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the West Marine portable fuel system for upward powered boats

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Portable Boat Fuel System from West Marine

With five different components to help control gasoline vapor and to meet the EPA requirements.

The first as a fuel tank that's entirely sealed and as a result it has to be extremely strong you could actually inflate this to almost 20 pounds per square inch without bursting at ...so it's very strong, but in addition it's low permeation plastic which means - that the gasoline that you put in their stays in there it doesn't escape through the plastic like is has been tradition with a lot of other tech materials.

It's a multilayer tech very very rugged, the second invention is to have a filler cap that doesn't have a vent on it.

Now it actually has a bed built into it which allows air to go into the tank, as you pull down the tech level but as pressure builds in the tag due to a hot day or
just atmospheric pressure changes.

It won't release pressure until the tank gets 25 pounds per square inch, in which case for safety purposes.It will allow pressure to escape.

The other thing that's nice is that when you turn this down like a modern car - it ratchets at the end, so you know, you've got it - down nice and secure, and if you do have pressure in the fuel tank do temperature changes as you unscrew, it you once good one turn the pressure release of and then you can remove address to the way.

The third technology is this spray - less universal connector, now a match in the you have on a hot day. You have some pressure built up in the tech, which you don't want to do is to connect your fuel line and have a bunch of fuel spray all over the place.

It's dangerous, it wastes fuel!

In this case, this is a neat design that has a check valve in this side and a check valve on the side, and when you put it together even when there's pressure in the tank.

It doesn't leak fuel the fourth item

Is something we're really excited about this is a fuel demand valve (on photo). Now imagine that you have an older outboard, something like this one.

It doesn't leak fuel the fourth item

Is something we're really excited about this is a fuel demand valve. Now imagine that you have an older outboard engine and it uses carburetors & if you force too much fuel in it from the tag - the fuel will overwhelm the little float valves
in there and you'll get flooding and the gasoline will literally pour out of the engine.

With the fuel demand valve does is to make it so that the outboard engine has to pull the fuel through it.

You will hold five pounds of pressure on this side and not what any overpass
until the engine demands.

It's really a great technology, the final item is the simple primer bulb, you know these have to be made specially , so that they can take the alcohol feels that we get and also have low permeation, so this is a low permeation primer bulb.

Put this all together and you have a fuel system that will save you fuel and will save the environment from having too many volatile organic compounds in the air.

And incidentally, you can get these with almost any engine manufacturers.

Connector on the far end, so you don't have to build anything, you simply by
fully assembled plug it in and you're ready to go the West Marine (http://www.westmarine.com/) portable fuel tank system is available of course at all over West Main stores across the US.