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Born on the rugged coast of the dark continent of Africa where world class fish are found, Williamson has been manufacturing lures for decades for those who thrive on the challenge of finding and conquering the worlds' largest fish.

Williamson Lures

A hard won knowledge and a sincere passion for offshore angling assures that there's a Williamson lure to fill every spot in any saltwater spread.


Every Williamson lure is handmade to the highest possible standard. Individually tuned on a lathe to achieve a perfect balance and to ensure straight running actions. Dressed with custom painted skirts or premium feathers every Williamson lure provides the angler with the best offshore product possible.



Live Series - Classic Saltwater productive fishing Lures series with combination of rigging materials and soft plastic, these tested baits are perfect to troll or deeprunning. Jigs - Jig Series from Williamson with incredible jerked hard action for jigged ot trolling. Topwater - Perfect rotation and most stable hook lure for largest fish and easy work. Large Trolling Lures - Brillant fishing trolling lures with good balance for running actions which work well, all handmade Light Trolling Lures - Lures deadly for Dolphin and Sailfish with Flat design for rigging spring Octopus Squid - Octopus Lures in 4 sizes for full of water action Metal Lures - Metal series handmade quality Lures for all aspecies of fishing Available in many fish attracting colors and sizes Tuna & King Mackerel Lures - Lures Series great on Tuna,Wahoo, Dorado, or other predators and gamefish Lipless Lures - Maximum speed lures they need no tuning and will swim right Teasers - Unique design Lures with Aerodynamic wing available in many sizes and fish attracting colors from "Williamson" Feather Lures - Feather design quality speed lures deadly for mackerel , bonito, bluefish, small dorado and tuna Assist Hooks - Strong, abrasion resistance Assist single and double Hooks Lure Kits - A wide selection of rigged lure kits from Williamson all come in bag, easy to clean and storage set of jigs required for most fishing situations. Using only the best form our lure range Bags Daisy Chains & Spreader Bar Dredge Bar System Accessories

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The Trolling Fish Seeker, from Davis

Trolling in no longer drag with diving planer

When searching for the big catch, trolling doesn't have to be a difficult job. The Fish Seeker, from Davis Instruments, is a way to control trolling depth and enjoy the fishing adventure.

It works in salt or freshwater for salmon, trout, steelhead, walleye, crappie and striper, and can be used with side planer boards with 6- to 25-pound test line. The Fish Seeker is also a low-cost alternative to a downrigger that uses a heavy lead sinker.

The Fish Seeker is the only fully adjustable, fully controllable diving planer in the world. Using the chart supplied with the product, attach the rod line's snap swivel through the desired, lettered hole on the front of the "Fish Seeker". The fishing leader's snap swivel with lure or bait is then attached through the appropriate numbered hole on the back. Then, a fisherman simply releases a specified amount of line when trolling at 2 mph and the patented Fish Seeker dives to the desired depth between 5' and 80'.

The high-impact plastic Fish Seeker is available in clear, hot pink or chartreuse colors. For more details visit in marine products category.