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The Scierra Company Looped Mono Shooting Line is a highly specialized floating monofilament shooting line, that – according to Scierra’s fishing product development team - will greatly enhance your casting experience.

The line features an oval construction that gives you a stable line flow and improved grip control. It comes with a pre-integrated loop at the front end for fast change of shooting heads and 5 colour-indication sections - each 10 meters long. This is the perfect line for coastal sea trout fishing and competition casting. Info available at

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Lures and Baits

Mepps Aglia silver / black / ¹ 00 and ¹ 0 / - number one bait, especially when fishing shallow water. This shine can be spent, even at a depth of 10 cm its movement is always smooth, uninterrupted, even in the passage downstream. Before going to fish, make sure you shine with these two dimensions. Sometimes in one day trout prefer shone ¹ 0, and literally the next day - ¹ 00.

Mepps Thunder Bug march brown ¹ 0 - Very interesting bait, mainly catching in July when the fish feed on insects from the water surface. Usually use this shone on such sections of the river with not so fast over at construction upstream. Rotation of this shining much like the beating wings of an insect caught in the water and trout bite him.

Mepps Aglia black mouche / ¹ 0, ¹ 00, ¹ 1 / - Most caught this trout flashed "stood" on all three blades on the hook. In many ways, it is required by the presence of streamer hook, not for nothing the world championships in trout hunting is prohibited the use of threes overthrown. As practice shows, the use of feathers of different colors, most of the trout ulovista s and hariusa / a red-leather lining / she attended the hook earlier described by Mepps Thunder Bug march brown and many rotating branded Myran / . As my favorite trout stream water is red-brown, then to increase the visibility of the bait and making some measure in the rotation, I always put a few large white spots on the black surface of the leaf using a simple office adjuster. Special accuracy is not as important as turning Spherize merge.

Mepps Black Fury ¹ 0 mouche - Much like in the previous feature, but there is another part of the leaf geometry and creates different from classical Aglia game. Of all the colorful diversity of points of the leaf I would note especially the red and fluorescent as well stand out in the hunt in a slightly gray after rain water.

...a favorite Mepps Trout lures

Reviews:Was fishing at hagerman refuge here in Idaho march 1st 2013 ,I was catching quit a few trout and bass and was watching another fisherman about 100 ft. upstrem from me, he had landed 4 trout each at 4 lbs. when I was done fishing I walked by him he looked at my fish on stringer and we talked about what we were useing for bait ,he said Im a mepps fisherman, I had some bass so he went to where I was fishing and I decided to make a few casts where he was fishing ,, I put on a mepps and landed my last fish for the day a nice 5 pound ranbow trout.. he was telling the truth Mepps works ... Steve Gobel

I've used Mepps for years but never knew they were from Alaska,thought they were Canadian.Arch Pitcher

To buy Mepps Lures and Fishing Accessories

Dam Effzet ¹ 1 - Wonderful "rotating" with leaf, similar in form to classical shone from the company "Mepps". It is totally devoid of calls at the beginning of the rotation. Even in a very effective passing along it gently and quickly keep and maintain fast and constant speed during the entire passage. It is in that shone I caught my first trout, although my more experienced friend to me conducting master class, argued that it can not be successful because of white, light-reflecting sheet tab. Myran LiLamy 3g-it has everything: and points of the leaf, creating great vision and speed to stay stable in time, and lightweight base, preventing the deep frustration of bait while fishing shallow water. There rufous / this color is very important / streamer hook, very important for provoking the attack.


Many experienced trout fishermen shone remains bait ¹ 1 in the box with lures for trout there is always room for a few wobblers, especially during August-September. In their choice of color is worth orientation quiet dark colors: gray, brown and black. Noticeable success of these patterns of bait for trout in particular, I explained primarily by the color of aquatic organisms, which eat trout. These are predominantly gray-black larvae and small stream trout, looking black in pure water.

Choosing wobblers in the shape of fish, I stopped the products of such manufacturers as SalmoHornet, one whacking three, even better is the double-curved model with black and yellow stripes Yo-Zuri retain remarkable flow slowly sinking mini artificial baits of wood in the shape of fish Snap beans, and what is most important on its merits to assess trophy trout s Rapala / smallest Original floating.

Here are some models that have proven in practice:

Illex, Tiny Fry - models Minnow, which are intended for fishing are ideal for this period, especially if you are looking for trout in places to a depth 70-80 cm
Salmo Hornet - small models, colored trout color are really great bait for this time.
Antax - Serbian Wobbler, which have recently been imported into Bulgaria, floating 4-inch trout imitations have proven bait that works well throughout the year.
Orbit 65 Slider - the model is 6.5 cm in length, but in some trout lures looking seemingly impossible catch days, when it wants to peck on anything else.
Rapala Original Floater - bait for medium depths, lead it with the uneven provodka.
Owner Mira Shad - 5-centimeter model weighing 4 grams is excellent for trout.
Of course, the market for Wobblers is changing constantly, leaving newer baits. Since the last import as interesting are the Czech-Polish wobblers of brand Lovec. Small and medium - sized models developed by colleagues from the national team spinning the Czech Republic, advertised as very good bait for trout fishing in the February cold water. However, whether this is so or not, will only show the practice.
Experience shows that in the case of Wobbler mark may be important but more important is how you lead. Provodkata and overall presentation of bait are no less important than its price and quality. In no event should not expect that trout will surely strike the expensive Wobbler lodged how in the water.

Dry fly fishing

and flies for trout

Sure, there are times early in the season when trout sulk on the bottom of the stream. If they eat anything, it's a worm or a flashy spinner or a weighted nymph, fished deep and slow. But trout are mainly insect eaters. They're most vulnerable when they're gorging on bugs at the surface, as they do at least part of virtually even-day of the season. At those times, anybody with modest skill and a dry fly that even vaguely resembles the insect the trout are eating can catch them easily. Consider these factors:

surface-feeding trout betray themselves and their precise locations. We dry-fly fishermen know when we're casting to a hungry trout. This knowledge gives us the confidence, patience, and persistence to concentrate on our goal: to catch that trout.

we know that when trout are at the surface, their range of vision is limited. Because we can locate our targets, we can stalk them. By approaching these fish from downstream and getting close to them, we are able to make short, accurate casts without spooking them.

we can see how our une. leader. and FLY drift On the water, so our mistakes are visible. If the fly fails to pass directly over the fish, our cast was inaccurate. If it drags unnaturally across the surface, that tells us why he didn't eat it. Whatever we did wrong, we can correct.

we can tell how the TROUT responds to Our flv. If he sticks up his nose and sucks it in, we lift our rod, set the hook, and bring him in. If he refuses a fly that floats directly over him without drag a few times, we know we must change flies or change tactics.

even when TROUT aren't actively rising, thev're often eager to take dry flies. Drifting a big white-winged floater through riffles and pocket water is easy.

A real pleasure to catch trout on dry fly in small rivers. River fishing of this fish is more difficult than fishing in a closed basin. Trout is always desirable to be caught with small dry flies moving upstream. For this purpose, I fished with fly rod 3-4 class AFTMA length 2.40 m cord you are using is the company Stsientifik Anglers respectively 3-4 grade. The reel in the cord wound around the backing of a length of 20 meters. I think it is no longer necessary. Especially even when fishing on a river. Occasions was 2.70 meters in length and type "rat tail".

When fishing for trout from shore cord then you must haul oblique flow water waiting to take it. If during the dry fly fishing gets wet it it immediately to hang the piece that stands on electricity and for this purpose. After drying and wings of muhichkata are coated with a special lubricant thereby fly will stay on the surface of the water and not sink. About 20 cm above a muhichkata we further put one tapichka with bright color, which is a good buoyancy and sank. So at any moment we will know where is the fly. Does this tapichka disappear as it should detect. If the day we can catch 2-3 fish then it's straight success. Once you pull out of a pond as a fish, it must continue looking for another reservoir or to cease fishing for not less than 20-30 minutes to allow the fish to calm down. Where water is fast also have a chance to catch trout, because it seeks such places with plenty of oxygen. My friend was captured flyfisher balkanka weighing 350g in water depth of only 30 cm, it is desirable to keep peace in the movement and if possible to hide behind stones or other places.


to Fish

Trout are found in rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and reservoir tailraces. Because all trout species need cool water to successfully reproduce, the fish found in ponds and lakes are stocked fish.

Regardless of where you fish for trout, one thing is sure: They depend
heavily on a diet of insects, crustaceans and baitfish to survive.

Pond and lake trout have a diet heavy with insectcs. Stream trout found in lakes may forage on more baitfish than insects because flowing cold water is required for many types of insects to be found in good numbers.


for trout

An ultralight spinning outfit 5V2 to 6 feet (1.7 to 1.8 m) long, spooled up with 2- to 6-pound-test (0.9- to 2.7-kg) monofilament line is what I use when fishing live bait for trout in streams or lakes. A 3- to 6- weight ftyrod that is 8V2 or 9
feet (2.5 or 2.7 m) in length with a floating line works well when fishing the moving water of streams or rivers[factors].
Live-bait fishing with a fly- rod takes a little more practice to successfully present a bait.
Keeping the bait on the hook long enough to entice a trout is the tricky part.
No matter how I fish fortrout I always have a good selection of split-shot. I carry size B to 07 shot in a small plastic box with numerous compartments. I prefer live-bait hook sizes #8 to #2, which cover most of the trout fishing situations I may encounter.
Clear-plastic casting bubbles and small slip-bobbers are needed for presenting insects and worms. The casting bubble allows you to cast weightless insects to hungry trout. Slip- bobbers work well when fish are suspended in lakes or when snags prevent the bait from being fished on the bottom.
Because trout prefer very clean water, they can be pretty spooky when you're fishing small streams or lakes. One thing I like to do is to wear drab clothing and act more like I'm hunting than fishing when I'm searching for trout. Simply walking along the shoreline of trout waters can be enough to spook wary trout. I oftentimes resort to using fluorocarbon line when fishing ultraclear water. A pair of hip boots or waders is a must to seriously chase trout,is many of the best spots require you to cross a stream or stand in the stream to present the bait properly.


Angleworms, waxworms and insect larvae hooked on a plain hook with a split-shot is the best way to get started trout fishing in streams. Position yourself below a shallow, rocky riffle that dumps into a deeper pool. Cast the split-shot rig up
and across the top of the pool, then let the bait drift down through the length of the pool.

Wading -Trout, salmon and bass are just three species that may require you to get into the water and wade to the fish to be more productive. Wading can be done with or without waders, depending on water temperatures and creatures that live in a given body of water. I do a great deal of wade-fishing and I prefer the security of a comfortable pair of waders and wading shoes. The ability to wade allows me to fish areas that may not be ccessible by land due to no-trespassing laws.

Video: How to Make Flies for Trout Fishing

Article: River Fishing, Fishing in Wyoming's Wind River

Wakebait Fishing - Tackics,Strategies and Tips

New Trout Lures by Hot Shotz

Due to continued demand, we have restocked our Frogs and Mice for the new fishing season. The Frogs are 60mm and they even feel real! Cast them into slower waters and retrieve erratically. This gets the legs working and creates an irresistible 'eat me' ripple. It looks like another dry summer ahead so the mice will be everywhere and mice are always on the menu for trout, especially in Central Otago lake areas! Beech seeds are what the mice go crazy on, so look for the seed dropping trees near the water and fish about them for optimum result. Fish with a steady but slow retrieve and wait for that big hit!

All these lures come ready to fish with a 1 / 0 weedless hook, so they are fairly snag-proof too. The soft plastic of the 70mm long mouse lure is unscented. Check these out at

Trout and salmon Innovative Jerkbait JIGGY lures

New to the bait market this season is a range of dehydrated bait pellets marketed as the 'Bait Bullet'- a shelf-stable, organic, reformed fish bait product that really works (Crimpy's even tasted them and he's hooked!). They are designed to make fishing easy and mess free! Bait Bullets are perfect for wharf fishing, lake fishing, canal fishing, from the boat, or catching live and fresh baits quickly.

Available in three familiar flavours - BONITO, SQUID & KINA. Manufactured By Jimmys Bait Co Ltd.

Bait Bullets come in two pellet sizes, small pellets - good for all wharf species, spotties, sprats, piper and trevs, and medium pellets - good for lake and canal fishing on trout and salmon and larger salt water species like tarakihi, kahawai, blue cod, perch, snapper - in fact, almost anything with a mouth. They come in a handy blister foil pack so that you only use what you need, when you need it, and are available in single or double packs. Bait Bullets are clean, fit in your tackle box, cost effective, need no refrigeration and most importantly - catch fish. Manufactured by JIMMYS BAIT CO LTD, Nelson. Available from selected tackle stores - check our ad for details. Retail enquiries welcome - phone: 03 970 2205

Trout Baits, Chacsting Trout with Bait, Devon, Daiwa Saltwater and Saltiga Series lures.

Lures and Bait for Trout Fishing

If Fishing is important for you - You can take every aspect of the planning faze of each new trout fishing adventure seriously. Trout Lures needs to be made with perfection and something you can rely on 100%.

Speaking about fishing lures for trout can be quite large theme , however here you can read the basic aspects useful for trout fishing.

Today we can get in stores fishing, trout fishing different lures, but How to Choose Them, How to use, and What types to choose Triut Baits

For bait you must understand all natural, animal or artificial, which aims at the attraction's appetite for trout through their senses detect its taste, smell, or ovement.

Artificial baits
Many can be homemade baits are excellent mixed with water once the dough to which you can add garlic powder , or even artificial colors to attract the trout.
There are brands like Berkley PowerBait producing pasta with scents and bright colors that are very productive too, the bread ( roll or white bread) , marshmallows , worms and roe synthetic flavor enhancers and attractive among others, as we see some of these baits sink completely , other floating, let not observe to apply it properly. For lakes and reservoirs , it is advisable to make the arrangement of the famous sliding weight. In rivers you must first analyze the current , study the place , wild trout are more travelers , so it is appropriate to apply to the appropriate line pressure leads to get the bait down and have a better handle on the bait.

Soft Plastic Baits for Trout

Generally little used by fishermen, however are very good for trout fishing, among which we find the mini Senkos 3 and 4 inches, small grubs and swimbaits of 2-3 inches, there are also pipes and imitation of crayfish and leeches. Mounting always in the opposite direction to the hook, all these lures can used to effectively fish the desired depths.

SAVAGE Trout Nails

formed like fingernails -it is a deadly weapon for trout in both salt and freshwater, casting with ultralight gear or together with a casting float. Well designed from Savage with perfection in every little detail to make finicky trout attack more aggressive. Trout Micro spoons come in 3 pack contains nails with different steel plate thickness - A,B,C -from the lightest 1,5g to the heaviest 2,5g , for the lightest topwater layer fishing, designed for the the medium layer and the heaviest spoon , when the trout are cruising low.

Big Lures and trout Fishing

- DVDs Resources

Detailed Information on Rigging and Tackle

Bass fishing DVDs abound, but be assured that Southern Trout Eaters is like no other bass video you've ever seen. Southern Trout Eaters is a true documentary, filmed over a period of several months, about the hunt for big bass with big swimbaits.

The primary host is FLW pro Matt Peters, a swimbait fanatic from San Clemente, Calif., who moved to Roswell, Ga., in 2005. Soon after his arrival in the South, he discovered what some anglers in the southern

Appalachians already knew: Trout stocking programs in rivers and lakes of the mountains in that region had created the same phenomenon of big bass gorging themselves on stocked trout as is common in the West. Peters enlisted the help of a few bass-obsessed locals to help him with the project, and together they pioneered big lures in the Blue Ridge Mountains, tapping a prolific big bass fishery that few outside the region knew existed. The film is a cross between Glen Lau's Bigmouth and the cult classic skateboard documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys. Peters' presentation is tempered with a laid-back, West Coast surfer vibe. Most of the film is set to authentic bluegrass music.

Be forewarned, though, this is not a high-end production with HD close-ups, slow-motion strikes or underwater shots. This film is homegrown and homemade, making the firsthand footage real and raw. The two-hour and 41minute film includes exclusive information about the trout/big bass relationship in the East, tons of technical tips on swimbaits, the thrill of victory and agony of defeat in big-bait fishing, an intense interview with swimbait guru Ken Huddleston, and a mindblowing segment on the 22nd Century Nezumma Rat - a 10-inch jointed swamp rat lookalike that bass just... well, you will have to see for yourself. Check out for sale at $19.95 or for more information and a film trailer.

Spring Trout lures

The versatile Marabou jig is one of the top lures for rainbows in the large reservoirs and lakes such like of the Upper Missouri as well as many other waters around the state open to fishing throughout the early spring.

Pro Series finest Marabou

An angler with a light, fast action spinning rod and a pocket full of Kit's Jigs is set up for a memorable day on the water. The best colors are typically perch patterns followed by the egg-sucking leech and rainbow trout patterns. The "zonker jig" is a variant of the "marabou jig " that has proven very effective.


Rapala F09

Crankbaits like the F09 Rapala trolled as well as near the shoreline of Montana lakes and reservoirs can be very productive as rainbows cruise the shallows in the spring season. Top colors are rainbow trout and perch.

Fly fishermen can experience some great fishing in many rivers in the spring as the rainbows prepare to spawn. An egg pattern drifted near the bottom or an egg-sucking leech will draw strikes from rainbows as well as any brown trout positioned to feed on drifting rainbow eggs.

Anglers tossing hardware with spinning gear for spring trout will do well with a Krocodile spoon in Hammered Brass/Fire Stripe or a Panther Martin Spinner in Holographic Rainbow pattern.

These can both be effective in lakes or streams retrieved just fast enough to swim or spin properly.

Krocodile Spoon in Hammered Brass/Fire Stripe

An angler fishing bait from the bank has the best opportunity of the year fishing during the rainbow trout spawn in the spring.

A rig consisting of a sliding sinker and a snelled number 4 baitholder hook tipped with a spawn sack will do well. The spawn sack can be tied with salmon eggs or trout eggs with trout eggs as the better choice if available.

Bullet Lures

- Catch More Fish with large size and other lures

Section contains a wealth of knowledge covering some aspects of bullet lures, see and comment.

Mepps Lures

Mepps Lures & Spinners - Catch more trout, bass and pike ! Be a successful angler, see what the fishermen have to say

The Unconventional methods - dont let it limit you

There are various topics - could come up with but one that no one ever really touches on using unconventional methods. Eevery now and then you may approach a stream and the fish just wont take your bait. All the information you are given by any other angler is just another tool in your toolbox. Dont let it limit you though. For example fishing for salmon on a local stream the only thing the fish would eat was a small chrome beetle designed for topwater, only they wouldnt take it as a topwater bait. it wasnt until i found a way to sink it and fish it like you would a nymph that the salmon started to take. Other ideas may include intuitive field repairs, if you want to carry limited baits what should the bare essentials be, depending on species of fish your targeting, fish feeding behaviors/ tendancies, difference between baits designed for trout and salmon and why. There are many more.

Creek Chub - Fishing Baits for Surf and Freshwater fishing

Creek Chub well-known baits made to stand up to the heavy weights, from floating poppers to trolling and crankbaits , these lures are sure to make for an exciting day on the beach or lake.