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Mold Craft Fishing Products started back in 1971 producing a wide variety of innovative, cutting edge items.

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Including such products as The Uni-Butt the first interchangeable rod-butt, & tip section, The John Emery fly reel, push pole points & feet, roller troller and literally hundreds of injection molds for every imaginable type of marine hardware from deck hatches & pie plates to cleats & top hardware.


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Moldcraft Fishing Lures

Wide Range Lures

Incredible Marlin and Tuna Lures

The Wide Range lure is available in four sizes and wide color range

Brown Special Lures

Soft Eyes Lures

available wide color range and models in 4 sizes 17", 12 1/2", 9 1/2", 4 " Legth

Super Shugger Lures

Reverse tapered body Lures for use in calm and rough waterconditions

available wide color range and models in 3 sizes 11 1/2", 8 1/4", 5" Legth

Hooker Lures

Famous Lures in 5 sizes on the game-boat - most successful trolling lures

available wide color range and models in 5 sizes 13" - 3 1/2"Legth

Reel Tight Lures

Famous Lures for Sport fishing and trolling

available wide color range and models sizes 18" Legth

Monster Jet Lures

4-Eyed better stability in rough water Lures

available wide color range and models in 2 sizes 11 1/2", 9" Legth

Spooler Lures

New Design Lures perfect for actions at slow 3 to 4 knots of speeds

available wide color range and models in 2 sizes 11"- 8"Legth

Weapon Lures

Fishing Lure best at trolling speed between 6 and 10 knots

available wide color range and models in 2 sizes 10 1/2"- 8"Legth

Cone Lures

Speed head shape lure design perfect at trolling speed between 8 and 20 knots

available wide color range and models in 2 sizes 13"- 8"Legth

Soft Birds Lures

Small, medium and large Rigged/Unrigged surface lures. Deadly for tuna, but marlin or sailfish

available wide lure color range and models in sizes 4 1/2", 9 1/2", 13", Legth

Chugger Lures

Speed more vibration Lure

available wide color range and model in size 11"Legth

Soft Knob Fishing Lures

Hydrodynamic, smoke making spaces, more stabilityand durability Lure

available wide color range and models in size 11" Legth

Soft MachineLures

Tuna, bigeye and yellowfin Lure with clear head and realistic ‘fishy'

available models in 11" Legth, 1" Diameter

Swimmer Lures

swimming baits -swim slightly and vibrate,lure style is one of the best on the market

available wide color range and models in 12 1/2" Legth, 12 1/2" Diameter

"Squirt squid" Tuna Lures

The ORIGINAL design , "Squirt squid" is soft fishing lures with amazing multiple water action, suitable for giant Tuna. Use the 12" for Tuna or 6" to 9" for smaller game fish.

available wide color (1 to 14:golden natural, pearl white, chartreuse,hot pink syka,blue, smoke/green metal,clear,pink glow in the dark, clear mylar, super glow, purple metal, amber metal, view all) range.

Combination Lures

Soft head Lures provides unique mix to enchance your spread.

Soft-head Tuff Mac Mackarel - Lures

Soft head "Tuff Mac Mackarel" material Lures length 13" with hydrodynamic design perfect for Marlin or Tuna fish. Can use also as a flyfisihing.

available lure color range of 5 shades and all models in Length 13"

Mold Craft's hydrodynamic - Lures

"TUFF HOO" Mold Craft's hydrodynamic nose design stability from 2 to 12 knots lures with rattling eyes for vertical swimming action. Simplest of All, easy to use design. available wide color range-Blue-Glow, Blue-Silvet, Green-Glow and Silver,White-Šink and Blue, Green-White and Purple-Silver Colours, view all 8 Colours and models in size 8",9" Length.

Moldcraft Accessories for Fishing Lures

Tuff/Šearl Tails for Lures

Tuff L11 1/2",D3 1/2" and Pearl Tails L11 1/2",D3 1/2"- used tails by the fishing lures, Tuff and Pearl lure tails are super tough and soft with Ridgr design./

Color Chart: ( see full range of colors)

available Colours:

fluorescent yellow, light blue,red, burgundy, pink, black, silver metalflake, green, canary yellow, gold metalflake, purple metalflake, green metalflake, black metalflake, fire orange, blue metalflake, milk white