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Today the Kracor is known for itsability to incorporate new technology, innovative design and new quality materials for state-of-the-art products include fuel ,waste and water tanks.

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Recognized as a leader Kracor Company for over 37 years exp. manufactured high quality rotationally molded plastic products and tanks for national and international markets with high quality parts for the recreational marine and boating Industry , agricultural, industrial, lawn, waste, garden, medical and much others.


Rotationally molded plastic tanks

The future of rotationally molded plastic tanks and quality products is unlimited. Since 1997 Kracor was honored as one of six in the I-class of inductees in the ARM (Association of Rotational Molders) Hall of Fame.. Plastic is replacing traditional materials - opening up brand new industrial solutions.

Because of the durability in a marine environment Rotational Molding process is especially adaptive to designing for the recreational boating industry and boat fuel /waste tanks. RMP parts provide new opportunities for construction and obsoleting plywood and other boat building materials.

This new Engineered designs for innovative solutions was the beginning of a New Innovative product line for the boating industry and outdoor environments . A full line of shells, fuel , water, waste tanks, and other components is available to boat owners and manufacturers around the Globe.

Plastic fuel tanks

Depending on the design of the boat tank and finished part, several things need to be considered in used in rotational molding - Its flow rate, density, low and high temperature impact/ distortion, FDA,ultra-violet stability, chemical and stress crack resistance.

Polyethylene Fuel Tanks

There are many types of plastic resins:polyvinyl chloride , nylon, ethylene vinyl, but Polyethylene is the most widely used material currently available for rotomolding tanks.

Widely used Plastic Kracor TM fuel tanks are manufactured of high-density, super-tough, crosslinked polyethylene resin, they are clearly visible, and always easily installed units.

Removable Kracor Fuel Tanks

Each removable tank includes:
Fuel withdrawal with filter screen, Mechanical fuel gauge cap with vent and complete Kracor Installation instructions.

They are available in capacities from 26.5L 37.9L, 45.4L 56.8L to 106L

26,5L Tank | 37,9L

45,4L Tanks | 53L

56,8L Tanks | 68,1L

68,1L, 98,8L, 106L tanks

Permanent Fuel Tanks

26,5L | 37,9L



53L | 64,4L

Custom Fuel Tanks

Kracor Custom Fuel tanks for the marine industry. Kracor Company is also recognized as the top - leader in the builder of custom fuel tanks. Kracor capabilities produce the highest quality products and unique tanks
deliver at the most competitive prices in the market.

53L | 68,1L

68,1L | 71,9L

75,7L | 90,8L