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Aluminum Gas Tanks shop, 25th year in Custom Aluminum Gas Tanks, parts and accessories - also tanks business, is a wholly owned and operated division of the Buggy Shop. Company was created by Tim Howard in 1984.

AG Tanks

Aluminum Tanks

Stainless Steel Polished Aluminum Tanks

Gas Tanks accept VDO and AutoMeter senders, with optional Fuel Gauge.

Thicker walled tanks

Designed from heavier duty aluminum (for durability and appearance) and more dent resistant than spun type aluminum. These gas unit are also shinier than the polished tanks. Look Amazing! Stainless Bungs are available in 1/4" NPT to 1" NPT. for $25 each

Vented Cap from Stainless steel are included free with each aluminum tank. All Tanks (Except for 5 G size 10x16 ) come equipped with vented billet caps,2 chrome straps and dimpled ends.

all sizes available:

Gallons | Size
3.5 8x16
5 8x24
6 8x30
7 8x33
8 8x36
5 10x16*
7.5 10x24
10 10x30
11 10x33
12 10x36
13 10x40

Custom Aluminum Tanks

All custom made tanks are pressure tested of any object until a safe pressure at the factory and come with black powder coated cap and straps.

Custom Spun or Trapezoid and Rectangle Gas Tanks by orders, can be built from 12" to 64" Lengths with diameters of 4", 8", 10 and 12".

There are many options options that you can choose - available by order when designing your tank. AGT samples: Billet Cap, Filler Cap,Flip-Top Filler ,Cone Sump,Fuel Shutoff, Shoot Out Vent, AN Fittings and NPT Bungs, AN From #4 to #12 Male,Billet, Rubber O-Ring, Threaded,Sealed Non-Vented Cap, Smooth Inlets, AutoMeter Sender and much more.

Tank Options

This Company offer many tank options include AN Fittings and NPT Bungs, Extended Fill Necks, 2 and 3 Spoke Caps, Vented or Non-Vented Capc, Shoot Out Vents, Billet Cap & Chrome Staps, Smooth Inlets, Flanges for Autometer and VDO Fuel Senders, Smooth Inlets and much more available when designing your unit. Some tanks and options are kept in stock, and these tanks can be custom bunged at slightly higher price.


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tel: 620-662-4557

Aluminum tanks - Installation Tips

the proper way to install an aluminum gas tank

Keep in mind: it's very easy for just a little bit of seawater to get in there and stays there and stays there right up against the loan and that would corrode.

These tanks are actually very susceptible to crevice corrosion which occurs when water comes in contact with the tank and there's a lack of oxygen when water comes in contact with the tank and there's a lack of oxygen and when you up from all around the tank. To keep aluminum tanks some people even go as far, to try to seal the tanker hold in place they put glass around the top.

You can however take down every day and when corrode. Don't use foam around it or anything else - don't use anything that absorbs water, wood etc.

As long as the tank has a Quite good air flow around all aluminum surfaces include bottom surface, contact with seawater will not damage it.

You can secure with your tabs - are straps are already whatever using and if using straps make sure there's nothing in between the strap on an aluminum gas tank -
they can hold water and also into crevice corrosion. Use straps also and in the bottom of the tank. For this purpose, you can take some neoprene rubber. Then you have all this airspace all around your tank.