, if you want a high quality finish. Lure Making working on a method to alleviate this problem.

A Custom Flat Crankbaits -

Great looking lures , In fact to get a solid lure looking transparent is fantastic won,t be able to look at off the shelf again. This particular one has a fixed inner weight and two sliding weights that move down to the tail during casting (gives better distance and accuracy). They slide back to the belly during fishing for a stronger, more stable action. Not all of my lures are weighted. Of the ones that are some have fixed weights, some have weight transfer systems, some have both, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

In this particular bait you can hear the weights clunk as they hit either end of their path and you can feel the balance of the lure shift. By ensuring there is plenty of internal clearance the weights can move freely. There are quite a few things at the design and building stage you can do to ensure that they move freely though.

Never get stuck on this particular bait, but if they did you'd notice a change in the casting or the action, if they get stuck backward.

Thin bodies of the flat lure may help, but unless you're using fairly gheavy hooks and rings. They're a good way to mess around with weighting without having to completely rebuild. If they're more minnow than shad you may be ok. Depends in body depth too.

The fixed weight in this one helps keep it reasonably upright, but the slidnig weight doubles as a rattle, so it has some side to side movement. Even though it looks a little lop sided while it's floating, once you start to retrieve the action is very strong and stable thanks to the fixed weight.

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