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Fish just can not resist the attractive action of numerous protrusions that decorate the new spinning lure - Power Hawg - impulse strike bait.

Currently, Berkley said the introduction of a new attractant for attracting fish that integrates into the material of the finest soft plastic baits. Power Hawg has a length of 3 inches (7.62 cm) and it is - the firstborn of a new series of scented baits.

The new bait is smaller, lighter and thinner than its prototype. Power Hawg created for spinning catching a wiring short pulls (dropshotting). However, it can be successfully applied to producer-mounting Carolina rig.

Just like its prototype, the original Power Hawg - a smaller version, which has a slim body, the two main plane and two convoluted tail of the epididymis, as well as - on three thin appendage on the right side of the body and lava. This structure allows the lure to play as well when posting wiggle the tip of the reel and the free plan. The bait is perfectly balanced. Each of its components provides the lure of a unique element of behavior.

Dropshotting - the most fashionable now among the professional technique of deep spinnings posting lures (Translator's Note: this term - from tennis. Dropshotting means a shorter stroke). This technique involves the use of thin delicate wood, small baits and a very "thin" playing bait at a depth of short pulls the rod tip.

The advantage of this technique is the possibility of posting long enough to keep "playing" bait in a limited area - during which time the fish is certainly time to be interested in it. Using the technique of "dropshotting" can be successfully caught in the overgrown grass and cluttered places, it is recommended to use the fishing line Berkley Vanish, almost invisible in water.

Bait Berkley Power Hawg is available in seven of the most popular technique "dropshotting" colors: transparent, black and gold back (clear with a gold / black back), bright-emerald (emerald shiner), blue-naturalistic (natural pro blue), pearl blue (pearl blue shad), pearl-olive (pearl olive shad), watermelon pearl (Watermelon Red Glitte) all for 3.99$.
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