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Named of the largest and the top most influential fishing tackle manufacturer Daiwa's offer a huge range of lures include saltwater fishing lures and variety of realistic pattern for best fishing games.

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Choose the right lures for your next saltwater fishing expedition

Saltwater lures are predominantly used to target predatory fish, lure fishing game is advantageous in that there is the good chance to catch and not hungry fish, but a chance to learn new fishing techniques and tips, unlike conventional bait-fishing techniques.

Nearly all lures manufacturers include additional features or visual items, such as skirts spinner baits or other that are meant to make the lure more efficient and prominent in the water and more likely to make a fish bite. Daiwa saltwater lures have all the right moves and real pattern and colors for your efficient fishing situation.

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DAIWA saltwater Fishing Lures

Conch Jig Series for saltwater

Daiwa Lures series for deep or shallow fishing. Heavy duty skirts and trailers. Max efficient lure design with real loock abalone eyes resilient silicon trailers and multiple hooks.

Lures Details:

Length - inches

Weight: 3/3.1/2,4 1/4, 51/4, 7

N hook size N1/0 ,2/0

Pink Ice color


"Mango" green



Chugger salt Minnow Series Baitfish

Lures designed with a unique lip and realistic scale colors and real pattern and

3-D eyes with h-duty finest in premium saltwater hooks.

Lures Details:

Length 4,4 3/4inches

Weight: 2/5, 3/5

N hook size N4, N2

Back Silver-purple

Clear Minnow Bait

Laser Sardine

Laser Chart - Rainbow

Sardine type

Blue-Black Gold

Green Shiner

Laser Red-Head

Long Casting

Bait Lure

Salt Pro Minnow Series

Long casting and efficient bait lures with realistic colors, longer casts and heavu hooks, designed for a ripping style, retrieve and fast fishing stle.

Lures Details:

Length 4 1/3, 5 1/4

Weight: 2/3, 4/9

N4 hook size N2,4

Laser Chart Rainbow

Purple Back-Silver

Lasser Green Shiner


Red Head - Laser

Blue Mackerel


Shiner bait

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Team Daiwaź maximum effect Series Lures: Salt,Chugger,Pro Minnow etc best Swimming Action designed for anglers seeking saltwater fish.

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