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Custom marine tanks LLC.

manufacturer of marine fuel tanks,marine water tanks and holding tanks, Any size, any shape to your boat specifications and marine water tanks for your boating needs.

Custom made Boat Tanks


custom marine tanks with a wide range of configurations, fittings, accessories.

Scepter is able to provide you with the tools to design and accessorize the right fuel tank for your specific application.

Atlantic Coastal Welding - Tanks

Custom aluminum or steel fuel tanks for other vehicles such as cars, boats and fishing boats.

All of our tanks are epoxy coated to further protect the tank from the harsh marine conditions.

Flambeau - Flambeau Fluid Systems Baraboo, WI

manufacturer of HDPE blow molded fuel tanks 4 gal. to 8 gal.

custom Fuel Tanks:we offers tanks for use as fuel tanks in sizes from 1 quart (0.95 L) to 8 gallons (30.28 L). Our tanks are typically incorporated into small boat, off-road gasoline powered equipment for gasoline or diesel engine. Our tanks are produced in HDPE for excellent durability and chemical resistance.

Ameri-Kart's - Custom Plastic Molding Tanks

Pprimary manufacturing process is custom plastic rotational molding, followed by vacuum formed products, blow molding and injection molding.

We also manufactures tanks that are designed to store or transport fuel or work,Tanks can be molded in several materials.

SP Sheet Metal

Since 1962, we has been the name recognized for quality built marine/boat fuel tanks and replacement tanks for any power boat.

Inca - Plastic boat Fuel Tanks

Inca - Custom design and engineering tanks - custom rotationally molded plastic fuel tanks for the marine industry. With custom fuel tanks manufactured in all shapes and sizes , the company has produced fuel tanks ranging in size from 1 gallon to 195 gallons tanks.

Inca Custom Fuel Tanks

Rotational plastic products play a big part in the plastic industry for boat owners today. Many advantages make Inca rotational molding the best choice for Marine fuel tanks. Flexibility designed Totational molding technology reduced cost of tooling.

Custom Inca Rotationally Molded Tanks

INCA custom Molded fuel tanks

Depending upon the needs and boat specifications, resistance to other substances required and strength requirements a variety of colors, finishes and plastic resins are available to use. The INCA company also offers products in a wide range of fuel Boat Tank sizes and shapes, molded-in any graphics, such as embossing or Company's logos.

An extremely economic and versatile and process, rotational plastic molding relies on heat abd bi-axial rotation to produce components and parts with exceptional strength. In result the finished Inca Tank is a lightweight , stress-free, uniform wall thickness and seamless design that is very durable.

Inca RotoLoPerm® Fuel Tanks

The flexibility of INCA’s tank process allows for a wide range of characteristics and manufacturing specifications of each customer in the plastic tanks. Multi-Layer plastic RotoLoPerm® Fuel Tank Technology is evaporative emissions solution. All tey are manufactured with special fittings that suits each boat fuel tank.

INCA’s RotoLoPerm® tanks are successfully passed standard marine fire-test, comes with ultra-low permeation levels, high abrasion resistance, and excellent low and hot temperature impact strength material properties.

The RotoLoPerm® INCA’s technology uses a special permeation resistance barrier layer between inner, UV/abrasion resistance and outer XLPE- layers of Impact/moisture and fuel resistance crosslinked polyethylene.

For more information on INCA’s custom fuel or storage tank process, contact INCA at tel: 1-800-361-7313.

ATL - standard or custom Fuel Bladder Tanks

ATL produces rubberized fabric bladder tanks in standard or custom sizes for offshore race boats, work boats, power boats, fishing boats, pleasure yachts, military or law enforcement patrol craft. Any size Tanks or shape you wish.

Best Fab Inc

Design and manufacture the Fuel, Water, Holding, and Oil Tanks with Period. For over thirty years, Best Fab has produced Tanks for some of the most Well-Known Marine, Automotive or Industrial markets.Individual and Retail Inquiries Welcome.


If needed we will create a custom tool for your project - Marine fuel-Water Storage Tanks For Boats

Florida Marine Tanks, Inc.

We provide the marine industry with the highest quality fuel, holding & water the safest, highest quality tanks available today. Our complete product line includes custom fabricated power boat tanks and marine accessories.

RDS Tanks, Inc.

Custom, 100% Pressure Tested and meet ISO 10088 specifications, Marine Tanks(Below & Above) With Capacities Ranging from 4 Gallons to over-1,000 Gallons.


High strength construction polyethylene custom boat tanks. Tek-Tanks Ltd - Hampshire offer amazing series of tanks - Waste,Water and Diesel These tanks are plain tanks with no fittings.

KSH marine

Specializes in custom fabrication of marine fuel tanks for marine markets and manufacturers - KSH Marine. All tanks are made of aluminum with baffles which add to the stability of the tank, easily and cost effectively with 3 year warranty on our fuel tanks.

Stainless Marine - Australia

Specializes in services manufacture a wide range of handcrafted Aluminium boat fuel tanks from marine grade and structural grade alloy in tubing and sheet form.


America's Premier Aluminum Tank designer and Manufacturer. We offer a wide range (from small to large) of custom and universal tanks for boating, racing, trucking, aircraft and military industries.

ACGB - Tanks up to 2500l

designer and manufacturer ACGB has developed a wide range of high capacity tanks for current light commercial vehicles and tools have been specifically designed to meet that demand, without any additional tooling expanses. Tanks for boats up to 2500 litres, fixing systems incorporation of specific components.

SpeedyTanks (Atlantic Coastal Welding)

Founded in 1978, the Company is foremost provider of custom boat tanks at the East Coast at a competitive price. Marine tanks constructed for commercial and recreational crafts, including U.S. Coast Guard inspected powerboats.

The SpeedyTanks is proud to offer a superior highest-quality product. If you have a problem with diesel tank, water tank or holding , call us and one of our experienced technicians will gladly assist you in properly installing your custom unit.

The Aero Tanks

The Company Aero Enterprises is Fuel Tank Leader Since 1969. Aero Tanks specializes in design and building replacement and auxiliary gas and diesel tanks that fit most vehicles or powerboats, Aero Tanks enjoys a well-deserved reputation for cost-effective quality and customer service.

Luther's Welding Inc.

Luther's Welding Company specialize in the marine welders over 22 years, LW produce custom metal fabrication items, as well as quality fuel and water tanks and other marine hardware for many boat owners , companies and customers around the world. All of products are tested to the United States Yacht & Boat Council and Coast Guard inspection laws and regulations.


Raritan NJ,FL Company that designs and manufactures components and equipment, committed to the marine environment, for pleasure powerboats throughout the Globe. Product range is wide and include Holding Tanks, Custom-made Holding Tanks, Monitors, tank accessories, marine toilets, water heaters and icemakers.

Mazzer S.r.L.

The Mazzer Italian company - over 20 year experience in custom build and manufacturing of inox components, luxury furniture, tanks and quality steel accessories for boats. Company offering solutions which are materialized in custom-made products satisfy all customers.

Mazzer's Marine TANKS:

The Mazzer offers Trapezium-shaped boat tanks include petrol,diesel oil and water tanks. All Mazzer's tanks are custom-manufactured in compliance with E.U. directives. Mazzer's Diesel marine tanks are constructed of aluminium alloy Perallumam 5083 , used MIG and TIG technology , and can be assembled both on commercial vessels and pleasure boats which are longer than 20 metres. Water, Gas or Diesel Tanks are tested and can be manufactured with a max 5,200L capacity.

SIC Divisione Elettronica

SIC Divisione Elettronica Italian Company with multi-annual experience,research and development in the field of mechanics and marine electronics. It is the leading manufacturer of marine electronics, components, plastic products and components, boat lights and marine tanks and fuel management systems. OEM and customized marine products.

Custom Made-to-Order OEM tanks:

All Boat Tanks are designed of cross-linked polyethylene material (result in brittleness and stress cracking)of visible i light colors. In addition to manufactured tanks SIC Divisione Elettronica can also made the fuel or water tanks according to your exact requests and specifications. MEC Boat Tanks are high pressures tested, resistant to fuels and surface-active agents and come with everything, with all the tank necessary electronics and accessories. All Custom made and OEM Tanks are made in compliance with the USA and EU ISO standards. Currently SIC-tanks are available in many sizes and offer an assortment of features, produced in 36 to 767 litres.

Turtle pac tanks (Australia)

Turtle-Pac Company,located on the Gold Coast,Australia focused on rigorously reinforced and flexible tanks for marine and aircraft applications, quality controls is geared towards exceptional reliability at each stage of the design and manufacturing process of our wide range(from small size 50 litre to 2.5 ton water tanks) of extremely strict quality products. This Company have the most demanding test laboratory is the ocean,tested in the most arduous conditions to ensures that the best quality of any tanks will arrive on time and will suit your expectations.

NorWeld Aluminium marine fuel tanks

Established 1971 in Australia the NorWeld Company Continue to do unique products include marine fuel tanks, punts, trailers,propellers and accessories and the unique projects for employees to work in the best Aluminium tank Fabrication and Repair workshop. NORWELD Advice Tank Services are available on request.

TR INOX Fuel Tanks (Italy)

Maximum customer satisfaction, and business certainty of a personalized product and durable are the best guarantees of our boating products, nautical accessories and components. The Italian TR INOX company provide technology and quality craftsmanship of stainless steel AISI 316L.

Fuel tanks, Personalization

TR INOX boat fuel tanks are built to RINA from Stainless steel AISI 304. On each TR INOX fuel tank is carried out the treatment of pickling. They intended from 100l to 500l for botth SQUARE and TRIANGULAR forms. Tr Inox carry a personalized quotation from 1l to 500l tanks

NORWELD Marine Fuel tanks

keep it safe rule: NorWeld Aluminium tanks are
lightweight , corrosion proof surprisingly, they not affected by water, but cheaper than steel. This Company constructed marine grade fuel tanks, also high quality, custom made boat tanks. Because they are the strong, best alternative to steel units that have become very popular among powerboat owners and enthusiasts around the globe. Currently company offers 15 Litre and 29 Litre aluminium fuel tanks that features Universal Outlet Pipe for all types of outboards,no faulty level indicators and vent screws, hose wrap and lifting handle for repair and storage.

Oval Stainless

Marine Fuel, Tanks and water / waste Oval tanks have been a speciality since a long time. All stainless steel and aluminium boat tanks are radius-edged and sumps straps, gauges, ports and fastenings will be designed to suit boat owners needs and any configuration of shape.

Manufacturing Process: stainless steel-316 or Waterjet cut sheet aluminium are used for the main body construction and ends of the fuel tank.

The corners of the units come usually radiused and CNC machined shaped for strength. As required by its weight Company use cranes and other special material handling equipment for hand welding, MIG or TIG processes.

Tough Tinnies and Terrain

Tough Tinnies and Terrain can provide sheet metal service and welding to you.

Made in Australia the Company manufacture heavy duty aluminium and trayscanopies , built to your requirements and design wishes.

In addition to standard manufacturing Tough Tinnies and Terrain manufacture boat console units, bait tanks, custom boat tank, new floors/cast decks, bow rails, stainless work, rear steps and most other related fabrication work to customise your boat.

Sunshine Marine Tanks Inc.

Family Owned Company focused on marine tanks built to exceed the exact specifications of the boat owners and industry. Sunshine Tanks become synonymous with quality and integrity by SMT team. Sunshine Marine Tanks offer custom made marine tanks , utilizing only stainless steel or prime grade (Alloy: 505-H32) aluminum alloy. Every Sunshine boat tank include Flat-Bottom,V-Bottom or any shape or unique designs exceeds industry and USC - Guard, NMMA Certification and ABYC standards. Each Tank come with Full Warranty .

Walbro - custom-designed tanks & systems

With over 2000 employees, the Walbro Company is one of the largest manufacturer of ignition systems, carburetors, fuel storage and fuel injection components, tanks with capacities from 0.25 to 18 gallons and parts targeted at recreational, utdoor and marine equipment.

With over 60 years of experience in producing air,fuel, air and ignition management inovative technology the Company is focused on multi-layer fuel tanks for low evaporative emissions for recreational vehicles and boats.

Currently Walbro deliver innovative solutions and custom (Multi-Layer)fuel tanks for motorcycles, inboard and outboard boat engines, personal watercraft, motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs.

Over many years of experience stands behind today's prodicts for Recreation & Marine indusstry. They offers marine multi-layer fuel tanks meet strict evaporative emission standards throughout the life of the tanks.This Company can deliver custom and fully assembled fuel/ storage tank systems. In Add Walbro can deliver custom-designed tank shells.

Contact with this Company to develop a solution designed to meet your specific boating needs.

Coastline Tanks

Coastline Equipment, Inc. - Custom Boat Fuel & Water Tanks.

Coastline custom Taks

Coastline Equipment manufacture 5052 aluminum and T304 and 316 stainless steel fuel, water and black water SS holding tanks for all your customized boating projects, as well as standard production line durable tank units.

If you Need a Custom Tank solution

CMT boat tanks are also tested and meet Boating Safety - Coast Guard standards.

This Company can supply upon your request lifting eyes, inspection plates, mounting tabs, sending units,sight gauges or return fittings. They have Experienced Engineers on site to aid in the tank design of durable units to fit your specific boat needs, budget and characteristics.

For more details visit:

Tank Range

Coastline custom designed diesel and fuel range in size from small 4 gallons to larger than 1.400 gallons designed with a baffle system to provide stability and protection. Coastline can supply sight gauges, inspection plates, sending units, tabs
and fittings upon your needs request.

The belly tanks

Coastline Equipment can supply customized belly tanks to perfect fit into the lower portion of your powerboat which ensures the longevity, and safety of the tanks.

Saddle & Bow Boat tanks

The Coastline Saddle tanks are designed with slope in the structure to match the boat and built to fit ideally on the sides of the boat.As with all of the large size Coastline tank designs,to promote load level stability these tanks include a baffle system to control problem "sloshing".

To ensure its integrity Each tank is tested before Coastline ship it to you.

PlasFuelSys Inc.

Due to superior product and components performances Plastic Fuel Tanks and Systems have continuously increased market share. PlasFuelSys offers Plastic Fuel Tank Solutions for an Automotive Market Segment. This Company provide solutions for key functions from tha managing fuel vapours and the engine delivery to the tank fuel cap.

FTA Tanks

FTA provide standard and custom solutions - The Boat fuel Flexitanks for any type of vessels and variety of uses. Diesel, waste or water light tanks to provides more room onBoard.

ATL Inc.

Aero Tec Laboratories offers standart and custom sizes boat fuel rubberized tanks and fuel bladders from 5 to 5.000 gallons.

Kracor Tanks

Over 40 years Kracor Inc. offers rotationally molded plastic tanks and products for national and international markets, from boating to medical industry.

Action Welding & Marine Fabrication

They can build you a fuel tank. Action Welding offers fuel tanks from 10 to 100 gallinsfor boaters, all of them include one vent, fill and pickup with barn. Aluminium tanks are tested to 4 Psi. Available options: STUDS or NUTS for SS tanks and REAR RAIL BRACES for for Aluminum units.

Agri-Industrial Plastics Inc.

Whether your project needs include Mono-layer Fluorinated HDPE or a Multi-layer Co-extrusion resin this Company has the capabilities to produce and design a Custom Plastic fuel tank to meet your needs and ex. specifications. The Custom Plastic Tanks & Fuel Tank Manufacturing finishing process capabilities include 6-axis robots (FANUC), 5-axis CNC routers, and dedicated trimming fixtures for needs.Thanks to the best equipment available such us scanner Shape Grabber laser allows the "gri-Industrial Plastics Inc. to scan tanks to create a data over-laid to the original model for optimum results.

For Flexible fuel and holding tanks amd manufacturers include Plastimo, Vetus, Avon or other click here.

DM Marine Services & Tanks

Custom fuel tanks

DM Marine Company really listens to what you want and makes it so your very satisfied.

Next up is the Fuel or live bait tank. DM Marine provide quality service s for boat owners include custom marine fabrications such as Marine Hatches, Custom alloy trailer guards, Custom seat mounts and a huge options for Fuel tanks in all options, sizes and types such as:Custom bow tank, under floor tank, Custom 95ltr tank for land rover defender, Another under floor fuel tank by dm marine ,Kingfisher Tanks 5500 under floor 130ltr fuel tank ,Custom 4wd ute auxillery fuel tank, Custom 1500 long tank, Bait board and livey tank combos and much more.

Castro Nautica

For more than 18 years Castro Spanish Company manufactures and distributes a wide range of quality goods related to recreational boating sector. In this section you will find over 1000 marine products classified by the following 9 sections include boat tanks.

Castro offers A huge selection of plastic fuel tanks plus Fuel tanks "SHARK", all made in polyethylene with rotational molding process according to ISO 10088 and comes equiped with tube.

ATI's Aluminum tanks

This Company - ATI make, and sell refueling safety tanks that can store and dispense diesel, gasoline, methanol, even kerosene and aviation fuel up to 119 gallons. Some of the Aluminum units are designed to transport non flammable liquids NOT for refueling but to transport.

Fuel tanks are designed DOT approved for refueling abnd transport. 40, 50, 80, 150 gallons - The ATI's customer has a lot of responsibility when carrying that much in a fuel tank.

They offers also Highly durable HD Polished Aluminum fuel tanks, in add and auxiliary fuel tanks ranging from 30 to 87 US gallons or ATI Ltd. can custom build one for you.

Ricks Fuel Custom Tanks

Since 2001, Rick's Custom tanks Tanks located in El Paso Texas has been the premier producer of handcrafted, fuel tanks (In add entire fuel system include: Y-block,pump, pre/post filters, regulators etc.).

Every Ricks tanks are American-made, 304 stainless steel tanks,TIG welded that can be found in fourteen countries on six continents. Built 100 % hand by hand, this Company offers a huge line of production fuel components and certified tanks baffled using 303/304 grade. El paso it features a machine drain the utilizes the factory a hold down for the pump.

Patriot Marine Fabricating

Custom Fabricating & Welding Services

ready to be shipped voluminous fuel tanks out to BVI

For over the twenty years Patriot Marine Fabricating are focused on building and fabricating on aluminum fuel tanks. They comes with multiple options to choose, tested and built to US Coast Guards.

Unreel Stainless Steel Fabrications (Australia)

Statinless steel custom made fuel tank made to fit bow of boat. A beautiful example of what quality workmanship looks like and will be forever hidden.

for contacts:Ph. 0403 216 052

Marine fuel tanks

ready to be shipped - a line of custom aluminium fuel tanks ready to be shipped odd shaped boat fuel tank

PMF Aluminium boat fuel tanks - They provide 5052 Marine grade any shape or size
built to USCG specifications.

Tel: +1 609-693-5542

Osculati Plastic Fuel Tanks

Osculati is on of the leading companies in the EU boating market and biggest Italian nautical accessories distributor. section with about 19000 references in its Boat parts catalogue they provide quality marine products includes Deck accessories, steel hardware, Electrical equipment, gangboards, Ladders, buoys and products for Maintenance and Equipment and onboard comfort as well.

The company is now established in the global market with plastic boat tanks and tank parts and accessories includes Boat Fuel tanks, Water tanks, Skin fittings, filters Petrol and diesel fuel filters, Tank vents , Manual pumps Bailers, water filters and much more.

Range of Plastic Fuel Tanks

Crosslinked polyethylene boat  fuel tanks for both use petrol or gasoil polyethylene boat fuel tanks 16 hose connectors  for gasoil/petrol

Orange type boat CE type-tested fuel polyethylene tanks suitable for any kind of fuel with capacity from 40 to 767L, Fuel tanks, both for petrol/gasoil Crosslinked polyethylene fuel tanks with capacity from 60 to 187L, equipped with brass tapping hose made in compliance with ISO 21487 - RINA EC certified and petrol and diesel Additional brass suction pipe for marine fuel tanks.

All fuel plastic (polyethylene)tanks comes equipped with 10/180 - 240/330 ohm universal frequency level already tested indicators.

Osculati S.p.A.
Via Pacinotti, 12 - 20090 Segrate (MI) - Italy
Tel. +39 02 2699 111

RyderRacks Custom Aluminum Fuel & Water Boat Tanks

All 80% Custom boat tanks arelighter than the strongest steel , they are high- speed welding fuel tanks and depending on the size they are build with different aluminum thicknesses from 1/8″ to 1/4″.

All RyderRacks tank is welded they are pressure tested, and they comes with a fill, pickup, vent, ground tab and sending unit. Priced: $200 + ($10 per tank gallon).

JSM Sheetmetal

JSM provide Cheap rates. All alloy and stainless welding. Boat repair and mods. Boat fuel tank. Boat Tanks, bait board, Rear boat steps and live bait tanks plus 4x4 mods.

tel:+61 448 485 951

IMCO - custom exhaust & fuel tanks

The industry leader for 40 years IMCO Inman Marine Corporation offers custom fuel tanks and exhaust, don't go to just anyone, come to the best! We have been. IMCO make custom tanks for just about everything that needs fuel, boats and cars include tanks for emergency personnel trailer generators.

When it comes to dealing with critical aspects of your boat, like the engine or fuel tank, it’s critical that you work with people who really understand what makes a boat run. Rest assured that IMCO have the expertise you’re looking for.
Call at tel:909-592-6162 for more information or set to schedule an appointment to bring your boat in.

Kehrig Mfg Co Inc

3units by Custom Marine Fuel Tanks

Since our founding in 1943, Kehrig Mfg has produced a wide range of high quality metal products, custom build aluminum, and stainless steel fuel tanks, water and holding tanks labeled per US Coast Guard high standards. Upon request Kehrig Mfg Co can provide custom and auxiliary pick-up tubes, after market replacement sending units and various boat fuel tank parts.

for contacts: (586) 949-9610

No Corners Cut Tank Fabrication

No Corners Cut Company is a proud dealer of Radium Engineering products and they are getting ready to put their tanks & (fuel cell surge tank)FCST's.

They have custom built tank,include boat tanks some based on customer supplied drawings but don't have anything as a standard.

Contact us at tel: 210-849-9893 to get yours!

obp Motorsport - EU Premier Aluminium Custom Tanks

obp Motorsport Custom Tanks photo

This UK Company provide bespoke and special Fuel, Water or Oil custom Aluminium tanks. Every tank comes pressure tested and QC checked, manufactured by professional engineers, professionals that can able to offer a Custom service.