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Buzz - Bars - Amazing Black Label Adjustable Buzz Bars from Fox International. Check out what Independent Enthusiasts and Anglers have to say.

Buzz - Bars - Amazing Black Label Adjustable Buzz Bars from Fox International. Check out what Independent Enthusiasts and Anglers have to say.

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Abrasion resistant Fox Line is supplied in 300m lengths and available in a 12-35 lb and a 15 - 35 lb versions in green colour.

Fox Fishing Accessories and outdoor equipment - include Supa Brolly,Flatliter bed and sleeping bag for outdoor anglers FX Low Rider

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Fox® Fishing Lines

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FOX Carp Line & Leaders - FOX Int. Brand is a ltop manufacturer of fishing tackle, reels , rods and lines for the carp anglers.

Fox / Lines


FOX Fishing Lines

Match -Micro "Plus XT" Fishing Line- 0,091 to 0,234 D

12 month testing Fishig line micro Plus XT available in different diameter sizes on 100m spools.
This line gives you an unbelievable feel,Stronger and thinner line on the market Today.

fish line Parameters:
0.091mm 0.74kg. / 1.63 lb 100m

0.105mm 0.98kg. / 2.16 lb 100m

0.128mm 1.46kg. / 3.21 lb 100m

0.148mm 1.92kg. / 4.22 lb 100m

0.165mm 2.40kg. / 5.28 lb 100m

0.181mm 2.88kg. / 6.34 lb 100m

0.203mm 3.57kg. / 7.85 lb 100m

0.234mm 4.48kg. / 9.85 lb 100m

Match Soft Steel - monofilament Fishing Line - 0,18 to 0,45D

Low visibility and extra strong and smooth fishing line. This monofilament reel line are available on a 150 m spool in diameters from 0,14 to 0,26mm/10lb.
Great Line for all types of fishing including trout fishing in absolutely clear rivers and streams.

fish line Parameters:

0.14mm 3lb/1.4kg.

0.16mm 4lb/1.8kg.

0.18mm 5lb/2.3kg.

0.20mm 6lb/2.7kg.

0.23mm 8lb/3.6kg.

0.26mm 10lb/4.6kg.

Micro Plus FishingLine- 0,08 to 0,25D

Crystal clear 1oom Low visibility fishing Line,This spectacular monofilament " Fox-Micro-Plus" line is
designed to make casting and tying easer, has a superb wet knot strength to diameter ratio,
Its parameters are a perfect mix of stretch and strength. This monofilament fishline are available on a 100m spool in diameters from 0,08 to 0,25 mm/10lb.

fish line Parameters:

100m 0.08
100m 0.09
100m 0.10
100m 0.12
100m 0.16
100m 0.18
100m 0.20
100m 0.22
100m 0.25

"Horizon" - Main FishingLine

Strong Braided ultra low diameter fishing line in brown colour plus slick finish and max sensitivity to improve distance casting. line available in different breaking strains:20lb to 30lb.

fish line Parameters:

20lb x 300m
25lb x 300m
30lb x 300m

"Zig / Floater" Hooklink FishingLine

Buoyant,ultra smooth and buoyant low visibility 100m line

fish line Parameters:

9.86lb- 0.234mm
12.34lb- 0.261mm

"Reflex" FishingLine

Soft Braided and fast sinking fish-Line perfect for Carp & big fish. Line braided from yellow/green fibres and this Color makes it perfect for fishing carp.

fish line Parameters:

9.86lb- 0.234mm
12.34lb- 0.261mm

"Coretex"TM FishingLine

soft inner braided core and coated hooklink material line Available in various weights 15lb to 25lb. in Weedy Grn,Gravelly Brown, Silty Black and
Sandy Yellow.

fish line Parameters:

9.86lb- 0.234mm
12.34lb- 0.261mm

"Coretex"TM FishingLine

Strong & reliable,Ultra knot strength (tested palomar and grinner Knot)FOX qualities main Fishing line-"Warrior XT Carp", this Line is is extremely hard and tough wearing yet manageable & limp.
Warrior Available in Green or Brown,10 to 20lb

"Adaptive-Camouflage" FishingLine- 0,08 to 0,25D

The performance unique "Camouflage" - multi contrast camo pattern fishing Low Visibilityline
designed in small Batches to enable the highest level of qualitycontrol.

fish line Parameters:

12lb 0.309
12lb 0.309mm
15lb 0.331mm
20lb/9kg. 0.370mm

"Aquos" Carp Line- crystal clear

The performance low stretch & memory, High abrasion resistant "Aquos" Line that’s ideal for distance casting. crystal clear, low diameter and
Visibility suited for clear waters

fish line Parameters:

10lb 0.261mm
12lb 0.286mm
15lb 0.309mm
20lb/9kg. 0.350mm

"Soft Steel" XS Carp Line-

The performance highest level of quality control, abrasion Resistance & Controlled Stretch Factor line


10lb 0.286mm
12lb 0.309mm
15lb 0.331mm
20lb 0.370mm

The new "Exocet" Tapered Line

Abrasion resistant Fox Line is supplied in 300m lengths and available in a 12-35 lb and a 15 - 35 lb versions in green colour.

FOX Products

FOX International | The latest in Fox Fishing Clothing

FOX Fishing tackle Brands

Fox Specialist

Produced by Fox International Main Company - Fox Specialist Fishing tackle Brand focusing on practical designs and innovation and revolutionary technology of top quality Specialist Products for fishing include Chairs, Feeders Shelters, fishing Lines, Specialist Rods and Fishing Reels.

FOX Sport Fishing

Fox Sport Fishing produced by Fox International is the sport fishing brand, manufacturer of quality fishing products, Tackle for travel, fresh and salt rods, Rods, Bellyeye Poppers, spinning reels,trolling lures and reels and much more.

FOX Rage Fishing

Rage is the new predator brand by Fox Int. everyone is talking about. Exciting, and dynamic, Rage is the most aggressive. Focusing on fishing equipment and tackle include fly fishing tackle, lures, sea fishing, rods, Modern Rigs - and all for Floating, suspending or sinking. They are the first to start the production in the UK and not on Shanghai or China.

FOX Sport Fishing Poppers and Lures

Bellyeye Stalker Series Lures

For higher strike rate all Lures are designed with a third eye on the belly.

The Bellyeye Series Lures are made from seasoned hardwood finished with Japanese paint with a tough epoxy resin

Fox Blue Mackerel 1/0 10ft

Blue sub surface fantastic Mackerel Style fishing float 8" size equipped with 2 x 1/0 XXX treble hooks. This Lure performs brilliantly on a downrigger set up and can be well worked down to about 10ft in depth and also performs brilliantly on a downrigger set up.

Firetiger Bellyeye Stalker

A perfect sub surface trolling fox fishing lure 8" for Mackerel, Wahoo, and Sailfish. This lure is very adept at retrieve and cast from the drifting boat or shore.
Firetiger equipped with XXX split rings
and XXX 1/0 Sharp hooks.

Redhead Bellyeye Stalker

Redhead style lure made from quality hardwood by Fox sport fishing worked down to about 10ft in depth.
Equipped with 2 x 1/0 XXX treble fishing hooks.

FOX Sport Fishing Trolling Lures

Fox Wave Runner Runt Lures

The smallest Wave Runner lure in Fox Sport Fishing Trolling range - 7 inches, it has an interchangeable sleeve that will allow you to use up to 400 lb. Designed with flat face it comes with twin hooks and 20 foot of 200 lb monofilament line.

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FOX Predator Fishing

Fox Predator tackle and fishing equipment is the Predator brand produced by Fox Int. Company.
A fantastic range of products include Floats, Hooks, Nets, Drifter/Box Systems,
Tools and Books, focusing on the latest technology and angler's needs around the globe.

Fox Pods assortiment

FOX International EU Company specialize in all branches of angling, and analysed every aspect of fishing pod unique design to improve assembly, stability, and versatility, to see Adjustable Fox Pods assortiment include new additions Quattro and Eclipse click here or visit

Carp Fishing Floats

Fox Fishing & Predator assortment of "floaters" for different applications

Carp Shelters

The New Fox International Supa Brolly with Unique design, mechanism and System.