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Named of the largest and the top most influential in the World fishing tackle companies Daiwa's offer a full range of fishing lures and variety of purposes- most successful, fantastic and innovative models include Saltwater and Saltiga Series lures.

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DAIWA Fishing Lures

Flat Flash Crank New Series Lures

Lures Details:

Length 23/4 inches

Weight: 1/2

N4 hook size

Ghost Olive

Brown Craw

Red Craw

Black Shad

Baby Bass

Olive Shad

Fire Tiger

Blue Back

Brown Shiner

Scale Shad

FLOATING Pop N’ Skater Daiwa®


Actions while its tail weighted balance for max casting distance.

Lures with hydrodynamic shape

Lures Details:

Length 4/13 inches

Weight: 3/4

N2 hook size

Ghost Olive

Prizm Shad

Minnow lures


Brown Shiner

Prizm Scale Shad lures

Laser Rainbow Trout

Lures Ghost Black

Floating Wooden Dead or Alive Series Daiwa Lures

Double-jointed wooden body Lures with 3-D eyes for large Lucky gamefish

Lures Details:

Length 5,6 inches

Weight: 13/8,23/16

N4 hook size N1/0,2

Rainbow Trout

Tiger Perch

"Dead or Alive" Ayu

Baby Bass

Peanut Classic Series Daiwa Lures

Tight wobble and classic crankbait rattles design for 3 and 5 feet of Depth

Lures Details:

Length 2 inches

Weight: 5/16

N4 hook size N8

Peanut Blue Shad

Crystal Olive

Crystal Gold

Peanut Lemon Lime

Ghost Olive

Prizm Shad

Prizm olive Shad

Chrome Blue

Matte Fire

Peanut Brown Craw lure

Pearl lure

Red Craw

Tablre Rock Shad

Shad Master Series Daiwa Lures

Shad pattern Lures with Classic design and wider wiggle. Murky water lure for rolling action with 3-D realistic eyes, for 6 feet of depth

Lures Details:

Length 2 3/8inches

Weight: 1/4

N4 hook size N8

Ghost Olive

Red Craw

Black Shad

Tiger lure

Gold Fire

Shad Master Foil Perch

Brown Trout

Shad Master Bluegill

Baby Bass

Olive Shad Master lure

Dr. Minnow Series Daiwa Lures

Lures for a fast jerkwith Realistic scale pattern and 3-D eyes, for 3 feet of depth

Lures Details:

Length 2, 2 3/4inches

Weight: 3/32,1,/7,1/4,

N4 hook size N6,8,12

Bubble Gum

Crystal Green

Crystal Black Pearl Dr. Minnow

Black Gold Fire lure

Black Shiner

Ghost Olive

Dr. Minnow Yellow Spot

Matte Fire

Dr. Minnow Prizm Shad

Rainbow Trout Dr. Minnow lure

Saltwater Lures

New Salt Bala Jig Lures

Max effect Daiwa fishing Lures with Multiple anchor points to provide catching actions choices - with real abalone eyes

Lures Details:


Weight: 3, 3 1/2, 4 1/4,5 1/4

N4 hook size N1/0,2/0

Red Flam lure


Bala Jig Pink Ice

Cotton Candy

salt Minnow, Conch Jig and Salt Pro Minnow Series

Daiwa Salt Minnow Lures

Natural looks realistic Lures for a fast ripping style of fishing with 3-D eyes and heavy-duty hooks(saltwater).

Lures Details:

Length 4 1/3, 5 1/4

Weight: 2/3, 4/9

N4 hook size N2,4

Purple Backlure Silver

Clear Minnow

Laser Red Head Salt Minnow

Laser Chart Rainbow lure

Laser Green Shiner

Laser Sardine

Blue Black Gold

Salt Minnow Sardine
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Saltiga Lures

Saltiga Series Lure Minnow

Lures(Equipped with "OWNER® ST-46"-saltwater hooks) for shore and inshore reef sport fishing, series with optimum lure action and 3D Eyes, for 2 and feet of depth

Lures Details:

Length 4 3/4, 5 3/4

Weight: 1/4, 11/16

N4 hook size N4,5

Laser Sardine

Blue Back Gold

Red Head

Laser Green Shiner

Saltiga Minnow Red/Gold

Green Shiner

Laser Red Head

Laser Chart Rainbow lure

Saltiga Series Lure Pencil

Lures(come with "OWNER®"-saltwater hooks ST-46) for maximum resistance to those toothy predators, series with optimum lure action and 3D Eyes.

avaliable 18cm Size lures-150lb

Lures Details:

Length 5 1/2, 7

Weight: 1 1/32, 2 1/8

N4 hook size N1,N/A


Saltiga Pencil Shiner lure


Pink Back

Red Back Silver

Saltiga Popper Daiwa Series Lure

Lures(Equipped with "OWNER®"-saltwater ST-46 hooks) Dual cup durability lures with maximum sound , series with optimum lure larger game and 3D Eyes.

Lures Details:

Length 5/12,

Weight:1 7/16

N4 hook size N1

Laser Sardine

Saltiga Popper -Laser Chart Back lure series

Laser Shiner

Laser Mahi - Saltiga Popper

Laser Pink Back

Saltiga Sacrifice Daiwa Stick Jigs Series Lure

Realistic prism Lures with Innovative design for high-speed jerk, series with optimum lure game and 3D Eyes.

Lures Details:

Length 3 3/4,4 1/4,4 3/4,5 1/4

Weight:1 5/8,2 1/8,3 9/16,4 5/16

N4 hook size N N/A

Black Gold


Pink Ice


Fire Orange Saltiga Sacrifice

Saltiga Sacrifice Leaf Jigs with 2 hooks

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