TR INOX SS Fuel Tanks

The technology and craftsmanship come together with Tr-inox Italian Company for boat products and accessories produced of stainless steel AISI 316L. The boating parts and accessories don't stop at simple walkways, Ladders, vents or cable. The processing and production of steel extends to the creation of boat awnings,roll-bar and E.C. approved boat fuel tanks, include Water tanks.

Boat Fuel tanks (aisi 304) stainless steel

steel aisi 304 stainless steel  boat  Fuel tank by Italian TR INOX Company

They offers two type fuel tanks, RECTANGULAR - SQUARE and TRAPEZOIDAL - TRIANGULAR. Priced 3,00 €/L and 3,40 €/L.

All TR INOX tanks are are built from stainless steel to RINA with stamped compliance data on the name plate welded and/or is removable.

The validity of the TR - Inox warranty is one year.

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Holding tanks - Never have to pump out. New approach: Hold'n'Treat system

How to make boat holding tank constructed of plywood with multiple coats of epoxy resin.

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Think about the Ocean-safe: Don't overfill fuel tanks.

- Fill portable tanks onshore or on a fuel dock where spills are less likely to occur.

- Carry oil absorbent rags on board to clean spills of oil and fuel. Instead of pumping out the bilge, use absorbent pads or disposable cloth.

- Keep loose plastics off the boat such as plastic grocery bags, polystyrene, styrofoam, six-pack rings and packaging.

- Open the hatches for fresh air instead of running the air conditioning and generators. Attach loose articles to the boat so they don't blow away. Use moorings instead of anchoring.

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E15 fuel - NOT EPA-approved its use in boats, can damage boattanks and engines