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Sunline - amazing range of fishing lines to suit all your needs, Sunline's Japan Highest quality Lines,Technology for more aggressive fishing. Japan Lines manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

So Many Choices - Our Kinds of Fishing Lines:


fishing lines - Silicone

: A nylon fish line,Knot strength with 1.53 Ref.index, Spinking speed, Abrasion resistance and Stretch, which mix high strength nylon and ultra high molecular weight silicone A dramatic improvement in abrasion resistance, which was one of the weaknesses of nylon. Supple surface and slickness have also improved. The silky line texture of the color is highly satisfying to the angler.


fishing lines - Polyamide Monofilament:

maximum performance Fishing Line for both beginners and professionals. Easy to handle, Soft and supple more absorbent than other materials nylon is an all-around material that suits any situation, in both straight and knot strength. The flexibility of the material makes it spool easily and snugly onto the reel, and the line stretches just enough to absorb any sudden shocks.

HG - ŠE Type Imultifilament (Polyethylene) fishing lines :

Mega strong and Flexibility PE line, Ultrathin filaments are easily damaged by friction, Straight and Knot strength and Fast Sinking

HG - ŠE type 2 multifilament (Polyethylene plus polyester ) fishing lines :

Braided Fish Line,Abrasion resistance, Knot and Straight strength with no Moisture absorption, Designed with less polyester monofilament than Type I and more more High Grade PE.

Braided multifilament

(Polyethylene multifilament ) fishing lines :

Mix of slick polyethylene and microfilaments to be superstrong and durability and Flexibility braid fishing line with that is x2 times higher than nylon type fish lines.
Abrasion resistance and fast Sinking, with NO water absorption.The price range is higher, but the exceptional durability of the line makes it cost effective.

SunLine -Fluorocarbon Line - Fluoride Monoflament (Polyinylidene) fishing lines :

Fishing Line with Hard flexibility, abrasion resistant ,less stretch than nylon , there is enough to absorb shock.Increbibly durable fish line in hard material


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Chuo-ku, Osaka

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Fishing Lines

SunLine - Nylon Lines

Ultra High molecular weight microsilicone plus high strength Melt-compounded abrasion resistance nylon.

USG Nylon - Squid Sniper Fishing Line- 150/180m

Sleekness and performance USC Nylon( and super-hydrophobic with double layer processing) bright line with depth accurately black sections clearly demarcate the change of colors.The lighter weights fish line are "medium" hard while the thicker
are softer, for better sensitivity ,low-memory and good lay on the fishing reel. Line is available 150m and 180m spools ,color pattern Pink, Green and Orange

Line Diameters(mm)
180m 0.190, 0.205, 0.219 0.235
150m 0.260 0.285 0.330

Special Technician - Nylon Fishing Line - 150m/25lb

Hi - Color Nylon Fishing Line TC H "Special Technician"

Easy to handle Line manufactured with processing minimizes UV damage with specifically designed fibers for each line weight making the line easy to handle. Abrasion resistance Nylon for fishing around shoals and rocky ledges.

fish line Parameters:

line Diameters(mm)0.205 0.219 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.330 0.370 0.405/(lb) 6 7 8 10 12 16 20 25

USG Nylon - Troutist FishingLine- 100m/6lb & 150m/12lb

USG Troutist - Ultra abrasion resistance
Line is available 100m and 150m spools ,in Natural Pearl Brown Color

fish line Parameters:

100m line Diameters(mm)0.128 0.138 0.148 0.165 0.190 0.205 /(lb)2 2.5 3 4 5 6

150m line Diameters(mm)0.235 0.260 0.285 /(lb)8 10 12

SunLine - Monofilament Lines

Monofilament Siglon "F" Fishing Line 100 to 600m

Sunline UV resistant and fluorescent 'Siglon F' - line manufactured special technique also prevents
the fluorescent color from fading,Unique resin reinforcement process for a moisture-proof, strong, shock-resistant and curl-free. Line is available in Clear blue , Fluorecent Orange/Pink/Blue/Clear Blue Colors

fish line Parameters:

line Diameters(mm)0.104 0.128 0.148 0.165 0.205 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435 0.470 0.520 0.570 0.620 0.660 0.700 0.740/
Strength(kg) 0.7 1 1.5 2 3 4 5 5.5 6 7 9 11.5 12 14 18 20 23 27 32 37

"Siglon - Carp" Monofilament FishingLine- 300/1000m/11kg

Super strong and abrasion resistant Monofilament Siglon - Carp Fishing Lines designed for wild and power fish and Great for repeated casting.
low moisture absorption and high strength manufactured with UV-R process minimizes weakening and UV damage Line is available 300m and 1000m spools in Matte Red Brown and Green Colors

fish line Parameters:

D(mm) 0.280 0.300 0.330 0.350 0.380 0.410
Strength(kg)5.5 6.2 7.4 8.2 9.5 11.0

"Siglon Sea" Monofilament FishingLine- 300/600m

Siglon Sea in Clear Color

fish line Parameters:
300m (mm)/(#)0.157/0.8 0.595/12
600m (mm)/(#)0.310/3.5 0.780/22

"Tapered" Monofilament FishingLine- 170/220m

Color Coded in evety x25m Siglon Tapered Line, Surf Casting Line is available on 170m and 220m spools in the following Colors Red, Yellow, Blue and Clear Blue

fish line Parameters:
Butt D(mm) 0.470 0.570 0.570 0.470 0.570 0.570 0.570
Tippet D(mm) 0.235 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.285 0.330 0.370

"Super Natural" Monofilament FishingLine- 110/330/660/3300yds

Basic Monofilament Line "Super Natural" designed to
give maximum 'UV rays' protection and the high-balanced-performance required in a wide range of fishing situations and for bigger catches. Easy to handle and spool onto the reel low memory Super Natural line Comes in two: Clear - "Transparency" and "Jungle" - camouflage colors.

fish line Parameters:

Line is available in Legth:
110yds and 330yds
D(mm)0.165 0.205 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435
Strang (lb) 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 20 25 30

D(mm)0.165 0.205 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435
Strang (lb)4 6 8 10 12 14 16 20 25 30

D(mm)0.165 0.205 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435 0.470 0.520 0.570
Strang (lb)4 6 6 10 12 14 16 20 25 30 35 40 50

"Shooter Defier" Monofilament FishingLine- 78/300m

Maximum protection against UV damage Shooter Defier in Dark Green Color

fish line Parameters:

Line is available in Legth: 78m and 300m:
D(mm) 0.275 0.300 0.320 0.340 0.360 0.380
Strength(lb) 11 13 15 17 19 22

"Hi-Visible" Monofilament saltwater FishingLine- 78/300m

Sunline soft Hi-Visible fishing line in Matte Orange color designed to give the High performance required in a wide range of saltwater fishing situations.

fish line Parameters:

Line is available in 150m spool:
D(mm)0.148 0.165 0.185 0.205 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435
Strength(lb)3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 20 25 30

"Dynard" FishingLine- 150m

" Dynard" in Gold Color sunline high molecular weight Nylon main Line is treated with Sunline's Multiple Resin Processing - hydrophobic and hydrophilic resins are applied separately in an exquisitely balanced, 70 cm water repellant & 30 cm hydrophilc resin ratio.

fish line Parameters:

The lighter weights Line is available in 150m spool
D(mm)0.195 0.205 0.219 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.330 0.370 0.405
Strength(lb)5.5 6 7 8 10 12 16 20 25

"Cast Away" SaltwaterLine- 150m

Saltwater Fish Line Cast Away in Flourescent Color: Blue Green and 10m Length

fish line Parameters:

The lighter weights Line is available in 150m spool:
150m - D(mm)0.205 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370
Strength(lb)6 8 10 12 14 16 20

SunLine - Fluorocarbon Lines

"FC Sniper" Fluorocarbon FishingLine- 100/150/300m

FC Sniper high abrasion resistance and stronger Fluorocarbon Line in Natural ClearĒ Color with practical marking at the 75m line point, first 100m at the at the 50m, manufactured by SunLine with the newly developed high molecular weight fluorocarbon and against surface damage. Pound test-specific fishing-line texture design.

fish line Parameters:
Line is available in 100,150,300m spool:
100m - D(mm)0.350 0.370 0.380 0.405 0.435
Strength(lb)18 20 22 25 30

150m - D(mm)0.128 0.138 0.148 0.157 0.165 0.175 0.190 0.205 0.219 0.235 0.260 L 0 0.300
Strength(lb)2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 6 7 8 10 12 13

300m - D(mm)0.128 0.138 0.148 0.157 0.165 0.175 0.190 0.205 0.219 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.300
Strength(lb)2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 6 7 8 10 12 13

"Shooter" Fluorocarbon FishingLine- 100/150m

High potential Fluorocarbon tournament Line, High Sensetivity, low stretch design amazing fishing line
gives instant feedback of the slightest hit. A spooling system which minimizes curling and surface indentation. This line comes off the spool nice and straight and very smooth.

fish line Parameters:

Line is available in 100 and 150m spool in Natural Color

100m - D(mm)0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435
Strength(lb)16 20 22 25

150m - D(mm)0.219 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310
Strength(lb)7 8 10 12 14

"V-Hard" Strongest Fluorocarbon Clear-FishingLine- 100/150m

Ultra Strongest Low Visibility V-Hard Line.
Unbelievably strong, straight or knotted with exclusive hard protect resin manufacturing proccessing, abrasion resistant, and hard finish for long periods underwater.

fish line Parameters:

Line is available in 100 and 150m spool in Natural Color

50m - D(mm)0.128 0.148 0.165 0.190 0.205 0.219 0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435 0.470 0.520 0.570
Strength(lb)2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 14 16 20 25 30 35 40 50

100m - D(mm)0.235 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435 0.470
Strength(lb)8 10 12 14 16 20 25 30 35

"Small Game " Fluorocarbon SaltWater FishingLine- 150m

Sunline fluorocarbon line ideal for dropshotting or long distance casting Manufactured in Clear "Natural color" for clear waters without stressing or spooking the fish with Friction reducing TRŠ processing + saltwater resistant coating

fish line Parameters:

Line is available in 100m spool in Natural Color

150m D(mm)0.104 0.117 0.128 0.138 0.148 0.157 0.165
Strength(lb)1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4

"Super Tornado " Fluorocarbon SaltWater FishingLine for Boat

Low memory counter reel coded in red and black colors Sunline fluorocarbon line ideal for Boat Fishing and float angling High strength, drifts very well the tide.

fish line Parameters:

Boat Fishing Line is available on 200m and 300m spools in the following diameters:
200 and 300m D(mm) 0.285 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.435 0.470 0.520 0.570
Strength(lb) 12 16 20 25 30 35 40 50

"Basic" FC Fluorocarbon Line

Sunline fluorocarbon line in Natural Clear ideal for every kind of freshwater and saltwater fishing

fish line Parameters:

300 and 225m

(mm): 0.128 0.370
(lb): 2 20

"SV - I" FC Pink Fluorocarbon Line

The Medium fluorocarbon material "Sunline" in difficult for fish to see Pink Color

fish line Parameters:

50m D(mm): 0.148 - 0.330
Strength(lb): 3 1
100m D(mm): 0.135 0.520
Strength(lb): 6 40

"FC Nage" "Orange-Fluorescent" Fluorocarbon FishingLine

Soft type material 100% fluorocarbon fishing line in Fluorescent orange high visibility color. Abrasion Resistant and durable line fo every kond of casting fishing, give you high sensitivity and minimize line breakage.

fish line Parameters:

200m D (mm) 0.205 0.235 0.285 0.330 0.370
Strength(lb) 6 8 12 16 20

"FC Nage" super Cast Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Soft type material fluorocarbon with and excellent balance of stretch and Knot strength. This "Nage" Quad Color Fishing line,Durable and abrasion resistant, available in Clear, Blue and Yellow Color
Šattern plus Highly visible colors system, every 25m 4 Colors for casting and retrieving.

fish line Parameters:

200m D (mm)0.205 0.235 0.285
Strength(lb)6 8 12

SunLine - Polyethylene Braid Lines

"PE - HG Jigger " Saltwater Fishing Line

High strength and high grade PE Jigging polyethylene braid fishing line with ultra high sensitivity and rugged Line for Saltwater fishing 200m Line is available in Green, Šurple, red ,Blue and Orange Color Patern

"PE - HG Jigger 8" Saltwater Fishing Line

Stronger PE Jigging polyethylene braid fishing line with ultra tight brait Sunline design and ultra high sensitivity and gives you precise detection
of the most delicate hitson your Lures or Baits.
Line for Saltwater fishing 100m(35-90lb),200m(35-40lb) and 300m(35-60lb) single spools Line is available in Green, Purple, red ,Blue and Orange Color Patern


- modern line materials, the Advantages

Fluorocarbon, which until recently could only know by hearsay,
becoming popular in country. Many anglers, and especially fans spinning and the feeder, to appreciate the quality of the fishing line of a new generation. Today, given the increased demand for modern fishing methods of fishing, returning to the theme of this super-material.

Call Fluorocarbon new in fishing market currently is not possible, because as such, he appeared in the late 1960s year, being designed for the needs of the petroleum industry-renowned PWM Japanese chemicals company "Kureha Chemical Industries Co." Some time later, the same concern released and the world's first fishing a scaffold made of anyone previously not known in fishing circles material PVDF - Fluorocarbon.

Fluorocarbonand for 44 years - not "Round", but all the same birthday. However,
Despite its age, as self-ICDO invention and its implementation in sport fishing, Fluorocarbon does not cease to remain for Many anglers something puzzling.



Fluorocarbon, he's ftorkarbon, he same PVDF - polyvinylidene fluoride (inlivinilidenftorid) - Chemical polymer, a relative of Teflon, that we found when fry freshly caught fish on a covered Teflon frying pan "Tefal".

The main propertyes of Fluorocarbons

, for which he invented - Extremely high stability to aggressive environment - as chemical and physical (temperature, soaking, UV, mechanical action). However, This will be discussed below, since angrer's much more important property Fluorocarbon- it is extremely low visibility in the water due to slightly different coefficients refraction of light in water and the Fluorocarbon. Indeed, the closer the index of refraction of light in the material is immersed in water to the refractive index of light water, the less noticeable. Refractive index of nylon, of which made the traditional fishing line, which is significantly different from the refractive index light vode.Takim way the Fluorocarbon fishing line is much less visible in water than nylon. In his while appealing to a small visibility in the water PVDF lines, one of successful advertising firms , moving the fishing line under the PVDF call "magic."

In fact , what else would you explain that very well visible in the air line was suddenly disappears, being submerged in water! The Company has earned a lot of this money. How important is the low visibility of fishing line - it's up to each angler at a time. Most likely, it not much appreciate the spinning, catching jigs, are accustomed to use most notable braided line that help them keep track of the wiring bait, but anyone who catches on gear that require a subtle and discreet leash.

In addition to low visibility, the PVDF there are a number of remarkable properties. As already mentioned, the primary application Fluorocarbon found in oil industry where he was going to produce all kinds of pipes, valves and other parts requiring high resistance to high and low temperatures and abrasion. In contrast, from most other polymers, fluorocarbon material resistant to both high and low temperatures - like when heated, and at cooling, it almost does not lose their properties. Quality, very useful for fishing in a tropical climate, as well as when ice fishing. Flyuorokarbon extremely resistant to abrasion, and the strength of its changes nonlinearly. fluorocarbon almost stretches that, firstly, does not result in thinning of line and reduce its strength, and secondly, allows implement more stringent sweeps.

Fluorocarbon different manufacturers

- Regarding the stiffness of line Fluorocarbon different manufacturers, a rather large scatter, due, apparently, different technology release of these fishing lines. Fluorocarbon manufacturers around the world continue to quite a bit, but "quality-standard" is still the same Kureha Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., which releases the fishing line under the PVDF two brands "Riverge" for the European market and "Seaguar" - For the U.S. market. Fluorocarbon manufacturers soft and fit well, having with high strength at a site. Fluorocarbon manufacturers other manufacturers are often quite severe.

In the foreign literature of fishing the past years there negative mention of the low, the Compared with nylon fishing line, strength of fish line Fluorocarbon. Fact took place to be, although not as pronounced as talking about it, today's quality is Fluorocarbon fishing lines are not inferior in strength of nylon fishing line. Flyuorokarbon almost moistened with water, so does not swell even after prolonged in her residence. For the angler is benefits "both sides": first, does not change the structure of the material, "Arching" water molecules, and hence, no loss and strength, secondly, does not increase the diameter fishing line, and hence its visibility. Fluorocarbon is absolutely resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, which is not typical nylon used to produce traditional fishing line.

Fluorocarbon Lines - more UV resistant

than others,extends the life of the fishing line and does not require obscure its storage. Fluorocarbon drowning is 2.5 times faster than nylon - This feature is particularly appreciated by lovers of fishing on the float rod. At Second, because Fluorocarbon always lead under the surface film water, becoming virtually invisible to fish.

Note, that Although the production process fluorocarbon and articles he fell, he still
remains fairly expensive here - the high price of this fluorocarbon fishing line, denoted by many manufacturers and resellers as a 100% PVDF or 100% fluorocarbon. fluorocarbon-monofilament can not be cheap, especially As a Japanese fishing-lines, since Land of the Rising Sun is not only the highest quality requirements products, but also extremely expensive labor. "Budget" options Fluorocarbon line, made of nylon and fluorocarbon having a shell, allowing until it will be erased, the fishing line to make these somewhat less visible in the water, referred to as "fluorocarbon covered".Read more about lines, you'll find the info you need in this book section.

Fluorocarbon coated - It's Not 100% Fluorocarbon Line

- Sure, a good focus on fishing line from the manufacturer. Already mentioned 'Kureha Chemical Industries' Co., Ltd., Representing the goods under the brand names and Riverge Seaguar, (by the way, somewhere in Europe, there is not quite clear "the intersection" of American and European "model lines" and trade brands, such as a STENZEL - trade name "GrandMax", corresponding to the U.S. program PVDF-lines. When The quality of line - the highest, and on the spool clearly stated that the manufacturer - Kureha. Excellent PVDF-scaffold branded KAIZEN Special offers The Japanese concern SUNLINE®. Among Japanese famous - the famous pedestrian monofilament PVDF hair frog, produced by Gamma Technologies and Fluorocarbon "Diver" Tippet Material - Product Dai-Riki. Among American producers Fluorocarbon most known is the famous and the largest chemicals group ZM trademark of Scientific Anglers). Most large Manufacturers offering high quality Fluorocarbon fishing line all only unwinds, or directly order the manufacturer, and offer customers in the future under its brand. Today Fluorocarbon time line is in the directory Most major manufacturers and resellers of equipment for sport fishing, as ACME, Orvis, Cabela's, RIO, Balsax,AirFlo, Climax, Unitika, Varivas, Sportfish.


- high quality Japan fishing lines

One of the largest producers of High quality Japanese fishing Lines today considered to be company Sunline®. The company was founded almost 30 years ago, in 1977, and since the plug impact on the world market of fishing products is constantly expanding, and by the end of 2005, sales reached 20.3 million. Sunline produces several types of lines nylon, Polyamide monofilament, multifilament, Polyethylene multifilament and Fluorocarbon designed for any kind of freshwater and saltwater fishing. Today the company controls the dominant part of the national market lines for fishing, and exports products to more than in 40 countries of the World. In the production plans Sunline lot of attention a more subtle and solid line, for which designers use the company's own design and original technologies.

Fishing Line Made in Japan-"SunLine" Mrs, Quality above all,a higher standard in the industry

The company "Sunline" carried out strict quality control. Despite the fact that each line was subjected to rigorous laboratory control, even at the primary rewind reels are tested for long its strength, according color and other line characteristics. Any deviation of the product from the standard found in the course of such double-checking, is the removal of marriage and the changeover process chain. Quality - above all! This is a standing rule and company Sunline. At the factory Sunline carried out a complete production cycle, from processing raw materials in all types of fishing line to its winding on the spool and the final packaging. There are 12 extruders for conversion to nylon fishing line, Fluorocarbon, Polyethylene and other materials. Their performance is about 500t of line per year. Unwinding of line occurs on three different lines types: normal wound parallel winding and no stress. Testing of products takes place daily on a variety of devices. Checked for stability rupture, abrasion resistance Effects in the water, sliding, state fishing line with changes in temperature, humidity, and the influence of other factors arising in a variety of fishing conditions. Particular attention is given to the visual Control of line. Optical and electron microscopes make it possible to thoroughly check the condition outer surface of the scaffold and to study its internal structure. By working closely with leading manufacturers of materials and university laboratories if necessary within hours to carry out chemical analysis of raw materials and introduce changes in their composition.

Fishing Line is the result of many years of research and development

The development of new products Sunline is a step-by-step process:
information gathering, information analysis, structural analysis of fishing
fishing line, fishing line creation and quality assessment. The latest information is collected on the basis of daily contacts with distributors Fishing fishing line in 40 countries. It is taken into account in the design and manufacture of fishing line. Second source of information - field data lines, which come from experts
specializing in specific methods of salt and freshwater fishing. The data obtained are also used in the planning issue product and production development. Information from these and some other sources are analyzed and considered the most important in formulating and solving specific problems. The subject for investigation is the fishing line and competing firms. It necessary to create a fishing lines that differ in characteristics from those who already have on the market. Development of new lines preceded by consultation with the producers of raw materials, in order to be able to create raw materials, whose composition will be the most fully appropriate for the goals. The structure of lines, a decision about what to make fishing line - "monofilament" or more complex design and which characteristics, - resistance to abrasion and water repellency.

The New Fishing Line

Then proceed to create new lines. Getting better the most appropriate equipment
for winding fishing line from each of the selected material and created prototypes of the finished product. They checked with using research equipment to meet all of the parameters laid down in the draft. Initial evaluation of a new fishing line is held in
laboratory and consists of a number elements of a comprehensive study, including checking the diameter of fishing line, breaking load, abrasion resistance, the degree of slip in accordance with all requirements design specifications.
The line, which passed all the tests laboratory test is the subject of field trials. In all the studies of line company makes the final decision to move it to market or not.
The line, which To successfully passed all test, implemented in the production, unwound by spool, and goes on sale. The method of unwinding the fishing line - the usual, parallel or winding stress-free - is chosen depending on the characteristics of line and preferences buyer. Sunline produces a full range of lines from the material each type for a variety of conditions of fishing, fish species and methods catch corresponding to the requirements of any angler. The range of sizes - from 0,038 mm and 3.5 mm. Lines 113 brands can be found Leisure Fishing Catalogue. They subdivided into 59 nylon, 29 Fluorocarbon of 17 polyester 4 out of polyethylene, 4 metal and A different type. Following the high standards Environment, Sunline maintains the status of social responsible manufacturer whose program research and development aimed to ensuring a safe and natural lines, which eventually decompose under the action of bacteria, not pollute nature.

Some practical Fluorocarbon advice

Check Availability Fluorocarbon can just tip of the ignition fishing line. Fluorocarbon independently burn pellets folding, will not be scorched by the end of the fishing line will be formed a significant number of black ash from the abundance of carbon. Modern Fluorocarbon fishing line can not dissolve completely in black ash . It depends on the percentage of carbon to other elements used by staff, but carbon ash to form should be a very, very significant amounts. Nodes between the Fluorocarbon and conventional fishing line is done in a high rigidity Fluorocarbon, with diameters close to the ends articulated to fold Nylon fishing line twice; apply nodes.This line can use in any situation of fishing ...and good luck with fluorocarbon fishing line.

Fly Line Cleaning Tips

other manufacturer | Box info

Stren Stamina Monofilament

Stren, who has long had a reputation for quality freshwater monofilament,
has introduced the Stamina line for saltwater anglers. This mono, available in 10-100-pound test spools, is available in a clear coral color and a high visibility